Some of us love our canines and some of us, our felines. If you happen to be a cat lover, life must be one seemingly endless cycle of meows, purrs, and soft paws, enough sweetness to rot your teeth nine lives over.

But daily living with your cat does come with certain responsibilities of which the most unpleasant is surely the daily cleanup of their rear-end deposits. Yes, as it turns out, all that cuteness comes with a tinge of grossness too. So naturally, you would appreciate having an effective cat litter at your disposal. More specifically, you should be looking at a good clumping cat litter as that would be the fastest and most convenient apparatus available. The good ones do not require cleaning every single day and whatever cleaning there is to be done is minimized as much as possible. Plus, they also do a good job of neutralizing the awful odors of feces and urine.

But which clumping cat litter is your best bet? To help you find out, we have compiled this list of 10 clumping cat litter products that we reckon are ahead of the rest. All of them do an impeccable job of neutralizing unpleasant odors and making the cleaning process quick, safe, and easy. Some of them even employ innovative technology to reach new levels of efficiency. So breathe easy, read easy, and find out which one you would like.