CCTV cameras are no longer exclusive used by police, store owners, or municipal counties. CCTV cameras are a highly recommended safety feature for homes. Installing a CCTV camera indoors or outdoors can help you monitor what goes on around your house when you are not there. Outdoor CCTV cameras can also act as a crime deterrent.

CCTVs cannot physically prevent a burglar from breaking into your home. However, the cameras can help you find who did it without delay. CCTV cameras are often crucial in busting home burglary cases. Famously, CCTV cameras helped uncover the Bling Ring of thieves that broke into Hollywood homes several years ago. Your home can have a rich celebrity-level of protection when you install CCTV cameras.

As CCTVs have skyrocketed in popularity, many have become available in the market. Here is a list of several of the best products that offer the best value for money spent: