We’ve all been there before: reaching for our favorite candles, trying to set the mood or freshen up the air in our house. With the excitement of a freshly lit candle only seconds away, tragedy strikes–there are no more matches! Rather than finding yourself in this unfortunate scenario yet again, why not pick up some new butane lighters? You’ll be able to light not only your candles, but your fireplace as well! After all, you didn’t buy that new set of fireplace tools for nothing, right?

There are many methods for making flame in these oh-so-modern times, all of which have different ignition methods and fuel sources. A traditional matchbook may be fine for some purposes, and typically cheap and easy to obtain from your corner store, but many modern candles come in large jars that burn down and become difficult to reach with a simple match. Instead of burning yourself in a futile attempt to set the mood, keep those pleasant scents going by purchasing one these handy butane lighters.

BIC Multi Purpose Lighter

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Why we like it: Getting far enough into your candles can be a bit of a challenge. When your large jar scented candles are getting low, matches simply won’t reach far enough. Sure, you could light a piece of paper and then reach in there, but that’s not quite good enough to do the job. And let’s not even get started on lighting a grill or a fireplace! But that’s ok, because BIC has you covered with their fully disposable Multi Purpose Lighter.

“Long” is the operative word here, and the BIC Multi Purpose Lighter defines the term in several ways. The durable metal wand extends well beyond the handle, keeping the flame safely away from your hands and giving you a good reach to light things on fire without lighting yourself on fire as well. The butane fuel source will last you a nice, long time: 3,000 ignitions worth, in fact. And with a four pack, expect that you will not need to buy another replacement for quite a long time. BIC is extremely generous selling such a fine product for such a small price, and including so many in one pack. They might even be working against their own interests. Oh well. That’s all the better for you!

Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter

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Why we like it: Assorted Colors, 5-Pack (colors may vary) Every BIC lighter has a child-resistant safety, safe, and reliable. American made and Inspected for top quality.BIC lighters have up to 2 times the light vs. other full size leading brands. Each and every lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process. BIC lighters are also disposable.

After all, when you purchase this product, you’re getting six in each pack. With a great color scheme to choose from. These lighters are durable and effective. You get more of them and pay less. That alone is impressive. Unlike many lighters, America’s #1 Bic Lighter has 2 times the lights vs. the next full size leading brand.For those wary of quality control.

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

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Why we like it: You’ve heard of Zippo, right? Of course you have. If you have ever had anything to do with fire, you know the name. Although Zippo is one of the premier makers of lighters, Zippo is not well known for anything but their smaller flip lighters. Good news, pyromaniacs: Zippo makes more versatile lighters as well! All of that Zippo style and functionality, but in a fantastic, long-necked form. The Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter gives you all of the excellent operability of standard Zippo lighters, but delivered to you in a format that makes you think that perhaps Zippo hired a few Giraffes.

The Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter delivers where many other similar multi purpose lighters fail. First of all, it’s not disposable. To that end, you can be sure that its design is made to last, and last long. Excellent quality metals and plastics ensure that this has life to it. The flexible neck will give you more access to more areas than any of the other long-wand lighters. You’ll be able to set the world aflame at more angles than you could ever have hoped for. This lighter uses two flames that merge sweetly into one, giving durability to the flame, even in the face of high wind. A child-safety button means that you’ll be able to keep little Johnny from burning up your favorite couch as well. Sorry, Johnny. This monster of a lighter is for adults only! Butane fuels this lighter, so replacement fuel will be cheap and easy to obtain.

Lighters Buyer’s Guide

Tis the season to light something on fire! Safely, and within good reason, of course. Buying a good lighter these days is a simple process, and there are many on the market today that will certainly get the job done. However, different lighters have different capabilities, so know what you need to do before you buy too much (or too little) flame.


Almost all modern lighters use butane as an ignition fuel. Butane is cheap, effective and odorless, making it extremely useful. At room temperature, butane is a gas, therefore there is little concern of spillage, and the fuel will likely evaporate quickly if the container is ever broken. Most butane use in lighters is mixed with hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, so any leaks can be identified. However, the burned gas product will not produce a scent.

Lighter Types

Some lighters are stronger or weaker than others. One key thing to avoid is purchasing a lighter than is much stronger than what you are actually intending to buy, but not too weak as well.

Cigar Lighters:
These smaller lighters are specifically intended to light cigars and cigarettes. They typically do not have features that give them wind resistance, and they will not have extended wands for tough-to-reach lighting situations.

Jet Flame Lighters:
These lighters will produce a very powerful flame that takes on the shape typically ascribed to jets lightening their engines. These lighters will produce a flame that is much more intense than a typical lighter, and will therefore be more dangerous than a cigarette or multi purpose lighter. It is best not to use this type of lighter to light anything that would be close to one’s face (such as a cigar or cigarette).

Multi Purpose Lighters:
These lighters will typically have a long wand and a specific child safety feature to prevent them from being misused by children. These produce a flame at the end that allows for more versatility and can reach much more difficult locations.