Best Bluetooth Keyboards

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With the introduction of touch typing in mobile phones and tablets, the physical keyboards that used to be on phones has been removed from these devices. However, touch typing still does not meet the comfort and efficiency of using regular keyboards so they are still widely preferred accessories for your PC or smart devices. Most laptops and smart phones come with the Bluetooth facility by default, without the need for additional accessories, so connecting any device via Bluetooth has become quite a simple task. This has led to Bluetooth Keyboards being a very popular accessory especially for tablet users who wish to use the word processors in their device. When selecting a good Bluetooth Keyboard, it is important that the keyboard has compatibility with a wide variety of devices and also has a good range. Here are some of the best Bluetooth Keyboards that are out there.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard


Why we like it: The Arteck HB030B is another one of our recommended choices for a good quality Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard has a very of interesting features. To start with, it has a backlit LED for the keys that makes it convenient to use even in the dark. There are seven different colors that you can toggle between and two different brightness levels. There is also an auto sleep feature which automatically puts the keyboard to sleep when idle, in order to conserve battery. The keyboard uses a rechargeable battery which can last for up to six months on a single charge with about 2 hours of daily usage. The keyboard is ultra-thin, so it can be carried around in your bag without you having to feel any additional load due to its light weight. The best part of this keyboard is that you get a 2-year warranty with the product in case of any defects or damages that you experience with the product.

Jelly Comb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


Why we like it: One of the notable features of the Jelly Comb Bluetooth keyboard is its stylish design and slightly different layout. The keyboard has a touch screen which is located in the center of the keyboard, which may require that you will have to get used to the different keyboard layout. This is one of the main drawbacks of the keyboard, however on the positive side, the touch pad is large and is easy to use. The keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and is able to operate at a distance of over ten meters away from the device it is connected to. It also has an advanced power saving technology which can automatically put the keyboard to sleep when not used. The keyboard uses a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery which is great as you don’t have to constantly replace batteries. The keyboard is supported by most Android and iOS devices as well apart from Windows.


Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard


Why we like it: The Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is designed especially with tablet users in mind. The keyboard is compatible with almost all the popular Android and iOS devices such as the iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and also various other mobile devices. Apart from just supporting mobile operating systems, it is also compatible with Microsoft Windows, so you can also connect it to your PC or laptop. The keyboard is lightweight and compact so you can take with you while you are on the go. It is about 30% smaller than the traditional keyboards, however this does not compromise the comfort and ease of using the buttons on the keyboard. The keyboard has a great battery life, as it runs on two AAA batteries which can last for over 3 months with regular usage. There is also an automatic power saving mode if the keyboard is not used for a long period of time.


EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Keyboard


Why we like it: The EC Technology Keyboard tops our lists as well due to its innovative foldable design. The keyboard is highly portable as it can be folded to a compact size for carrying with you on the go. Folding the keyboard will not damage any of the keys or will not have them getting stuck due to its design. Once folded the keyboard is small enough to even fit in your pocket, making this one of the smallest keyboards on our list. The keyboard is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS as you can connect it simply by pairing it via Bluetooth. The build quality of the keyboard is quite exquisite as it is made of an aircraft grade aluminum for superior rigidity. The keyboard comes with a built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which can provide up to 60 hours of usage time on a single charge. You will also get a USB cable and an instruction manual with the package.

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard


Why we like it: The reason we featured the iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard is due to its unique game controller like design which stands out from the generic keyboard designs. The keyboard also has a touch pad incorporated along with various other navigational controls and shortcut keys. Apart from performing regular keyboard functions, it can also serve as a remote or even a game controller due to its unique arrow key layout. The drawback of this keyboard is that it is not as small as most of the other keyboards that are listed here, so you might not be able to carry it around as easily. There are two different versions of the keyboard, with one of them coming with a backlit LED but being slightly more expensive than the version without it. The keyboard is compatible with a variety of Android, Apple and Windows devices and also has compatibility with the Raspberry Pi.

ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard


Why we like it: The Zagg Foldable Keyboard comes in two different variants. You can either go for the slightly more expensive Android and Apple device compatible version or the cheaper Apple device only compatible version. The keyboard is foldable so that it can be carried around in its compact form which makes small enough to carry in your pocket. The keyboard, when not folded has a very wide keyboard layout with the keys well-spaced apart so that you can type with ease. The keyboard has strong magnets embedded so that the keyboard remains folded while you carry it around. The interesting feature of this keyboard is that it comes with a built in stand which can be used to securely place your phone or tablet while you use the keyboard. The rechargeable polymer battery that the keyboard is able to last for up to two years in between charges due to its increased battery efficiency.

F.Dorla® Foldable Wireless Keyboard


Why we like it: The F.Dorla Wireless Keyboard is another highly recommended keyboard if you want a Bluetooth keyboard that is portable. The keyboard has a foldable design so it is compact enough to be carried around in your bag. The keyboard is made of an Aluminum body which offers a very durable and rigid built quality. When the keyboard is not folded it spans quite wide, with the keys well-spaced out, making it really easy for typing. You get a variety of color choices to choose from, with each of them being priced the same. We preferred the golden colored variant due to its premium look and metallic finish. The keyboard has full compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows so you can use it with either your tablet, smartphone or even your PC. There are also shortcut keys on the keyboard that lets you control various functions on your device using your keyboard.


AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard


Why we like it: When you purchase an Amazon product you are usually guaranteed a good value for your money as their products are a lot cheaper than most of the others. The only real drawback that we found on the keyboard is that it is compatible with only a particular OS depending on the model that you buy. There is the Android version and the Apple version which are specific to smartphones and tablets using the respective OS. The keyboard has a slim form factor and compact size making it easy to carry around. Though it is compact, the keys are well spaced out so you will still find it easy to type using the keyboard. There are various keyboard short cuts that lets you access things like your search and even a dedicated home button which is quite useful when using with tablets. Apart from this, you can also control media and adjust the volume as well using the keyboard.

ogitech Wireless Touch Keyboard


Why we like it: Logitech tops our lists of best Bluetooth keyboards with the K400 Plus. The reason this particular keyboard is one of the best keyboards out there is due to its feature packed layout, stylish design and amazing build quality. The keyboard comes with a touchpad on the side which is a great convenience if you are using the keyboard with your tablet or even your laptop. There are also buttons to control your TV, so you can use it with your TV-connected computer. The keyboard features a compact size and slim form factor that makes it very portable as you can carry it around on your backpack. The K400 Plus uses comfortable and quiet keys that are ideal for prolonged usage as well. The K400 Plus has a whopping ten meter range, so it is much more than the regular distance that you will be connecting it to. The keyboard has a 3-year battery life, so you don’t have to be constantly changing batteries.