Remember that first day you spent with your new car? It looked new, it smelled new, and it drove like it was new too. But what about when it comes to maintaining its mint condition day in and day out? When it comes to the interior cabin, the obvious device you need is car vacuum cleaner.

And a portable car vacuum cleaner at that because how else are you going to be able clean with it and store it in such confined spaces? As you would imagine, many manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge and sought to build the most durable, efficient and ergonomic device for the job… but not all have succeeded. Some have obviously done it better than others.

As a result, we have managed to go through an exhaustive process of elimination to determine the best candidates available on the market today. They have been selected based on how well they deliver on the same three categories we mentioned earlier: durability, efficiency, and ergonomics. Featured below are our top selections. Not only have they proved to be outstanding at fulfilling the basic criteria but also going a step further and introducing some unique feature that make them even better.