Why is it that blemishes always rear their ugly heads before important events? They always appear on the day of a date, big meeting, party, and other times when you need to look absolutely perfect. Then there are the blemishes such as dark circles, scars, and hyperpigmentation that are a permanent worry.

Since you don’t have a magic wand that can get rid of these blemishes in a second, you are going to have to go with the next best thing – concealer. These are makeup products that are the same color as your skin and can work to hide the red or darkened surface of a blemish. As a result, no one will even be able to tell that it’s there.

As you can imagine, a blemish concealer needs to be really good if you want to make sure that no one notices an angry zit or mark that has cropped up on your face. So, we decided to figure out just what concealers you can rely on when the going gets tough:

1. Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer

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Why we like it: The Boo-Boo Cover-Up concealer is easy to carry around with you and use. It also helps to heal blemishes and wounds too.

If you are someone who needs to look absolutely perfect even when they are on the go, you are going to find this Boo-Boo concealer quite useful. It is small and compact and can easily be taken with you wherever you go. Furthermore, it is just as easy to apply as well – you don’t have to spend ages blotting and blending it in. You simply have to dab a minute amount on and then make sure that it is unified with your skin.

While this may look like a really tiny package that will not last you long, this is simply not true. With this concealer, you should only use very little at a time as it can be spread out well. So, actually, this concealer will become your constant companion. Another benefit with this concealer is that it contains soothing and healing components that allow your blemish to heal quite quickly. So, you will not have to deal with zits and pimples for too long.

2. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

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Why we like it: The Almay Clear Complexion concealer is a multi-action product that offers you complete and full coverage among other things.

If you expect a lot from your concealer, then you really should consider the Almay Clear Complexion concealer. This is because it offers up many distinct advantages in one bottle. First of all, this concealer can be applied really smoothly, instantly covering up any and all blemishes that you might have. It is particularly easy to apply to your under eye area. In addition to this, the concealer also instantly soaks up any excess oil on your face to create a smooth, matte look for a longer period of time.

What’s really great about this concealer, though, is that it actually helps to soothe the blemishes that it is covering up. If you have a zit or a pimple that is looking inflamed and red, this concealer will help to calm it. It will also treat the spot so that it heals and goes away on its own that much faster. This is a hypoallergenic formula so you can use it on sensitive skin without fearing an adverse or allergic reaction. This concealer is available in three different shades.

3. bareMinerals Correcting Concealer

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Why we like it: The bareMinerals correcting concealer is a creamy, lightweight option that beautifully covers up all imperfections on your skin.

If you aren’t all that great at applying makeup, you will still find that it is quite easy to work with this bareMinerals correcting concealer. This is because it has a very creamy texture and can be applied onto your skin in smooth, clean strokes. This way, you don’t have to worry about it being set unevenly or leaving streaks on your face. The moment that it goes on your skin, any flaws that may have been there will disappear. This concealer works well with all kinds of blemishes including marks, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation.

The other perk of this correcting concealer is just how long lasting it is. Once it is on your face, it is really unlikely to budge. So, if you want, you can easily use it all day and night and require very few touch ups. This is certainly one concealer that you will not have to worry about slipping. As an added bonus, this concealer can protect you, to a certain extent from the sun’s harmful rays. This is because it has UV protection and is perfect for being worn outside in the daytime.

4. Physicians Formula Physician Strength Concealer

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Why we like it: The Physicians Formula physician strength concealer works to cover up even the most obvious marks and blemishes for longer.

Unfortunately, pimples and acne aren’t the only things that you have to deal with when referring to blemishes. There are also dark circles, discoloration, and even hyperpigmentation. Well, it doesn’t really matter what you are trying to cover up, the Physicians Formula concealer is able to do it beautifully. It also goes on well so that you don’t look like you are wearing makeup at all. With a light application, you will not be able to see anything except smooth, flawless skin.

Not only does this concealer cover up everything imaginable, it is also a formula that will simply not budge. In fact, once it is applied, you can expect coverage for twelve hours after! So, if you are attending a long function and need to look amazing for as long as possible, this is the concealer that you should use. Since it is semi-matte, you will not have to worry about the makeup slipping off or wiping away, even if you are outdoors.

5. L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer

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Why we like it: The L’Oreal Paris True Match concealer is available in several shades, making it compatible with most skin tones and hues.

If you have ever gone looking for makeup then you know just how difficult it is to find one that matches your skin tone well. Usually, you end up either looking too pale or too dark – nothing like your true color. Well, with the True Match concealer, this is a thing of the past. You can choose from nine different hues to find your perfect match. Due to this compatibility, it looks a lot more natural when you try to cover up your blemishes and makes the concealer easier to blend.

This concealer has an excellent, pointed applicator. As a result, it is easier to apply it in smaller spots for even and better coverage. The consistency of the concealer also means that it goes on smoothly and can be easily smoothed over to look as though it is a part of your actual skin tone. In addition to covering up certain imperfections, this concealer is also really good at brightening up your overall complexion. You get to enjoy a healthy and beautiful glow that looks all too natural.

6. Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

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Why we like it: The Revlon PhotoReady concealer helps you look absolutely perfect regardless of what light or environment that you are in.

Fluorescent lighting is absolutely savage to pretty much everyone. Not only does your real complexion look washed out, wearing makeup under this light can be a nightmare as well. This is because this harsh lighting reveals all of the places that you have dabbed and spotted your concealer. With this Revlon PhotoReady concealer, though, it isn’t a problem. The photochromatic pigments in the makeup behave like real skin, deflecting and bending light. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, you will always look absolutely flawless.

Of course, this concealer doesn’t just work well in harsh lighting, it is also actually really useful when going out into the sun. This is because it has an SPF 23 rating, which actually gives you a decent amount of protection from the harmful UV rays. This makes it a great concealer to wear all day long, inside and outside. You will be able to look as though you are always airbrushed and also get some great protection in the process. What more could you ask from your concealer?

7. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer

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Why we like it: The Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish concealer is truly remarkable because it actually contains acne medicine to help with breakouts.

There are few things that can be quite as frustrating as acne. It can crop up at any time, lasts for way too long. No to mention, it can be difficult to use makeup to cover it up since these products can aggravate the acne even further. The Neutrogena concealer is equipped to deal with such breakouts though. This is because it actually contains acne medicine that treats the acne while you are wearing it. This way, your acne can disappear easily and quickly, without you even noticing it.

Not only can you treat the acne that has appeared on your face with this concealer, you can even help to prevent future breakouts. This way, you can keep your skin clearer for longer. This concealer, although it offers full coverage, is quite lightweight. Because of this, there is no harm in you blocking up your pores and causing further breakouts. The dispenser on this concealer makes it quite simple to apply the makeup, especially if you are looking to target certain areas of your face. Also, you don’t have to really get the makeup on your fingers either.

8. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

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Why we like it: The Maybelline New York Fit Me concealer is great for hiding marks and dark circles while being incredibly lightweight.

There is no denying that dark circles can totally detract from the rest of the features on your face. Once people see the bags under your eyes all they can do is ask if you are tired. Well, since there are much better things that they should be focusing on, you should give this Fit Me concealer a try. With a couple of dabs, you will have bright and smooth skin around your eyes, not a hint of blue or purple to be seen. You will look fresh and well-rested all day long.

The other great thing about this concealer is how lightweight it is and how lightly it can be applied to your skin. Now, there are a couple of advantages to this. First, it means that you don’t have to be concerned with the makeup clogging up your pores and causing any pimples or acne. The other benefit is that the light coverage means that the natural hues and highlights of your skin can still be seen underneath. This makes your entire appearance look a lot more organic and avoids that dreaded caked-on look.

9. NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar

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Why we like it: The NYX Professional Makeup Concealer offers you a full coverage concealer that is easy to apply. You get the benefits of a high quality brand without the high quality budget.

Having the right conceal on hand can do wonders for your overall look. One of the best brands to consider shopping when it comes to your next concealer is the NYX brand. Over the past couple of years, this brand has grown in popularity to the point that you can find this once underrated brand in more drug stores than once before. While it is accessible in these locations, it should not be considered as your typical “drug store makeup” because of the quality of the product falls right in line with other products of higher end brands.

With the NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar, users can look forward to a high-quality concealer that delivers absolute full coverage. This full coverage capability works to minimize the appearance of any skin imperfection you might be dealing with. Applying the NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar is rather easy as well because the concealer is unlike others in the sense that it is incredibly creamy. Application is easy and effortless especially when it comes to problem areas. When you are applying the NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar you don’t need to use any brushes because you can simply use a swatch of your fingertip to work the concealer in. While you can the NYX Professional Makeup Concealer directly over your makeup, you can apply it directly onto your bare skin as well. If you have sallow skin, then you will want to use the lavender shade beforehand. If you deal with a lot of redness and rosacea, then you will want to use the green shade beforehand. Using these shades beforehand will help correct any color inconsistency so that you have the best coverage and look possible.