Cameras are useful for many reasons. Ordinarily, regular cameras help us capture good memories (and selfies!), but spy cameras help us protect our home and loved ones by capturing possible home invasions or bad nannies (yep, no one can be trusted…). In all seriousness, spy cameras are great for acquiring the footage you need in your home, but what if you need footage on the go?

This is where body worn cameras come in! Body worn cameras are, well, cameras you wear on your body that allow you to record and take photos of your surroundings while you’re out. Typically, body worn cameras are most needed by police officers, needing footage of possible evidence. Of course, common individuals can use body cams too to record whatever footage they may need!

So what body worn camera should you get? It all depends! Many body worn cameras come in different sizes, include different features, and, as you may have expected, come at different prices. Nevertheless, we’re here to help you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best body worn cameras out there for you to get!

Prove Tech X-01 1296p HD Body Worn Camera

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Why we like it: This body worn camera contains night vision and a built-in mic and speaker for playback and is suitable for professional and personal use.

We start off our list with a body worn camera by the brand Prove Tech. We’ll go right off the bat here and say the camera looks a bit intimidating as if it’s designed moreso for police officers, but we’re here to assure you it’s not. The Prove Tech X-01 Body Worn Camera is a camera suitable for anyone and will certainly impress all of its users with its incredible features. The body worn camera features multiple, hi-definition and standard definition video formats with up to a 1926p video recording resolution. The body camera is also equipped with night vision, supports GPS coordinate recording, and has advanced security features.

This body worn camera is designed with a plethora of handy features. The body camera features a built-in 16GB memory, a built-in mic and speaker for playback, 4 IR lights, a laser pointer, and a LED flashlight. With its 5.6 oz. rugged, rubberized body design, the body camera is lightweight and, as an additional bonus, waterproof. This durable body camera is also shock and vibration proof. The camera is also configurable and contains a “Re-track™” pre-recording feature. With this camera, you will get a docking station, USB charger and cable, user manual, 360 degree belt clip, and a epaulette clip. Still, with all its features and 5-year MFG warranty, this is a solid product!

MIUFLY 1296P HD Police Body Camera

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Why we like it: A body worn camera with 32GB of built-in memory and night vision. This body camera is waterproof and also an Amazon’s Choice product.

Next up on our list is another police-geared body worn camera by the brand MIUFLY. Again, don’t go thinking this device is only for cops. Us common folk can use this professional camera as well! The MIUFLY Police Body Camera is an Amazon’s Choice product for a reason and we’re here to tell you why. For starters, the body worn camera features a 1926p HD image resolution for high quality footage. The camera also comes with a 2 inch, LCD monitor which allows you to instantly playback previous recordings. This camera comes with 32GB of memory, giving you plenty of space to store all of your captured video recordings for as long as you need them.

The body camera is equipped with a powerful 2900mAh battery that lets you record footage for up to 10 hours in a row. This nifty body camera even allows you to add watermarks, user IDs, time, GPS locations, and date stamps to all your footage. To protect your footage on the camera, you can set a password for the camera to protect all of your recorded files from being stolen or deleted. This body camera is also equipped with night vision and is conveniently waterproof.

Pyle Body Wireless Camera

Why we like it: This compact, body worn camera has audio recording, night vision, and rechargeable batteries that give you 5+ hours of recording time.

We keep our list going with durably-designed body worn cameras with this next product by the brand Pyle. Pyle delivers to us an updated version of their body camera and we gotta say, this revamped product is quite impressive. The Pyle Body Wireless Camera is versatile and multifunctional and contains some great features. The body camera features a full HD, 1080p image resolution. Additionally, the camera is able to record audio and video and features a built-in 16GB memory and rechargeable battery that will provide you with 6+ hours of audio recording and over 5 hours of recording time, allowing you to capture over 10,000 images.

The body camera lets you easily transfer and share files to your computer via the included USB connection cable. This handy body camera, as we mentioned, was updated and now contains additional system features, including night vision recording, a 2.0” LCD display screen, a speaker to automatically playback your recorded files, and more safety and surveillance abilities. The body camera is water resistant and its compact size makes it convenient to attach to your clothing. Wwith its reliable features and solid design, this is a product worth recommending!

Safevant 1296P HD Police Body Camera

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Why we like it: A multifunctional body worn camera that gives you the option of 4 quality video resolutions (up to 1926p) and has a long-lasting battery life.

Next on our list is another police-geared body camera, this time by the brand Safevant. Again, don’t worry, anyone can use this product and with its great features, we’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to use this product! The Safevant Police Body Camera is a solidly-built camera with considerable amount of perks to back it up. The body camera is multifunctional and versatile with a choice of 4 image resolutions (up to 1926p). The camera also features a 140° wide angle and 16x digital zoom, allowing users to get clear and wide footage clearly This camera can record videos and take photos and is also easy to operate. Video recording, photo taking, voice recording, and the camera’s infrared light can all be achieved be enabled with the simple touch of a button.

The camera’s portable and lightweight size makes it easy to wear and carry on the go. The camera is equipped with high-intensity infrared LEDs, and can capture clear footage up to 22 feet away in pitch-black darkness. Live or pre-recorded footage, pictures, and audio can be checked on the camera’s built-in 2.0” LCD display. The camera’s built-in rechargeable battery of 3000mAh supports 8+ hours of audio recording and a recording time of about 7+ hours at 720p, allowing you to capture over 10,000 images if fully charged. The camera’s IP66 protection level provides it with excellent water and shock resistance, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.This is a product worthy of a recommendation!

PowMax WW-16 DVR Mini Body Camera

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Why we like it: This body worn camera is compact in size, has a 1080p image resolution, and comes with night vision and walkie talkie functionality.

The next body worn camera on our list is by the brand PowMax and we gotta say, they’ve created quite the “Pow”erful camera (Get it?! No? Okay…). In all seriousness, the PowMax DVR Mini Body Camera is a force to be reckoned with and will surely please all of its users, police officer or not. The body camera has the ability to record in a crystal clear, HD 1080p video resolution. This body camera features a wide angle field of view that will record every detail. The body camera also supports loop recording, which is ideal when transitioning from being used as a dash camera to body camera. Do note though, that this feature is only available when the camera has USB mode firmware.

The body camera is designed with a built-in GPS which shows you the location of the video you view, via the included video viewing software. To acquire GPS signal, you must wait at least 2-3 min for the GPS to gain a signal. The camera features automatic night vision recording that allows you to see up to 30ft in low light settings with its infrared LED lights. One of the great things about this product (moreso for cops) is its “walkie talkie” PTT function which allows you to replace your shoulder microphone and connect the PatrolEyes HD to your walkie talkie (so long as you have the compatible cable). This is a premium product and we’re happy to recommend it!

Veho HDPRO Body Worn Camera

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Why we like it: A body worn camera that is remote controllable, features a 1920 x 1080p video recording resolution, and has digital zoom and slow motion playback!

We keep the list going with versatile body worn cameras, with this camera by the brand Veho. Veho shows us that there’s more than one way to wear and place a camera with their flexible camera. The Veho HDPro Body Worn Camera is more than just multifunctional, however, it’s also got some superb features. The body camera contains a 1920 x 1080p HD video image resolution at 30fps and 16MB/s. This handy body camera also has a Start/Stop/Snapshot remote control function and is designed with a 160 degree wide angle lens to capture everything in your surroundings for optimal footage.

The body camera contains an internal, rechargeable lithium battery which supports 4 hours of recording and includes 8GB Micro SD card, though a bit low, will still hold a decent amount of storage. The camera also comes with a 1.5 inch viewfinder/review LCD display, touch panel control, and self timer and features 3x digital zoom, noise activation, slow motion playback, and loop recording. The body camera can be car charged and still be able to record! As mentioned, this product is versatile with universal mounting options including: In car suction mount, flat mount, helmet side mount, body clip, helmet strap, and velcro fixings.

Legazone 1080p 170Wide Sports Camera

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Why we like it: This helmet-wearable body camera features a 1080p image resolution, a 170° wide-angle fisheye lens, and is shockproof and lightweight in size.

We know what you’re thinking. All of the products we’ve mentioned thus far have been in the triple digits range in terms of price. What if, you’re looking for a more “cost-effective” body worn camera. Luckily, the Legazone brand has got you covered with their body worn camera. The Legazone 170Wide Sports Camera is a camera catered a bit more to us common folk who may not need all the perks of a police-geared body worn camera that others might. In fact, this body camera is more geared towards bikers, as you wear it on your helmet, and it comes with a shockproof carrying bag. The camera is also waterproof and is WiFi compatible with its iSmart DV app, available for Android and iOS devices.

This body worn camera features a 1080p image resolution and a 170° wide-angle fisheye lens for optimal footage. You can use it as a dash camera or as a reverse camera. It also has a 2 inch color LCD screen on the back, so you can see what you’re filming, or taking a picture of. The camera has many other features such as audio recording, video display, and detachable battery, which makes the camera perfect for vehicle data recording, photo-shooting, outdoor sports, home security, and more. The biggest complaint about the product was its rather short battery life. Besides that, this a solid product and we’re happy to recommend it!

UYIKOO HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera

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Why we like it: With the UYIKOO HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera you can capture high quality, vivid image with a lense that is the size of a small blouse button.

One of the best mini hidden cameras that you can purchase today is the UYIKOO HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera. This discreet, hidden camera allows you to capture everything you need without worrying about a bulky, inconvenient device getting in the way. This camera is a super mini button camera that allows you to capture footage in 1080p, 720p, 640p, and 460p. For the size of the camera lens, you can impressively capture high quality images without having your audience know. Because the size of the lens that is as small as a clothes button, you can set up your HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera anywhere including your collar, a scarf, your front pocket, on a necklace, or even your wrist. Overall, it is super portable all while delivering clarity imaging. 

When it comes to the activation, the HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera features a unique motion alert that enables it to start recording automatically. It also has the ability to take snapshots and send alerts to you. Overall, the  HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera is able to provide you with about 4-5 hours of continual footage once you charge it in full. Overall, if you need a small, inexpensive and surreptitious recorder, the HD1080P Mini Hidden Spy Wifi Camera is a great device to invest in. 

MONY Wearable Mini Spy Camera

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Why we like it: A wearable mini spy camera that is equipped with infrared night vision, a 1920 x 1080p image resolution, and a 140° wide angle field of view.

We’re back at it again with another, affordable body worn camera for all those looking for a cost-effective camera! The MONY brand gives you a bang for your buck with their body camera, and proves that high-quality can comes with a great value. The MONY Wearable Mini Spy Camera, may not come in a cool bracelet disguise, but it does comes with some pretty cool features! The body camera supports full HD 1080p or 720p video resolutions and comes with motion detection. This versatile camera can act as sports DV, driving recorder, PC camera, and simply a photo camera. The camera is very small and compact, making it easy to use, carry, and hide. You can also hook this camera up to your TV by connecting it to your TV output, thus turning it into a TV monitor.

The body camera can be charged while recording by plugging it into a 5V power bank or USB power supply with its usb cord. While charging the camera will directly enter the 720p mode and the video will continue to proceed until the Micro SD is full (or if the camera is out of power, of course).You can manually stop the video to switch between the camera’s other modes. The camera also features infrared night vision which allows you to record footage even in the dark. The camera also features a wristband for you to place the camera around your wrist. It also contains a 140° wide angle, allowing you to record a great deal of your surroundings.

Eyeclub Hidden Spy Camera

Why we like it: This hidden spy camera is discreetly designed as a fashionable wristwatch, has a built-in 8GB memory card, and can video record and take photos.

The last body worn camera on our list is by the brand Eyeclub which takes the phrase “hidden camera” to a whole new level! Eyeclub has disguised their camera so well, you wouldn’t even know it was a camera. The Eyeclub Hidden Spy Camera is winning in the world of body worn cameras being disguised as a watch that seriously looks like a watch! The camera also can function as a real watch with its time setting dial, but more importantly, this watch camera can record videos and take photos. The body camera is cleverly designed with simple to use side knobs that act as a few of following functions: Photo taking, USB port, recording, times setting, and more.

The body camera’s videos are stamped with the current time, allowing you to know when the footage occurred. The body camera also comes equipped with a built-in 8GB memory card and supports loop video recording. When SD card gets full, the newest file will overwrite the previous file clip and continue recording. The body camera features no indicator lights to let you know when it’s working, thus making the camera more discreet. The body camera is also attractively designed with a stainless steel case, an elaborately designed dial, and a fashionable band.