Best Cheap Smartwatches

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What if your watch could do more than show you time? What if it could give you email notifications, play music, show incoming calls, and may be even read time out loud? That’s what smartwatches do. These devices are like mini smartphones that you can wear on your wrist. You won’t have to constantly reach into your pocket to check your phone when jogging.

Perhaps the most famous smartwatch you probably have heard of is the Apple Watch. But there are so many other brands available in the market you can take advantage of. Smartwatches can be synced to your smartphone and computer. But most products these days can work independently on their own as smart devices.

Thanks to the popularity of smartwatches, they are available for a variety of prices as well. Obviously, the big-name brands, like Apple and Samsung, have watches that cost more. Now you can buy smartwatches from designer brands like Rolex and Michael Kors, which will cost you as much as an expensive watch usually would. If you are not a millionaire, you can buy smartwatches for as cheap as $50. Scroll down for a list of affordable smartwatch recommendations that we really liked:

PowerLead Pwah PL-N20

Why we like it: This smartwatch costs practically nothing, but looks very posh, and comes with a pedometer and a built-in compass.

Let’s face it; most people hate smartwatches because of the looks. A good majority of smartwatches look like bulky sports watches frat boys love to wear. The PowerLead Pwah is one of the best cheap smartwatches for people who don’t want to always look like they are on the way to a kegger. From the outset, this smartwatch looks just like a regular quartz watch. But you can change the watchface and switch it between the clock and the apps whenever needed. It also comes with a pedometer, which takes fitness measurements like distance travelled, strides, calories burned, etc.

This smartwatch can also act as a remote controller for a smartphone. There’s an app that allows the user to remotely take pictures using a smartphone camera. If you are taking a group picture or a selfie using a tripod, there’s no need to set a timer. The smartwatch can be used instead. We were really amazed by this feature. For outdoor buffs, this smartwatch comes with a built-in compass, which we have never seen in a cheap device before. The watch is built really well too, and has features like water and sweat resistance, and dust resistance. It’s durable and very cool to have.

Hiwatch Bluetooth Android Smart Watch

Why we like it: The Hiwatch smartwatch is unbelievably cheap, sleek, and can double as a fitness tracker. You can also put a SIM card in it and use it as a phone.

This Hiwatch is super cheap. But it’s not yet another Chinese knockoff that falls apart after unboxing. It’s loaded with a number of interesting features that surprised us (in a positive way). This smartwatch has a 1.50” LCD touch screen display for a watch face that has 24×240 resolution. So the screen is really clear and crisp. We had no issue reading the time or tiny text. The Hiwatch connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, so keep that in mind. Most interestingly, the smartwatch can hold its own SIM card, which means that you can send and receive calls directly from the smartwatch. It’s literally a phone you can wear on your wrist.

The Hitwatch doubles as a fitness tracker too. It has all the basic functions like keeping track of calories burnt, distance run, walking speed, and so on. You can wear this smartwatch during sleep to track your sleep cycle. There are other essential features like hands-free calling, text messaging, weather app, and social media apps. Looks wise, it has a white exterior and is sleek like an iPod. We have to warn that this smartwatch works only with Android phones. It’s highly affordable and we recommend it as a first smartwatch for cash-strapped buyers.


IRONLINK® Smart watch GT08

Why we like it: This smartwatch comes with a slightly larger screen, a number of popular apps, and voice recording ability that most other smartwatches don’t have.

We will get to the cons from the beginning. This is one of those bulky and rather ugly smartwatches people seem to not like. However, it’s really cheap, but despite the low price tag, works smoothly. If you don’t much care about how your smartwatch looks, then this would be a good choice. Looks are deceiving anyway. This smartwatch comes with a generous 1.54” display and a highly touch resistant interface. The watch works really fast and is impressively responsive to the touch. The smartwatch seamlessly pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth.

We didn’t encounter any trouble getting notifications for emails and texts on this smartwatch. It also comes with a number of popular smartwatch apps like Fundo. There are also other things you can do with the smartwatch, like set reminders, monitor sleep, or control a music player. It also has voice recording ability, and you can record a basic track. If you are into voice search or saving voice reminders, then this is definitely the smartwatch for you. It’s fully compatible only with Android devices.

Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

Why we like it: This smartwatch is rather basic in functionality, but it more than makes up for it with an impressively extended battery life.

If you have sophisticated tasted in watches, meaning if you only like wearing watches that look like actual watches, then this smartwatch is definitely for you. It has a notably quartz looking exterior, which makes it suitable for wearing for work or semi-formal occasions. No one would know you are wearing a smartwatch except you. Function wise, it’s big on giving notifications for calls, texts, and social media. It can show caller ID too. The number of apps is limited compared to others on the list, but the smartwatch makes up for it in other areas.

The biggest perk of this smartwatch is the extended battery life. This watch has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that uses a USB port. The battery can last up to 10 days depending on your use. That’s more than what most other smartwatches offer. Plus, the screen has a 1.5” OLED graphic display. The resolution is only 96×16, but that’s really enough to read the watch faces clearly. We have to say that this smartwatch is only mostly compatible with Android devices.

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch

Why we like it: This is a high-end smartwatch you can buy for really cheap certified refurbished. It looks absolutely elegant and is made from top-notch parts like Horween leather.

We purchased this Motorola smartwatch certified refurbished. It typically costs hundreds of dollars new, but the refurbished product is roughly $100. Certified refurbished products work exactly as new and comes with a warranty. That’s not the only thing that impressed about this smartwatch. It looks exactly like a typical men’s steel watch, expect that the watch face is fully digital. Users can download a number of watch faces with both modern and traditional looks. The exterior part of the watch is made from actual stainless steel. The band is made from real Horween leather. The protective glass for the watch face is scratch resistant. So the build is really top notch.

This smartwatch works with devices supporting Android 4.3 or above. Functionality wise, it’s a lot like other smartwatches. There are loads of apps to download, but we really liked the voice response. Some features and apps of the smartwatch can be voice activated, which some users will absolutely love. It has a select number of fitness tracker uses too. This smartwatch is practically a steal for the refurbished price.


Smartlife Sweatproof Smart Watch

Why we like it: This smartphone costs little and is ideal for fitness buffs. It’s incredibly sweat resistant and is intended to get things done even when your hands are busy while working out.

If you want a smartwatch exclusively for wearing when working out, then this is possibly the best smartwatch you can buy for a low price. It’s surprisingly affordable and yet has high-quality parts. The biggest selling point of the watch is that it’s sweatproof, but there are many other features that we liked. This smartwatch comes with a capacitive color display sensitive to touch. You can easily read this watch face, even when your eyelashes are blurry with sweat. The screen is 1.50 inches, which is not huge enough to be uncomfortable when working out. It’s rain resistant too, but you probably shouldn’t soak this for prolonged periods.

This smartwatch is made to facilitate hands-free communication when your hands are busy. Want to take a call in the middle of a jogging session? No problem if you are wearing this smartwatch. Interestingly, this watch allows call dialing without the need for a smartphone keypad. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth, and you can access phone features like camera and contacts lists easily from the watch. It’s social media friendly too. The watch has a music app that makes it very easy to shuffle through playlists when working out.


Veezy Gear 2 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Why we like it: This golden smartwatch looks super rad, and is fully iOS compatible. It has a heart rate monitor and supports a TIFF card.

This smartwatch looks super amazing. It looks like a really cheap Rolex actually. It has a golden band and a watch face framed in steel. But what’s really impressive is the watch face, which makes this look like a golden steampunk gadget. It’s suitable for both casual and formal wear. If you are looking for a smartwatch that will make heads turn, then this is definitely it. This is also a rare smartwatch that is fully compatible with iOS devices. We found it to work perfectly with iPhone 6S.

This smartwatch connects via Bluetooth. Interestingly, it supports a TIFF card (33GB max), so you can store music or audio files directly in the smartwatch. It’s very easy to use independently without a phone. The watch is very friendly towards voice software. We could even control Siri using the watch. Other functions include fitness tracking, including the ability to monitor the heart rate. The build, other than looking totally stunning, is waterproof and dustproof too.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Why we like it: The Pebble Steel smartwatch is very affordable, but despite the low-cost price, offers a host of premium-grade features. Plus, the smartwatch is very good looking and doesn’t make the wearer look like a complete dork.

Pebble is a well-known brand for affordable smartwatches. So we had high expectations for this product, which the smartwatch actually met. First off, this is one of the cheapest smartwatches you can buy that won’t break during the first week you wear it. It’s priced low, but is durable and reliable. The looks of the smartwatch is definitely worth gushing over too. You can buy it in two exteriors, Black Matte and Brushed Stainless. Both looks are very stylish and hip. It’s not like the awful, bulky plastic look you get with most smartwatches. We found the two looks very suitable for casual wear. Brushed Stainless is even suitable for semi-formal wear.

As for functionality, you can read emails, get texts, recipe notifications of incoming calls, and get calendar updates, among others, on this smartwatch. It also comes with an app to control music playback from your smartphone. The smartwatch supports several different apps. The smartwatch is made to be very durable. The watchface is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, which is scratch resistant. The watch is constructed using marine-grade stainless steel. The battery is very impressive too. It’s rechargeable and can last up to a week on a single charge (depending on usage).

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Why we like it: Pebble Time is a smartwatch that even people who don’t care about gadgets can love. It comes in three nice colors, and can be worn when swimming.

Pebble Time is a really consumer-friendly smartwatch suitable even for people who are not crazy about gadgets. It’s available in black, white, and red color schemes. It looks beautiful in all color schemes, and will match casual and office wear. Like most Pebble watches, this one is highly functional and durable too. You can use the smartwatch to get notifications with a glance. But what we really liked were the apps, like the Pebble Health app, which practically transforms the smartwatch into a fitness tracker. It can act as a sleep tracker as well.

This smartwatch is water resistant up to 30 meters. That means you can even wear it when swimming. You can download loads of apps to use with the smartwatch that will make activities like jogging or swimming even more fun. The smartwatch has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls without needing your smartphone, and also make voice recordings. This smartwatch looks good and is perfect for casual wearers.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Why we like it: This Sony smartwatch is made for the busy bee. It looks very hip, and has hundreds of apps available for download. This smartwatch is also very water resistant.

This is a Sony product, so it’s a bit more expensive than the products we have mentioned above. Sony is known for making superb electronic devices, so as expected, this is a really interesting smartwatch. This is a highly functional smartwatch. It’s incredibly water resistant, and it can outlast getting soaked in the rain once or twice, as we found out. If you are one of those people who need a smartwatch to manage various tasks during the day, then this one would be a top choice. It has all the basic functionalities when synced to a smartphone. We really liked that fact that this smartwatch vibrates when there’s an incoming call or a notification, so you will surely not miss it.

This smartwatch comes with a number of apps that will make you more productive. There are fun apps available as well, such as a music player and a sports app. The watch comes in three different color schemes. The black version is standard. This smartwatch is designed very similarly to the apple watch. It has a smooth touchscreen and very hip exterior edges. It’s well suited for casual and semi-casual wear. Also, the touchscreen is readable even in bright sunlight, which is a big plus.

StarryBay Smart Watch

Why we like it: Simple and affordable, this is a smartwatch even your grandma can use. StarryBay is one of the most popular cheap smartwatches currently available. Functionality wise, it offers all the necessary basics. What we really liked is how cool the exteriors looked. These smartwatches are designed with casual users in mind. You will never have to feel embarrassed wearing this smartwatch to the office. It comes with a slightly larger 1.54 inch screen and a full color capacitive display. Users get three watch faces to choose from, but there are others you can download online too. It syncs smoothly with smartphones via Bluetooth. Overall, we found this watch really easy to use.

We were intrigued by the number of apps that came with the smartwatch. Some of us really liked the Fundo sports app, which shows updates from any game or sport you specify. It’s possible to answer calls directly from the watch too. It’s very compatible with Android phones, and has limited compatibility with some iOS devices. Plus, it has cool features like a sleep monitor and a sedentary reminder that tells you to get walking after being seated for long. If you are bad with math, there’s an inbuilt calculator too. This is the quintessential smartwatch everyone can use.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Smartwatch

Why we like it: Samsung Gear Fit 2 is one of the original products that made smartwatches popular. It’s been upgraded to the new market, and now comes with cool looks and better functionality.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a classic smartwatch. This is one of the original products that made smartwatches really popular. Nowadays, you can buy more expensive smartwatches, but this one is a more affordable option from the brand. The Gear Fit 2 has been upgraded from the original to appeal to modern customers. We wouldn’t say that the looks are anything to go crazy for. However, unlike most smartwatches, this one has a rectangular watch face that some people will like. It also shows large fonts that certain users will really like, and sometimes need.

This smartwatch works easily with Samsung smartphones, but other Android devices work great too. Most of the features are very classic. It has fitness tracking ability and you can get notifications quickly. You will not find some new features because the watch make is a bit old. But for the price, it offers excellent reliability and durability. If you are looking for a typical, classic-style smartwatch, this one is it.

Antimi SmartWatch

Why we like it: Not the best looking, but this smartwatch supports both a SIM card and a TIFF card so it can act as an independent gadget. Plus, it’s compatible with a number of smartphones.

This is a generously large sports watch-style smartwatch you can buy for really cheap. It’s impressively compatible with a number of smartphone brands including Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, Xiaomi, and LG. It connects with iPhones too, but has no app functionality. On iPhones, the watch can only make and receive calls. This smartwatch can support a SIM card and a TIFF card, so you can use it independently from a smartwatch too. It mainly runs social media apps independently. In that regard, we really liked this product.

There are a huge amount of apps available for this smartwatch. It came preinstalled with apps for a pedometer, remote camera, alarm clock, sleep tracker, voice recorder, Fundo, and many more. We even got support for multiple languages and time zones. Also, it automatically updates daylight savings time. It can independently dial using the SIM card too. The products we purchased came with a 2-year replacement guarantee from the manufacturer. This smartwatch doesn’t look much, but you get more than you pay for with functionality.