Best Bottle Warmers

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Bottle warmers are one of the best inventions in terms of baby care. Bottle warmers have been nothing but helpful to mothers and fathers around the world. There is a range of bottle warmers on the market as of 2017. They vary from large machines that can warm multiple bottles at a time, single warmers, and even warmers you can take on the go with you. Some of these devices even perform other functions. They ensure that your child will never go hungry or lack a warm bottle of milk. You can make milk or pump breast milk, keep it ready in bottles, and simple warm them up quickly when your baby is hungry. These products are extremely useful to keep around. Therefore, below is a list of the best bottle warmers in the current market.

Anself Portable Double Baby Bottle Warmer


This bottle warmer is known for it’s 2-in-1 efficiency in a compact design, which does not take up much space. The actual machine is made from PP and ABS material, which is great in terms of quality and very safe, owing to it being free of BPA. Due to the materials and the compact design, it is very easy to clean and requires minimal effort. The warmer heats up very fast and heats milk bottles consistently. Safety mechanisms that are included within the system also ensure that dry heating does not occur. The 2-in-1 aspect of this device means that you can heat both milk and water at the same time. The small machine has space to hold two bottles at a time. This feature is especially useful if you have two infants, like twins. There are manually adjustable heat settings on the device, which you can use to heat your milk at a faster or slower pace. These controls also change the heat of the final heated product. Therefore, you can heat based on your baby’s preference.

Boon Orb Bottle Warmer


This orb-shaped device is compact and small in size. It can be used to steam-heat both baby bottles and food jars. The heating area can hold bottles of any form or size without difficulty. It even has a basket to warm baby food jars. For added convenience, the machine has a graduated tube included, which you can use to measure the water you are putting into the heating chamber. The system comes with an auto-shut off feature, which turns the machine off when not being used. This means your bottles won’t be overheated. A note to remember is that you should allow the heater to cool for at least ten minutes before warming any extra items, to ensure the durability of the machine. The parts of the machine are free of harsh chemicals that may be injurious to your baby’s health.

Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Bottle Warmer


This product is one of the most innovative in the baby bottle warmer market. There are many features that contribute towards this label. There are two heating modes that can be used to heat the bottles. The steady heating option heats your bottles in a safe manner, using water. This mode takes extra precautions to preserve the nutrients in the milk. The quick mode option heats your baby’s milk bottles very quickly with steam. This means that you can heat your bottle depending on how quickly you want to feed your baby. The machine also has a defrost feature, which allows you to safely defrost frozen breast milk or baby food. The feature that really takes the cake and makes this one of the best bottle warmers in the market is the Bluetooth feature. This machine is all about convenience for parents. Thus, you can use this feature to connect the warming machine to your phone. Then, you can control the machine and warm your bottles, using only your phone. This means you can operate the machine from a small distance, and you don’t have to stand by and keep watch. This also lets your phone alert you when the bottle is warmed. This efficiency makes this warming system a valuable purchase that will no doubt make your life, as a parent, easier.

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler


This warming machine is compatible with the following bottle brands: Born free, avent, tommee tippee, Nuk, Dr. Brown’s, Joovy, Evenflo, Medela, and Chicco. The manner in which this device is designed focuses on warming breast milk and formula in a safe and efficient way. It targets the ideal temperature to warm your milk bottles evenly. There is a dial on the machine, which you have to use to indicate the size of the milk bottle, and the warmer does the rest of the work. You don’t have to sit and guess how long it will take to warm your baby’s milk. Simply indicate the bottle size, and the device accurately calculates the warming time. Therefore, you will always end up with a ultimately warmed bottle with little to no effort on your part. It also has an auto-shut off feature, which stops your warming the bottle once it reaches the correct temperature. There are also digital indicators on the machine, which show the countdown of the time it takes to heat the bottle. The shielded cooler feature also allows to hold two bottles cool for up to eight hours, so you don’t have to make milk during middle of the night or on the go, when you’re baby gets hungry. The stainless steel design gives the machine a sleek and modern look. Due to these advanced features and efficient warming abilities, this machine too falls on the list of the best bottle warmers.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer


This warmer is made primarily of high quality plastic. It has the ability to very quickly warm up both baby bottles and baby food jars, making it a multi-purpose device. It uses steam heat to warm the bottles, and a great feature is that you can steam heat multiple baby bottles or jars before you need to refill the water chamber. The device comes with an adjustable basket, which you use to heat the bottles. This means that you can warm bottles and jars of any size, by simply adjusting the basket around the bottle. There is a built-in LCD panel on the outside of the machine. This panel indicates time countdown, and it’s easy to use to manually adjust the heat and time settings. Another notable feature of this product is that the machine automatically shuts of after ten minutes of not being used. When you’re working in a rush and forget to switch the device off, the machine will automatically turn off, so you won’t be wasting electricity. This also ensures that no damage will come to the machine. An important note to remember is that you need to remove all the internal parts of the bottle before placing it in the warmer.

Lil’ Jumbl Bottle sterilizer Warmer


This state of the art bottle-warming machine goes above and beyond the role of a normal bottle warmer. It is one of the most highly rated products on the market. It is multifunctional; it can sterilize, warm, dry, and even steam your baby’s feeding bottles. It is a bit bulky in size due to its multi-purpose nature. However, this item is best suited for those who have multiple infant children. With this efficient machine, you don’t have to worry about steaming and sterilizing your bottles regularly before feeding your children. All tasks regarding bottles are off your shoulders. You can use this 4-in-1 machine to sterilize and steam the bottles beforehand, and then fill them and warm them when necessary. It even has a drying option, so you don’t have to wait for the bottles to dry on their own. The sterilizing option kills 99.9% percent of germs, by using a steam HEPA filter purifying method. This machine is the embodiment of efficiency due to its multiple capabilities. This device even has multiple compartments, which you can use to store up to six small baby bottles and other accessories. Therefore, you never have to worry about misplacing your bottles. This machine is an all in one item for baby bottles. The digital interface displays time, temperature information, and the current cycle. With this machine, you can even steam small amounts of food for the toddlers in your family. Considering its high levels of functionality and its incredible versatility, it’s easy to understand why this device is on the list of the best bottle warmers.

Goloho Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer


This product contains a stainless steel chamber, in which you warm the bottles. This stainless steel coating is better for thermal heating than a plastic coating. Therefore, the machine will heat up quickly and evenly, perfectly warming the bottle. It will ensure that the milk will be thoroughly and evenly heated, without any cold or extra hot spots. The coating is easy to clean and the stainless steel coating helps avoid rust and corrosion. Germs and bacteria too are minimal due to this coating. The system can also sterilize pacifiers, by altering the temperature controls. The heat controls are easy to operate and do not require constant attention. This device does not use steam heat to keep the milk at the correct temperature. This machine is very sleek and compact; it can be stored just about anywhere. Due to its small size, you can carry it with you when you leave home, especially if you are travelling with your child. All the parts are free of BPA. When you purchase this product, you also receive a cleaning cloth and bottle brush. These additional tools make your life much easier. You can use them to clean the bottles quickly before filling and heating them.

Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer


This warmer uses a steam system to heat up bottles and food jars. It heats fast and thoroughly, and focuses on preserving nutrients and vitamins within the milk or food. The machine has an inbuilt on/off indicator, and the device will auto-shut off when necessary. A brilliant feature included is the adaptable ring, which can be used to help the machine hold smaller bottles or jars. Therefore, you can heat up any form of baby food, regardless of its size. When you purchase this kit, you also receive a measuring cup, which holds accurate water quantities that are needed to use the machine. These features make it clear that this product focuses on extreme convenience for parents of infants. This convenience is incredibly important, which is why we see this machine on the list of the best bottle warmers.

Maxx Elite Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer


When you purchase this product, you also receive a sterilizer basket, which you can use to clean your baby’s milk bottles. The most notable feature of this device is the “gentle or steady warm” feature. This technology is used with the two-second feature, to ensure that within a few seconds, your baby’s bottle is the perfect heat. This is extremely beneficial because with this feature, you can feed your infants as soon as they show signs of hunger. The idea behind the “gentle warm” feature is that the machine very quickly heats the bottle up, but still preserves the nutrients and vitamins in the formula or breast milk. The manufacturers claim that they have discovered the perfect temperature and timing to warm bottles, whilst preserving the nutrients. The machine also has an automatic shut-off mechanism, which turns the machine off when the sterilization cycle finishes or the water level gets low. The “steady warm’” feature heats the bottle up to the perfect temperature, and then maintains that temperature until you’re ready to use the bottle. This convenient feature ensures that even if you plan to feed and then take longer than intended to get to it, your bottle will still be at the perfect temperature. It’s very helpful to busy parents. This product is small in size and weighs only one pound.

Prince Lionheart HeatPad


This too is an adaptable heating band, which can be wrapped around any bottle or jar. It doesn’t need any power source to be used. This increases the efficiency of the product and makes it a truly travel-perfect warming pad. The liquid inside the pad turns into heating crystals when you turn it on, and revert back after you boil it when you are done using it. Due to its material, it is a very versatile tool that can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is affordable and perfect for when families travel. You can carry this lightweight item with you, and regularly make warm milk or food for your infants. It is a very safe product to use, free of harsh chemicals. As a parent who wants the best for your child, this product guarantees nothing less.

Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer


The product is made of plastic and polyester, and its main feature is that it can be used to warm bottles in the car. It has an adaptor, which has a time display, which is visible even in the night due to the lighting. The band, which heats up the bottle quickly and evenly is flexible, meaning you can use it to heat up food jars or bottles of any size and shape. The product comes with a one-year warranty, which ensures it is durable. This product is incredibly efficient and is very useful for parents who are always on the go. It is perfect for when you travel with your baby. Your infants will always have fresh and warm milk, despite your location.

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer


This product features a removable cooling part, which can hold up to two bottles and keep them cool and fresh overnight. In addition, the bottle also warms breast milk or formula, and also heats up baby food jars. This dual-purpose nature adds convenience to the life of parents with infant children. The auto-shut off feature ensures that the machine will not overheat your bottles. A useful feature about this product is that it can warm up any type of baby bottle or food jar. Regardless of the size, shape, or structure, you can be sure that this First Years machine will heat your bottle or food jar up. Your baby will never go hungry if you choose to purchase this machine. The idea behind this device is that it will make nighttime feeding much easier for parents. You can simply store bottles and heat them when necessary. Therefore, minimal effort is required when you wake up to feed your children during middle of the night.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


This specific baby bottle warmer is multi-functional. It can heat not only water and milk, but also baby food jars. Due to its efficient heating capabilities, your bottles and food jars will be ready within minutes. You don’t have to sit around till it’s ready, and you definitely won’t have to heat up bottles in advance, and anticipate your baby’s feeding times and hunger. This machine takes a lot of guesswork out of the feeding process, making it incredibly simple for new parents. There is even an auto-shut off feature, which ensures that the machine’s heat settings will shut off once the bottle has heated to optimal levels. This means your bottles won’t get overheated, and neither will the machine. The machine parts are all BPA-free. One of the best features about this warming system is that owing to the structure of the heating compartment, you can heat up any type of baby bottle. Even the smallest bottle or any bottle with any structural design, including angled bottles, can be heated in this device. This is one of the main reasons this machine is on the list of the best bottle warmers available for purchase.

Phillips Avent Bottle Warmer


A useful feature that comes with this Phillips bottle-warming machine, is that it circulates the milk within the bottle whilst heating. This means that the milk will be thoroughly and evenly heated, without any hot or cold spots. The device can be used to heat any Phillips Avent bottles, toddler cups and most food jars that are in the market. The unit boasts the ability to heat four ounces milk in three minutes, which is a great feat. Your milk will be heated quickly and efficiently, which is key when you’re dealing with a hungry baby. The machine includes a defrost setting, which defrosts milk and baby food. The actual machine is sleek and modern in terms of design, and can be stored anywhere in your kitchen. This bottle warmer is perfect to place on your counter top and use for both day and night feeding.

Tommee Tippee Bottle and Pouch Warmer


The highlight of this bottle warmer is that it very gently heats the milk in such a way that the nutrients and vitamins in the milk are not diminished. The pouch in this kit is perfect, because you can pump milk or make milk in one bottle and use the same to heat the milk and feed your baby. Thus, you have less cleaning up to do. The basket works in such a way that the water is circulated around to make sure that all the milk in the bottle is heated evenly. The machine is simple to operate, with only three temperature controls. These controls allow you to customize the heat. This warmer can be used with almost any brand of baby bottles, so you don’t have to worry about adaptability. The pouch also comes with an ice pack, to ensure that your milk will stay fresh and cold until you are ready to heat it and feed your baby. This feature coupled with the fact that you can carry this machine in the bag you receive, ensures that you can make formula or pump breast milk beforehand and take it on the go with you. This efficiency and the consistent heating capability of this device is what makes this device one of the best bottle warmers.