Driving is not always the most fun activity in the world, but that does not make it the only entertainment you get out of your car. With the benefits of a good quality speaker system, you can jam to your favorite beats to a point where you do not even care about who’s watching you.

But you might think your car would already have its own built-in sound system that plays music so why bother? Well, that is only because you have not yet experienced the magic of a really good speaker and how it can make an incredible difference to how you enjoy your music, and your daily commute. We’re talking real chills here. If you are a true enthusiast of the automotive and audio device industries, you know you can do better than your car’s standard equipment. You know you can make an upgrade and liven up your ride a whole lot more with crisper sounding rhythms and a raw pulsating beat.

With Music being such an important source of entertainment for so many people, the tech world has been all up in it conjuring up ground breaking speakers that deliver sounds at unprecedented levels of clarity and volume. We have listed some of these party makers down below.