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At least at some point in our lives, we all would’ve experienced getting blackheads. Blackheads are another common skin related condition that is quite similar to pimples. In fact, blackheads are quite related to acne, in that they block the pore in your skin which causes a build-up of fluid substances produced by your body. Although blackheads can form on any part of your body, it tends to usually form on your face, which gives you all the more reason to try and remove them. Unlike pimples, blackheads aren’t as easy to remove simply by using cosmetic products, so sometimes it is more effective to use a blackhead remover to remove them. These removers tend to come in a kit, which has all the tools necessary to remove the blackheads without causing injury to your skin. Here are some of the best blackhead removers out there.

1. BESTOPE Blackhead Remover


The BESTOPE Blackhead Remover is one of the best-selling blackhead removal kits that are out there. The extractor costs around $30 usually but if you managed to find it on sale, you could get it for a lot cheaper. The kit comes with all the necessary tools that you need to remove blackheads, acne and also several other facial blemishes. The needle that comes with the kit is electroplated so that it does not cause any damaged to your skin or your pores. Further, it is also quite sharp so that you can extract the blemish with precision. The tools in the kit are all made of stainless steel and have an anti-bacterial coating on them in order to minimize the chances of you getting an infection. There is also a very easy to use the handles on the tools which let you grip the needles and extracting tools comfortably. Bestope also gives you one year warranty with the product.

2. Dermatique 5-Piece Blackhead Remover Kit


The Dermatique 5-Piece Blackhead Remover Kit is another one of the best-selling blackhead removal kits that are out there. This product costs a lot more than the kit we featured by Bestope, however, it sometimes does go on sale where you can get it for a much more affordable price. The kit can be used to extract not just blackheads, but also acne and other facial blemishes from your skin. It gives you a good solution to prevent your skin getting scarred due to untreated blackheads on your skin. There are five different removers that come with the kit and each of them features a very comfortable handle to let you remove the blackheads comfortably. The tools are all made of stainless steel so that you can ensure that they are sterilized properly and do not corrode over time. Dermatique also provides good after sales service so you can contact them if you are having any trouble using the product.

3. ElleSye UBeauty 5-in-1 Blackhead Remover Kit


The ElleSye UBeauty 5-in-1 Blackhead Remover Kit is quite similar to the kit that we featured by Bestope, however, it is significantly much cheaper. The kit includes five different tools which can help you with extracting blackheads and pimples from your face. The tools are all made of stainless steel which can be easily sterilized and does not corrode over time. Cleaning the tools after using them should be quite simple. Each tool is double sided so you can use it for removing blemishes regardless of their size. When using the kit, it is important that you grip the tool comfortably in order to avoid damaging your skin. For this reason, the grip of the tools all come with a non-slip handle to ensure that you can comfortably hold the tools while you perform the extraction. Another interesting feature of this product is the travel case that comes with the kit, where you can put in all the tools if you want to take it with you on your travels.

4. Crystal Clear Blackhead & Pimple Remover


The CCS Blackhead Remover Pimple Extractor is another one of the top products that we have found for removing blackheads. However, you may want to wait for it to come on sale as it is priced on the expensive side. You can use the extractor tools for both blackheads and also pimples. What makes this kit so special is that it comes with a comprehensive instruction manual as well. The manual contains detailed instructions on how you can use the kit as effectively as possible without injuring your skin. You will receive the instruction manual in the form of an e-book so the kit does not come with a hard copy of it. The tools in the kit are made of a high-quality material that will ensure both safety and also hygiene when you use it. The tools can be sterilized easily and are resistant to corrosion. Crystal Clear also gives you a lifetime guarantee with the product, along with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

5. JPNK Blackhead Remover 6 PCS


This is one of the more affordable blackhead remover kits that are out there and it is also one of the best there is. The kit comes with 6 different tools which you can use to remove blackheads of all sizes. It is not restricted just to blackheads though as you can use the kit to also remove pimples and whiteheads with ease. You can get pretty much the similar facial treatment that you’d get from a beauty salon, without having to pay the large costs. The tools are all made of stainless steel, so you can use it without damaging your skin. The handles of all the tools have an anti-slip surface which can effectively improve its grip. This will ensure that you can extract the blemishes with precision while gripping it comfortably. There is also a leather bag that comes with the kit, which you can use to carry the tools while you are traveling. The drawback is there is no instruction manual that comes with it, but you can always look up one on the internet.

6. ETTG Electric Facial Pores Cleanser


Since all of the products that we have listed so far, come in the form of surgical steel tools, we decided to feature another top product which uses a different mechanism. This product still falls in the range of the others that we have listed on our list, so it is still one of the affordable products out there. The machine uses the process of suction to effectively remove the blemishes and impurities on your skin. It is also quite portable, making it easy to carry around even when you are traveling. This machine is powered electrically, so you will need to install an AA size battery to power it up. The battery does not come included with the machine so you will have to purchase it separately. Apart from just removing blackheads, the machine can also reduce the appearance of any large pores that you have and thereby remove all the dirt and oils that are built up on your skin.

7. Professional Blackhead Remover Tool Kit


This is another cheap blackhead extractor kit that you can purchase to remove your facial blemishes. Just like the other kits that we have featured, this also can be used on other facial blemishes as well, rather than blackheads alone. There are five tools that come with the kit, each of which is significant to one another, allowing you to use it on blemishes of any size. The handles of the tools have an anti-slip surface that ensures that you can grip it comfortably while you extract the blackheads. Since cleanliness is also quite important, the tools come electroplated in order to help make the sterilization process a lot easier. All the tools in the kit are made of stainless steel so it will not corrode over time. The product has been recommended by dermatologists as being safe to use on your skin. Best also gives you a money-back satisfaction guarantee, which should give you all the more reason to choose this product.

8. DaBee Blackhead & Splinter Remover Tools


This blackhead removal kit by DaBee is less versatile than all of the other products that we listed, however, it is still one of the best out there. The kit comes with only two tools, one of them being a tweezer-like tool and the other the blackhead extraction tool. Since this comes in only one size, it may not be able to remove blackheads of all sizes, however, the tool is double ended, with the other loop being a lot smaller. The tools are made of stainless steel which can ensure that you can sterilize the tools properly. The tweezer can come in handy for not just removing blackheads, but also for the safe extraction of ingrown hairs and also splinters that may have got trapped on your skin. The product is quite cheap to purchase as it costs only around $10. There is also a carrying case made of tin, which gives this product great value for its cheap price.

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