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Although this may not particularly concern you if you are one of those people who could not care less about the wrinkled state of your clothes, it will on the other hand prove to be very useful to those who do. In today’s cut-throat world, your appearance is just as important as your capabilities. That is not to say you need to morph into Cindy Crawford overnight, just that you should look presentable. By putting in some thought to your attire and making sure your clothes are clean and well-pressed, you will find that a lot of things tend to get drawn your way. A put-together individual is always pleasant to interact with and speaks volumes before you even speak. Fortunately for us, living in the 21st century means that our lives are so much easier now. If irons are not much your thing, here are some clothes steamers instead.

1. PurSteam Fabric Steamer


The sleek design of the PurSteam steamer by no means compromises on its functionalities. Consisting of a 180ml capacity which makes way for continuous steam, it allows you to effectively smooth out your clothes. Uniquely, it also comes with an aluminum heating ball which serves as its heating element. This steamer also happens to be BPA free which only elevates its safety. Fantastically powerful yet gentle and precise, it is able to efficiently remove wrinkles from any type of fabric. With a 90 second heat up time, even if you oversleep you will have no problem getting to work on time. If you are still on the fence about it, perhaps its 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 3-year warranty will help. For those of you who have been looking for a transportable, efficient steamer on a budget, the PurSteam fits the bill perfectly in every way. Definitely worth considering.

2. Conair ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer


In terms of style, this Conair steamer is considerably different to most of the others. Its ergonomic design ensures that the steamer is not only portable but also incredibly convenient to use. You can comfortably hold it in your hand for extra precision and enhanced performance. It also comes complete with an Extreme Steam Dual Heat Technology which gives it an edge over its counterparts. This feature enables it to produce steam that is up to 30% hotter than others which is great for thicker fabrics. On normal fabrics, this allows it to get rid of wrinkles 5X faster. Furthermore, it also helps contribute to health as it helps to get rid of pests such as bed bugs and dust-mites. With 75 seconds for heat up it can function for up to 15 minutes at a time with a steady flow of steam. There are also 3 attachments you can remove which are included to help extend its functionalities. These are a fabric brush, creaser and a cushion brush. Also included a full year’s limited warranty.

3. Rowenta Garment & Fabric Steamer


This Rowenta steamer is rather different to some of the others featured here, however, is still nonetheless a great option. Firstly, it is not at easily portable as the rest in that you cannot really just fit into your suitcase. With the proper travel arrangements though, you will be able to. With this steamer, you need not hold it in your hand. Simply hang the garment using the clips provided and use the foot-operated switch to turn it on and off. 1500W, it includes a telescopic pole that is adjustable which is convenient not only during use but also allows for compact storage. The built-in water tank lets you steam for a generous one hour. Additionally, it also comes with an 81 ounce removable tank for extra use such as during special functions. It is also completely safe to use as it comes with a stay-cool handle and the wide head allows for the easy dispersion of steam.

4. TaoTronics Garment Steamer


The TaoTronic steamer is a handheld option, with a 120ml capacity and a powerful 90-second heat-up ability. It dispenses steam for up to 6 minutes provided the water levels are as they should be. Not only is it designed for easy storage, it is also quite light which makes it easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with a heat-resistant glove for extra protection as well as a fabric brush for more pristine garments. As it consists of just one control switch, this makes it quite simple to operate. ETL certified with 800W of power, not only is it an efficient steamer it is perfect for someone who travels often. Ensure you always keep the water levels at a balanced position so as to reap the most of its possibilities. Be ready for anything the day throws at your with this portable steamer that allows you to look impeccable throughout. A buy that is definite value for money.

5. Bestope Handheld Fabric Steamer


On the market for a reliable clothes steamer? Consider the Bestope steamer which not only takes up just less than 2 minutes to heat, but also releases steam for 10 minutes. It comes with a capacity of 180ml and 800W power for the efficient eradication of wrinkles keeping your wardrobe in perfect condition. Best of all, you can now enjoy wrinkle-free clothes wherever you are seeing as how its compact design makes it incredibly portable. It is also powerful enough to de-wrinkle any fabric so you need not worry about what you are wearing. Complete with an auto-off function, it ensures maximum safety not just for you but for your whole family. As soon as it senses the water levels are beginning to run low, it shut off. Always store it in an upright position and make sure to check water levels so it always performs its best. There is also a lint and fabric brush included.

6. Gideon Handheld Fabric Steamer

Affordable, powerful and compact for transportation, the Gideon clothes steamer is right up your alley. It is able to vanquish wrinkles in a matter of minutes no matter what the fabric is. Standing at just eight inches tall, it is the perfect size for your travel bag so you can give your clothes a quick steam before that big conference. This also means that you can easily store it since it does not take up much room. It is particularly useful for those clothes which advise you against the use of an iron. The automatic shutoff system is programmed to function either if there is insufficient water in the steamer or if it overheats at any point. Hence, you are assured of complete safety. As it takes up less than 60 seconds to heat, it is great for any time-strapped person. The six-foot power cord allows for easy maneuvrability and the 100% drip-free structure is an added advantage.

7. URPOWER Garment Steamer


This 130ml handheld steamer compact enough for portability, yet powerful enough for use both at home and when out and about. Its nozzle is designed in such a way that allows it to distribute steam consistently thereby ensuring that wrinkles are completely gotten rid of. Most importantly, it is completely safe as it has an auto- shutoff system. If there is not enough water or if the unit has overheated, it will cease to function till the issue has been rectified. It has also been built for use on any type of fabric so there are no restrictions there. With just 2 minutes to heat up, you will be up and out of the door in no time at all. Perfect for multi-tasking mothers who are often stuck with too much to do. It is also quite easy on the wallet and is therefore a worthwhile purchase and addition to your home.

8. Nosiva Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer8


The whole point of a clothes steamer is that it needs to get the job done well and quickly. Which the Nosiva clothes steamer successfully achieves. In fact, this particular steamers happens to hear up within a space of 30 seconds. So if you are running late for work or a function of some sort, you can be ready in next-to-no-time. Once heated up, it continues to let out 6-8 seconds of steam continually. It incorporates a new nozzle design which helps dispense steam evenly and effectively. This setup ensures that you will be able to eliminate wrinkles not only from clothes, but also other fabrics such as upholstery, curtains, and bedding to name a few. Furthermore, the Nosiva steamer is convenient to use, portable and comes with a 138ml water-tank that can be easily filled. Complete with safety guarantees such as ABS fireproof material, protection from overheating and a 3 year guarantee, it is suitable for everyone to use.

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