Wish there was a tool to help you browse the web freely or get “in the zone” while you game online? A wireless mouse may be just the enhancement you need!

Wireless mice are the perfect asset to a desktop computer. Why? Because you can use this mouse freely with optimal range and smooth movement. Wireless mice allow you to gain a better range in movement no matter how far you are from your computer (Please don’t try using the mouse in another room, however). Wireless mice are often more reliable and, as our list will show, can come at affordable prices.

If you game on a laptop, then sure you have the mouse on your trackpad or even one that you attach separately, but unless it is wireless, you have likely run across the issue of your mouse not allowing you to have all the range that is often required of gaming. For this reason alone, you should seriously consider opting for a wireless mouse. 

You can obtain a wireless mouse that will fit your budget and optimize your web browsing (and gaming) experience!

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

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The Jelly Comb slim wireless mouse is one that demonstrates the value of an elegant simplicity. It doesn’t come with extra buttons or customizable features. Rather, it opts to be proficient at everything it offers. Its sleek shape is the first thing one notices about it. The Jelly Comb prefers to be long as opposed to tall, measuring 4.6 inches in length 2.4 in width, and only 1.4 in height. T

his makes it ideal for a flatter, longer hand position. Its ambidextrous design ensures no one of either handedness is left out. Its click is engineered to be fairly quiet, a welcome feature to many sensitive to such a sound. Battery life of the one AA it requires is preserved by an automatic low-power function when not in use. The mouse is compatible with both Macs and PCs, from the modern machines all the way back to Windows 2000 and OS X 10.4.

Impressions of the product were overwhelmingly positive. Of its attributes, the mouse’s comfortable feel and quiet nature were often commended. It should be noted that while the scroll wheel appears like a ball that can move in multiple directions, unfortunately it doesn’t function in that manner as some initially expected, limited to up and down scrolling.

The Jelly Comb slim wireless mouse is recommended by its noiseless, ergonomic, stylish design. With this mouse, you do get what you pay for, though users are rather satisfied with the overall design of this mouse. Along with that, it should be noted that while this might not be the top of our list as far as gaming mouses go, it certainly is one of the best mouses to opt for if you are looking for something durable, dependable, and easy to use. 

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

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Logitech finds itself back on the list with this outstanding wireless mouse. The brand Logitech is well known for crafting quality accessories that work really well with your computer and gaming system. This mouse is certainly no exception. The Logitech M510 wireless mouse comes with great features and a long-lasting battery life. The wireless mouse is built with a contoured shape, complete with soft rubber grips, to provide you with all-day comfort.

Even if you are not a gamer, this comfortable grip alone makes it the ideal mouse for using in a work setting. You can say goodbye to nagging hand cramps with this ergonomic mouse. Looking for efficiency? This mouse even features back/forward buttons and side-to-side scrolling as well as the option to zoom so that you can do more, faster! Do note the mouse requires the Logitech Set Point software for these features to operate, but needless to say it’s easy to install.

Tired of using products that end up dying out on you so quickly? Not with this mouse! The wireless mouse is equipped with a 2-year battery life that practically eliminates the need to replace its batteries! We will say that the battery life of the mouse may vary based on user and computing conditions, so heavy computer users beware. Though even if you routinely use your mouse, you can still look forward to a rather exceptional long-lasting mouse.

Nevertheless, the mouse is easy to use with its tiny Logitech Unifying receiver that stays in your computer, allowing you to simply plug and play. This mouse also has a great wireless range of up to 10m. If you like a mouse that lasts a long while and has a great, comfortable design then we recommend checking out this mouse.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185

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A mouse from Logitech that simply works. Battery life is a major strength of the M185, lasting up to a year on a single AA battery. This is made possible by an automatic sleep mode and an on/off switch. It’s also easy to port around as it is only 3.9 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, and 1.5 inches tall. While it is an optical mouse, the light emitted is not visible and thus will not bother the user. The included USB receiver is short and fits discreetly in the slot. The mouse comes in a cool blend of three grays. Its smooth, ergonomic shape allows for comfortable use with either hand. However, since it is small, it may not suit users with larger hands well.

The strongest point of the M185 is how simple it is to set up. It takes no time to install software or drivers; you can just plug it in and start using it immediately once the cover for the included AA battery is removed.

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

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Microsoft also finds its way back on our list with this mouse product that strikes some similarities with the other Microsoft mouse we reviewed earlier. The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile mouse shows, however, that its portability is what sets it apart. The mouse, featured in a compact design, comes with BlueTrack technology, which works on virtually any surface. This makes it the perfect “travel companion” as it is ideal for usage in the office or on the go. Furthermore about this product’s design, the classic-esque shape of the Sculpt Mobile Mouse along with its 4-way scroll wheel makes it suitable to operate with either hand. That’s right lefties, this mouse will be comfortable for you to use too!

This high-functioning mouse puts you in the ultimate control with its features. When using the mouse, tilting its wheel left and right allows you to scroll horizontally, meaning you can perform tasks such as navigating the Start screen or moving through wide documents with ease. This mouse is optimized for Windows, even featuring a Windows button on its top. To connect with Windows, all you have to do is press the Windows logo to instantly view the Start Menu and access any app of your choice.

We will note that one flaw with this product is that it only works with Windows operating systems, and only Windows 7 or above. Nevertheless, if you like a high-functioning mouse that gives you optimal control and have a modern version of Windows, the you can purchase this mouse.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

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Sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics; the mouse is a fairly simple concept, after all. In light of this, an economical, well-implemented product that demonstrates a streamlined and uncomplicated design can be quite welcome to the casual computer user. The 3500 mouse from Microsoft boasts such functionality. It’s compact, as it measures only 3.75 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 1.5 inches tall. The mouse’s smooth shape, along with the rubbery material around the base, promotes a solid grip. Moreover, its symmetric design means it’s an ergonomic option for all users regardless of their handedness.

Aesthetically pleasing with regard to both touch and sight, it comes in more than 5 different colors ranging from a slick black to a flaming magenta pink. A range of about 15 feet allows the user ample distance from the screen if they need more space. The 3500 is compatible with Windows operating systems 7 to 10, Windows Phone 10, OS X 10.7x-10.10, and Android versions 3.2-5.0, meaning it will work with most modern devices via wireless connection to the included USB receiver.

There are some concerns with battery life, but seeing as it only consumes a single AA battery and can be turned off when not in use, it’s not a major drawback. All things considered, the 3500 is a small, comfortable mouse that foregoes extra buttons and functions in the spirit of streamlined design. If you want an affordable mouse that offers the necessities, this one is a good choice.

Pecosso 2.4G Precision Optical Mouse

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When quietness is your priority in a mouse, sometimes it’s nice when it comes with extra features beyond the two click buttons and a scroll wheel. The Pecosso mouse embraces this idea, throwing in some useful tools in addition to the silence it offers. The mouse, of course, comes with a noiseless clicker that will help you stay focused while working, but it is also built with an anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant finish that makes it skin-friendly for constant use. In terms of this mouse’s design, it is made in durable yet stylish material (with its sleek, gold and black color). The ergonomic design of this mouse allows you to have a high-precision, comfortable grip.

This mouse is super lightweight. Nevertheless, this user-friendly mouse requires no additional drivers or software. The mouse conveniently features a universal plug and play option so that installing this mouse is as easy as 1,2,3! The mouse’s premium optical sensor gives you pinpoint precision and control so that your cursor never slips or skips during a crucial moment.

This mouse features 3 adjustable DPI settings including: 800, 1200, and 1600.

SzHahn 2.4G Slim Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

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True to its name, the Szhan is indeed slim, under an inch in height. This can offer a distinct ergonomic benefit for users, an excellent choice for those who prefer a nearly flat, close-to-the-tabletop hand position, whether for comfort or precision. Additionally, its thinness and light weight makes it easy to stow for travel. Don’t want to mess with replacing batteries? This mouse is rechargeable, offering up to 168 hours of continuous use after a single full charge. Furthermore, it enters a low-power sleep mode when not in use to save energy. Another useful feature is its adjustable sensitivity, with three different levels offering up to 1600 DPI if needed.

It is an uncomplicated device that offers good value. Compatible with Windows 7 and up, Linux, Android, and recent Macintosh computers, your computer will likely be able to handle this mouse. It has an extended battery life. It is not possible to use the mouse while it is charging, but the length of time for which it runs afterwards renders that objection mostly irrelevant.

Just remember to charge it every 20 or so days of usage with the included cord, and the privilege of not having to change batteries will become apparent. If two of your top priorities in a mouse are an especially ergonomic design and lengthy battery life, we recommend you consider this model.

TeckNet Classic 2.4G Portable Optical Wireless Mouse

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Sometimes what you want in a mouse are options. Including multiple functions in a mouse is a common method of offering efficiency to the mouse user, and giving a level of customizability allows it to be utilized in different ways. TeckNet embraces these ideas and bundles them into a budget-suiting product. It features 6 buttons, several of which are remappable: left click, right click, clickable scroll wheel, both a “backwards” and a “forwards” button for browser navigation, and a DPI selector that doubles as a battery level indicator. Five settings from 800 – 2400 DPI let you determine the precision you want to work at. Battery life is a forte of the mouse it automatically goes to sleep when left undisturbed and the on/off switch lets users keep the single AA battery from draining when the mouse isn’t needed.

This mouse is advertised to work with Windows, but it can be fully configured to work with Macs as well with a little technical know-how.

Common opinions were that it operated smoothly and that its slanted design was comfortable. One unfortunate result of its shape is that it is not designed for use with the left hand. However, if you seek a right-handed mouse with plenty of features, TeckNet’s is a solid option.

TeckNet Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Now, when it comes to gamin, our next option is the ideal mouse to go with in order to enhance your overall gaming experience. Gaming is a favorite hobby of many computer users, and when you’re interested in playing competitively, you need to be equipped with the right controllers to fully capitalize on your skill. Fortunately, getting a decent gaming mouse doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Consider TeckNet’s Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse.

It features eight buttons: left and right click, forward and backward buttons, 2 DPI buttons that allow for changing between the 5 levels of DPI (which range from 800/1200/1600/2400/4800), a scroll wheel, and a fire button. Most of them are programmable as well. It claims a 10-meter wireless range without connection issues, though most users would likely opt to stay close to the USB receiver to ensure a hiccup-free performance. Automatic sleep mode is included, and the LED light can be turned off if desired to further increase the lifetime of the AA battery that powers the mouse.

In addition to its impressive functionality, it sports a sleek look and a pleasant feel, aspects that most PC gamers would find important. The contrast of its blue LED highlights against the black tone gives it a stylish yet slightly edgy appearance, and its smooth design combined with a somewhat weighty feel make it comfortable in the hand. It is reported to work with Macintosh computers in addition to the Windows machines it’s advertised as compatible with. This gaming mouse offers a quality not easily found at such an economic price and hence it makes our list.

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

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Perhaps you seek an affordable mouse with additional features and a reasonable level of customizability, suitable for precision-requisite digital activities like gaming. The VicTsing MM057 is such a product. As far as customizability it has five DPI settings, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity up to 2400 DPI. The mouse also has two polling rates, 125 and 250 Hz, offering higher accuracy if desired. Additionally, it features buttons on the side that operate the forward and backwards commands when browsing. The wireless range between the mouse and included USB receiver is excellent, functioning at up to 33 feet in distance when unobstructed. As an added bonus, the MM057 even comes in over 10 different colors!

Battery life is not a concern as it shuts off when not in use. As a result, it can last up to 15 months on a single AA battery. The mouse is not large, only measuring 4.5 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and 2 inches tall, and its design ergonomically supports the ring and pinky fingers. Unfortunately, this precludes the MM057 from working with the left hand. While it is compatible with the majority of modern computing devices, it should be noted that the additional side buttons will not work on Macintosh computers.