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Home beer brewing has probably never been more popular than it is today. More and more home breweries are becoming microbreweries and creating some amazing brews. It can be fun to experiment with different blends and specialty brews. You may even stumble upon the next best craft beer, which is a huge trend that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If you are thinking of getting in on the action, or if you simply like the idea of creating and enjoying your very own beer, here are some of the best beer brewing starter kits to help get you started.

Brewery in a Box Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit


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This isn’t just your average starter kit. It actually has a ton of stuff for the regular brewer looking to expand the brewery. It costs about $200. There’s a pair of glass bottles for fermentation at 6 and 5 gallons, plus almost everything else you’ll need to create a perfect Chinook IPA. The recipe kit is included to give you a starting point. All the cleaning materials are also included. Of course, the problem is that you don’t get bottles and a kettle, but this is an otherwise comprehensive kit. You’ll also get a handy DVD to teach you how to use the setup and brew your very own recipes.


BrewDemon Signature Beer Kit


Product Info
  • Experience the amazing taste and pride that only home brewed beer can offer. All BrewDemon kits feature the finest...
  • Brew like the pros with the world's first 3-gallon conical fermenter.
  • Makes 2 gallons of great-tasting beer fast and easy.

For a hundred bucks, you can get a totally comprehensive and high-quality beer making kit. This set can make a good two gallons of your favorite recipes within a fortnight. It also gives you a special recipe from BrewDemon for a light malt beer. There’s a temperature gauge, bottles, a bottle filler and hose, and several other pieces of equipment that will leave you in want of nothing when you set out to brew your beers. This is an excellent starter kit for those who have never tried brewing before, but will also make a great addition for the connoisseur.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit


Product Info
  • The Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes brewing beer at home simple, fun,...
  • Created by published beer authors, our award-winning, all-grain kits are made in America and designed to be brewed on...
  • The kit includes: our Everyday IPA making mix (grain, hops and yeast), 1 gallon reusable glass fermenter, glass...

For just under $40, you can get a simple system for brewing your own Indian pale ale. The kit comes with a one-gallon glass fermenting chamber with an airlock and glass thermometer. It also includes a racking cane, tubing and tubing clamp, and a screw cap and sanitizer packet. The beer mix includes grain, hops, and yeast. Unfortunately, this kit falls short without a strainer, bottles, and funnel. You’re limited to brewing just one gallon at a time in this not so comprehensive system. However, if you don’t mind sourcing some extra materials for the beer, this kit will still serve you well.

Home Brew Ohio Beer Equipment Kit


Product Info
  • Easy to Use
  • Our Equipment Kits are assembled using the finest quality materials available.
  • With our easy to read instructions your assured a great brew every time.

The Home Brew Ohio kit is about 70 bucks, but it does give you plenty to work with for the price. It comes with a whopping 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket, a 5-gallon glass carboy, a brew rack and fill kit, sanitizer, thermometer, and a whole lot more. But the best part of this kit? It comes with a thorough instruction guide to help you brew everything from a lager to a Belgian ale. Of course, unlike many of the other sets on this list, this brew kit doesn’t come with some samples or materials that you can use to create a brew, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you can easily source the ingredients.


Craft A Brew Hefeweisen Beer Brewing Kit


Product Info
  • MAKE YOUR OWN BEER – Be more than a beer drinker; be a beer maker! This craft beer kit turns beer lovers into beer...
  • GERMAN-STYLE HEFEWEIZEN – This brewing kit lets you brew refreshing, silky smooth Hefeweizen. This Bavarian wheat beer...
  • HOME BREW STARTER KIT – Designed to help first-timers and hobbyists alike get the most of their beer experience, this...

Less than fifty dollars is all it will cost you to get this little brewing kit. This set comes with a comprehensive guide to help new brewers learn the art of beer brewing. The small set up can make a gallon of beer and comes with all the basics of the equipment you’ll need. It doesn’t come with bottles though, so you’ll need to source your own. The Craft A Brew crew send along a special recipe and ingredients to create a smooth, tropical-tasting beer. Start off with their special brew and learn the basics. Then you can create and try a bunch of other recipes!

PicoBrew Craft Beer Brewing Appliance


Product Info
  • Brews 5 liters of your favorite craft beer at a time - the equivalent of (13) 12-ounce bottles - using pico Pak, kits...
  • Select pico Pak from award-winning beers from a growing list of over 180 large and small breweries around the world...
  • Fine-tune the ABV (alcohol Content) and ibu (bitterness level) of any pico Pak to your liking, or create a custom...

This is the one high-tech and modern set up on this list, and it is also the most expensive. This appliance is more for the person who wants to easily and quickly create the precise blend every time. Old schoolers and purists may prefer other sets on this list. This appliance helps you to customize your beer easily, with several adjustable settings to create a particular and precise recipe. You can get prepackaged beer brews from the company or create your very own. You can even set the alcohol content and bitterness level! Definitely worth every penny if you’re a true beer lover.

German Oktoberfest Brewer’s Best Kit


Product Info
  • Brewer's Best German Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit
  • IBUs: 22-26
  • ABV: 5.25% - 5.75%

This kit costs less than fifty bucks, but it has all that you will need and then some! The authentic kit can make an incredible 5 gallons of brew and you can create several blends and produce many batches with the included ingredients. You’ll get malt extract, specialty grain, priming sugar, yeast, hops, and some spices and flavorings! You’ll get the container, tubing, and everything you need to make you feel like you’re right in the heart of a German Oktoberfest, making your own brews. The instruction guide is detailed too, so this is pretty much perfect for the novice brewer.


Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Brewing Set


Product Info
  • Best beer Kit for Beginners - Our beer kits are designed for the first-time brewer in mind Step-by-step instructions,...
  • Only Takes 30 Minutes of Your Time to Brew - Using our hopped Malt extract you can brew up a batch of beer in less than...
  • Includes the Best Ingredients to Get Started - Brewing with Mr. Beer’s Hopped Malt Extracts are perfect for any...

This kit comes with everything you need to create your own beer plus some world-famous established brews. You’ll get your very own keg for fermenting your brews, and it can brew a good 2 gallons or 16 pints of your own beer. The kit also gives you some delicious brewing extracts to try yourself, so this is a good starting point if you don’t know the first thing about home brewing just yet. It includes the Aztec Mexican Cerveza extract and the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner extract. It even has more than ten reusable bottles for you to store your brews in. A special brewing yeast will help you to create the perfect blends for your taste buds. This set costs just 50 bucks!

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