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Many of us want our cars to look elegant, because they represent us, in a way. But the eventual deterioration and the weathering of a vehicle is nearly inevitable. The car’s surface finish and the look slowly change with time and the metal oxidation will make the gloss disappear with time. One way to overcome this problem is by re-painting and applying a new coat of paint. But Car wax is the easier and more effective solution. A car wax not only gives your vehicle a more vibrant and elegant look but also protects the vehicle from contaminants, like bird droppings, tree sap, dirt etc. while filling micro-sized imperfections on the body. Waxes can be of many forms and types. They can be liquids, pastes or spray on wax. Whatever the type of wax you use, the ultimate purpose is the same and it is to protect the cars’ finish and have a better gloss and a vibrant look. Following is a comprehensive list of all three types of Waxes in the market in 2017.

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax


If your vehicle is painted with darker colors, adding a gloss and a shine will increase the elegant look of it easily. This liquid wax provides you the maximum available synthetic protection using it’s uniquely developed formula. Once the wax is applied on a vehicle, it improves the details and depth of color dramatically and the reflectivity of the paint will also be increased. It not only improves the appearance, but also the durability of the paint layer is enhanced. This wax uses the thin film technology to deliver high-end results and application of the liquid wax is made easier with the same technology. The wax will not stain trim pieces which are not painted. This compound has to be applied to a warm surface in direct sun. The synthetic polymers of the liquid connects together and crosslinks in order to provide a durable barrier to protect the surface and enhances the reflectivity. This wax can be applied using hand or polisher conveniently.

2. Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wax


This is a spray-on car wax that contains no trace of water. You only have to spray the compound onto the surface of your vehicle and wipe it off. The chemical formula of the wax will clean out the surface instantly and then it will act as a wax and a protective layer to keep the surface safe from the contaminants. The protective coating also provides UV protection as well. The wax is a high-performance compound and tested to have the quality of aircraft protective wax layer. This is a 114-ounce vessel that contains waterless car wash wax and you can wash approximately 36 cars and wax 57 cars with the amount. The wax compound perfectly works in both wet and dry surfaces and you receive a mini bug scrubber and four microfiber towels and also a spray bottle with a 16-ounce capacity when you purchase this product.

3. Mothers California Gold Clay Bar wax


The clay bar system is a wax paste that can be easily applied to a vehicle surface to make it even smoother and look more vibrant with a gloss. The chemical formula of the clay paste is formed with the ability to remove grains that are embedded in the vehicles’ surfaces such as metal, bird droppings, tree sap and air-bone natural dirt and contaminants. With a single application, the car will gain a new look with a glossier paint film. This compound can be used securely on any painted surface without worrying about the oxidation and deterioration. The pack of Gold clay bar includes 2 bars of 07240 Clay and also you receive a towel made with microfiber technology and an instant detailer from ShowTime to increase the final finish. If you use the clay wax regularly, the car will surely have a durable shine.

4. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax


When you apply any type of wax on your car, you expect several results out of it. Other than the look, the protection it provides is a major factor. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax is a waxing paste that can be easily applied on smooth surfaces of your vehicle. This wax can provide a very deep shine, which is one of the best shines you can get out of any wax product in the market. The compound is non-powdering, which means it can withstand extreme sun without losing the continuity. This does not keep any white stains after application and while drying and this enhances the look of the vehicle after the wax is applied. This not only protects your vehicles’ finish but also provide a protective barrier from contaminants as well.

5. OPT – OptimumNo Rinse Wash and Wax


One of the most concerning problems with car waxes is that they don’t properly bond to the surface. The Optimum Wash and Wax ideally answers to this question and it is made out of an exclusive formula that has a blend of polymers with high lubrication and this bonds with the paint layer properly. The wax releases the grime and dirt from the surface and ensures a vibrant finish. This wax does not require a rinse because the wax comes as a combination of wash and wax. After mixing a little amount of water, it takes only a few minutes to apply the wax with one simple step. The compound can be applied not only on car surfaces but also it is suitable for heavy duty trucks, ORVs and even Fiberglass or Wood as well. This product is used on boats and planes too.

6. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax



The secret of giving a glossy and vibrant look is not just making the surface look shiny. The wax has to have the ability to balance all the reflective properties. This Wet Wax is introduced to you by the Chemical Guys and it is made purely out of natural Brazilian-based Carnauba. This is a wet wax which means you can easily apply the compound on any smooth surface and the improved formula provides a deep wet look to the surface. Whatever the paintwork of your vehicle is, this wax will make it look better and elegant. The chemical compound is capable of enhancing the durability of the surface by protecting the paint layers from the contaminants and other extreme light beams. The wax provides the protection against UV and has improved UVA and UVB protection as well. The compound comes in a 16 pounds vessel that has an adequate amount of wax.

7. Zymol Z503A Cleaner Wax


Zymol Z504A is a spray on type wax and it comes with a 16-ounce sprayable can. The formula is developed using the best natural ingredients and the compound is derived from a German formula which is 120 years old. This wax is a one-step wax, which means you only have to spray the wax onto the surface of your vehicle directly. The product has already claimed a shine and a durable protection that is renowned internationally. The wax is special because it does not use any petroleum related solvent or ingredient. This will give your ride a sleek and more vibrant look than ever.

8. Collinite No. 476 Super Doublecoat Auto Wax


This Auto wax is produced using high-quality ingredients, including 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba wax and also high-end synthetic waxes. The compound is convenient to apply and once it is applied, the surface can be shined using a microfiber cloth. The wax is completely detergent proof to give you a perfect and smooth car body surface. The application process does not require any special applicator or hard rubbing etc. Once the coat of wax is applied, it will last 12 months and this time period is a constant even for rough weather conditions

9. Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax


The Turtle wax is one of the world’s leading car wax product and this is uniquely produced with enhanced features. The wax is a paste type, which means you have to apply the compound manually, by hand or by a machine and then wipe it out to obtain the perfect surface finish and protection. The chemical formula of the wax makes the final finished layer of wax very hard, thus the name “shell protection” is applied. The wax not only gives the protection by its unique hard shell, but also it provides a deep shine that will make your vehicle look more vibrant. The formula is very easy to apply and the wiping off is also very convenient. Once you have applied the layer, it will last up to 12 months. The chemically improved wax has the ability to resist UV rays that harmful both to you and to your vehicles’ paint layer.

10. Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Car Wax


This is another paste type car wax and it has a combination of properties which will ensure that you get the best result from the wax. These paste waxes are made out of the leaves of Carnauba, which is a Brazilian palm tree. This natural compound is the hardest natural wax in the world as well. This paste is the highest quality chemicals and once the wax is applied, it can last up to 12 months. Application of the wax is very convenient. Once the paste is applied on the surface of the vehicle, you can easily wipe it off with a terrycloth towel or a microfiber towel to obtain a professional and elegant look. This paste comes in a 12 ounces vessel and the wax has embedded microfibers. These particles help you in cleaning the micro sized contaminant as well as in filling up the micro sized discontinuities and scratches. The wax provides you a perfect water resistance and water beading protection. Also, the wax acts as a protective layer to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

11. Adam’s Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Wax


This premium wax is a paste or clay type compound and this is made out using the finest leaves of Carnauba trees. The wax provides a unique and elegant look with a deep shining, whatever the color of your car is. This wax is easy to apply with a single piece of cloth and the wiping off can be carried out by a microfiber cloth to ensure the smoother surface finish. This product is made in the USA and the durability of the wax compound layer is tested to be outstanding. The improved formula increases the protection it offers against the UV beams and dirt and also the wax provides the ideal balance of enhancement and longevity.

12. Auto-Chem Professional ECO Waterless Wax


Out of the three types of wax that you already know, which are the paste, spray and liquid, this Auto-Chem Professional ECO waterless wax is a spray-on type wax. It can be applied on various surfaces including Glass and Chrome surfaces. This is ideal for boats and cars. The wax compound provides not only a waxing result but also it cleans up the surface, polishes after the application to obtain a better shine and also it acts as a sealant to acts against weathering. The spray waterless wax is a perfect detailing solution for your vehicle. It provides a wet look and a fine layer of a chemical compound that can remove swirl marks or scratch marks. Also, the wax protects the inside layers of paint and protective coatings on your vehicle from dirt, bugs or any other contaminant. The specialty in this wax is that it can be successfully be applied in any climate, including winter and it will prove to be the same quality throughout the year.

13. McKee’s 37 Trademark Carnauba Paste Wax


Many of the wax compounds in the market chang the s color of your existing paint layer in the vehicle, once you have applied it. This is mainly due to the low quality compounds. This wax is made out of 100% pure Carnauba leaves and comes in a vessel that can contain 8 ounces of this wax. The chemical structure of this advanced compound ensures that any type or any color of paint that you have, will look more elegant with a deeper and detailed shining look with each and every coat of this wax. The application of the wax is very simple and it will not leave stain on plastic rims either. The trademark wax has added the VOC compliant polymers and these polymers makes the wax more durable and the bond between the wax layer and the paint layer more strong as well.

14. Fukken Wax – Aerosol Spray Wax


Another spray-type car wax is produced by Fukken wax, and this is an ideal car wax for dark colored vehicles, especially black ones. The spray-on feature makes the application of the wax very convenient and fast. The compound is suitable not only for cars but also for off-road vehicles, RVs boats etc. this is not just a shining compound, this adds durability and protection against oxidation, corrosion, and Ultra Violet light. Also the wax acts as a barrier to the surroundings and this makes sure that foreign contaminants will not touch the surface of your car. With this Aerosol Spray wax, you don’t need to wash your car before applying the compound. The spray itself cleans out the surface as well. The wax spray is contained in a 17.5 ounce can and this amount is adequate for several turns.

15. 2 EZ Wax Nano-Tech Series Waterless Wax


The adaptations from the Nanotechnology is used in these products to enhance the quality. This is another waterless was and the 2 EZ Wax offers this as a complete set of wax and car care products. These waxes will increase the look of your ride while ensuring that the paint of the car lasts longer than other cars. The wax is also a sealant that keeps the paint intact and the paint layer is properly protected by the fine wax compound. This layer prevents oxidation and corrosion in the vehicle body and also it provides protection against various factors, including but not limited to, Ultraviolet light, mud and dirt, micro particles of foreign contaminants etc. Once you apply a protective coating from the wax, it will last up to 12 months.

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