If you have started growing and maintaining a beard, then you need to know how to take good care and groom your beard correctly. There are three products that many beard enthusiasts use to keep their facial hair well managed. Beard oil is used to keep facial hair hydrated and conditioned, but it also helps to soften the beard and treat the hair follicles. Beard wax helps to protect the facial hair somewhat like hairspray and to style and neaten the beard. Beard balm is usually something like a mix of wax and oil. It is not as strong a hold as wax offers, but it’s good for shorter beards. It also has the conditioning aspect of oil. With the trend of oils, waxes, and balms spreading like wildfire, this list discusses some of the best beard balms available in 2017

Hoots Naturals Beard Balm

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If you are having trouble getting the thickness that you want out of your beard, Hoots Natural balm may be just the thing for you. This beard balm has gotten Vitamin E that can really help with the volume of your facial hair, making it nice and full. Organic hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, and more are great for ensuring that your beard remains optimally moisturized. This prevents breakage and the beard from being too rough or unruly.

This balm also treats the skin beneath your beard, helping it to remain healthy for the best possible beard. The jojoba oil and rosemary extract actually help to prevent dandruff in this region. This means that you will not have to worry about itchy or irritated skin. Another one of the benefits of this balm is that comes in a large quantity – you will certainly not be running out of it anytime soon.

Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner

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Mr. Rugged beard balm is exactly what you need if you are looking for a balm to take care of multiple aspects of your beard growth. From your hair follicles to your skin and the strands themselves, everything is taken care of. This balm uses all natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate your beard hair. It uses jojoba oil, argan oil, olive oil, soybean oil, essential oils, pumpkin seed oil, wheat germ oil, beeswax, and others.

All of this works to eliminate itchiness or irritation of the skin while nourishing the hair follicles. You can also expect your beard to be easier to style as well as the balm makes it easier to manage over time. If your beard tends to suffer due to the weather or the elements, you have to worry no more. This balm will help to protect it from these factors. The smell is quite incredible as well.

Scotch Porter All Natural Men’s Beard Balm

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If you are looking to nourish your beard and boosts its health and wellbeing, there is no better way to do this than Scotch Porter’s beard balm. This is because this balm is bringing with wholesome, good, and natural ingredients. Not only does this make it absolutely safe for you, it also ensures that your beard is going to look its best in no time at all. In addition to conditioning your beard hair, this balm also targets the skin below it. This increases your skin’s hydration and prevents that dreaded beard itch that crops up every now and then.

You can also guarantee that you will not have to worry about dandruff while using this product. If you are suffering from a wild and unruly beard, your prayers are about to be answered. You will soon be able to experience hair that is softer, smoother, and can more easily be tamed.

BushKlawz Urban Prince Beard Balm

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The Urban Prince balm is specially made for dry and brittle facial hair. If you’re dealing with especially damaged or unruly hair, this may be the product you need. One of the major problems people with beards have to deal with is itchiness and sometimes even dandruff.

This balm is designed to treat those problems and at the same time keep your hair smooth, soft, and hydrated. It contains jojoba oil and argan oil, for thicker hair, shea butter, and almond oil to prevent dandruff, and beeswax and castor oil to moisturize. It also has a strong, masculine scent.

Honest Amish All Natural Beard Balm

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The Honest Amish Beard Balm is specially designed for vegans, but it should be avoided by people with nut allergies. It contains several healthy, organic ingredients that will nourish your hair from the first use on. It contains several nut butter and fruit, including shea butter, aloe, cocoa butter, grape seed, avocado, virgin argan, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel oils. There are no preservatives or synthetic chemicals in this product either.

The formula will work to promote healthy hair growth while softening and moisturizing dry and stiff hair. Neaten your beard and tame wild stray hairs with this balm. You can also deal with split ends, as this formula will quickly heal the damage.

Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

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This beard balm looks terrifying on the outside, but it’s made from the best natural ingredients to treat your facial hair. The GBS beard balm contains ingredients that are good for the hair and the skin, including coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, pure apricot oil, and vitamin E.

These ingredients will soften the skin and the hair, while giving the beard a bit of hold. So you can keep down those flyaway hairs and condition your beard with this balm. You’ll feel the difference almost at once, and it smells amazing too.

Rugged Roots Beard Balm

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If you want healthy skin and a healthy beard, then Rugged Roots is the beard balm for you. This is because all of the ingredients have been carefully chosen to have a specific and optimal impact on your face as well as your beard. To hydrate and nourish the beard, jojoba oil and argan oil is used, creating the perfect level of moisture and hydration.

To make sure that there is as little inflammation or irritation as possible, there is beeswax which also helps with style and holds. Then, there is grape seed oil which helps to prevent ingrown hairs, thus eliminating infection and clogged pores. Due to the natural nature of all of these components, they are easily absorbed into the hair and skin. This allows for the best possible effect. You also have a slight but pleasant orange cedar fragrance, allowing your beard to be all the more attractive.

Art Naturals Beard and Mustache Balm

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The Art Natural balm is excellent for people who frequently deal with frizzy beards and mustaches, itching, irritation, and course, dry hair. The ingredients in this formula include mango butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax, and sweet orange oil. These oils and butter in combination will work wonders for the skin and hair. It also means this is one of the beard balms that people with nut allergies can use safely.

The balm offers excellent, pomade-like hold too, and makes your beard smell clean thanks to the deodorizing effect of the sweet orange oil. Your follicles will be fortified and your hair will be soft, deeply conditioned, and strong.

The Manskape Co Wild Willie’s Beard Balm

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If you have an itchy beard that sits in a big unruly mess on your chin, you might like the good hold and alleviating properties of Wild Willie’s balm. Though it doesn’t offer the strongest hold, it certainly keeps unruly beards and stray hairs in place for quite a while. It will also moisturize the skin, reduce irritation, and it will prevent your skin from itching and flaking. The thirteen ingredients used work to moisturize and promote growth from the inside out. This includes a variety of essential oils, butter, carrier oils, and vitamins.

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

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If you have a particularly unruly beard, this balm may help you. The Smooth Viking balm has jojoba oil, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and safflower oil, to name a few of the natural ingredients. It’s easy to manage your facial hair with this balm to keep everything neat and tidy.

It will give your beard a little boost to improve the growth, keeping it conditioned, soft, and healthy. The formula used works to strengthen the hairs while moisturizing at the same time. You will be able to tame and style the beard without fuss.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm

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This product has eight different essential oils and no additives or synthetic chemicals in it. A balm is a good option for men who need a lot of control for their beards. This balm doesn’t feel greasy or oily, and it doesn’t weigh down the beard either.

The light balm comes with a eucalyptus and cedar scent (perhaps an ideal choice for actual lumberjacks?), and also contains beeswax and shea butter. This means you get a nourishing, moisturizing effect with every use. Your beard will remain soft and neat, and it won’t hurt that you’ll smell good too.

Beard Balm All Natural Easy-to-Use Beard Conditioner

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Much like its simple name implies, this beard balm gets straight to the point when it comes to your beard. It has been specifically created to be the only balm that you ever need to reach for. It does not matter whether you have just started your beard growing venture or if you have been doing it for some time.

This natural balm will help you regardless. You can expect nourishment, hydration, and alleviation of skin problems. What’s more, you can say goodbye to a frizzy, crushed beard that may be prone to split ends. If your beard is not as full as you would like it to be, this beard balm can help you cover up some of that patchiness. In addition, to be a very effective product, Beard Balm is also a very conscientious venture. All of the ingredients are naturally and locally sourced, minimizing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Tasmania Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm

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This beard balm has been around for over twenty years so it is clear that Professor Fuzzworthy knows what he is doing. All of the components are natural, making it entirely safe to use on your face. This beard balm coats your beard, making sure that it is protected from any further external damage. At the same time, the nourishing natural ingredients work to make the beard hair softer and more lustrous.

The balm also contains Kunzea oil which helps to minimize the itchy feeling of your beard. This balm is also great if you are looking for something that will help keep your beard tame. It offers up a slight hold, making your hair look more kempt and stylish. You will also find it easier to shape your beard as a result. By using this product, you are also rewarded with a gentle yet undeniable herbal and woody scent.

Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm

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The Mountaineer Brand beard balm offers up a good solution for anyone who suffers from irritation due to their beard. If you are prone to dry skin, dandruff, or itchiness, you will find this balm to be quite relieving. Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and many other nutritious oils work in harmony with one another to create a soft and nourishing balm. This, in turn, helps to keep the skin continuously hydrated and taken care of. This means it remains healthy and free of irritation.

This balm is also quite useful if you have issues with keeping your beard hair soft and tame. You will find that the strands are a lot less coarse over time. They will also become easier to style and groom. The balm is lightly and naturally scented and does not contain any synthetic fragrances. The balm is also vegan, cruelty-free, and contains ingredients of the highest quality.

The Gentlemen’s Bay Rum Beard Balm

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This beard balm offers a bit of hold to keep your beard neat and tidy, especially if you have coarse hair and split ends. The balm helps to hydrate and strengthen the hairs, repair damaged and dry hair. It will also treat the skin and moisturize the hair from the root up.

The balm contains beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, chamomile flower extract, and argan seed oil, among many other organic natural ingredients. This means that you will get a good conditioning for your beard, leaving it to feel soft, smooth, and tame. A little bit goes a long way with this balm.