If you have never had a cast iron skillet before, you should waste no time in getting yourself one immediately. Why? Well, it is because this type of skillet is one of the most versatile forms of cookware that you can possibly own. There is very little that a cast iron skillet cannot do for you in the kitchen. Use it and watch as the most ordinary recipe comes alive in this miracle pan. However, it will not do to simply use any old skillet. No, you need the best-cast iron skillets to give you the flavor, crunch, and color that you are looking for. Refer to the list below to get your ideal skillet for 2019.

1. Bayou Classic Cast Iron Skillet

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This is definitely a no-fuss cast iron skillet that is a throwback to some of the older designs. It is a rugged skillet that will certainly be your cooking companion for a long time. At about fourteen inches, these skillet is the perfect size for a small or medium sized family. There is plenty of space for you to cook large amounts of food but the skillet is small enough to be handled at the same time. The handle is long and curved, which not only adds comfort but also makes holding the skillet a great deal safer. There are spouts on either side of the skillet. This means that you can easily pour out excess liquids or oils without having to make a mess. The only real complaint with this cast iron skillet is that it does not come pre-seasoned out of the box but this is easily remedied.

2. Crucible Cookware Cast Iron Skillet Set

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If you are a professional cook then you know the importance of having different sized pans. Therefore, this cast iron skillet set will come in quite handy for you. Whether you are looking to fry some eggs or make a large dish, you will be covered. All of the pans have the exact same features. They are capable of withstanding identical high temperatures and are great at ensuring that heat distribution is the same. They are also excellent at retaining the heat for longer as well. You can also use them over multiple different heat sources. This includes all types of stoves, ovens, campfires, and grills. It really is one of the more versatile sets you can purchase. You also get these really great silicone covers that you can slip onto the handles. This way, you will never have to worry about burning your hands while handling the cast iron skillet.

3. Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

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The Le Creuset Signature Iron Skillet is one that answers the call to make cooking more joyful. This skillet is a heavyweight frying pan that requires very little oil, which makes it perfect for low-fat cooking. When it comes to iron skillets, the fear of stains and dulling is always there.

However, with Le Creuset’s improved enamel interior, allows the pan to resist that wear and tear, making your pan last much longer and look brand new.

While other pans may require seasoning, the black enamel of this pan doesn’t. Giving you one less thing you have to worry about before and after you cook.

The pan also features a strong handle on the opposite end of the skillet. This ensures that you always have a grasp on what’s important. It’s also large enough that you can grip it securely even while wearing oven mitts.

There are some skillets that you have to be careful washing as the coating can easily come off, but not here. The entire pan is dishwasher safe, making your clean up that much easier. And with Le Creuset’s impressive heat retention, you’ll be cleaning up a lot after using this pan constantly.

This 11 3/4 inch skillet features multiple color options to fit your style. You can choose anything from various shades of pink to blue, red, and even white. However, if neutral is more your style, there’s also a grey color available to give it more of a classic skillet look.

Consumers love this skillet for being non-stick, easy to clean and for the fact that it cooks everything evenly. The last thing you want is an omelet that’s runny in the middle.

Since 1925 Le Creuset has been recognized for its strength and durability. Nearly 100 years later, those standards are still upheld.

4. Victoria Cast Iron Skillet

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The seasoning that coats this Victoria skillet is a very special one. One of its more notable features is that the vegetal oil-based ‘skin’ is incredibly smooth. This is what puts it among some of the best cast iron skillets for cooking. The other advantage of this skillet is that it is incredibly durable. For one, the rim, as well as the bottom of the pan, have been specially designed. This way, even with the changes in the temperature the cast iron skillet will not warp or crack. It has also undergone high-quality sand casting. Not only does this improve the durability, it also helps to make sure that the heat is being distributed evenly. Now skillets are not the easiest pans to handle but Victoria has made some improvements. The handle is longer and more curved. As a result, you will find it easier to manage the skillet due to better leverage.

5. Calphalon Cast Iron Skillet

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This is really one of the most dependable cast iron skillets that you could ever own. It is made from a high quality material that comes covered in a layer of pre-seasoning. This helps to minimize the amount of food sticking to the bottom from the very first time that you use the skillet. It can be used on all types of stovetops, making it an incredibly versatile skillet to own. It can even be used with the broiler and the oven, giving you the opportunity to cook or bake whatever you want. This skillet is great for consistent cooking results because the entire pan remains at the same temperature. It is also great for keeping foods warm as the skillet is capable of retaining that heat for a long time afterward. It has got a really large handle so that you can have a better grip when you are moving the skillet around.

6. Emeril Lagasse Cast Iron Skillet

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This cast iron skillet has been designed to cater to every need that you have. It comes with a convenient coat of pre-seasoning, to make sure that none of the food sticks to the pan in any way. The skillet is also highly heat resistant. This means that you are able to use it on all kinds of stove-tops, campfires, and even in the oven. You just have to ensure that the temperature does not go beyond 500°. The pan is heated consistently, with the heat the same all across the bottom of the pan. You can also be sure that the pan is going to hold this heat even after it is not on the stove. This aids in keeping the food warm until it is eaten. The wide handles also allow you to get a better grip on the skillet while cooking. The spouts help you to pour out excess liquids.

7. King Kooker Cast Iron Skillet

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From first glance, it is easy to see that this King Kooker cast iron skillet is a sturdy and efficient pan. Once you start cooking with it, you can tell that looks really are not deceiving. This is a great skillet that has already come pre-seasoned, allowing for easier cooking. One of the great things about this skillet is that is just at home in a kitchen as it is over a grill or campfire. Regardless of where you use it, you can be reassured that there are absolutely no cold spots. The temperature is constant at all areas of the skillet. Another plus point is that the handle is large enough to balance out the pan. This makes it easier to grasp and manage the skillet. When the skillet is not in use, you can simply hang it up by the handle. This skillet is also equipped with spouts to make pouring that much easier.

8. Lodge L8SK3 Cast Iron Skillet

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The Lodge cast iron skillet ticks many of the boxes that you are looking for in a cast iron pan. One of these is the fact that it is already pre-seasoned. Unlike other pans, this is not a synthetic coating but instead made of natural vegetable oil. The coating has been obtained by baking vegetable oil in a mold. This means that you do not have to worry about the chemical transfer when cooking your food. It also means that the food will not stick to the bottom of the pan but can easily be removed instead. You can use this Lodge skillet for braising, searing, simmering, sautéing, braising, frying, roasting, and even bake. The skillet is especially good at retaining heat. It will make sure that the pan is evenly heated, allowing you to cook your food at a consistent rate. The handle has also been designed to provide a better grip while cooking.

9. Tramontina Cast Iron Skillet

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This Tramontina cast iron skillet has a few advantages over some of its counterparts. For one, you can cook acidic food in this skillet unlike with others. You will not have to worry about it being damaged or reduced in any way. In all other fields, it is exactly the same way. This skillet is capable of withstanding incredible temperatures so it is compatible with all stove-tops. What’s more, it can be heated in an oven up to 232°C. It is also free of PTFE and PFOA. What’s great about this skillet is that it comes with its own lid. This is optimal if you want moister, softer food. This way, you have a wider variety of options in deciding precisely how you want to cook your food. This cast iron skillet is also easy to maintain as well as keep clean. You receive a lifetime warranty when you purchase this skillet.

10. Home-Complete Cast Iron Skillet

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This cast iron skillet is well suited to any heat source at all. Whether you are using it on an induction stove or over a campfire, the results will be the same. This is why this can be named one of the best cast iron skillets. The Home-Complete skillet already has a pre-seasoned coating. This makes things easier for you as you require only a little additional coating to get you started. The skillet is also the perfect size for a medium-sized family. You will not have to take ages cooking as most quantities will easily fit inside this skillet. As the temperature is even and easy to control, you will also be able to ensure that the food is cooked at the same time. This means that every bite will be as delicious as the last. The company is offering a ten-year limited guarantee on the skillet.

11. Westinghouse Cast Iron Skillet

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This is certainly a versatile cast iron skillet. It can be used indoors on stove-tops or outdoors on grills. This gives you a wider range when cooking. In fact, there is very little that you cannot whip up in this skillet. You can even use it with a broiler or bake in an oven. There is very little maintenance involving this skillet. It already comes pre-seasoned and is very easy to upkeep. What’s more, it is incredibly durable which allows it to last for a long time without requiring replacement. As the skillet is quite large, it comes equipped with a long, easy to handle as well as a smaller one on the opposite end. This gives you just the amount of grip and control that you need. Last but not least, this skillet is really useful in keeping your food warmer for longer. This is because the heat does not dissipate quickly.

12. Ewei’s Cast Iron Skillet

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One of the main advantages of this cast iron skillet is its ultra-smooth base. This means allows each piece of food to be cooked as evenly as possible. Furthermore, there is already a vegetable oil coating which definitely means that the food will not be sticking to the bottom of the skillet. Another perk is that this skillet heats up very quickly. As it does so, the same temperature is prevalent throughout the pan. All of the food is cooked precisely at the same time which avoids under-cooked or overcooked food. The heat will also not dissipate easily so you can keep the food in the pan to ensure it stays warm and fresh. The handle is quite sturdy and is easy and comfortable to grasp. When the pan is not being used, you can simply hang it up by its handle. The pan is easy to clean and maintain.

13. T-Fal Cast Iron Skillet

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You can be sure that you are getting the utmost in quality with the T-Fal cast iron skillet. It is free of both Cadmium as well as PFOA. It also comes with a layer of seasoning which makes your first time cooking with a cast iron skillet that much easier. This skillet works great over multiple heat sources, allowing for even heat distribution throughout. It is also great for retaining heat to make sure that all of the food stays warm. This skillet can even be used in an oven, as long as the temperature does not go higher than 600°F. It is easy to manage with this skillet as the handle has been specially designed. It has an extra-long handle that comes complete with a thumb rest. There are also side helper handles to make it easier to move around. The spouts on either side of the skillet are to make it easier for you to transfer the food the skillet.

14. Universal Housewares Cast Iron Skillet Set

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Now, you may not cook big meals every day. In this instance, you are not going to need the same large cast iron skillet each time. This is why this skillet is perfect for you. You get a small, medium-sized, and slightly larger pan. Whether you are cooking a meal for one or for many, you are all set. All of the pans are coated with factory pre-seasoning. This means that you simply have to top it off when it begins to wear out. The larger pans come with appropriately shaped handles that also have useful thumb rests. This gives you a better grip on the handle and the skillet. Despite the variances in the size, all of the skillets heat up equally well. You can be sure that there will be absolutely no cold spots on the base or on the sides. It is a durable and long lasting set.

15. Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet

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The Utopia Kitchen cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned, already. It contains a factory seasoned layer, which is soy based. Unlike many other types of skillets, this layer is equivalent to about 10 to 15 rounds of home seasoning. This means that it is one of the best cast iron skillets to use straight out of the box. You are only required to top up the seasoning every now and then to ensure continued quality. You can also use this skillet wherever you like. It is just as compatible with a stove as it is with an oven. It is essentially your one stop pan for all types of cooking. Regardless of the heat source, you can be sure that all of your food is going to be evenly cooked. This is also irrespective of the type of food you are cooking – meat, vegetables, sauces, and even bread – they will all be cooked to perfection.

16. FS Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet

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There are numerous reasons why the FS Kitchen pan has found its way to the top of the best cast iron skillets list. One of these is that it is a high-quality product. The skillet has been beautifully constructed with the base of the pan absolutely flat with absolutely no hint of a blemish. What’s more, it comes to you already pre-seasoned! It has a naturally nonstick surface so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals finding their way into your food. It also means that you can immediately use the skillet once you have purchased it. The high quality is also apparent in the fact that is a skillet that you can use for years on end, without it ever giving way. This is something that FS Kitchen promises in their complete money back guarantee. Therefore, you can really trust that they stand by their quality.