Have you ever been to a fancy hotel and found yourself marveling at the luxurious sets of towels in the bathroom? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a set of your own, is there? Wouldn’t you like your guests to walk into the guest bathroom and walk out impressed? Moreover, wouldn’t you like to have a hot bath and then wrap yourself in a soft, warm, luxurious towel? You can have some incredible comfort and have a comprehensive and classy arrangement in the bathroom totally dedicated to drying off your hair and body after a bath or just after washing your hands! Here are some of the best towel sets you can get.

1. Chakir Turkish Linen Towel Set

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Talk about luxury! The Chakir Turkish Linen set truly looks and feels like luxury, and are reminiscent of those spa and hotel bathroom towel sets that inspired you in the first place. Though on the expensive side, these towels are made with amazingly soft Turkish cotton and are perfect for the elegant bathroom. This set comes with eight towels. The two large ones measure 27 by 54 inches, the two hand towels are 16 by 30 inches, and the four washcloths are 13 by 13 inches. The material used for this set is extremely soft, durable, and absorbent, and these towels can pretty much class up any bathroom.

2. Pinzon by Amazon 6-Piece Towel Set

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This towel has a medium density which means it will soak up water fast and dry quickly for a fresh feeling everytime you use it. Surprisingly it is so affordable. This towel set is amazing because it’s made of 100% Egyptian cotton! This material is known for being soft and yet also durable, absorbent and long lasting. You’ll get a set of two large bath towels at 30 x 56 inches, two hand towels at 18 x 30 inches, and two washcloths at 13 x 13 inches. You can easily wash and dry these towels in the machine without worrying about them shrinking or getting ruined. The next time you take a bath, you’ll step into these towels and feel truly pampered.

3. Superior 900 Gram Towel Set

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This may be the most expensive product on this list, but it may just be worth the buy for what you will be getting out of it. There’s clearly a reason that this is called “Superior”. Not only will you be able to choose from 17 different colors (the highest number of choices for a product on this list), but you will also get some of the most comfortable towels you’ll ever find. These super soft towels are 900 GSM, meaning they are unbelievably soft. They are also durable and long-lasting, and can easily be washed and dried in the machine without you having to worry about their colors fading. With this set, you will be getting two huge bath towels (30 x 55 inches), two hand towels (20 x 30 inches), and two face towels (13 x 13 inches).

4. Utopia Towels 8-Piece Towel Set

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You don’t need to spend oodles of cash just to achieve a look of luxury in your bathroom. Instead, buy this set of towels that you can get in a range of colors to match your bathroom décor. These towels are all soft and woven from 100% ring-spun cotton. You’ll get eight towels in this set, including two large bath towels (27 x 54 inches), two smaller hand towels (16 x 28 inches), and four washcloths (13 x 13 inches). This is an excellent and low-maintenance set that you can machine wash and dry for convenience. The highly absorbent towels are especially great for a full home beauty treatment when you want to relax and pamper yourself.

5. Turquoise Turkish Towel Set

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Choose from six different colors (cranberry, gray, moss, eggplant, navy, Wedgewood, and plum!) and spend just about 25 bucks or so for this set. You’ll get eight beautiful, genuine Turkish towels. This set features high-quality stitching and weaving, and are amazingly absorbent. They’re ideal for taking to the beach too. The gorgeous colors will last and the fabric is soft and comfortable. The manufacturers maintain an eco-friendly policy and have used only natural and safe dyes and no chemicals to produce these towels.

6. AmazonBasics 6-Piece Towel Set

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You can get this set of six pieces in a variety of colors, so you can be sure you’ll find something to suit your restrooms around the house. This set has the basics, but also has a few tricks up its sleeves for added benefits. It has two large bath towels measuring 54 inches by 30 inches, plus two hand towels measuring 16 inches by 28 inches, as well as two washcloths measuring 12 by 12 inches. These 100% cotton towels are absorbent and lightweight, and are soft but strong. The tear resistant material is also fade-resistant, so you can be sure that your towels will last for a long time.

7. Cotton Craft Ultra Soft Towel Set

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These towels are also inexpensive and you can choose from nine different colors that will easily match any bathroom. The 100% cotton is ring spun and high quality. They are especially fluffy and soft, and are super absorbent. You can machine wash them and be sure that they will still last you a long time. The rayon band around each towel gives an extra little touch of class and elegance. With this set, you will get two big bath towels (30 by 54 inches), as well as two hand towels (16 by 28 inches), and also two washcloths (12 by 12 inches). Definitely a worthwhile buy.

8. Trident Soft Cotton Towel Set

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You’ll get ten of these towels in varying sizes and can choose from six different bright colors. The colors available may make them best suited for your children’s bathrooms, but they’ll work for your own too. The 100% cotton fabric can be gently machine washed without fading or losing the texture. You’ll get one large bath towel measuring 27 by 57 inches, one smaller bath towel measuring 22 by 47 inches, two hand towels measuring 16 by 24 inches, and six washcloths measuring 12 by 12 inches. That’s a pretty comprehensive set to go for!