Looking for a way to get your sunbathe on while you relax at the beach? A beach blanket can help you with that!

Beach blankets are the go-to accessory for any trip to the beach and an essential tool for sunbathers. You can lay them out on the sand and rest comfortably on top while you read your new novel or browse through the internet on your phone. Beach blankets also provide you with protection from any hard objects buried within the sand and shield your body from the sand itself. Best of all, as our list will show, most beach are relatively cheap!

Camco 42805 60″ x 78″ Handy Mat with Strap

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Why we like it: This durable blanket is mildew-resistant, features two handy pockets, and is easy to carry with its built-in handle!

Want an easy-to-transport beach blanket with great features? The Camco Handy Mat proves it’s the blanket you’ve been looking for with its size and convenience. This large beach mat comes in a large 60″ x 78″ size, but easily folds down into a compact size of 10.5″ x 15″ for easy storage. This beach mat, which has two built-in straps for easy carriage, weighs in at just 1 pound, making this blanket very lightweight! The beach mat’s durable polypropylene material is weatherproof and mold and mildew-resistant. The material the mat is made of is also beneficial in preventing the mat from fraying.

Did we mention this beach mat also comes with extra storage room? It features not just one, but two side pockets, allowing you to store all the additional items you need! The mat is also very easy to clean, all you need is some soap and water. The mat however is protected by a limited 1 year warranty, meaning you can get a replacement free of charge if you aren’t satisfied with your current mat.

GkGk Outdoor Picnic Mat Waterproof Beach Blanket

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Why we like it: A great compatible blanket, that’s easy to carry (in an attractive case), water and sand proof!

Looking for a beach blanket that’s easy to lay out and pack away? The GkGk Outdoor beach blanket assures you it cares about convenience with this easy-to-fold beach blanket. The beach blanket features stitched guidelines so that folding is made simple and easy. Not to mention, you will get to carry around this blanket in style, as it comes in an attractive purse-like design with built-in handles, making it suitable for traveling and camping as well. The beach blanket comes in a large 70″x56″ size, big enough to fit up to 5 people and folds down to a size of 8″ x 12″.

The beach blanket is water-resistant (on the top), waterproof (at the bottom), and sandproof and is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. The blanket is well suited to heavy duty use and acts as an excellent barrier against bad weather. The blanket is easy to wash with soap and water and sand can easily be swept off with a broom or brush. This beach blanket comes with a manufacturer warranty of 30 days, so if you aren’t satisfied you can get a new one or your money back!

Golyte Portable Lightweight Outdoor Beach Blanket

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Why we like it: A beach blanket that proves it’s super compatible, water and sand proof, lightweight, and even puncture resistant!

The Golyte beach blanket shows it’s the leading blanket when it comes to compatibility. This large-sized blanket is able to fold into an ultra-compact pouch that fits in the size of your hand. This large 63″ x 47″ blanket, that is 20 percent bigger than most other blankets, can fit up to four people and yet, fits into a small 4.5″ x 3.15″ pouch. In addition to its superior compatibility, this portable beach blanket is also very lightweight, weighing less than a pound! The blanket’s material is made of AEROCOOL RIPSTOP nylon, making the blanket water resistant, sand repellent, durable and breathable!

The Golyte blanket is perfect for a variety of uses such as being a: beach blanket, picnic mat, camping mat, emergency mat, and even a seat cover. The blanket also features four corner loops and sand pockets that can be used to hold your blanket down on windy days and secure tent stakes. The blanket is also puncture resistant, so you shouldn’t have to worry about holes in your blanket. The blanket’s zero-risk protection, cool and durable material, and compatibility makes it a great feature on our list.

Jhua Waterproof and Sandproof Large Picnic Mat

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Why we like it: This large blanket is easy to clean, waterproof, and comes in a great portable case!

The Jhua Waterproof and Sandproof mat isn’t your typical beach blanket. In fact, this blanket is actually a picnic mat that has the size to back it up. This picnic mat comes in a large 57″ x 79″ size, but is also easily compatible and can fold down to a 8″ x 12″ size. The Jhua picnic mat is suitable for all your outdoor needs such as beach trips or picnics, but it’s also great for hiking and camping, and is also very handy for your travel needs as well. This beach mat is great for keeping you and your family comfy, dry, and warm in all types of weather conditions, thanks to its waterproof, sand-proof, and moisture-proof features.

Did we mention the attractive case this mat comes in? You can easily carry around this beach mat in its trendy-looking case and simply whip it out when you’re ready to use it! This mat is very durable and easy to clean as you can effortlessly brush away stains with a damp cloth or a little soap and water. This versatile blanket is great for your kids to play on indoors and is perfect for you and your friends to eat on if you’re having a picnic.

Kahuna ‘Next Generation’ Parachute Beach Blanket

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Why we like it: This cool beach blanket is large (fitting up to 4 people), lightweight, and comes with 12 handy sand pockets!

The Kahuna Parachute beach blanket lives up to its name being large in size (8×8 feet to be exact). This oversized beach blanket, which is bigger than most other competitors, can comfortably fit you and your crew. That means, there is no longer a need for a disorganized mess of additional blankets. Despite its big size, this durable beach blanket is light and made from premium quality material. The beach blanket is made out of ultra-light parachute nylon which also helps in making this blanket durable. It’s extremely portable and carrying it around on the beach should be a breeze.

The Kahuna beach blanket is also sand-resistant and comes with 12 sand pockets to ensure the stability of your blanket while it lays on top of the sand. This beach blanket is also water-resistant, drying in mere minutes when exposed to liquids.This beach blanket is protected by a 1 year, full replacement warranty and is the versatile and durable blanket for your beach needs!

Ricdecor Beach Towel Oversized Blue Stripes Beach Towels for Kids with Anchor

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Why we like it:A large 100% durable towel that is soft, super-absorbent and fast-drying.

This super-soft microfiber towel just oozes high quality. It is 100% durable and perfect for a beach day. It is slightly thicker than your average towel, so offers a great deal of comfort. The microfiber material absorbs almost five times the amount of water than a regular cotton towel. This is why this towel makes the perfect beach towel.

Impressively, this towel dries itself incredibly quickly. Simply hang it outside for a few minutes and you’re ready to use it again. The size of this towel allows for the whole body to be consumed in it and will ensure to keep you warm and dry on a beach day.

Not only does this make a perfect beach towel, but it also makes a great blanket and would be perfect for a picnic on the beach. If you are looking for a realiable, durable, and effective beach towel then this is the perfect towel for you!

Polar Bear Sand Escape Compact Large Beach Blanket

Why we like it: A lightweight beach blanket made of quality rip-resistant material, features a pocket for your valuables, and is available in an assortment of colors!

Looking for a quality, lightweight blanket that can comfortably fit your family of 5? Look no further! The Polar Bear Sand Escape beach blanket comes in a large 114″ x 84″ size providing enough sitting room for the whole family. Despite being so large in size, this beach blanket is super lightweight and compact, being able to fold down to a size of just 6″ x 7″ and weighing a little over 1 lb! You can arrive to and leave the beach in style as you’ll get to carry around your beach blanket in a cool-looking drawstring bag that comes with the blanket.

Need some extra space for that tanning lotion or those sunglasses? This beach blanket comes with a valuables pocket, allowing you to safely store away your surplus beach necessities! In addition to that, this beach blanket is made out 100% ripstop nylon, which makes this blanket more durable and able to dry fast. The blanket is also sand-resistant, whereas a quick shake of the blanket will have sand gone in seconds.

Mad Grit Family Beach Blanket

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Why we like it: This beach blanket is perfect for children of all sizes, sand-proof, and portable and compact, making it great for travel!

If you want a blanket that is simple, soft, and durable, keep reading. Mad Grit perfectly incorporates those elements into their beach blanket which, by the way, is totally kid-friendly! The Mad Grit Family Beach Blanket is the blanket you’ll want to take along on your travels to the beach with its lightweight, sand-resistant design. The beach blanket is designed to make the sand fall right through it and keep your items safe. Thanks to this feature, you can put snacks on your blanket without the fear of sand getting into it. The beach blanket is capable of fitting 4-5 people with its 8′ 4″ x 6′ 6″ size dimensions.

Those dimensions pertain to the blanket’s X-large size option, but you can select its medium size option which stands at 6.5 ft x 5 ft (fitting 1-3 people). The blanket is portable, lightweight, and compact, coming with a handy carrying case that can be folded up to fit into any backpack or beach bag. One of the best things about this blanket (and the company) is that if you purchase one of these blankets, Mad Grit will donate 10% of all profits to charitable causes. Mad Grit even offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the blanket!

Wildorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

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Why we like it: It’s a huge blanket that’s also very compatible and versatile. The durable blanket features four sand anchors/convenient pockets for your items!

The Wildorn beach blanket proves it’s not your average beach blanket with its superior durable features. The blanket features four sand anchor pockets that can be filled with sand to weigh your blanket down and have it stay put on the beach. If you’re the kind of person who likes to sunbathe or lay down and read a good book on your beach mat, then you can turn those sand pockets into storage pockets instead and fill them with all sorts of accessories. Feel free to put your keys or even your wallet in the blanket’s exclusive front pocket meant for your valuables.

The Wildorn blanket puts the phrase “go big or go home” to use with its 63 sq.ft size, big enough to truly fit the whole family. This oversized blanket can also be very compact, being able to shrink down and fit into its 6 x 7 inch compression pouch. The blanket is made of strong, durable, lightweight and breathable 100% PARACHUTE nylon, making it sand and water-resistant. The blanket has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, making it a great add-on to our list.