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If you own a laptop, then you might prefer to have a separate keyboard to increase comfort level when typing. If you own a desktop, you might prefer to have a keyboard that doesn’t have to be tethered to the CPU via a cord. This is where Bluetooth keyboards come in. These gadgets are perfectly wireless and let you type sitting down comfortably far away from a monitor.

Bluetooth keyboards can also make typing on a smartphone or a tablet completely pain-free. You will be able to use both hands and use a full set of keys when replying to texts or emails. Most Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with many different types of devices that have Bluetooth support. So you can easily use a single purchase with multiple devices.

Bluetooth keyboards work just like wired keyboards, despite lacking a cord. These additionally require batteries or researching, however. If you want to enjoy the cord-free comfort of Bluetooth keyboards, here is a list:

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard

Why we like it: With an ergonomic design, quiet keys and a battery that lasts 18 months, the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is practically unrivaled.

Editor’s rating:

Logitech is hands down one of the best Bluetooth keyboards ever made. It ranks high even alongside wired keyboards. The keyboard is gorgeously designed with the touchpad on the side. So when you type, you don’t have to move your hand to reach a mouse. If you are a writer, you will definitely appreciate this layout. You can type fast and get things done with as minimal hassle as possible. This keyboard has a plug-and-play setup. You can connect it at the start without having to install any driver software. There are many more features available that are simply amazing for the price point.

This Bluetooth keyboard has a 10 meter (or 33 feet) range. Yup, you can type on your computer or smartphone even from across the room. The keyboard works with TV-connected computers too. You can connect to an array of gadgets that support Bluetooth to enjoy free typing. The keyboard is HTPC. The keys press down but are very quiet. If you don’t like the clackity-clack keyboards, then you will love this one. It’s supported by a rechargeable battery that can last 18 months! You won’t even know it needs a battery! All in all, this is an amazing product to own.

Jelly Comb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Why we like it: The Bluetooth keyboard has the touchpad smack in the middle of the QWERTY design. It’s perfect in nearly every way.

Editor’s rating:

If you love the unconventional, then you will love this unusually designed Bluetooth keyboard. First of all, it’s designed with ultimate typing convenience in mind. The keyboard is partitioned in the middle by the touchpad. So it’s easy to type and use the mouse at the same time. It’s the sort of design that’s ideal for use with a tablet, or working on particular things like graphics. The Bluetooth connection is smooth and can extend up to 10 meters. That means users can operate a connected device from just about anywhere in the room. Nothing beats this when it comes to working on a big screen.

The keyboard is free of cables and clutter. It’s also equipped with the latest Bluetooth 3.0 tech. If you are worried about the keyboard running out of power all the time, no worries. Power saving tech is built-in. This keyboard has one of the best sleep function modes we have seen. There’s also no need to change batteries because the built-in Li-ion battery is rechargeable. The keyboard layout is QWERTY, so you won’t have to get used to anything new either. The whole thing is exquisitely stylish and very compact. It’s definitely what the picky ones will like.


Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard

Why we like it: This Apple-style Bluetooth keyboard is affordable and comfortable. It is highly energy efficient and comes with a worry-free warranty.

Editor’s rating:

Are you annoyed by mechanical keyboards where the keys are placed so close together, you sometimes press two at once? This Anker Bluetooth keyboard is designed with plenty of space between keys to decrease mistakes and increase efficiency. It’s designed very similarly to Apple keyboards, complete with the shiny white exterior. This keyboard is perfect for use with smartphones and tablets. The body is super slim and practically weightless. You can carry it in a backpack if needed. The keyboard has all keys expect a number pad. This product works seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, especially iPads.

This is definitely the keyboard you want at hand when you have to type a lengthy email reply or want to work on word documents on the cloud. The design ensures comfort when typing. The keys work quietly and require minimal effort to type. Plus, it consumes as little power as possible. It works with two AAA batteries, which can last for weeks. If you only use the keyboard continuously for two hours a day, the batteries would last over three months! There’s a power saving mode included to conserve energy. It comes with an 18-month warranty from the manufacturer, so you will hardly find a better product.

EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Why we like it: This amazing Bluetooth keyboard is foldable. Yes, it’s compact, but it can be folded to be even smaller for carrying. Seriously, it’s exactly what the tablet users have always wanted.

Editor’s rating:

Finally, a foldable Bluetooth keyboard. That’s right; imagine a wireless keyboard you can pack in your backpack. Not only is this keyboard compact, it can get even smaller for carrying. Worker bees who often use tablets will love this keyboard. You will no longer need a backpack to carry your full QWERTY keyboard around. The folding is done seamlessly without disrupting keys. Once unfolded, the keyboard is just like a regular one. The folding creases lock into place so you can type as usual without any issues. The overall design is sleek and simple. It’s really hard to find drawbacks in this Bluetooth keyboard.

Not only is this Bluetooth keyboard pocket-friendly, it’s made from Aircraft-grade aluminum. The keyboard doesn’t fly, but the material offers extra rigidity without increasing weight. We got a truly great sense of touch from this keyboard. Turns out, it was also a design choice. The exterior of the keyboard is anodized matte, which feels really great under fingertips. You can type in comfort without overexerting your fingers (or budget). This Bluetooth keyboard works with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Plus, the keys are designed to withstand 3 million keystrokes.


SleekEZ Original De-Shedding Grooming Tool

Why we like it: Applicable to virtually any type of fur with the use of a patented tooth pattern.

Editor’s rating:

Sometimes the brush you choose simply is not compatible with your dog’s coat of fur. The SleekEZ Original De-Shedding Grooming tool is best used for short-coated and wire-haired pooches. But thanks to a patented tooth pattern, it will prove its efficiency on just about any coat of fur. So no matter if the fur is long or short, this grooming tool will take out all that dead hair, dander, and dirt just as well. What’s more, it does not feel overly harsh on sensitive skin types.

We have found this tool to work particularly well on bully breeds, Terriers, Chihuahuas – just about any dog with a coat that is either short or medium. Because it has been designed to suit different sizes of dogs, the tool itself is also available in different sizes ranging from 2.5 inches to 5 inches and even 10 inches. There is nothing else in the market quite like it and it can be had at a very affordable price. Lifetime warranty included.

F.Dorla® Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Why we like it: Sure, it looks a bit dorky, but this wireless Bluetooth keyboard gets the job done. You would not want to switch to any other keyboard when you have this one.

Editor’s rating:

A bright blue keyboard with white keys; who can say no to that? This pocket-sized wonder will blow you away. It’s another foldable keyboard. You can expect ultra lightness and comfort regardless of the seemingly flimsy frame. The keyboard opens up beautifully and is ready to get to work without any delays. It is made from an alloy compound, so you can experience rigidity levels through the roof. We are simply amazed to find a keyboard that is as highly compact as it is rigid. We have a lot to say about the design, which was surprisingly good.

This keyboard has the keys separated by some space so typing errors can be minimized. When unfolded, it’s as long as a regular mechanical keyboard. If you have big hands, you won’t be inconvenienced when typing. The space bar is separated into two, so you get two space bars, one for each thumb! It comes with a multi-function bracket suitable for use with iPhones, surface devices and most other smartphones and tablets. The Bluetooth tech is compatible with all mobile operating systems, including Windows. You will get a charging cable with the keyboard too.

ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard

Why we like it: This foldable wireless keyboard folds into a small, wallet-sized rectangle that you can carry in a jeans pocket! It also acts as a stand for smartphones and tablets.

Editor’s rating:

Get ready to enjoy a superior wireless keyboard! Most foldable keyboards fold in and out. This one folds over outwards so you get a supporting structure for your keyboard. Imagine having to type while being seated on an airplane. You don’t have a stable surface other than your lap. Most keyboards will have to be supported by hand. But not this one. It unfolds with a supporting structure so you won’t experience any annoying wobbling when you type. Despite the cool design, this Bluetooth keyboard is not bulky at all. It’s lightweight and thick as just about any other foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

There are many other perks attached to this amazing product. The folding structure is supported by magnets, so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart in your backpack or handbag. It folds into a simple rectangle that you can literally slide into your pocket! It’s the perfect portable keyboard for smartphone or phablet users. If you work on the go, you are better off with this keyboard than without. You can attach a mobile device to the keyboard structure and adjust for the best viewing angle. So it’s like a keyboard plus a smartphone stand!

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard

Why we like it: This Bluetooth-supported keyboard is not typical and is best suited for gamers and people who like controlling things remotely. It’s one of the rare products that support Raspberry Pi devices.

Editor’s rating:

Gamers on the move constantly face challenges when buying wireless keyboards. The usual types don’t really work for games played on tablets and similar smart devices. The iPazzPort is arguably one of the best solutions to this problem. This Bluetooth wireless keyboard works with phones, tablets, Smart TVs, and Raspberry Pi devices. Most other keyboards don’t work Raspberry Pi, so this is practically a godsend. You can use the keyboard for things like typing, remotely controlling home theater systems, inputting stuff to internet games with remotes, and so on. Your life will be much easier with this Bluetooth keyboard than without.

The package includes a USB receiver and a USB charge cable. We found the overall layout of the keyboard to be intuitive and simple to use. The trackpad located on top of the keyboard is amazingly responsive. You can start using the device without needing to install a driver. The keyboard has lots of buttons in addition to the typical keys for doing one-click interactions. The keys are also backlit so you can use it in any dark room. It has a power switch, unlike auto sleep keyboards, so you can take the initiative to save power when the keyboard is not in use.


AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard

Why we like it: The Amazon Bluetooth keyboard is super affordable, so it’s very easy to love. It’s also well designed and works best with tablets and smartphones.

Editor’s rating:

This ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard from Amazon is amazingly cheap. If you are on a budget but don’t want to buy a cheaply built product, then this keyboard would be a lifesaver. It technically works with any Bluetooth-enabled gadget, but works best with iPads and iPhones. It even works with the iPod Touch without a problem. You can easily connect the keyboard to Android devices as well. We love the slim profile of this Bluetooth keyboard that makes it really easy to carry. The design favors a low-profile. This comes with highly popular scissor-switch keys that make typing practically effortless.

If you are a writer on a budget, you will definitely love this keyboard. Even gamers could like this. The keyboard is equipped with single button shortcuts to quickly access the home screen, show or hide the onscreen keyboard, search function and volume control on smartphones and tablets. It will definitely make working using a tablet a whole lot easier. If you are considering switching to a tablet for work on the go instead of a laptop, this keyboard will make it possible. The Bluetooth connection is also seamless and you won’t experience any issues. We highly recommend this product.

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