There is no denying that breast milk is what is best for your baby. The milk provides your little one with all of the nourishment that they need and promotes their immune system as well. However, what about when you need to be a way from your little one for any period of time? This is a problem that every mom faces when their maternity leave comes to an end.

Fortunately for you, breast pumps are now widely used so that your baby can continue to get your nutritious milk. Looking for breast pumps can be a little intimidating, though. After all, they all look quite odd, like something out of a sci-fi movie. Not to mention, there is a lot to choose from too.

So, before you throw your hands up in frustration, check out the list we have compiled here. This contains all of the best breast pumps currently available on the market. If you choose one of these, there is no doubt that both you and your baby will be quite happy.

1. Baby Steps Double Breast Pump

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Why we like it: The Baby Steps breast pump offers a customized pumping experience, making sure you are comfortable regardless of your preference.

Pumping isn’t a pleasant experience for everyone. The reason that it can be so hard is that it can be very different from a cute, warm suckling baby. The good news is that with the Baby Steps pump, your breasts won’t know the difference! This is because it is able to imitate your baby’s natural suckling movement. This makes it much easier for the milk to flow and much more comfortable for you as well. The padded silicone shields add to the comfy factor too, stimulating milk flow.

Every woman’s breasts are different. This means that what might be considered comfortable for one woman could actually be quite painful for another. Well, the Baby Steps pump has taken care of this with its adjustable suction settings. You can choose one of the nine options so that you find the right balance between your comfort and the proper milk flow. The other reason that this pump is so great is that it can accommodate baby bottles of all sizes and widths.

2. Englove Breast Pump

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Why we like it: The Englove breast pump has lots of different modes and levels to choose from so that you have the best possible pumping experience.

Not everyone appreciates the same amount of vacuum pressure – some women have sensitive nipples while others prefer a little bit more power. With the Englove breast pump, it doesn’t really matter what your preference is. This is because there are nine different levels that you can choose from. These start at 120mbar and go all the way up to 450mbar. Also, you can switch between the massage and the suckle modes, depending on your milk flow at any given moment.

You don’t have to worry about this breast pump waking up everyone in the house with its sound. The machine has been designed to work with a quiet whirr so that you can easily pump while you are at work or while everyone is sleeping. The display is great too. All of the information is laid out in a way that you can understand at a glance. It lights up so that the numbers are visible even in the dark.

3. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, Portable Pump,...
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT PUMPING: Harmony is a manual pump that has been designed for the occasional time when you’re away...
  • EASY TO USE: Manual controlled vacuum allows you to adjust the suction for the most optimal comfort level and efficient...
  • RESEARCH-BASED TECHNOLOGY: Unique to Medela breast pumps, this research-based and patented design allows mothers to pump...

Why we like it: For a manual breast pump, the Medela Harmony device is incredibly sophisticated and makes pumping by hand a lot easier.

Not everyone wants to own a motorized breast pump. Some people prefer the pumping action of the manual version while others are looking to keep expenses down. Well, whatever your reason is, the Medela Harmony promises to be just as efficient as the mechanized version. Why? This is because of the “two-phase expression”. One phase helps to stimulate the milk flow and the other one makes sure that the right flow is achieved. This means that you get to pump comfortably in the least amount of time.

The Medela Harmony is also perfect for someone who doesn’t want to lug around a ridiculous amount of machinery. This breast pump is really compact (so are the bottles) and it will fit in most bags easily. Not only does this allow you to be discreet, it also means that you have to carry around less stuff. The pump can be used with PersonalFit breast shields so that you can find one that is suitable for your needs. This is one of the best manual pumps around.

4. BelleMa Double Electric Breast Pump

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Why we like it: The BelleMa breast pump has plenty of controls that allow you to choose every step of your pumping experience.

Okay, so every woman knows that both her breasts are rarely the same. Well, not only can they look different, they can also have milk flow that is different. With the BelleMa electric breast pump, this is not going to be a problem for you. This is because each pump can be customized for different suction rates. This means that you can choose two separate suction powers for each breast if you feel that one isn’t working out for you.

If you want a pump that is as comfortable as possible, then this BelleMa is definitely what you need. The silicone cushion creates a gentle massaging motion while the pump is working. Also, this pump uses the two-phase stimulation method. The first phase encourages the milk to start flowing while the next stage makes sure that the flow is optimized. This way, you don’t have to hang around forever, waiting for the pumping process to be completed. This is certainly a hi-tech breast pump.

5. Spectra Baby S2 Breast Pump

Spectra - S2 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding
  • Breastfeeding Essentials: Spectra S2 portable breast pump features comfortable suction pump levels that mimic natural...
  • Personalized Breast Pump Settings: Adjust Spectra breast pump settings to fit your preference; adjustable two-phase...
  • Single or Double Pumping: Use as a single electric breast pump or a double electric breast pump; for best results, use...

Why we like it: The Spectra Baby S2 breast pump is a hygienic, closed system device which works quietly as it pumps your milk.

Like any mom, you probably worry about your little one getting sick all the time. One of the things you do to make sure that your baby is as safe as possible is to make sure that all of their bottles and equipment are sterile. Well, the Spectra S2 actually helps with this by incorporating a closed system. This means all of the milk only goes into the bottle – no place else. This prevents mold and mildew growth and also helps to keep the motor running smoothly.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you are in the bathroom at work or at home with your sleeping baby. The last thing you want is a loud, whirring breast pump. The Spectra S2 is as quiet as it’s going to get. There is barely a sound as the vacuum works to pump the milk. The other benefit is that this pump imitates your baby’s natural suckling method to encourage better milk flow. Adding to this, there are numerous programs for you to choose from to make it more comfortable for you.

6. Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump 

Philips AVENT Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design.
  • Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow
  • Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast

Why we like it: The Philips Avent manual breast pump is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight, hassle-free device to carry with them.

If you are a mom who is always on the go, then having the Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump on hand is one of the best nursing tools that will leave you feeling grateful for having purchased it. Electric breast pumps are great and all, but they do not offer you the convenience and mobility that manual pumps like the Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual do. With the Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump specifically, new moms will especially love the comfort that this breast pump provides. The Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump features a unique design that was built with comfort in mind. Unlike other popular breast pumps, the design of the Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump allows you to have optimal comfort when you are pumping. This is in part thanks to its lightweight construction. You will not have to strain with a heavy product as you pump. Rather, moms will find that the Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Manual Pump is easier to hold during a pumping session. The Sheild itself is also super lightweight, but it is constructed out of a soft textured material that cushions your breast as opposed to simply constricting it. This soft textured massage cushion stimulates milk flow so that you can pump more in one session. When you are pumping, you have the convenience of pumping straight into a Philips Avent feeding bottle. When it is time to clean our your Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, you will find that the brand stays firm with the latest safety and cleanliness standard as all the materials used int he Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual are BPA free.

7. KidsTime Electric Breast Pump

KidsTime Electric Breast Pump Double Breast Pump hands-Free Breastpump...
  • 🍼VERSATILE & EFFICIENT-This double electric breast pump is designed with 18 modes. There is a short massage before...
  • 🥛LOW NOISE - The electric breast pump design allows your baby to sleep peacefully and the motor with mellow and...
  • 👶MASSAGE CUSHION STIMULATES THE MILK FLOW - The soft cushion of the breastfeeding pump imitates the baby's lips,...

Why we like it: The KidsTime breast pump offers the ultimate comfort while breast pumping and has plenty of suction levels to choose from.

So the KidsTime breast pump does look quite odd with its large, purple cushions. Although it may look strange, the design is in place for a very good reason. Not only are the cushions incredibly comfortable, they also massage your breasts so that the milk flow is stimulated. The cushions can also help to increase the flow of milk so that your pumping sessions don’t have to take as long. It is as close as you can get to your baby suckling milk from you.

Then there is the fact that this pump is all about treating your breasts as gently as possible. This machine doesn’t start off at a high speed immediately. Instead, it slowly builds up the vacuum power so that your breasts can adjust to the feeling. You can also decide which power is best for you – there are 18 modes for you to select from – you are certainly not going to be lost for choice. As a bonus, the breast pump can be charged via USB cable, which makes it easier for you to charge wherever you are.

8. The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump

The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump Y4947
  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • High Quality
  • Easy-to-use back-lit touch screen

Why we like it: The First Years Breastflow memory pump keeps track of each pumping session, providing you with important information about your milk flow.

The best way to optimize your pumping experience is to actually keep track of what is going on. Of course, if you leave this up to yourself, there is a good chance that you are going to forget everything about a particular session. Well, this is where the First Years breast pump comes in. It keeps a record of the time, the suction rate, and more. You can even note down how much milk was pumped in each session! All of this can help to make sure that your baby is getting the right amount of milk.

Now, most double pumps can pose a bit of a problem – holding onto the pump while it is working. The First Years pump has a special handle, though. This allows you to hold onto it and keep both cushions pressed against your breasts at the same time! Not only is this is more comfortable, it is also convenient too. You now have a hand free to do some other work while your milk is being pumped. This device’s creator really has thought of everything for you.

9. Evenflo Single Breast Pump

EW5152211 - SimplyGo Single Breast Pump, 5 oz. Bottle
  • Lightweight, portable and convenient. Adjustable vacuum for customized comfort.
  • Soft silicone insert that is removable to accommodate different nipple sizes.
  • Comes with 2 -5 ounce milk collection bottle. Additional bottles available separately. Compact, hand-held design for...

Why we like it: The Evenflo Single breast pump is compact, which makes it very easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

Now the last thing that you want to do is to carry around a baby bag when your baby is not with you. This is what is so great about the Evenflo breast pump – it is so small that it can be carried around in your handbag. There is no need for any additional gear, you have everything that you need in this handheld breast pump. The machine is also really easy to use. There are only a few controls, which makes it simple for anyone to get the hang of it.

The breast shield on the pump is comfortable, which is great if you have to pump for quite a while. The suction power is also just right. It is powerful enough so that you can be certain your pumping session will end in a timely manner. At the same time, it is gentle enough to not hurt your breasts while pumping. This really is a great pump for any mom on the go who still wants to remain discreet about their pumping.

10. Kinyo Electric Breast Pump

Kinyo FDA Dual-Core Bilateral Electric Breast Pump with Accessories -...
  • Electric breastpumps: Unique Patent, Super Silence:"KINYO" double core electrical breast pump adopts unique patent...
  • Electric milk pump: Strong vacuum with 9-level adjustment:Double-core electrical breast pump provides strong vacuum...
  • Breastmilk pump: Large LCD display, real-time observation:Double-core electrical breast pump is equipped with large LCD...

Why we like it: The Kinyo breast pump is quite compact for a dual breast pump and has been designed to be incredibly quiet too.

When people said that good things come in small packages, they were probably talking about the Kinyo breast pump. Most dual breast pumps tend to be on the bulky side, but this is not the case with this pump. The bottles are compact but have enough space to hold all the milk that you need. They are complete with deep stands to make them stand up straight. Despite the size, this pump is not lacking in power – there is a powerful vacuum which can be customized with nine different settings.

The other great thing about this breast pump is that it is super quiet. In fact, this is the pump that you want by your side for those late-night pumping sessions. It gives off only a whisper and is great if you are trying to be discreet as well. The Kinyo electric breast pump incorporates a closed system, which prevents the breast milk from getting anywhere unnecessary. It also stops the milk from making contact with the air, thus keeping it uncontaminated.

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