Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2017

BILT Techno Full-Face HelmetA good helmet is nearly irreplaceable. The exception is if it is Bluetooth capable or not. You want to keep yourself as safe as possible while enjoying the freedom of the open world, but you also want to have the freedom to interact with the rest of the world through GPS, phone calls, or simply just listening to your music without endangering yourself or the people around you. With Bluetooth helmets, what once was a dream is now a reality and great products are already available in a massive variety of styles, prices, features and more. Why spend countless frustrating hours digging through the greater depths of internet listings when you can save all the hard work and know exactly what will be the best helmet for you in minutes? That’s where we come in. After thoroughly examining every good Bluetooth helmet we could find we carefully constructed a list of the top 10 best Bluetooth helmets in 2017, looking into all the different sizes, features, specifications and more to each and every product so you can get back on the road and enjoying life in both style and comfort as soon as possible.

Product NameIncludes Bluetooth
Bluetooth TypeHelmet Sizes 
BILT TechnoYesDWO-3 BluetoothX Small - 2X Large Check Price
HJC Solid CL-MAX IINoNot providedX Small - 4X Large Check Price
IV2 Modular Model #936NoNot providedSmall - 2X Large Check Price
Torc T14B MAKOYesBluetooth 2.0X Small - 2X Large Check Price
TORC T10B ProdigyYesBluetooth 2.0Large Check Price
Bell Impulse DLX StreetNoSold SeparatelyX Small - 2X Large Check Price
IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth ComboYesSENA SMH5 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0Small - X Large Check Price
VCAN Blinc 210YesBluetooth 2.0Small - X Large Check Price
AVE A-20 AtomYesBluetooth 2.0Large & X Large Check Price
ILM Bluetooth ModularYesBluetooth 2.02X Large Check Price

1. BILT Techno Full-Face Helmet

BILT Techno Full-Face Helmet

According to BILT, this is their most technologically advanced helmet that they have ever produced. Starting with safety, this Techno helmet meets DOT standards, and even has a chin deflector with double D-Ring safety fastening. It has a high-tech injection of molded polycarbonate for the shell, offering lacquered metallic finish or a flat matte finish for style, with a drop-down tinted sun shield. Multiple wearers of this helmet who have had crashes say it has supposedly saved their lives. Customer Aaron Moore described his experience with the helmet during his crash: “It felt like my head was landing on a bed of pillows while the rest if my body slid across the pavement. To top off the whole experience the Bluetooth was still working. I recommend the helmet for anyone.”

Ventilation has never been more well designed – airflow through vents on the chin mount and metal mesh exhausts in the back allow for a comfortable and clean ride.
Concerning connectivity, this Techno has it all. With the ability to sync with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can also pair it with another Techno helmet for private communication between you and your riding partner. You’re able to use this helmet for phone calls, intercom, music playing, and easy GPS navigation, while being excellently protected.

2. HJC Solid CL-MAX II Helmet

HJC Solid CL-MAX II Helmet

For the rider who wishes to blend in yet still remain classy, this CL-MAX II helmet produced by HJC is for you. Expect safety from this helmet; it meets or exceeds the DOT Standards, and has ACS advanced protection. The face shield provides 95% UV protection, and the interior uses anti-bacterial nylex material; interior is moisture-wicking, removable, and readily washable for cleanliness and biological safety. Air flow is covered, sporting front-to-back vents that rid your helmet of heat and humidity – nobody wants to have a swamp around their face, and the CL-MAX II makes sure you’re breathing fresh air.

Quoted from a buyer by the name of MotorCycle.Guy, “It fits well where it should, looks fantastic, and the construction is top notch.” This helmet is Bluetooth Ready, providing speaker cavities for easy installation. Make sure to snatch one up to pair with this great-fitting helmet!

3. IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model #936

IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model #936

This helmet, Model 936, was released from IV2, coming in a sleek black that fits a variety of head sizes. It’s a considerate model, using anti-scratch tech on the face shield and supporting waterproof controls for those rainy and damp days. Although this helmet is stylish, it is also quite safe – the Model 936 is DOT certified and sports both an EPS Impact Absorption inner liner and a stainless steel Dual D-Ring strap. It’s also a model, built with a lightweight and thermoplastic durable shell. *As an added bonus for those who buy this classy helmet, a cloth helmet bag and a free tinted visor are included with purchase! Quite the deal.

Customer Mr. Stephen J. Reed commented, “This helmet is nice looking, light and comfortable. I ride with it all of the time.” Even more experienced riders praise the Model 936; rider Melissa K Wolf states, “I’ve been riding for 15 years and this is hands down the most comfortable helmet I have ever had. The quality is incredible, especially for the price.” This Model 936 supports the use of Bluetooth technology, so be sure to have it installed for your perfect ride.

4. TORC T14B MAKO Full-Face Helmet

TORC T14B MAKO Full-Face Helmet

The T14B MAKO helmet from TORC suits well with those who love speed and style. Aptly named after the fastest known shark in the ocean, the MAKO helmet takes on traits of this beast to transfer ocean speed dynamics to land – with a lightweight model and aerodynamic frame, this MAKO was born to cut through the air. Feel comfortable while doing so, all thanks to the laser-contoured comfort padding lining the inside of this helmet.

This particular shell decal features a flag that everybody recognizes – fly it with a sleek and modern look of dark and light grey for a subtle, yet classy fashion. This helmet is able to be used not only for motorcycles, but also sport motorcycles and touring cycles. From MAKO buyer named Tony, “Without a doubt, this is the best helmet I’ve ever used. Comfortable at low and high speed. The vents work well, the shades are effective and the bluetooth made using the GPS simple.” It weighs in at 5 lbs and comes in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of ages.

5. TORC T10B Prodigy Full-Faced Helmet

TORC T10B Prodigy Full-Faced Helmet

Trust this sleek and futuristic helmet by TORC to keep you in-touch and out of harm’s way. TORC understands that biking with a helmet on can be overheated, and heavy. That’s why they made this T10B Prodigy helmet lightweight and well-ventilated, installing strategically placed adjustable chin vents and forehead vents. The Prodigy is lightweight, so you don’t have to feel like your head is heavy or weighed down while you ride and turn your head, but it’s made easy with this helmet.

The T10B Prodigy isn’t just stylish and comfortable, but it’s also prepared to keep you entertained and communicated while you ride; Bluetooth 2.0 technology allows you to listen to GPS directions and music as well as the ability to talk to your friends and family on the road. Quoted from client Kamron who rated the helmet 5/5, “Great helmet and great sound.. everyone can hear me clearly when I’m on the phone and even at over 70 you can still hear the music pretty well. Easy to use and the charge lasts long if you remember to turn it off in between uses.”

6. Bell Impulse Adult Qualifier DLX Helmet

Bell Impulse Adult Qualifier DLX Helmet

Bell has released a helmet that is both subtle, but stylish. It sells in two colours: a grey variation, and a combination of pink and black. It sports a lightweight and aerodynamic design that reduces wind and road noise drastically, which compliments the Bluetooth intercom and headset interactions. The Impulse DLX is a helmet designed for comfort, featuring contoured cheek pads and a padded wind collar to make sure that you won’t feel bulky with it on. Bell even went as far as to integrate its face shield to be anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV protected. A built in antibacterial & antimicrobial interior liner and a moisture-wicking removable interior makes his helmet easy to clean.

Ultimately, this helmet was designed for speed and aerodynamic supremacy. It slices through wind, all-the-while keeping noise reduction and communication a priority. Buyer Dustyn rated this helmet a clean 5/5, commenting, “Awesome fit. Great venting, very comfortable after an 8 hour day riding.” The Impulse DLX accommodates the Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom so that you can keep in touch via calls while you’re riding, while listening to music and turning heads.

7. IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth Combo: Model 953 Modular Flip-Up High Performance Helmet

IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth Combo- Model 953 Modular Flip-Up High Performance Helmet

This Model 953 performance helmet released from IV2 focuses on safety, communication, and flare. The Model 953 features a VIPER style decal on the lightweight and durable shell, you’re sure to catch the attention of other motorcyclists and drivers on the road; the colors are complimented greatly guarantee you’re seen on the road. The helmet front is full-face and flips upward for greater ease when putting on and removing the helmet, and for your convenience, has a retractable anti-scratch sun visor. Since the Model 952 also prioritizes breathability and freshness as well, there are TEN venting ports on this helmet, and the inner lining of this helmet is also removable for washing.

The helmet is also DOT Certified, since safety always comes first. It has an EPS Impact Absorption inner liner, and can also be used as a snowmobile helmet during those winter months; heat and cold will not affect the effectiveness of this helmet’s safety potential.
The perfect combo with this helmet is the SENA SMH5 connectivity – complementing the Model 953 is the Bluetooth 3.0 availability, with an intercom that is effective for 400 meters! With Bluetooth 3.0, you have the option to listen to your music while on the road or in the snow.

8. VCAN Blinc 210 Full Modular Helmet

VCAN Blinc 210 Full Modular Helmet

Stay safe and connected with the Blinc 210 motorcycle helmet from VCAN. This helmet isn’t for the rider who wishes to stand out; with its pure black shell (which is available in matte black and shiny black) and untinted face shield, the Blinc 210 focuses more on connectivity and safety rather than style. This helmet is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 technology so that you can readily take your music, GPS, and phone calls on the road alongside you – it also allows for intercom between bike-to-bike for up to 30 feet. For your extra benefit, the Blinc 210 has a noise-cancelling microphone for when you’re in your calls so that the other end won’t hear wind or motorcycle noises.

VCAN has stated that safety is their primary focus with this model of helmet. It’s DOT approved, and made for the comfort of the user of this helmet. It has an aerodynamic style that causes less wind buffeting, reducing muscle strain for the rider, and is made of ultra-light material.
The face cover is extremely resistant to impact and has reduced chance of opening should a crash occur, keeping your head safe from debris and impact. Ordering in one of the Blinc 210 helmets will keep you looking modern, and might very well just save your life.

9. AVE A-20 Atom Modular Flip-Up Helmet

AVE A-20 Atom Modular Flip-Up Helmet

AVE Powersports has released the A-20 Atom model of helmet, suitable for any form of riding. It is designed with safety in mind, as it is made from a high-impact resistant thermoplastic material. The sun visor uses anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and 100% UV protective technology that will keep you dry, ventilated, and alert during all forms of weather systems! Nobody wants to huff in their own breath after they’ve breathed it out – that’s why the ventilation system is proactive, allowing for fresh air to easily flow into your helmet and supply you with O2. The washable interior of the A-20 Atom is removable and even hypoallergenic with comfort and cleanliness in mind, forming to your head’s shape.

For the busy and social rider who wants to stay up-to-date and entertained while standing out amongst the other riders on the road, this helmet is for you. This flashy green A-20 Atom is fitted with an integrated Bluetooth system that allows you to pair up your phone, GPS, radio, and music. Feel safe while doing so knowing that this modular helmet also complies with DOT standards, and is lightweight (3.64lbs).

10. ILM Modular Flip-Up Full-Face Helmet

ILM Modular Flip-Up Full-Face Helmet

While you’re riding, you want it to be you and the road. It’s a bonus if you can play your own music while you do it – and you can do just that if you buy the ILM XXL White Helmet! This helmet has one of the most uniquely decaled designs we’ve ever seen, and it ships worldwide, so anybody in any part of the globe can purchase it. ILMotor has designed this helmet to have built-in Bluetooth 2.0 technology, which allows you to easily listen to music and receive driving directions from GPS. It even has an integrated phone-call override feature, so that your music volume will not drown out your caller’s voice – and the anti-noise microphone will make it so that they can hear you perfectly as well.

This helmet meets FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards, and for good reason. Buyer Ashton Alexander stated, “Great helmet. Protected me well when I had hit my face on the asphalt of the street.” and has rated it five of five stars. You can count on this helmet for not only its ability to entertain and keep you in contact with those you care about, but also keep you safe for the people who care about you.

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