If there is one thing that both kids and kids at heart love, it is a new board game. Since time immemorial, board games have long kept our families entertained (and sane!), and they also make for a fun and interesting night with friends. Of course, there are very many different types of board games all ranging in suitability based according to age. However, it cannot be denied that board games have the power of achieving many things in one go. From strengthening bonds to sharpening minds and enhancing problem-solving skills, the benefits are many. When it comes to board games for children, in particular, you need to make sure that they are not only educational in some way, but also triggers their creativity and is suitable for them. We have rounded up some of the best board games for kids in 2018, so your work is cut out.

Winning Moves Games – Guess Who? Board Game

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If you have no idea what Guess Who is, then that is exactly why you need to go and get yourself this game. It is a whole lot of fun and will keep you entertained for ages! Complete with 2 plastic units to be used by the players, 48 small cards, and a deck with 24 mystery cards and an illustrated instruction manual; so even if you have never played this game before, you will be able to easily follow the steps. How it works is, you basically ask a series of a question so that you will be able to guess your opponent’s character correctly. If you guess correctly before someone else, you win. It can only be used by 2 people at a time, though, so if you are looking for more a group game then this is not it. There are also different versions of the game that is special editions to be more specific, keeping things interesting.

Spin Master Games – HedBanz Game

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This is an excellent game for children since it really gets them thinking by tapping into their creativity. HedBanz is also known as the iconic game ‘What Am I?’ Plus, it creates anticipation and excitement which kids absolutely love. It is actually, a pretty perfect board game to play as a family and a great addition to trips away or family holidays. Since it is also quite basic, even children of very young ages can play it without a problem. This set comes complete with a rule sheet, 6 headbands, a sand-clock timer, and cards as well as chips necessary to play. Children get the opportunity to hone their critical-thinking skills which are instrumental in their growth. Though you can refer the rule sheet for details on how to play, the winner is determined by the person who loses all their chips first. Explaining a winning concept as simple as this is great for children especially.

Spin Master Games – Beat The Parents Board Games

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Ideal for children aged 6 and upwards, this game promises nights of family oriented fun. It makes for fulfilling bonding time between parents and kids as they each ask questions from the other. There is a playing guide provided which you can use to figure out the rules. At the end of the game, whichever team succeeds in getting both their mover pieces across the board to the finish, wins. Watch out for the wild cards, though, since getting them could mean you go right back to square one or end up at the finish line. With 101 question cards included, you will have plenty to keep you going. There are also 32 wild cards for each side; i.e.: parents and kids. An excellent companion when traveling, especially if you fly a lot and have many hours to kill at the airport. Definitely, one to add to the collection.

Hasbro – Monopoly Junior Board Game

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If you love Monopoly and want your kids to be introduced to its awesomeness as early as possible, why not consider Monopoly Junior? Though it pretty much works how regular Monopoly does, the board itself here is designed to be kid-friendly. It features pet stores, game arcades and candy stores along with a host of other fun and exciting options.

However, only 4 can play at a time, unlike the Monopoly we know, which is good since it keeps things simple. Hence, there are 4 tokens included with the rest of the game. It is a very beneficial game in that it helps develop your children’s thinking abilities in a fun way. It teaches them to question, analyze and make decisions which are all integral to adult life.

Hasbro – Scrabble Junior Game

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Yet another game simplified for children that are enjoyed by adults. The Scrabble Junior board game is like Scrabble in general but made to suit kids. It is 100% toy and is suited to children from the ages of 5 and above. 2-4 players can play at a time, with 4 being the maximum. Best of all, this board is 2 sided, with one side having a more advanced system so as your child grows, he/she can challenge and test themselves. Scrabble is a very useful game for both adults and kids as it helps you learn and discover new vocabulary, whilst testing your existing knowledge. When you flip to the advanced side of the board, your kids will have the opportunity to come up with their own words. Designed in fun, intriguing colors, and exciting shapes, it also promotes your child’s cognitive development.

Mighty Fun – Brain Freeze Board Game

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Suited for children who are 5-10 years of age, this one tugs at familiar strings as it takes some inspiration from familiar and popular games such as Guess Who. There are very minimal complications, making it easy for children to pick up and learn. It promotes healthy mental development by sharpening their analytical skills and keeping them on their feet. The game has been designed to target logic, memory, strategy and deduction which are all vital things to learn. There is a rule book included so you know exactly how to play. Can be played between parents and children, or even between siblings however you want! Which also makes it the ideal travel buddy on family getaways. With plenty to keep you entertained, the game will brighten up many nights, also help you spend more time with your family. After all, today that seems to be what we are doing the least.

Winning Moves Games – Classic Chutes and Ladders

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Some of you will know this game from Snakes and Ladders, a game that has been around for decades and is still loved the same. It is an incredibly fun, and engaging game; one that will keep your children busy for a while. This one is called Chutes and Ladders, however, it works pretty much the same way. Furthermore, since it is straightforward and easy to play, children who are very young can also enjoy it. There is also an educational value to it since it teaches kids how to count, as well as add and subtract efficiently. The colorful graphics and bright hues will develop their cognitive capabilities and keep them interested. Visual learning is critical for children, so everything you do should incorporate it. You will find that over the years, they will be using these skills a lot more than you think. Where this game is concerned, it is also easily portable, which makes it convenient to take around with you.

Winning Moves Games – Classic Trouble Board Game

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If you are tired of the same old board games which you have played hundreds of times, why not consider shaking things up with Trouble? This is a great board game to enjoy with children who are 5 and over. It is also ideally recommended for 2-4 players at a time. There are both English and Spanish instructions included so even if this is your first time playing it, you will be able to pick it up easily. This game clocks in an average of 25-35 minutes playing time, so though it will keep you occupied for some time, it may not fit long distance journeys. Having said that, you can mix-n-match and carry around a few other board games along with this.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure!

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If you’ve been plowing through the best board games for kids, then this might not have really popped into your mind. Though it is not as famous as some of the others featured on this list, it is still interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Best suited for children aged 5 and above, the end goal of this game is to pretty much get to the treasure. The challenge is to get past the ogre blocking the way, by creating a whole new path to get there. There are no teams per se; anywhere between 2-4 players can play, and they all need to work together to win. This game is excellent at developing a child’s social skills, strategic thinking and of course how to work as a team. Adults can play too, just to show them how to get it done so the kids can follow suit. It is a non-complicated, fun game to consider.

Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game (Amazon Exclusive) 

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If you like the traditional Battleship Board Game, then you are sure to love the Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game. This board game takes a unique twist on the ever loved classic Battleship Board Game. With the Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game, players have the added advantage of not only sinking ships but crashing planes as well. This versatility in the board game elements as an extra dose of excitement every round that you play. If you grew up playing the traditional Battleship Board Game, then you are sure to find the same amount of joy playing this new revamped Amazon addition. 

What’s great about the Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game is the fact that you can take it around with you virtually everywhere you go. This portable game comes with two portable battle cases so that you can play in the living room, out in the park, and even in the car. Storing your pieces is not a hassle at all thanks to the convenient ship, peg, and plane storage that is located on the side of the ocean grid.  If you are looking for a great game to help enhance your little one’s sense of strategy, then the Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game is a great board game to start with. The Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game is an ideal game to play with anyone age 7 and up. 

Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game

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For those of you looking for something that would get the entire family involved, you have found it! Yet another famous, well-loved game all around the world, this is Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition. It is however suited for children above the age of 8 so you cannot play it with anyone younger. The toys included are made from the highest quality materials and are completely safe to use. In fact, rest assured they have been subjected to a range of quality and durability tests. This board game also includes sets of questions for both adults and kids; in total, there are 1,200 questions so you will be well occupied. You can play the game individually, or split into teams depending on what you want to do. It has everything you need, along with an instruction manual which first-timers will find quite useful.

Think Fun Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor Game

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This is one of the most intriguing and distinctive games on the list. Escape the Room is great for keeping up to 8 players entertained. You can basically work together with other players to unravel difficult mysteries. The whole game is based around the unlocking of clues that in turn provide the answers to solving the underlying enigma. It gets the kids working together as a team, and helps them develop their creative prowess by solving the clues. Since there is a backstory to support it, it flows in a comprehensive manner so it is straightforward and easy to understand. Having said that, bear in mind that you will need to play it with kids who are at least 8 years of age. Complete with an instruction manual, 5 sealed envelopes, a scene card, solution wheel and secret items which are in turn placed inside the sealed envelopes.

University Games Brain Quest Smart Game

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Whilst most board games for kids are built with the purpose of stimulating their skills, this one is particularly so (as you can tell by the name). Basically, it includes a bunch of questions (age-appropriate of course) that are all targeted towards forming the word SMART. In other words, the questions are spread out across Science, Mathematics, Art, Reading and The World. The goal is to answer each question correctly. The good thing about it is that all the players will be able to answer questions that are most suited for their age so it will be quite a fair game. This will be encouraging as well for children since it will boost their confidence when they get it right. Kids between the ages of 6-12 are the best candidates to play; a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 at a time. The beauty of this game is that it brings together kids with different abilities, a very noteworthy point.

Candy Land -The Kingdom of Sweets Board Game

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When you think of best board games for kids, if the word ‘candy’ is involved in any part of the name, you have a winner! Hence, it is quite simple not to mention a lot of fun to play. They just need to race to the castle with all sorts of sweet surprises in-between. The game includes a card pack, pawns and of course an instruction manual. The colorful, interactive board will engage the children’s’ cognitive sensors and keep them interested. It also helps them differentiate between various ways, and learn how to think strategically in a simple manner. This would make a unique and useful gift as well. You can opt for the Candy Land and Connect 4 game if you like; it has a few alterations in that this version, has discs as part of the play.

Hasbro Hi Ho Cherry-O Game

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This is also an Amazon Exclusive game and a very basic one. It has been put together for preschoolers so it is not too complicated. It allows them to test and develop their math skills which are essential for superior brain functionality. The gist of the game is fruit-picking to fill their buckets and being the first one to do so. It has everything you need to play, including 40 fruit pieces in total (toys of course). If you have a child under 3 years around, though, do be careful as it comes with a choking hazard for very young children. Make sure an adult always supervises when children are playing. You can help them along the way as well, as you teach them basic mathematical calculations. There are obstacles along the way too which keeps the game fun throughout.

Hasbro the Game of Life Junior Game

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The earlier to master this the better we say! Suitable for all children aged 5 and above, this game allows you to pick your own path. The action cards included changing your course, as do attractions, keeping things interesting. Toys included are made of high-quality materials and can be used safely. Since it is easy to setup, you can get the kids to arrange the game themselves instead of you doing it. That will teach them to pack up afterward too. it is worth checking out. Plus, it is different to most board games which are why it made it onto our best board games for kids list. For those of you looking for something other than the typical board games, this might do the trick. As there are many possibilities with each game, it will be varied and fun. Give it a try!