Helmets are essential for motorcycle riders to stay safe and not get arrested riding without one. Helmets protect the head and make riders look cool, but also have a major downside. Riders cannot wear earphones or headphones with a motorcycle helmet to listen to music or take phone calls while on the road. Bluetooth helmets are the ultimate solution to this problem, keeping you connected while you ride your bike.

Uses for Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Modern Bluetooth helmets come with either Bluetooth 2.0 or 3.0 technology. Good-quality Bluetooth helmets have integrated systems. Meaning that you can sync any Bluetooth-enabled device and benefit from multiple functions. You can listen to music, answer phone calls, hear GPS navigation instructions—all without taking your hands off the bike handles.

Top-notch Bluetooth helmets also offer other perks, like comfortable interior linings. A truly worthwhile bluetooth motorcycle helmet will come with superior speaker system and lining that keeps the head dry and lowers humidity when wearing. The best brands combine safety and Bluetooth connectivity with wearing comfort. Here is a list of the best affordable Bluetooth helmets available right now:

BILT Techno Full-Face Helmet

Why we like it: Techno is a super-stylish Bluetooth helmet that syncs with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, and also other Techno helmets.

This is a high-tech helmet worthy of a sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise. This helmet is one of the most technologically advanced the brand has produced, says the maker. Let’s start with safety because that’s the most important. We don’t have any complaints with regards to that. The helmet meets all DOT standards. As an extra safety perk, it has a chin deflector and a double D-Ring safety for fastening. This helmet is optimized for Bluetooth connectivity and can smoothly sync with any Bluetooth-supported device. You can pair the helmet with a gadget, or even another Techno helmet.

If you are riding with a partner, you two can communicate like pilots by syncing the two helmets together. You won’t even have to call each other. You can, of course, connect the helmet to your smartphone and receive calls, texts, and notifications from people not wearing Techno helmets. It perfectly delivers audio so you can listen to music without headphones while riding. The helmet also supports Bluetooth GPS navigation. It’s very easy to wear too, because of enhanced ventilation. You won’t end up with a damp head after wearing this helmet for hours. Overall, this one of the best Bluetooth helmets you can buy right now.

HJC Solid CL-MAX II Helmet

Why we like it: This high-end helmet not only offers superior Bluetooth connectivity, it also has perks like washable lining, air vents, interior speaker, and a UV-blocking face shield.

If you don’t want to look like you are wearing a funky gadget your head when you have a Bluetooth helmet on, then this is probably the product to go with. This helmet looks very classy and inconspicuous. All the cool connectivity stuff is inside, not outside. This helmet offers advanced ACS protection and meets all of the DOT standards for road safety. The helmet fits well and is completely Bluetooth-ready. There are no limits to the types of Bluetooth gadgets you can connect to the helmet.

The helmet has speaker cavities on the inside to listen to music and chill while you ride. The interior of the helmet is made from anti-bacterial Nylex that wicks off moisture. You can be assured that the speakers won’t get ruined by sweat or dirt. You can remove the interior lining for washing too. The helmet’s face shield has 95 percent UV protection. The helmet also has front and back vents to get rid of excess heat and humidity. You won’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable, ever. With all these capabilities, this is practically the helmet version of a luxury hotel.

IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model #936

Why we like it: This hip helmet has a classy and sturdy exterior and a super comfortable interior, on top of excellent Bluetooth capabilities.

If you have a larger or smaller-than-average head, then you will definitely like this helmet. It’s designed to fit those odd head shapes most helmets cannot accommodate comfortably. It’s stylish, so you won’t look weird wearing a helmet on your oversized or undersized head. It’s nice looking and well fitting. Plus, it’s really lightweight as well. As for Bluetooth connectivity, it’s impressive and up to all the latest standards. You will have zero trouble syncing your smartphone or a music player while you ride with the wind. The helmet is DOT certified and perfectly safe to use for standard transportation.

There are plenty of other advantages on the table, too. The exterior of the helmet is conditioned in anti-scratch material so the helmet will look good for a long time to come. The exterior is also waterproof for riding on rainy days. The inner lining has EPS impact shock absorption capabilities. The strap is made from stainless steel and has a Dual D-Ring fastener. It comes with a useful helmet bag for storing as well. Even veteran motorcyclists praise this helmet for the comfort it provides. We really loved it, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for Bluetooth helmets.

TORC T14B MAKO Full-Face Helmet

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Why we like it: This helmet sports subtle looks, but is packed with powerful technology for high-speed riding. The Bluetooth is particularly great for GPS.

The Mako helmet is named after the fastest observed shark in the ocean. That’s your first hint that this is one rad Bluetooth helmet. It’s designed to deliver superior Bluetooth connectivity while you zoom down the road. The helmet has a notable aerodynamic frame that supports comfort while riding really fast. It’s remarkably lightweight compared to most road models, so you will feel nothing but comfortable when riding. The helmet cuts through the air like a sword. More importantly, it will keep you connected to your Bluetooth-enabled device regardless of how far you are riding.

The lining inside the helmet is made from super comfort padding contoured by lasers to fit the exact shape of your head. It has vents to prevent stuffiness from building inside regardless of the speed. The Bluetooth is quite well installed because you can enjoy better GPS navigation with this helmet than most. You can use this helmet not just with bikes, but also with touring cycles and professional racer motorbikes. As for looks, this helmet model sports a very classy and subtle appearance. It’s definitely modern looking. It comes with a variety of shapes for all ages.

TORC T10B Prodigy Full-Faced Helmet

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Why we like it: This is a great helmet with above-average ventilation for comfortable wearing when it’s hot. Bluetooth charge lasts a long time.

This is a very noticeable helmet. It sports a very sleek and futuristic design, so you will definitely stand out in a crowd wearing this. This helmet is enabled with Bluetooth 2.0 technology. You will have no trouble listening to music or GPS directions. The Bluetooth and the speakers in the helmet are very good at delivering clear and crisp audio so you can answer phone calls while riding. The other end will hear you clearly at both high and low speeds. The Bluetooth charge also lasts a really long time as long as you turn it off when not in use.

The helmet is very easy to use and also safe up to the standards. It’s also surprisingly lightweight. The manufacturer has painstakingly made this helmet comfortable to wear when it’s hot outside. You will never feel overheated or stuffy when wearing this. The helmet is more ventilated than your typical product, so comfort levels are high. We highly recommend this helmet for those living in warm climates. The chin strap is also very strategically spaced to reduce discomfort when worn. You won’t feel weighed down when wearing this in the summer.

Bell Impulse Adult Qualifier DLX Helmet

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Why we like it: This Bluetooth helmet has a long-lasting charge and is designed with extra care to make wearing comfortable on long journeys.

This is a really sporty helmet that racers and bike enthusiasts will definitely love. The helmet accommodates Bluetooth stereo headsets really well. The inbuilt intercom generates clear audio for perfect communication when riding. You can take phone calls and expect both ends of the conversation to be clear. The speakers are good for listening to music as well. The charge can last for hours. You can definitely ride for eight hours with the Bluetooth enabled and expect to arrive at your destination with some of the charge remaining. In addition to the long-lasting battery, comfort levels are high too.

This helmet is optimized for one thing: speed. It has a notable aerodynamic design that will allow you to ride comfortably against the wind. The helmet is well ventilated. The interior has luxuries like contoured cheek pads and a padded wind collar. The face shield is anti-fog and scratch resistant. The interior lining wicks off moisture to keep the cloth free of bacteria and mold. The design even goes as far as to make the face shield protect against UV rays. You cannot go wrong with this Bluetooth helmet. It’s definitely worth every penny you spend on it.

IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth Combo

Why we like it: This is a Bluetooth 3.0 helmet with an intercom range up to 400 meters! The helmet also looks quite flashy and sporty.

This helmet is a major performer, hands down. It’s incredibly lightweight, so you know this is made for sporty motorcyclists. The helmet has SENA SMH5 connectivity, which means Bluetooth 3.0! So this is really one of the best helmets in terms of connectivity. You will get speedier connections and more efficient syncing. Audio distortions are minimal. We highly recommend this helmet if you are one of those people who love to take phone calls while riding. It’s great for listening to lucid GPS directions. You can blast any type of music and not lose anything to noise.

The intercom on this helmet is effective up to 400 meters, which is one of the longest ranges available for Bluetooth helmets. In addition to truly admirable connectivity, you can enjoy better durability. The shell of the helmet is amazingly long lasting and sturdy. The exterior design is also quite flashy. You will definitely catch the attention of other people on the street. You can choose from a range of colors. The helmet is also very breathable and comfortable to wear. All in all, the Model 953 Bluetooth helmet is a delightful combination of connectivity and speed that any cyclist can love.

VCAN Blinc Full Modular Helmet

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Why we like it: This no-nonsense Bluetooth helmet offers superior functionality. This has a noise-canceling mic that’s perfect for answering phone calls when on the way.

If good connectivity and safety are your priorities when buying a Bluetooth helmet, then look no further than the Blinc 210. It’s a modular helmet with a monochrome black shell. You can easily lose yourself in a crowd with this helmet. If you are looking for something flashy when it comes to design, then you should probably go with the model like the IV2 mentioned above. This helmet is for people who prefer functionality and practicality over design and style. VCAN Blinc helmet has the Bluetooth 2.0 technology, so you can expect basic connectivity.

Though connectivity is basic, we were impressed by the quality of the audio. Intercom range is 30 feet at maximum, which is more than enough for use when wearing. You can intercom with another helmet within the same range. We didn’t experience any trouble with receiving phone calls and GPS voice over instructions. This helmet is perfect for taking phone calls because of the built-in microphone. The mic is noise canceling, so the other side will hear you clearly without wind or road noises. It’s perfect for business people who like to stay connected.

AVE A-20 Atom Modular Flip-Up Helmet

This helmet is suitable for any type of bike riding. There are a number of design and connectivity pros this helmet offers that we really liked. It has standard but highly accurate Bluetooth connectivity that will allow any rider to stay synced. The connectivity is more than enough for calling, GPS, music playback, and radio. If you are a highly social and busy rider, then this is definitely the helmet for you. The Bluetooth system is integrated so you can connect multiple devices at once. The helmet also weighs only about 3.7 pounds, so it’s practically like wearing a pillow.

This helmet is certified to be up to DOT standards, so no safety concerns there. It’s has a flashy green exterior. You can look quite rad speeding through the traffic, like something out of Tron. The helmet is made from a high-impact resistant thermoplastic material that will last you several years. The face shield is glare resistant, so you will be able to see the road clearly during bright day time. The shield doesn’t fog or scratch either with prolonged wear. It provides UV protection for your face and will keep your head dry and well ventilated.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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One of the coolest ways to update your equipment when it comes to your motorcycle gear is investing your money in the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. This is one of the best Bluetooth helmets that features some great audio options all while maintaining high safety standards. For starters, you can look forward to three different color styles to choose from. There is a matte black, and all white, and a stunning red color to choose from.

No matter which color you do choose, the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet remains to be one of the best looking motorcycle helmets on the market. When it comes to the technology, you can look forward to Bluetooth 3.0 technology. This will give you 8 hours of talk time and it will be on standby for another 110 hours. And when you do use it to communicate, the air vents are made out of a fully washable microfiber liner so that you can routinely maintain the sanitation of that area. 

When are you are calling someone, answering a phone call, or rejecting one, you will be able to use the one touch control that maximizes your safety when you are on the road. Any incoming phone calls will override other things going on including music, the radio, and even your GPS navigation audio. A neat thing about the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the fact that you can stay connected to other riders who are with you. The intercom can be shared between two riders can go up to a maximum of 1,000 feet.

You will always be able to hear each other clearly thanks to the two high quality built-in speakers that offer a full stereo sound. The only downside of ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the fact that sometimes the Bluetooth mode will go to sleep and you will need to recharge it for about half an hour to restore it back to its full capabilities. This will typically only happen when you are not wearing your helmet, not when you are on the road. With regular upkeep on the battery life though, this is an issue that you should be able to override rather easily.

Lastly, although this is a Bluetooth helmet, you do not have to worry about your safety being compromised. The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has met or exceeded both ECA and the DOT safety standards. And with a flip up visor and sun shield, you will always have total control of your vision when you are on the road.