If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, one of the most important things that you need to do is to check your blood glucose level. While it is hardly the most fun thing to do, it helps you make sure that you are being healthy. This means that one of the most significant things that you can own is a blood glucose monitor.

Of course, you have to deal with getting the one that is right for your diagnosis, budget, and convenience. This can be a little tricky considering just how many monitors that you have to sift. After a while, all of them can just blur into one big ball of technology.

Well, luckily for you, we have taken the tedious task of going through the options by yourself. We have compiled a list of the ones that really stand out and that will be of most use to you. Here are what your best choices are with blood glucose monitors:

1. Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit

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Product Info

  • VALUE PACK STARTER KIT – This kit includes everything you need to test your blood glucose levels at a great price!
  • LONG DATING – Test strips expire about 12-15 months from date of purchase.
  • FAST RESULTS – Get results in as little as 6 seconds with just a tiny 0.5 µL blood sample.

Why we like it: The Easy Touch Diabetes testing kit comes chock full of accessories and is great for people with varying needs.

If you want a starter kit to begin with, then you will find that this Easy Touch kit has everything that you need. More than that, though, it is easy to use and has a low learning curve so you can quickly get the hang of it. The meter also has a large display screen so that you can easily read your results at a glance. If you are feeling queasy about the whole pricking process, you can rest easy knowing that this machine only requires the smallest drop of blood to get accurate readings.

If you are pressed for time, don’t worry as the meter can produce proper results in 6 seconds so that you can go about your life soon after. Now, each person has to test their sugar levels in varying frequencies. Now, if you are someone who has to test their blood sugar level just once a day, or maybe even less, you could be afraid of the test strips expiring. These are quality strips, though, that can last for more than a year if stored properly. This can save you the trouble of having to buy more unnecessarily.

2. Bayer Contour Next EZ Testing Kit

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Product Info

  • ALL INCLUSIVE STARTER KIT: This diabetic testing kit includes everything you need to start testing your Blood Glucose…
  • FAST & ACCURATE RESULTS: The Contour NEXT EZ Monitoring System requires only a tiny blood sample, is highly accurate,…
  • READY TO USE: Straight out of the box. Includes OWell Painless Design Lancets and Lancing Device.

Why we like it: The Bayer Contour Next EZ testing kit has everything you need and produces incredibly accurate results.

If you are looking for a blood glucose meter that you can begin to use straight out of the box, then this is definitely the one that you should look for. This is because it comes with everything that you need including the meter, testing strips, control solution, lancing device, and lancets. You really are completely covered with this kit. To add to this, it is also a very well designed machine that has been built to last you for quite a while so you are getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Now, the real test of a good blood glucose testing meter is its accuracy and this is where the Bayer Contour model prevails. You get reliable results and you are able to easily back this up with re-tests. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you can trust the readings that you are seeing on the screen. The pricking part of the testing procedure is made practically painless with the great lancets and lancing machine. Also, you just need a minimal amount of blood for it to work.

3. FreeStyle Freedom Lite Glucose Meter

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  • No Coding Required
  • Fast, 5-Second Meter
  • Small and Discreet Meter

Why we like it: The FreeStyle Freedom Lite glucose meter is incredibly accurate and also requires only a tiny blood sample to work with.

If you have to check your blood glucose levels several times a day, you may be wondering if you even have any blood left in your body. This is not something that you have to worry about with the FreeStyle Freedom meter, however. This is because it requires only a tiny drop of blood for it to work. The other advantage is that you don’t only need to prick your fingers as this meter accepts blood from many different sites. So, if you are looking to give your fingers a bit of a rest, you now can.

While this meter may not need a huge sample, it doesn’t make its readings any less accurate. In fact, the meter produces readings that you can consistently rely on. The glucose monitor also has an incredible memory storage. It can remember up to four hundred readings, along with the time and date that they were taken. This way, you will be able to easily compare your readings to determine if you are on the right track or not. It is especially simple since you can find out the results in weekly and monthly averages as well.

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4. OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Product Info

  • OneTouch Lancing Device
  • Mini Carrying Case
  • Batteries Included

Why we like it: The OneTouch Ultra Mini blood glucose monitoring system is perfect for the person on the go who wants a discreet yet accurate tester.

Testing your blood glucose levels in public can be a trying thing, especially if you don’t have a private place to escape. Then, it can feel like everyone is staring at you as you prick your finger for blood. With the OneTouch mini monitor, though, this experience is a thing of the past. It is so small that it can be carried in your pocket so that you can take it wherever you go. Even if you were to use it in public, hardly anyone would be aware of what you were doing.

The other benefit is that it will provide you with the results that you need incredibly quickly. In about five seconds or so, you should be able to get your readings. The display is nice and large so that you will be able to check your readings out even at a moment’s notice. This is also a good option for anyone who isn’t great with technology and just wants something simple that they can use. Since there are no fancy buttons, you can work it without having to memorize an entire owner’s manual.

5. True Metrix Meter Deal Meter plus 50 Test Strips

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Product Info

  • True Metrix Meter with 50 test strips

Why we like it: The True Metrix Meter Deal Meter plus 50 Test Strips is easy to use and saves fingertips at an affordable cost and keeps track of your daily test results so you don’t have to write them down.

The True Metrix Meter Deal is an exceptionally affordable package that includes 50 test strips, making it the perfect product for those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes and are having a difficult time choosing a blood glucose meter. The meter is easy to use and can test glucose levels from a tiny drop of blood drawn from alternative sites such as the forearm, which will surely be a relief to anyone who doesn’t want to prick their fingertips. For those who need speedy results for convenience, the meter will deliver quickly after 4 seconds and can store up to 500 results all while keeping track of a weekly, biweekly and monthly average, which is especially useful for diabetics who pay extra attention to their blood sugar and want their doctor to be able to see the results during a checkup.

The meter also features a strip release button so you don’t have to touch the strips again and has four testing reminder alarms so you never miss your next test. There is even a ketone test reminder for diabetics who keep an eye on their ketone level. If you prefer to mark what you were doing at the time of each test, the meter also allows event tagging, giving you the option to tag before and after meals, before and after exercise, during times of illness and after taking medications. The True Metrix Meter Deal Meter plus 50 Test Strips is a bargain and one of the best meters for the money.

6. Prodigy Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit

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Product Info

  • No Coding Required
  • Talking Meter (Audible Results Ideal for Low Vision)
  • Fast Test Results in only 6 seconds

Why we like it: The Prodigy glucose monitoring kit provides you with fast, accurate results and even has a talking meter which tells you the results.

If you suffer from incredibly poor vision (or knows someone that does) it can be difficult for you to read the results on your glucose monitoring kit. This, of course, defeats the entire purpose of doing the test and can actually be quite dangerous for your health. Well, with this Prodigy glucose meter, this is a problem of the past. This is because the meter is a talking one and will simply read out your reading to you when it registers. This way, you will always know what your level is without needing your glasses.

The talking feature is not the only highlight of this kit, though. Another advantage is that you get your results quickly. Just six seconds after you insert the test strip, you will be able to find out your blood sugar level. What’s also great is that you don’t have to keep pricking the same site on your hands over and over again. This meter allows you to choose various sites on your body including your arms, thighs, and calves. This makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant for you.

7. ACCU-CHEK Nano Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Product Info

  • No coding. Brilliant backlit display
  • Small 0.6 ulu sample size means less blood. Accu-Check FastClix
  • 1-click is all it takes. Lancet lever makes it easy to advance to a new lancet

Why we like it: The ACCU-CHEK Nano blood glucose monitoring system makes it easy to check your blood sugar accurately no matter where you go.

There is no denying that ACCU-CHEK is a well-known brand name among blood sugar meters. It is with good reason considering just how accurate the results are with this meter. In fact, you can be quite certain that they will be as close to the proper lab readings as you can get. So, if it is important for you to be able to have near-precise recordings of your blood sugar levels, then this is the monitoring system for you. You can definitely rely on the results that you will be getting.

This meter doesn’t require a large blood sample, regardless of how accurate it is. This makes each test a lot less painful for you. Speaking of which, this kit has a lancing device with around eleven adjustable levels. This means that it is capable of penetrating skin of various thicknesses. Therefore, you should have some degree of success if you are trying to get blood from other sites with the exception of your fingers. This is great news for people who have to check their levels multiple times a day.

8. Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Why we like it: The Precision Xtra blood glucose monitoring system is user-friendly, has a lot of memory storage and is great for all people.

There really is a lot to like about this Precision Xtra meter. To start with, the display is really easy to read. It is large and shows the readings incredibly clearly so you really can’t mistake the numbers. It also has a minimal number of settings and buttons which makes it incredibly simple to set this system up. Really, anyone can use it without a problem. The readings that you do get with this system are quite accurate so you will also be able to rely on the results that you get with this meter.

It is important to be able to keep track of your results which is one thing that this machine does well. In fact, you will be able to store up to 450 test readings at a time. They are stamped with the day and time so that it is easier for you to track your levels across a longer period of time. You can even download all of this information to your computer. This comes in handy if you want to show your doctor your readings and get their advice about it.

9. Active1st TrueMetrix Testing Kit

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Why we like it: The Active1st TrueMetrix testing kit contains everything that you need to draw, test, and document your blood glucose levels.

If this is the first time that you have to buy a blood glucose monitor, then you are probably not looking for anything too complicated or high tech. You will also need a meter that comes with all of the bells and whistles so that you will not need to add anything to it. Well, this kit will meet all of your needs and then some. You get the meter, lancets, lancing device, control solution, and test strips. You are fully set to go from the moment that you open up the box.

The meter is incredibly simple to use and has very few settings that you need to adjust. It is also quite accurate and provides your results in a timely manner. This is particularly useful for someone who is new to the process or isn’t all that great with technology. Another benefit with the TrueMetrix blood glucose meter only requires the smallest sample possible. Not only does this mean less pain for you, it is easier to use your fingers once you are done testing. This is a great buy for your first kit.