There is something about freshly baked goods, in particular bread, which can really help set the tone for the morning. In fact, it does not matter what time of the day it is, fresh slices of bread, some rolls, or other delicious carbs are always welcome. At the same time, there is nothing quite as off-putting as stale bread. Even worse, is if your bread has a tendency to grow mold quite quickly. If you are tired of throwing away loaves or buns every other day, you need a good bread box to help you out. Bread boxes help to limit just how exposed your loaves and rolls are to the elements. Also, they look incredibly stylish on any kitchen counter-top. All of these are excellent reasons to get yourself ones as soon as possible. Here are your top options:

1. Brabantia Bread Box

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If you have somewhat of a small kitchen and don’t have a great deal of space to spare, then the Brabantia bread box will be ideal. This is because this bread box comes with a compact design that is equipped with a roll top. You will easily be able to open and close this bread box without disturbing any of the items around it. Despite its small size, it still has plenty of space. In fact, you will be able to place about two loaves of bread in the box! This is also a box that will definitely last you a long time thanks to its superior metal construct. Additionally, it comes with a ten-year warranty, so you know that you are purchasing a quality product. This is the perfect addition to any ultra-modern kitchen. Due to the finish on the box, you don’t even have to worry about it getting smudged all the time!

2. Creative Co-op Bread Box

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Always wanted to live in a farmhouse but never got the chance? Well, having this Creative Co-op bread box will help create a bit of that farmhouse atmosphere. This large, rustic bread box comes with handles, a delightful cover, and its very own label. It will look absolutely great no matter where you put it in the kitchen. This is also a bread box that works well for large families. This is because you are able to store a considerable amount of breads and baked goods in it. It is quite deep so you can comfortably fit in many food items without having to worry about them getting squashed. You will also be assured that your breads will be kept quite fresh as the lid works well to keep any unwanted moisture out. This is a well-rounded bread box that will be able to meet most if not all of your storage needs.

3. Juvale Bread Box

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Are you a fan of retro style? If so, the Juvale bread box is going to become your new favorite item. It looks like a wonderful blast from the past and has even the word ‘bread’ printed on it. This box is more than for just aesthetic purposes, nonetheless. It has been created to ensure that your bread and rolls are being kept in an ideal environment. This consists of a swing top that can be used to tightly shut the box, essentially sealing. However, the bread does require some form of ventilation to avoid buildup of humidity. There are minute holes in the back of the box that allow for just that. This bread box is also deceptively sized. While it may not look large, you will be surprised at just how much you will be able to store inside it. It is available in cream, black, and ivory.

4. A.C.K Trading Co. Bread Box

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Are you a fashionista who cares greatly about what they put in their home? If this is you, then you will immediately fall in love with this gorgeous Fleur de Lis patterned bread box. Unlike many other bread boxes, this one is made of hand painted ceramic and is a stunning work of art. The ceramic that is used has been approved to be used for food purposes. You will be able to put your bread in here and tightly close the lid. This ensures that all of your food is kept protected, particularly from any insects or pests around the house. Of course, you can put many other baked goods inside including cookies to be kept fresh. This bread box is also incredibly low maintenance. Although it is made with ceramic it is safe to place in the dishwasher. It is definitely a rare and lovely bread box to keep on your counters.

5. Buddeez Bread Box

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If you are looking for something innovative then look no further than Buddeez bread box! One of the complaints that many people have is that the bread boxes are simply not accommodating for sandwich bread. Well, Buddeez bread box has been created for just this purpose. It is particularly useful for individuals who are living in climates with high levels of humidity. This bread box acts as the perfect sealant against it. You will be able to tightly lock up your bread and not have to worry about it going moldy again. This is not all that this box does, however. It also acts a dispenser. This makes getting the bread slices out a lot easier. You can even take it with you as you go traveling, it is that handy! It also saves a great deal of space. You can simply set it upright so that it takes up considerably less amount of space.

6. Culinary Coutoure Bread Box

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There are so many great features to this Culinary Couture bread box that it is difficult to know where to begin. First things first, there is plenty of room in this box so that you will be able to store many baked goods in it. This makes it great for families. It can be tightly shut ensuring that nothing unwanted is getting in the bread box. At the same time, however, there are ventilation features. This makes sure that your baked goodies will stay fresher for a longer period of time. It is also incredibly durable. It is created from stainless steel which means that it is corrosion proof and will be less likely to be damaged. Last but not least is the style. You can get this bread box in six different styles. Regardless of the color, however, you will be treated to a quaint, antique-like box that will look great in any kitchen.

7. Prep Solutions Bread Keeper

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This Prep Solutions bread keeper certainly looks quite futuristic but this is with good reason. This is because this bread box works well in all households and all different climates. For instance, it can be easily stretched out or compacted, depending on how much bread is in the container. This means that it does not unnecessarily take up space. Also, the vents can be opened and adjusted according to how much air you want flowing. Therefore, depending on the levels of humidity where you live, you can adjust the bread box accordingly. All of this works to ensure that the bread and baked goods will stay fresh as long as possible. This bread keeper also comes with its own slicing board! You simply have to slip it out of the box and your bread is ready to be cut. Just in case all of this was not enough, the bread keeper is also dishwasher safe.

8. Mountain Woods Bread Box

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If you are all about natural elements then this Mountain Woods Acacia bread box is going to really excite you. It is beautifully crafted and made from natural Acacia wood. Of course, it has been responsibly sourced and created, making sure that every step was environmentally friendly. Although this bread box may look lovely and delicate it is a very durable and efficient bread storage container. It functions well, ensuring that the bread’s freshness is prolonged as much as possible. It comes with a handy roll top function. This bread box is capable of holding a large number of bread, rolls, and baked goods. However, it has been designed in a manner that limits just how much space it takes up on the counter. If you are looking for something that is functional but also a little different, this is definitely the bread box that you want to go with.

Featured image by Ella’s Kitchen Company Limited via Flickr