Best Birdhouse Kits

Want to build a birdhouse, or teach your kids how to do it? Building a birdhouse is a lovely way to spend time with kids and teach them invaluable skills. However, it can be difficult to find the necessary items in suburbia. A quick solution will be to buy a birdhouse kit that children, or interested adults, can assemble at home. Birdhouse kits come with items like wooden panels pre-cut to measurements. They can be assembled together with nails, screws or with glue. Some kits also come with outdoor paint to decorate. If you would like to build your own birdhouse or gift one, here is a list of great birdhouse kits available online.

1. Build a Bird House


This highly affordable birdhouse kit is suitable for both kids and adult enthusiasts alike. The kit is easy and very fun to assemble. However, it’s very educational as well. The dimensions o the finished birdhouse is 6 inches tall, 10 inches tall with the roof, about 5 inches on the front and 8 inches on the sides each. The parts come unpainted, so once the birdhouse has been assembled, the kids can have fun painting. The kit includes 7 wood panels for the birdhouse, 4 paint pots, hanging chain, a paint brush, nails and wood glue. An instruction leaflet with a step by step guide for assembly is included. Building this birdhouse is not just about hammering on nails. Kids will learn to use the wood glue as well. One of the biggest perks is that the roof is permanently attached. The kit is suitable for kids aged 5 and up.

2. Toysmith Paint-a-Birdhouse Kit


If you want to engage in a cool and interesting DIY project with kids, but without too much building, this birdhouse kit would be quite fun. It’s not meant to be a build-from-scratch birdhouse like the one above. This is really a paint-the-birdhouse, then hang the birdhouse, kind of project. It’s still very informative and educational for any kid aged 5 or above. Adults too, especially those who love decorating the garden with hand-painted items, will love this. The birdhouse comes pre-made from high-quality material. The kit comes with a hanging chain, 4 paint pots, and a 5-inch paint brush. Be aware though that the paint and the brush is not professional artist grade. If you plan on intensive painting, it’s recommended to buy more outdoor paint, and perhaps a sturdier brush too. With the link chain, the birdhouse can stand 65 inches tall. The opening is a 1-3/16 inch hole. The birdhouse itself is too small for some house birds like robins, but smaller birds, and sometimes small squirrels, love taking up residence.

3. Melissa & Doug Birdhouse Craft Kit


This is easy to assemble wooden birdhouse intended for DIY projects with kids. The kit includes wooden panels, screws, four pots of paint and a paintbrush. Once the kids have assembled the birdhouse, they can have fun painting it as well. The birdhouse is quite sturdy once finished, even though it’s intended as a kids craft project. The kids will have to figure out where each part goes and then screw everything in. There’s no need to nail anything, unless if you feel like the screws are loose. You can complement the provided paint with outdoor paint in needed. The paint provided is of quite good quality and can last several months in the sun and the rain. The dimensions of the birdhouse are 5×7 inches. The birdhouse has a hook on the back panel for hanging indoors or outdoors. Because the screws can be choking hazards, this kit is not recommended for children under the age of 3.

4. Songbird Essentials DIY Build a Birdhouse Kit


This is a standard birdhouse building kit suitable for adults, kids and the elderly. The birdhouse is every easy to build and is made from sturdy cedar. Cedar wood is known to be long lasting, sturdy and largely resilient to changing weather conditions. The kit comes with wooden panels and small instructions manual. The entrance hole is 1 1/2 inches and is suitable for most types of small birds—like wrens and bluebirds— common in home gardens. This is a nail in the birdhouse. If you are working with a small child or someone with unsteady hands, it’s possible to use screws instead. However, you will have to pre-drill holes for the screws. The top can be nailed in permanently, or you can use two nails on one side so it opens like a lid. This is the best option if you plan on cleaning the birdhouse. Directions manual also show how to use only one nail on a side to open the birdhouse for cleaning.

5. Wood Bird House Kit Complete with Nails


This is a highly educational birdhouse kit suitable for ages 5 and up. The kit comes with nails and will involve kids having to figure out where everything goes. Assembling this kit is a bit tougher than others on the list. Because it involved nailing the wooden panels together, it’s best to give kids training in hammering before letting them build this. It’s most suited for Cub Scout girls and boys. The wooden panels can be quite delicate. Once finished, this birdhouse is handsome and has a classic look. The design has been improved, so the new kit comes with better quality wood slats and clearer instructions. If you intend to hand this up on a tree, use a small chain and eye screws (not sold with the kit). The birdhouse is about 4 inches long and wide. It’s best suited for sparrows. There’s a hole in the birdhouse for baby sparrows to stick their heads out waiting for mom to bring worms.

6. Church Bird House Kit


This is an adorable birdhouse you can put together with kids and then paint. The kit comes with wood pieces and instructions written in a manner that kids can understand. The finished product resembles a church shape; that is to say, this is a tall birdhouse with plenty of space inside. Size after assembly will be 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 3.0 inches. The kit is relatively easy to assemble for an adult. The kids, however, might require some patience. It’s a great kit for older kids to teach DIY and problem-solving skills. Nails have to be purchased separately. Adults should note that the nails this birdhouse requires are quite small. Larger hands might thus have trouble handling them. The pine wood panels come well polished in a stylish way. If your kids still want to paint over them, they can. You will have to purchase outdoor, weatherproof paint separately.

7. Pineiro Unfinished Bird House Wood Kit


This is a tougher assembling birdhouse kit most suited for ages 8 and up. The kit comes with nine wooden parts, nails and an instructions leaflet on how to put it together. The nails are quite sharp, so be cautious when handling them with children. The wooden parts have pre-punched holes for the nails. Parts can also be glued together (glue must be purchased separately). This kit is good for serious projects to teach kids handicraft skills and puzzle solving skills. Older children should be able to assemble the kit by themselves. It’s best to supervise all kids because of the small parts. This birdhouse has a small ground panel so it’s not suitable for mounting on a flat surface. Use a chain or more nails to hang the birdhouse or fix it onto a surface. The wooden panels are quite sturdy, so you can be assured that the birdhouse will last several years. The surface of the wood is unpolished, so you can paint it once the birdhouse has been assembled.

8. Perfect Life Ideas See Through Bird House


This is a DIY birdhouse perfect for bird watchers and aspiring ornithologists. The birdhouse comes with a semi-transparent sticker, so people can watch birds without scaring them away. The back of the birdhouse is made from plexiglass to see the birds feeding and sleeping. The product is perfect to install on the outside, like a window, to watch from inside the house. The birdhouse measures 8 inches x 4 inches and 9 inches in height. Bird entrance hole is about an inch in diameter. Assembling the birdhouse is easy and does not require tools. So, if you have smaller kids you can get them involved without worrying about accidental injuries. This birdhouse does not come with a hanging chain, as there are suction cups on the back panel to stick onto a surface. The suction cups work fine, but if a bigger bird comes, extra support may be necessary.

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