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Looking for a cool way to accessorize your wardrobe and do a little Inspector Gadget role playing? A smartwatch could be just the tool you need!

Smartwatches are like mini smartphones that you can wear on your wrist. Smartwatches are capable of playing music, showing time, showing incoming calls and notifications and more. As our list below will show, smartwatches come at varying prices, so you won’t have to go breaking the bank to obtain one.

You can buy a great smartwatch to enhance your look and be the most hi-tech individual among your friends while still having some cash in your pocket!

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Why we like it: The Pebble Steel smartwatch is very affordable, but despite the low-cost price, offers a host of premium-grade features. Plus, the smartwatch is very good looking and doesn’t make the wearer look like a complete dork.

Editor’s rating:

Pebble is a well-known brand for affordable smartwatches. So we had high expectations for this product, which the smartwatch actually met. First off, this is one of the cheapest smartwatches you can buy that won’t break during the first week you wear it. It’s priced low, but is durable and reliable. The looks of the smartwatch is definitely worth gushing over too. You can buy it in two exteriors, Black Matte and Brushed Stainless. Both looks are very stylish and hip. It’s not like the awful, bulky plastic look you get with most smartwatches. We found the two looks very suitable for casual wear. Brushed Stainless is even suitable for semi-formal wear.

As for functionality, you can read emails, get texts, recipe notifications of incoming calls, and get calendar updates, among others, on this smartwatch. It also comes with an app to control music playback from your smartphone. The smartwatch supports several different apps. The smartwatch is made to be very durable. The watchface is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, which is scratch resistant. The watch is constructed using marine-grade stainless steel. The battery is very impressive too. It’s rechargeable and can last up to a week on a single charge (depending on usage).


Quidoou Bluetooth Smart Watch

Why we like it: A smartwatch with many functions! This watch is able to make phone calls, read text messages, and connect to your phone by bluetooth!

Editor’s rating:

If you’re looking for a multifunctional watch that is very affordable, then look no further. Quidoou shows that a smart watch can have a plethora of features and still be reasonably priced with their product. The Quidoou Bluetooth Smart Watch is leading in the competition of affordable smart watches having a price tag of just about $21 (yep, you heard that right). This smart watch does not skimp on features, coming with a fitness tracker and health function. The health function is equipped with a pedometer, sleep monitor, and sedentary reminder. The watch’s other functions include: Image viewer, Sound recorder (SD card needed for this function), Remote capture, Alarm clock, Calendar, Camera (0.3M), and Two-way Anti-lost.

The smart watch is also capable of being used as a phone. To use as a phone, install a GSM SIM card into the smart watch and you’ll be able to make and answer calls directly from it. If you don’t want to use a SIM card, you can also connect the watch to your phone by bluetooth and perform the same functions. Do note that the watch only supports partial functions for iPhones. Nevertheless, you can access and interact with many social media apps on this smart watch such as: Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Web Browser(2G/2.5G network SIM card needed). You can also view the time (of course), view your schedules, and read text messages with this smart watch. With a great price and many features, this product is a solid choice!

ASUS ZenWatch

Why we like it: A sleek and powerful smartwatch by ASUS that is made with gorilla glass to prevent scratches, contains HyperCharge Technology, and is water resistant.

Editor’s rating:

If you’re familiar with technology, then you know that ASUS is one of the leading brands in terms of high quality electronic products. Their smartwatch is no different with its sleek and durable build and many capabilities. The ASUS ZenWatch leaves us impressed with its attractive design and impeccable features. If you’re one who is reluctant to get a smartwatch because you think it won’t look “cool” on your wrist, then fear not! This smartwatch is available in a multitude of strap and case options such as: Gunmetal case/Gray metal strap (what we selected for this review), rose gold case/orange leather strap, silver case/silver metal strap, and many more!

Along with style options, this smartwatch comes with an ASUS FaceDesigner which enables you to customize the style of the watch face and the functionality. This nifty smartwatch even comes available in two sizes: 1.45″ or 1.63″. The watch face is touchscreen and is built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect it against any deep scratches that may cause the glass to break. The smartwatch contains a IP67 water resistance level, meaning it is shower safe and can be submerged up to 1-meter underwater. The smartwatch features HyperCharge Technology which delivers a fast, 60% charge in just 15 minutes. The watch also contains a
built-in pedometer with precise step counting accuracy, an activity tracker, and progress reports to help you achieve your fitness goals. Though it comes at a steep price of $138, this is a great watch to consider!


Maeffort Smart Watch

Why we like it: This durable smartwatch comes with a built-in button cell with a long standby time to prevent daily charging and is waterproof and dust-resistant.

Editor’s rating:

Want a durable watch that won’t go breaking down on you in just a short period of time? Consider this watch by Maeffort. Maeffort incorporates durability and affordability into their smartwatch that is clearly built to last. Besides having a durable build, the Maeffort Smart Watch is equipped with many useful features that customers will be sure to love! The smartwatch is multi functional, with features such as: Pedometer, Calorie tracker, Alarm clock, Stopwatch, and Calendar. This smartwatch, which includes a remote camera, is also able to display incoming calls and text messages and will alert you when it is low on power.

Speaking of power, this smartwatch features a built-in CR2450 610mAh button cell, with a long standby time of 15 months. This nifty watch can be on standby for as long as 24 months if it is on saving mode, therefore it does not have to be charged daily. The smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, allowing you to connect to your phone and view calls, texts, and app notifications The smartwatch even offers Cloud services and has an IP67 waterproof level. This durable watch has passed 13 resistance tests including vibration, impact, fall, rain, humidity, immersion and dust. Priced at a reasonable $50, this is a smartwatch to consider!

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Smartwatch

Why we like it: Samsung Gear Fit 2 is one of the original products that made smartwatches popular. It’s been upgraded to the new market, and now comes with cool looks and better functionality.

Editor’s rating:

Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a classic smartwatch. This is one of the original products that made smartwatches really popular. Nowadays, you can buy more expensive smartwatches, but this one is a more affordable option from the brand. The Gear Fit 2 has been upgraded from the original to appeal to modern customers. We wouldn’t say that the looks are anything to go crazy for. However, unlike most smartwatches, this one has a rectangular watch face that some people will like. It also shows large fonts that certain users will really like, and sometimes need.

This smartwatch works easily with Samsung smartphones, but other Android devices work great too. Most of the features are very classic. It has fitness tracking ability and you can get notifications quickly. You will not find some new features because the watch make is a bit old. But for the price, it offers excellent reliability and durability. If you are looking for a typical, classic-style smartwatch, this one is it.

Willful SW018 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Why we like it: This smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and Android, includes a heart rate monitor and pedometer, and features a durable, waterproof design.

Editor’s rating:

There are smartwatches out there that can seamlessly connect to smartphones through bluetooth, but aren’t durable or waterproof. There are also watches that are durable and have waterproof designs, but don’t deliver in terms of features. This smartwatch by Willful, however, contains all of those capabilities and more! The Willful Bluetooth Smartwatch outshines its competitors with its solid, waterproof build and stellar features. This smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof level, meaning it can be worn when you are washing your hands, taking a bath, swimming, or diving underwater. The watch features: An enhanced, durable design with a scratch-resistant HD screen, an ergonomic profile, an aircraft-grade aluminum bezel with metal coating, and interchangeable wristbands.

The smartwatch is compatible to both iPhone and Android devices via bluetooth. Due to its bluetooth feature, the smartwatch is able to make calls, check SMS/text messages, and interact with apps (such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The smartwatch can also be used as a fitness watch as it comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep monitor, as well as sedentary and drink functions. The smartwatch also comes with other functions such as: Remote camera, remote music, anti-lost, alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, and calendar. The smartwatch contains a 360mah large lithium polymer battery and is available in one of two colors: Red and green. Both colors come at the reasonable price of $57, making this smartwatch a great option to look into!

Evershop Bluetooth Smart Watch

Why we like it: A sophisticated watch by Evershop that is capable of syncing with iPhone or Android and includes cool features such as a sleep monitor and pedometer.

Editor’s rating:

If you want a smartwatch that looks like, well, a watch, keep reading! Evershop has created a watch that has such a sophisticated appearance, it will make you want to show it off every chance you get! The Evershop Bluetooth Smartwatch is more than just attractive in appearance, it also boasts some pretty handy features. The smartwatch is designed with a HD IPS 1.5 inch touch Screen with a non-air-gap. It features a pristine display that is resistant to glare and is hypersensitive to touch. More than that, this smartwatch features a large capacity, 340 mah Polymer battery which can last up to 5 days on standby.

The smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices with its syncing capabilities through bluetooth. Due to the watch’s bluetooth functionality, your smartphone’s notifications can be displayed on the watch simultaneously, including: Incoming calls, SMS/text messages, Facebook and WhatsApp alerts, emails, and other app notifications. The smartwatch also includes a: Sleep monitor, Heart rate monitor, Calorie calculator, Alarm clock, Sedentary reminder, Calculator, Music player, and Calendar. If you don’t wish to sync your phone with your watch, you can also insert a GSM SIM card into the smartwatch to use it as a phone. The smart watch comes in two colors, black and gold, which cost different prices. The cheaper, black option will cost you about $80, which isn’t too bad considering the cost of some other watches and this watch’s cool features!

Antimi SmartWatch

Why we like it: Not the best looking, but this smartwatch supports both a SIM card and a TIFF card so it can act as an independent gadget. Plus, it’s compatible with a number of smartphones.

Editor’s rating:

This is a generously large sports watch-style smartwatch you can buy for really cheap. It’s impressively compatible with a number of smartphone brands including Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, Xiaomi, and LG. It connects with iPhones too, but has no app functionality. On iPhones, the watch can only make and receive calls. This smartwatch can support a SIM card and a TIFF card, so you can use it independently from a smartwatch too. It mainly runs social media apps independently. In that regard, we really liked this product.

There are a huge amount of apps available for this smartwatch. It came preinstalled with apps for a pedometer, remote camera, alarm clock, sleep tracker, voice recorder, Fundo, and many more. We even got support for multiple languages and time zones. Also, it automatically updates daylight savings time. It can independently dial using the SIM card too. The products we purchased came with a 2-year replacement guarantee from the manufacturer. This smartwatch doesn’t look much, but you get more than you pay for with functionality.

PowerLead Pwah PL-N20

Why we like it: This smartwatch costs practically nothing, but looks very posh, and comes with a pedometer and a built-in compass.

Editor’s rating:

Let’s face it; most people hate smartwatches because of the looks. A good majority of smartwatches look like bulky sports watches frat boys love to wear. The PowerLead Pwah is one of the best cheap smartwatches for people who don’t want to always look like they are on the way to a kegger. From the outset, this smartwatch looks just like a regular quartz watch. But you can change the watchface and switch it between the clock and the apps whenever needed. It also comes with a pedometer, which takes fitness measurements like distance travelled, strides, calories burned, etc.

This smartwatch can also act as a remote controller for a smartphone. There’s an app that allows the user to remotely take pictures using a smartphone camera. If you are taking a group picture or a selfie using a tripod, there’s no need to set a timer. The smartwatch can be used instead. We were really amazed by this feature. For outdoor buffs, this smartwatch comes with a built-in compass, which we have never seen in a cheap device before. The watch is built really well too, and has features like water and sweat resistance, and dust resistance. It’s durable and very cool to have.


Best Cheap Smartwatches – Buyer’s Guide

Smart watches are highly intelligent devices that often have as many (if not the same) amount of capabilities as a smartphone. The are many specifications to consider when purchasing a smartwatch. These specifications include the build and design, the software, and interface among other features. In this guide, we break down the important factors to consider when purchasing a smartwatch so that you can select a great product.


One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a smartwatch is how it is designed. Whether you are interested in a square or round-shaped watch, consider the size and material of the watchface to determine if it will be a comfortable fit for your wrist. In addition to the watchface, consider the wristband. Is it velcro or plastic? Rubber or leather? Certain wristbands, like plastic ones may induce more sweat while a genuine leather wristband may be resistant to sweat. Overall, the craftsmanship of your watch is important mostly for two things: comfortability and attractiveness.


When selecting a smartwatch, it is important for it to have a solid and sturdy build and to be well-constructed. Before choosing a smartwatch ask yourself: Is this smartwatch water-resistant? Sweat-resistant? Dust-resistant? If the smartwatch you are considering contains none of the three items listed, that could be a red-flag. A smartwatch should be built to last and not affected by a speck of dust, for example. It is safe to consider a smartwatch if it not only has at least one of the three aforementioned items, but is also built with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, or gorilla glass. Such materials in a smartwatch can ensure the longevity of the product.

When it comes to determining how water-resistant, sweat-resistant, or dust-resistant a smart watch (or any electronic for that matter) is, you should refer to the IP code of a product. The IP code or International Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion from body parts, dust, accidental contact, and water via the product’s mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The IP code offers more detailed information on how water-resistant, for example, a product may be rather than it being vaguely labeled “waterproof.” The IP code is broken down into two (formerly four) main categories, with one optional category: Solid particle protection (protection against hazardous objects), Liquid ingress protection (protection against water), and other protections (i.e. oil resistant, weather conditions). Solid particle protection is represented in the IP code with a numeral (between 0-6). An electronic given a 0 means that it contains no protection against contact or objects whereas an electronic given a 6 would have complete protection against contact and dust, meaning it would be dust-resistant, for example.

As for liquid particle protection, it is represented with a numeral between 0-9. Similarly, if an electronic is given a 0, that means it has zero protection against the ingress of water where an electronic given a 9 has full protection against the ingress of water and higher water temperatures, making it water-resistant. The optional “other protections” category is represented with a letter. For example, if an electronic is oil-resistant, it’d be marked with an “f” in the IP code of if it has weather-resistance, it’d be marked by a “W” and so on. If a smart watch you were interested in contained an IP rating of IP67, that means, it’d be dust-tight (fully dust-resistant) and can be immersed in 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. If water-resistance, dust-resistance, etc. are of importance to you in terms of the durability and quality of your smart watch, then it is best to refer to the IP code, an integral rating system for modern consumer electronics.


One of the most important aspects to consider is a smart watch’s functionality. Does it provide ease of use? Are there a variety of features? These are important questions to ask when selecting your smartwatch. Your smartwatch should be simple enough to navigate through and customize without providing much hassle. Additionally, your watch should provide you with an attractive yet clear interface, allowing you to toggle through apps and notifications with a swift motion. Depending on the features you are interested in and your budget, a smartwatch can either provide you with basic functions and a few apps or a wide range of features. Regardless, your smartwatch should be able to run apps, open notifications, answer/display phone calls, or respond to your voice commands without lagging or error.

Bluetooth Capability

Another important aspect to consider is the bluetooth connectivity of a smart watch. Most smart watches pair with your smartphone via bluetooth to display any incoming calls or notifications you may have received on your smartphone. If you’re looking for a smart watch that pairs seamlessly with your phone, you’ll want to ensure that the smart watch you’re considering is able to perform this feature and does so without error. Ensure that the smart watch is compatible with your phone type first. Then examine if this smart watch offer full bluetooth connectivity. Does your smart watch show you incoming calls? Display message and notification alerts? Play music from your phone? Consider also the bluetooth version on the smart watch and bluetooth range. There are three current versions of bluetooth applicable to smart watches: 3.0 (25 Mbit/s, 10 meter or 33 ft range), 4.0 (25 Mbit/s, 60 meters or 200 ft range) and 5.0 (50 Mbit/s, 240 meters or 800 ft). Depending on your needs, you should consider what is the most suitable bluetooth version for you. To note, the 5.0 bluetooth version is currently the fastest and most advanced version of bluetooth for electronics (such as the smart watch), allowing for seamless pairing between devices.

Operating Systems

When shopping for a smart watch you should consider the type of Operating System (OS) the smart watch has to ensure that it is supported by your smartphone and will connect and work smoothly with it. There are many OS platforms available on smart watches, allowing you to use your smart watch by itself. However, if you want to use your smart watch in partner with your phone, you have to consider if the smart watch OS is compatible to your type of phone. If you have an iPhone, for example, you can most obviously use the Apple Watch which contains WatchOS. WatchOS is a subset of iOS (the sole operating system for iPhones) and must work in part with an app that is installed on your iPhone. Note the Watch OS cannot run the app on its own. As for Samsung smartphones (or Androids in general), there are smart watches that contain the OS Android Wear. Note that Android Wear OS is designed to be paired with Android smartphones (version 4.3 and up). If the smart watch you’re considering uses Android Wear, ensure that your smartphone is one, an Android, but also running on version 4.3 or higher.

As for other operating systems on smart watches, you have: Tizen for Wearables (an open source OS that can run standalone apps without connection to a host app on a smartphone), Pebble OS (can be paired with Android and iPhone), Web OS (created by LG and can be run entirely standalone), Microsoft Band OS (can be paired with iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone), Firefox OS (can pair with mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and FireFox OS), and Fitbit and Garmin (can be paired with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone). Selecting a smart watch and ensuring that it runs without complication depends on if you want it to be standalone, work with your Android, Windows, or iPhone, or both. Knowing the above available OS for smart watches, you can choose your watch accordingly to your smartphone or select a watch that can run without needing to connect to a phone.

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