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You may or may have not heard of dry brushing. It essentially consists of using specialized body brushes to rub, brush, and exfoliate your entire body. This technique has grown in popularity due to its numerous advantages. It evens out skin tone, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, gets rid of dry skin, and many more benefits. Of course, the key to this strategy is having the right body brush. There are many brushes out there but only a handful are really as effective as they advertise. You will be able to find some of the best body brushes on the market below:

1. SpaVerde Dry Brush


With the SpaVerde Dry Brush, you get a two for one offer. In addition to the body brush that you receive, you are also given a face brush. One of the reasons that these dry brushes are so great is because they are neither too hard nor too soft. Made from natural boar bristles, these brushes apply just the right amount of pressure onto the skin. One of the main advantages of the SpaVerde brush is that is exfoliates well, leaving skin noticeably smoother and softer. It also takes away the dullness from the skin. Furthermore, it has also been proven to work quite well with cellulite. After using the brush for a while, the appearance of cellulite is lessened. Also, the body brush is very versatile. You can use the handle to get to those hard to reach places. However, you can also detach when using it on your legs, stomach, and arms.

2. ZEN ME Vitality Brush


The Vitality Brush is boar bristle brush. It has a long handle that can be detached, allowing you to use the brush in your hand. In addition to the brush, you also receive an exfoliating glove as well. One of the best things about the Vitality brush is the firmness. It is just firm enough to brush away all of the dead skin. It also helps to improve circulation and can even lessen certain dermatological problems such as stretch marks and cellulite. This brush can be used all over your body to help reveal glowing skin beneath. For more delicate areas of the body, you can simply switch over to the glove that is provided. This fits a variety of hand sizes and works gently to remove the dead skin on your body.

3. Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Body Brush


This brush is made from Japanese Palm plant fibers. Therefore, it is perfect for individuals who do not want to use boar bristle brushes or are vegan. This brush is unique in that it can be used as a dry brush as well as in the shower. However, for best results, you should use it as a dry brush. The bristles on the palm brush are firm enough to ensure that all excess skin is removed. This brush works particularly well when used on the arms and legs. It is best for areas that require a particularly rigorous brushing. After some use, you will notice that your skin is softer and healthier than ever before. You will also help to improve your circulation by using this brush on a frequent basis.

4. Mira Wooden Shower Body Brush


The Mira Body Brush is composed of boar bristles. This brush can be used for dry brushing as well as in the shower. It works equally well in both circumstances. The bristles are firm yet gentler than most. This means that it can be used on those more sensitive parts of your body and you will not feel much pain or discomfort. This brush is great for improving circulation and exfoliating skin. Overall, it helps to improve the appearance and the feel of the skin. One of the best things about this brush is that it has an extra-long handle. This allows you to easily use it all over your back and make sure that you get every inch of skin. This is an ideal brush for those who skin have a tendency to easily bruise or crack.

5. C.S.M Dry Body Brush


The C.S.M brush is a small circular brush that comes with a little handle. It is the shape of this brush that makes it quite useful. You can easily work the brush in a circular motion from the legs upward. This helps with improving circulation and helps you to feel better as well. The bristles on this brush are quite firm and are better for those hardier parts of the body. This brush is more suited for individuals who need to get rid of a considerable amount of dry skin. It also works well for those who require a little bit of tougher brushing. There are little knobs in between the brush to help to massage the body as you work it over your body. This increases the overall relaxing feeling that you get when you use the CSM dry body brush.

6. FantaSea Natural Bristle Body Brush


The FantaSea body brush is made from synthetic fibers and therefore is suitable for those who are vegan or opposed to boar bristle brushes. This is a hand held brush that comes with a cloth handle for easy gripping. The advantage of this brush is that is a little gentler than other types of brushes. As such, it is much better for sensitive skin or skin that is prone to dermatological conditions. You are unlikely to break the skin or cause any other injury when using this brush. However, it works well to remove excess, dead skin. It also improves circulation and the overall look of the skin. This brush can be used both outside of and within the shower, although it works great as a dry body brush. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this brush is that it does not come equipped with a long handle.

7. TopNotch Body Brush


The TopNotch body brush boasts boar bristles on its brush. It comes with a long handle that can be detached easily if you want. This body brush works well as a dry brush as the bristles are just the right consistency. Individuals with a variety of skin types can use it without problems. Due to the gentler texture of the bristles, you can also use it on your stomach and chest without feeling any pain or irritation. The long handle makes it easy to access all parts of your body, including your back. The brush helps to exfoliate your skin well and also works to improve the appearance of the skin. Due to the larger surface area of the brush you will find it much quicker to complete your dry brushing as well.

8. Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush


The Aquasentials exfoliating brush has synthetic bristles that are made from nylon. Unlike most other brushes, the handle is made out of plastic. What is interesting about this brush is that you can use it with soap and shower gel, while you are in the shower. This way, you do not have to dedicate any extra time to exfoliating your skin. The brush is small and round but this really helps to work the bristles into the skin, particularly in all of those curves. The bristles are just right – not to harsh, not too soft. The handle is also nice and long so you will have no problem using it all over your body. In addition to helping you get rid of all of that dead skin, this brush is also quite durable. You will be able to use it for a long time.
This list consists of some of the best body brushes that you will be able to purchase. They each do an excellent job at helping you get softer, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

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