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Weather of all sorts is right around the corner. You can’t escape it. If you care about your car (and I hope you do!), you’re going to want to protect it from the worst that winter, summer, spring and fall can throw at it. If you’re getting tired of the constant car washes (see our car wash soap reviews here), or the depressing scratch removal process (see our scratch remover reviews here), you’re going to want to buy a good quality cover for your car. The market for car covers is vast. Some companies will offer you little more than a plastic sheet to cover your car. And while this may work to keep some weather and debris away, if you truly love your car, you’ll want to protect it from all forms of weather. We’ve scoured the web to discover which products receive not only the most rave reviews, but that have the mettle to back up the hype.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro I

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro I
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If you’re looking for one of the best car covers on the market, look no further than the OverDrive PolyPro I. OverDrive’s car cover will keep your car looking good on the road. A good car cover will protect your car from rain, sun and the buildup of moisture that can cause problems for your car. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro I will do the most basic and most important protections you’re going to want and need protect your paint and your car’s interior.

The PolyPro I comes with three size fittings, adding extra variety for different car sizes. However, if you have any vehicle other than a sedan, you will need to look elsewhere. The PolyPro I is designed specifically for sedans and sedans only. However, sedan owners can purchase one of three fitting sizes: sedans up to 175 inches, 175 – 190 inches, and 191 – 210 inches. Most sedans will fit into one of these three size fittings, so most sedan owners will be able to find the size that they need. The PolyPro is crafted with Classic Accessories’ trademarked PolyPro Fabric. The non-woven polypropylene material is not only breathable and water repellant, it also protects against paint-damaging bird droppings but also dirt, dust and scratches.

The soft fabric will not scratch your car’s paint. A reinforced patch will protect your the fabric from being damaged by cars with external antenna. The corners have an elasticized hem for custom fitting (much like a fitted bed sheet), and the cover overall has non-tie-down grommets for a tight and snug fitting. A storage bag and a two-year limited warranty will offer your car cover with the added protection that provides you with a bit more peace of mind. The last thing you want, of course, is for your car cover to get unintentionally damaged! At 5 pounds, this this cover is lightweight and easy to use. It also comes with very high ratings. A 4.0/5 star rating and over 500 customer reviews on Amazon shows just why this simple and effective car cover is so popular. On the downside, this car cover is not rated for protecting against winter weather. If you keep your car outdoors during the winter, you may want to consider one of the other options on our list.

  • Non-woven polypropylene fabric allows water-proof protection
  • Easy fitting without the need of ties and strings
  • Does not protect against most winter weather

Budge Lite Car Cover

Budge Lite Car Cover
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Budge Lite’s Car Cover is not a #1 best seller for no reason. With a low price and high value, this car cover is designed for those on a budget who want to avoid all of the negatives that the outdoors can do to wreak on your car’s exterior paint and interior upholstery. The single-layered, simple protection was made for the most basic of coverings. But don’t worry: basic does not mean light on value and effectiveness! More likely than not, you’ll find that the Budge Lite Car Cover is exceptionally functional.

Budge Lite sheds the concept of delivering a cheap product. Instead, they give you a single layer of high quality polypropylene plastic that is designed to keep away the majority of Mother Nature’s little annoyances. Leaves? No problem! Harmful ultraviolet rays? Not on their watch. Budge Lite’s Car Cover will take care of the little things that can ruin your car’s paint. At 6 pounds, this cover is fairly lightweight, easy to handle and covers your car with very little effort. Indeed, this cover was made for the masses. It has fully elasticized hem and fitted grommets, to give you the snug, protective fitting that you want without the hassle of strings of ties.

Those wishing to purchase Budge Lite’s highly popular car cover should note that while this cover will protect against the most basic outdoor and indoor worries, it is not well rated for protecting against the most intense wrath that nature can bring. It is not well suited to protect against the harshness of winter, and severe rain and moisture will not be kept at bay. However, if you need a quick and easy protective cover for your car, this is the cover for you. And truly, Budge Lite has designed this cover for the masses. It has 5 size fittings, ranging from up to 157 to 264 inches. Almost all sedans on the market will be able to squeeze in very securely. At 3.9/5 stars on Amazon and over 300 customer reviews, you can be sure that this cover will the basics (and cover them well), but not much more than that.

  • Very inexpensive
  • 5 different size fittings
  • Designed to fit sedans, trucks, vans, station wagons, hatchbacks and SUVs
  • Not suited for protecting against more than light rain

Leader Accessories’ Waterproof 5 Layer

Leader Accessories’ Waterproof 5 Layer
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If you’re looking for protection beyond just the norm, you’re going to need the best. Leader Accessories’ Waterproof 5 Layer Car Cover offers some of the best protection on the market. All those layers will come in handy when you’re forced to overnight your car on the street, especially during winter. Giving Mother Nature a hearty laugh in the face will feel good once you place this cover on top of your car.

Leader Accessories’ 5 Layer Car Cover is indeed a top-of-the-line cover that is designed specifically for the worst that nature and people can thrown at it. The hefty, thick layers will protect your car against literally everything that the weather has to offer, short of a hurricane or a tornado. The environmentally friendly and biodegradable polypropylene plastic functions like a thick, water-proof blanket for your car. During the heat of summer, it will reflect heat away from your vehicle. During the cold of winter, it will repel heavy and cold rain, ice and snow. The elasticized hems will fit snugly over almost every vehicle without the need of strings and extra attachments. The cover does come with attached grommets in case of high winds.

This car cover is designed for most vehicles on the open market. With 7 size options (4 for sedans, 1 for minivans and 2 for pick up trucks) you’ll find that this car cover is one the most versatile out there. You will also find that it comes at double the cost of many other car covers available. If you’re looking to truly protect against the weather, this cover will go to work for you, and do much more than cheaper models (such as the Budge Lite Car Cover). For the hardcore car enthusiasts, that extra protection may well be worth the price. With a 3.9/5 average star rating and over 100 customer reviews, this car cover is fully functional, but does come with some drawbacks. Most negative reviews allude to the idea that cover does not fit larger trucks or SUVs as advertised.

  • Protects against all forms of harsh weather
  • Biodegradable material
  • Elasticized hems for easy fitting
  • May not fit larger vehicles
  • Biodegradable fabric may lead to a shorter lifespan of the cover

Car Cover Buyer’s Guide

Thankfully, buying a car cover for your vehicle is a mostly uncomplicated process. However, there are a few, simple aspects to the buying process you will want to consider before making your purchase. Don’t find yourself with a car cover that either doesn’t work is not what you were looking for! Follow these steps to get your money’s worth.

Step 1: Check your vehicle’s size

As simple as this may seem, it is quite often an easy oversight. Car covers come in multiple sizes, and it is important to know just how large your car is. Never buy a car cover that is shorter than your car. As tempting as it is to get a cover that fits tightly, buying a cover that is too small will result in a cover that simple does not work. Most car covers are measured in inches, but some are measured in feet. Be sure to know the exact numbers for both before you make your purchase.

Step 2: Determine where you mostly keep your vehicle

If your vehicle is more often stored in a garage (either public or private), then it is likely you will not need the most high end car cover on the market. Covers that protect against severe weather is not going to be something you are likely to need if you never keep your car outdoors when it is stationary. Likewise, knowing the general weather conditions of your home is important. Do you live in a tropical region that gets lots of rain? Do you live in a temperate zone that is prone to rapid weather changes, and experiences all four seasons? Knowing this will ensure you get a car cover that will protect against the weather you likely to experience.

Step 3: Examine the car cover’s specifications

Car cover makers can be somewhat misleading on the specifications of their car covers. What you’re looking for when buying one of these items is specificity. Does the product description specifically say it protects against rain, snow, sleet? If not, it likely will not do the task. Avoid car covers that have vague product descriptions. These are the ones that will likely not do a very good job protecting against changing weather patterns, heat or moisture.

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