Clothes racks offer a convenient method of storing your clothes. They don’t offer the level of protection for your clothes like you would get out of a closet, but they are still quite a convenient storage option for your clothes. One of the main advantages is that clothes racks are portable so you can simply fold them up and relocate them to where you need them. Another great use for clothes racks is that they can be used to dry out your clothes once they have been washed. This makes it a very versatile storage option for your clothes. Clothes racks are typically constructed either out of plastic or metal. We made a list of some of the best clothes racks out there to help make your selection process that much easier.

AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack

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AmazonBasics has always been one of our favorites when it comes to products related to household appliances and consumer electronics. This clothes rack by AmazonBasics comes in two different models. There is the White colored rack and the Chrome colored variant which is slightly more expensive than the White colored rack.

The clothes rack can efficiently allow your clothes to gently dry, so you can save energy by not having to use the dryer. It is quite light in weight too, allowing it to be transported around with ease. The rack can fold up when it is not being used so you can store it away by simply folding it up. The coating on the rack is also quite durable as it has an epoxy coating which is resistant to mildew and stains. The clothes rack has dimensions of 14.5×29.5×41.75 which is pretty much the ideal size for household use.

DecoBros Supreme Clothing Garment Rack

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This clothes rack by DecoBros is a lot more expensive than the clothes rack we reviewed by AmazonBasics.  The quality of the rack is certainly quite impressive as it is made of a heavy-duty steel. The rack has a chrome colored finish and there is no option of choosing a different color for the rack. The rack has a load capacity of 250 pounds, which should be more than sufficient if you only plan on hanging clothes on the rack. The horizontal rod on the rack is extensible if you need the extra space for storage. The rack has dimensions of 51x22x60 which makes it a little bit on the larger side.

Whitmor 6779-3044 Double Rod Freestanding Closet

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The Whitmor 6779-3044 Double Rod Freestanding Closet is another clothes rack that we really liked since it can be used as a substitute for a closet as well. Not many clothes racks provide the same versatility, so you will get your money’s worth with this rack. There are other purchasing options as well as you can purchase the cover for the rack or choose to purchase both together. If you don’t plan on using the rack as a storage closet, we’d recommend purchasing the rack alone as it has ample storage compartments to allow you to dry your clothes effectively. The rack really has its uses in spaces where space is limited due to the portability and convenience that it offers. The rack has two garment rods which allow you to hang up longer garments. The freestanding design of the rack requires no assembly or tools to set it up.

AmazonBasics Rack with Top and Bottom Shelves

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This rack by AmazonBasics is slightly different in design compared to the rack that we featured on our number one spot. This clothes rack comes in a chrome-colored finish and does not give you the options of choosing different colors, unlike the previous model we reviewed. When purchasing the rack, you can either go for the rack alone or choose the model which includes the hangers. The rack comes with wheels which have the option of locking them as well. AmazonBasics provides a one-year limited warranty with the product as well, making it well worth the price. Assembly of the rack is quite simple as it should take you only about 15 minutes to do so.

EWEI’S HomeWares Rolling Clothing and Garment Rack

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The rack has a load capacity of 150 pounds, but if you use it to hang only clothes, there really is no chance of it exceeding this amount. The rack comes in only one color, the model with the Aluminum railings and purple corners. The rack uses steel tubes in its construction. Assembling the rack should not be any problem at all as it is quite simplistic in design. The best part about this rack is that Ewei’s HomeWares gives you a money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be well assured that this rack will give you your money’s worth. You can use the rack as a storage option for the dryer or even to simply hold your clothes.

SONGMICS Black Metal Coat Rack

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The SONGMICS Black Metal Coat Rack is quite different in design to the other racks that we have featured on our list so far. The rack can serve as a coat rack or as a garment drying rack. It does not offer the same hanging options as some of the other racks on our list, but it does serve the dual purpose of being able to be used as a clothes rack. There are two different colors for the rack. The rack is constructed of metal tubes with a frosted surface. The connectors on the rack are made of plastic. The rack lets you store all types of clothes including hats, which can be stored on the two bar ends.

MyGift Hangrail Department Store Style Clothes

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This clothes rack is quite like what you will find in a department store. The rack uses stainless steel as the material for its construction. The rack should be assembled on your own so you might spend a fair bit of time in assembling it. The steel rods on the rack are great for hanging all kinds of clothes such as shirts, vests, and dresses. There is ample space to use the rack either as a dryer or simply as a storage space for your clothes. You do not get the option of choosing a different color for the rack as it only comes in the black colored model. The dimensions of the rack are on the larger side, so you must dedicate a fair bit of space to store the rack in your room.

WINOMO Clothes Hanger – Folding Clothes Rack

This clothes rack by Winomo offers a cheap and easy way of hanging up your clothes. The rack offers ten inches of space to hang your clothes but it can be easily folded up when it is not needed. This is the specialty of this rack as it can be easily folded up when it is not needed. The material used in the construction of the rack is aluminum which is resistant to corrosion. There are also stainless steel parts on the rack. The rack can support a weight of up to 60 pounds which is less than most of the others on our list. However, if you need a convenient and portable clothes rack, this is probably one of the best options out there. Winomo gives you a one-year money-back guarantee with the product.