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Batteries are one of the most common sources of power for all household portable items. Although some of these devices such as your TV remote or wall clock doesn’t consume much power, other appliances and devices can be a lot more demanding. Some such examples are remote controlled cars and various other children’s toys which run on battery. Your game console controller, such as Xbox or PlayStation controllers, are another one of the more battery demanding devices. For these devices, rechargeable batteries may be a lot more ideal to use than regular batteries. However, most rechargeable batteries do not come with a battery charger as well so you may need to purchase it separately. For this reason, we have made a list of some of the best battery recharges out there which will go well with your rechargeable batteries.

1. AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger


It should come as no surprise that AmazonBasics makes its appearance at the top of the list. The company has been known to deliver some of the best value for money products that are out there. This is not only one of the cheapest battery chargers out there but also one of the best in terms of quality and durability. The charger can charge up to four batteries which can be either AA or AAA sized. It would only take you four hours to charge the batteries, making it convenient to have if you own battery demanding electronic items. One of the best features of this charger is that it has a USB port as well so you can plug it into your power bank or computer rather than being only limited to a plug point. The form factor of the charger is quite small, so you can easily carry it around with you on your travel or even put it in your backpack.

2. EBL 8 Bay Battery Charger


The EBL 8 Bay is another one of our top picks for battery chargers due to its great value for money. This is another affordable battery charger which only costs around $25. What makes this battery charger quite special is that it can be used to charge Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries with ease. You can charge either AA or AAA batteries with the charger. The charger can charge up to eight batteries simultaneously, making it a definite must have if you have a lot of devices which use rechargeable batteries. Another great feature about this charger is its ability to automatically detect when there is a voltage spike or if the power input is not stable. It can the automatically stop charging until you plug it into a better power source. It also has protective features to prevent batteries from overcharging or overheating, thereby making it one of the safest chargers that are out there.

3. Energizer +B6 L6 Recharge Pro Charger


The Energizer battery charger is one of the most popular out there due to its availability in most countries. The Recharge Pro charger is one of the best battery chargers in the Energizer line of battery chargers. The charger can charge up to four batteries at the same time. The batteries only take around three to five hours to charge, after which the charger can automatically shut off to prevent it from overcharging. It also has various other features which can prevent any damage from occurring to your batteries. The charger supports both AA and AAA batteries, like most of the chargers on our list. However, it only supports NiMH batteries so it does not offer the versatility as the EBL charger. An interesting feature about the charger are the various visual indicators to indicate when the batteries are charging, when they have reached 50% charge and when the batteries are fully charged. There is also a wall outlet charger port built into the charger which can fold up when not being used.

4. Foxnovo F08 Battery Charger


If you own a lot of different types of rechargeable batteries and don’t mind spending extra on the batteries, then the Foxnovo battery charger is one of ideal picks. There are 8 slots on the charger which supports both AA and AAA sized batteries. However, what makes it truly special is its compatibility. The charger supports Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries, which a lot of chargers do not offer. There are also various LCD indicators on the charger which can show the status of the charger. The charger can automatically detect the type of batteries that are inserted, so you do not have to specify it yourself. Based on this, it can select the necessary current and voltage to deliver to the batteries, to prevent them from getting damaged. It is also capable of automatically shutting down the charging process once the batteries are fully charged. There are also various protective features in the charger which can prevent overheating or damage caused when the polarity of the batteries is reversed.

5. La Crosse Technology BC-700 Battery Charger


The La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger is another one of our favorite picks due to its unique features and looks. The charger costs just over $30, which makes it a mid-ranged charger in terms of price. The charger can charge up to four rechargeable batteries at the same time. You can insert either NiMH or NiCad batteries as they are both supported by the charger. As for the size, the charger can support either AA or AAA sized batteries only. But what we really liked about this charger is its displays. There is an LCD display for every slot in the charger which can show you how much each battery has charged. This is a feature that you will not find in most other battery chargers out there. There is also the option of selecting between various modes, depending on the task you wish to accomplish. You can either charge, discharge, refresh or test the batteries using the same charger.

6. Nitecore i4 Intellicharge Battery Charger


The Nitecore i4 is a cheaper option for a battery charger, but it also gives you various other purchasing options. There is the option of getting just the charger, which will cost you around $25, or you could choose to purchase it with various accessories which will be slightly more expensive. The charger can charge up to four batteries at the same time. This charger also has the feature of being able to indicate the level of charge for each of the batteries, but it only gives an approximate indication rather than exact numerical values. The charger supports various types of batteries such as Li-ion, Ni-MH, IMR and Ni-Cad batteries, yet maintains a cheap price of just $25. Another special feature of this charger is that it also supports AAAA batteries apart from just AA and AAA like most of the other chargers that are out there. You can choose between three different charging modes, including a trickle mode. However, the charger can automatically optimize the amount of voltage and current to deliver to each of the batteries, based on the level of charge in each of them.

7. EBL 906 Smart Charger


EBL makes its way onto our list with yet another expensive, yet convenient charger. The charger can support AA, AAA, C and D 9V batteries, which is something that most chargers do not support. The only real drawback of this charger is its expensive price point as it costs over $80. The design of the charger is another one of its plus points, as it features a box-like design with a lid as well. There are various LED visual indicators on the charger to notify you of the level of charge or even the battery type that is inserted. It also has an automatic cut-off feature which can stop charging the batteries when they are fully charged, in order to prevent overcharging them. Just like the previous product by EBL, this model also supports both Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery types. Though you can charge four batteries simultaneously for AA and AAA batteries, you can only charge two 9V batteries at the same time.

8. Panasonic Eneloop Batteries & Charger


Panasonic is another popular name when it comes to all things electronic related. The Panasonic Eneloop is one of the best battery chargers manufactured by the company as it delivers high-quality performance. The kit costs about $50, however, it does come with batteries included. There are 4 AAA batteries, 8 AA batteries, 2 D adapters and 2 C adapters included in the kit. Apart from this, there is also storage case and a battery charger that comes with it. All this makes this one of the best charging kits out there that you can buy due to its great value for money. The batteries are all reasonable quality and can be charged up to 2100 times. The fact that it has the C and D adapters as well, makes it easy to transform AA batteries into the respective sizes. Apart from this, the batteries have been tested to last for several years even when not used.

9. Duracell Ion Speed 4000 Battery Charger


Duracell is a common household battery brand when manufactures high quality batteries. If all the products we have listed so far are too sophisticated or expensive for you, then this is probably the best option for you. The charger can charge only two batteries simultaneously, however, it is quite OK considering that it costs just over $10. The strength of the charger lies in the fact that it can charge the batteries is about one to two and half hours to almost full charge. The charger only supports NiMH batteries and does not support other types. There are two AA and two AAA batteries that come included with the package, making it an even greater value for its low price. There is a charge status indicator on the charger which can indicate when the charging is complete. The charger also has an auto shutoff feature which can stop charging the batteries when they are fully charged.

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