Cars don’t face hazards only when they are on the road. Being parked also exposes vehicles to problems like the harsh sun, snow, rain, birds, and tree sap. Having a car cover can protect your vehicle against these problems, and then some.

Devoted car owners not only want to keep the interior of the car in good shape but the exterior as well. If you want to keep that expensive and shiny paint job as it is, you might need a car cover. Car covers prevent UV rays in the sun from damaging paint dyes and resulting in fading. The covers also prevent the interiors from overheating.

In the winter, having a car cover can protect the vehicle’s sensitive components and prevent issues like frosting. Frost melts during driving, leaving droplets of moisture that can lead to corrosion. The most obvious protection car covers offer is against issues like rain and birds who see your vehicle as an acceptable toilet. To offer additional protection for your car, check out this list of high-quality car covers:

AUDEW Car Cover

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Why we like it: This car cover is really uncomplicated to use. It offers extra cotton protection against all the elements. It’s also very flexible and easy on the budget.

Obviously, when you buy a car cover, you’d want as many “proofs” as possible to be there. This car cover has all the “proofs” you need. It’s waterproof, windproof, dustproof, and scratchproof. This car cover is made from a heavy-duty PE cotton fabric that provides protection against rain, snow, harsh sunlight, and storms. The cover has a silver surface that reflects sunlight and UV radiation, which will keep your car cool and protect the shiny finish. The cover fabric is very flexible, and won’t scratch the surface of the vehicle.

One of the main things most car owners look for when buying a cover is how easy the thing is to put on and take off. You probably don’t want to spend time in the morning fumbling around with the cover locking mechanism when you should be getting to work. This cover has a really simple strap and buckle fasteners that are very easy to use. The straps secure the car cover without complications. Another thing to like about the cover is how easy it is to clean. It can protect your car from things like bird droppings that you can easily clean off from the cover.

Budge Lite Car Cover

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Why we like it: This car cover is crazy inexpensive, but also surprisingly reliable and workable. It can protect a vehicle against the elements just as well as any high-end brand.

This car cover is also highly versatile. It comes in five different sizes, so you can use it with sedans, vans, station wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, and even pickup trucks. This is the perfect car cover for homes with multiple vehicles. You can leave your pickup or sedan outdoors covered in this for weeks without a worry.

For a cheap product, this is really reliable. This cover will protect your vehicle against UV radiation that causes paint to fade. Also, this cover can prevent your car from heating up on sunny summer days. It’s also really lightweight, so you can cover and store with relative ease. It only takes minimal effort to place this on a vehicle. Afterwards, it works like a charm until you want to drive again. You can fold up the cover in a matter of seconds and place it in the storage bag provided. So this is a truly great product all around.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro I

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Why we like it: This amazing car cover will protect your vehicle from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. It is also surprisingly simple to use.

This is hands down one of the best car covers on the market. What makes this car cover stand out is the polypropylene fabric. It’s not woven, so the material can offer superior waterproof protection. Also, it will not rub up against the paint and cause scratches. We were impressed by how well the cover was sewn together. It does not come with pesky strings and ties, so you can fit it on easily and take it off equally simply. This is the perfect car cover to have during those morning rushes when you are in no mood to untie strings.

The fabric of this car cover will protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, and snow. The PolyPro I material can reflect UV radiation that causes paint to fade. Use this car cover to protect the aesthetics and other aspects of the vehicle that can be affected by excessive heat. In other words, this is the best car cover to use in the summer. It’s waterproof so the cover will prevent any moisture buildup inside that can lead to headache-inducing problems like corrosion. The fabric is breathable, so you can leave the cover on for a long time without worrying about mold or anything else building up inside.

Duck Covers Double Defender Car Cover

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Why we like it: This is a pain-free car cover that you can count on to protect the shiny exterior of your vehicle and keep it safe from the elements.

This car cover is intended mainly for sedans, but you can use it as long as your vehicle doesn’t exceed 157 inches in length. This is a no-nonsense car cover that is gray in color. It has a Navy blue racing stripe in the middle that makes the cover stand out from all the other drab ones. If your car is parked in a lot, this cover will instantly make it recognizable. Unlike most car covers, the fabric in this one is really soft. The intention is to be as gentle on the paint job of your car as possible.

This fabric won’t rub against your vehicle and cause damage when there’s heavy wind blowing outside. It won’t get overheated and damage the paint on hot days either. The protection offered is more than adequate for casual home use. The cover will protect your vehicle from the elements, birds, and things that drip down from trees. What’s more, it comes with a storage bag. You can keep the car cover in the trunk thanks to the storage bag. Plus, the cover comes with a three-year limited warranty. You can return it if it doesn’t work as advertised.

Leader Accessories’ Waterproof 5 Layer

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Why we like it: This five-layer car cover offers more protection than usual for sedans and pickups. It’s perfect for extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

If you’re looking for protection for your car beyond just the norm, then this is the product to own. This is not one of those single-layer covers. It comes with five sturdy and resilient layers that can protect your vehicle from just about anything. The thick layers are great for keeping your vehicles safe during heavy snowing or storms. The cover is like a thick, water and dustproof blanket for your vehicle. It’s made from biodegradable polypropylene plastic, which is sturdier and more resilient than your typical car cover fabric. Though plastic, it fits snugly against the vehicle.

This car cover will definitely keep your vehicle protected even in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. It can keep the heat away from the car during the summer, and prevent glass from frosting in the winter. Even though it’s thick, you don’t have to spend hours trying to tie this up. It can be set up in a matter of minutes on the average-sized vehicle.

Titan Lightweight Car Cover

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Why we like it: This is a rough weather-resistant and waterproof car cover that will protect your vehicle, not only from the elements but birds and trees as well.

As the name suggests, this car cover is practically armor for your vehicle. The thick and resilient fabric will protect your vehicle from storms, rain, snow, and UV rays in the summer. Not only that, but you can park your car anywhere and expect the car cover to protect the vehicle from bird dropping and tree sap. If you need to leave your car parked outdoors for a period of time like at an airport, this is the perfect cover to use. The fabric is very breathable and will not corrode, rot, or attract mildew, among other unsavory things.

The fabric is also UV protected. It will make sure that the inner layer of the fabric doesn’t stick to the paint of your car on hot days. Once the cover is fastened from the bottom, your car will be cocooned in a near impenetrable protective layer of fabric. This car cover can fit on a very wide variety of vehicle brands. It can reach heights from the ground up to 46 inches. The width supported is 70 inches. When the cover is secured, it will stay in place even when there are strong winds blowing outside.

OxGord Signature Car Cover

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Why we like it: This car covers fits on the vehicle like a blanket and doesn’t cause any scratching. It’s made from amazingly sturdy material too.

We purchased this car cover for a 200-inch car. It surprisingly fit really well. The car cover doesn’t fit snugly on the vehicle, but it provides the necessary protection from the elements. The fabric-like material covered the entire car down to the tires, to our delight. It keeps the vehicle perfectly safe from rain, and, more importantly, snow. The cover is made from five layers of material, which makes this sturdier and more protective than usual. There are three layers of spun bond polypropylene, a layer of microporous film, and a layer of soft fleece. The fleece keeps the windows from frosting over.

The material is really breathable so heat or cold doesn’t get trapped inside and ruin the interior of the car. The material is really sturdy and will last a long time. The cover is really like a cloth, so it doesn’t scratch the car. There are built-in straps at the front and the back to clip the cover to the vehicle without causing any damage. This is a rare car cover that is high quality as well as affordable. We highly recommend this cover for people with Dodge Challenger SXT-sized cars.

XCAR Brand Dust Prevention Car Cover

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Why we like it: This car cover is truly remarkable in its affordability and benefits. This breathable fabric fits well and protects cars from rain and dust.

This car cover is maximum 200 meters in length. So it’s suitable for vehicles like Sedan Hatchbacks. If you are looking for a car cover to fit perfectly on your vehicle, then this would be it. The cover comes with a free cable lock, which is a major plus. You have to buy this accessory separately for most car covers. The cable lock keeps the cover securely snug against the car, so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. There’s no space between the car and the cover for things like rodents to get in.

This car cover is truly amazing in the protection it offers. The cover has elastic, double stitch hems that make sure the vehicle is well protected. The cover is not scratchy and will not damage the vehicle in any way. More importantly, this car cover is more than enough to protect your vehicle from dust, debris, excessive sun, and mild snow. The cover is suitable for both indoor garage and outdoor use. The fabric is water repellent and will keep your car dry when it rains. The material is breathable and offers excellent UV protection.

YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Breathable Car Cover

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Why we like it: This car cover fits vehicles as snugly as a glove. It prevents corrosion and moisture buildup and keeps the paint from fading.

This is definitely that one car cover most owners look for. If you have been searching for a cover that fits your vehicle like a glove, you have found the right product. Not only does this cover the frame of the vehicle, but it covers the side mirrors and other protrusions as well. Only a handful of car covers do that. This cover is also a universal fit, meaning it’s large enough to fit all small and standard-sized vehicles. Even larger vehicles over 200 inches in length will find this cover adequate. But we advise you to measure your vehicle before using this.

This car cover is made from breathable fabric that is waterproof, dust resistant, and can reflect UV radiation. The cover will wonderfully protect your vehicle against snow and rain. The seams are stitched so the cover lasts longer. It can also adequately protect the paint job of the vehicle and keep it from fading and scratching. This cover is resistant even to smog. It’s easy enough to unfold, fit, and store. We highly recommend this car cover to keep your vehicle protected for prolonged periods, like summer cars in winter.

Car Cover Buyer’s Guide

Thankfully, buying a car cover for your vehicle is a mostly uncomplicated process. However, there are a few, simple aspects to the buying process you will want to consider before making your purchase. Don’t find yourself with a car cover that either doesn’t work is not what you were looking for! Follow these steps to get your money’s worth.

Step 1: Check your vehicle’s size

As simple as this may seem, it is quite often an easy oversight. Car covers come in multiple sizes, and it is important to know just how large your car is. Never buy a car cover that is shorter than your car. As tempting as it is to get a cover that fits tightly, buying a cover that is too small will result in a cover that simple does not work. Most car covers are measured in inches, but some are measured in feet. Be sure to know the exact numbers for both before you make your purchase.

Step 2: Determine where you mostly keep your vehicle

If your vehicle is more often stored in a garage (either public or private), then it is likely you will not need the most high end car cover on the market. Covers that protect against severe weather is not going to be something you are likely to need if you never keep your car outdoors when it is stationary. Likewise, knowing the general weather conditions of your home is important. Do you live in a tropical region that gets lots of rain? Do you live in a temperate zone that is prone to rapid weather changes, and experiences all four seasons? Knowing this will ensure you get a car cover that will protect against the weather you likely to experience.

Step 3: Examine the car cover’s specifications

Car cover makers can be somewhat misleading on the specifications of their car covers. What you’re looking for when buying one of these items is specificity. Does the product description specifically say it protects against rain, snow, sleet? If not, it likely will not do the task. Avoid car covers that have vague product descriptions. These are the ones that will likely not do a very good job protecting against changing weather patterns, heat or moisture.