Basketball is one of the most popular sports played all around the world. It is a lot more popular in the USA, but it is still played in all other countries. It is extremely fast paced, so it requires a lot of stamina and endurance to play. Fitness is a key component of being a good basketball player, so you should make sure that your body is fit and that you take the necessary protective measures to prevent yourself from getting injured. Knee Pads are an important protection gear in basketball as it can protect your knees from getting cut or scratched in case you fall. There is a high tendency that you will have a few falls at some point if you play basketball regularly. Knee pads aren’t too expensive, but getting the best one could provide added protection compared to a low-quality Knee Pad.

1. McDavid HEX Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

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This is probably one of the more expensive basketball knee pads out there, but it is certainly one of the best too. The knee pads come in a wide variety of sizes that you can choose from and the budget doesn’t vary much per the size you pick. There are several colors that you can choose from as well. There are eight different colors to be exact, which is always great as you can find one that matches your uniform or basketball outfit. The knee pads feature a 9 mm HEX Technology which is common amongst the knee pads that are used by professionals as well. Apart from protecting only your knees, it can protect your thigh and calves as well. It is great at providing protection against cuts or bruises on your knees. There is an efficient Moisture Management Technology on the knee pads which will absorb the moisture from your skin. Washing the knee pads is as simple as throwing it into the washing machine.

2. COSVER Outdoor Sport Wicking Fabric Knee Pads

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These are another great pair of knee pads that you can use for a wide variety of sports. It can be used for Basketball, Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Hockey or any other sport that will have a chance of you injuring your knees. The only drawback we found in this pair of knee pads is the lack of colors to choose from. There is only the option of choosing between black and white colors, but you do get the chance of choosing whether you want short or long for the knee pads. There are various sizes that they come in, so you should make sure that you pick the size that fits you best. The Honeycomb Compression Design of the pad will ensure that your knees are protected even during the harshest of falls. Although it provides a great degree of protection, it does offer excellent freedom of movement, so you will not feel restricted when wearing the knee pads.

3. ADiPROD Thick Sponge Kneeling Knee Pad

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The ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Avoidance Kneeling Knee pad is a great option if you aren’t looking for knee pads that are too expensive. The main drawback we found is that it comes in only one size, so it may either fit you or not, depending on your size. You do get the option of choosing the color of the knee pads, but there are only two colors to choose from, the black and blue colors. The knee pads offer a high-density sponge shock absorption for protection, which can resist even the harshest of impacts on your knees. This makes it ideal for sports that involve a lot of running, such as basketball and football. It can also help maintain proper blood circulation on your legs, preventing them from tiring out as easily. It may not be as strong as some of the others we mentioned, in terms of build quality, but it is great if you don’t want to spend too much on your knee pads.

4. Blitzu Basketball Knee Compression Sleeves

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The Blitzu POWER+ Knee Compression Sleeves are quite different to most of the other knee pads that we featured on our list. One of the noticeable changes is that there is no honeycomb pattern on the knee pads, which most of the knee pads tend to have. It is a little bit on the expensive side too. There is no option of choosing the color of the knee pads as it comes in a black color by default. It is not plain black, though, as there are white patterns on the knee pads along with the Blitzu logo printed on it. There are plenty of different sizes to choose from for the knee pad, including the small size and extra-large size. Therefore, you will most likely be able to find a size that fits you perfectly. The knee pads feature a special compression technology which lets you perform much better and recover faster from your workouts or sports activity. Another good feature about this product is that it is extremely comfortable to wear as it uses a soft fabric material.

5. Yosoo Basketball Knee Compression Sleeves

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The Yosoo Knee Sleeves are sold in a pair, so you do not get the option of purchasing just a single piece of the knee pads. The knee pads are sold in four different sizes. There is small, medium, large and extra-large, so you will most likely be able to find a size that fits you best, regardless of your body size. The Yosoo Knee Sleeves are moderately expensive. You might be able to pick them up for a lot less if they do go on sale. The knee pads offer great support for your knees, especially for intense sports like basketball and soccer. This makes it great if you want to prevent the chances of getting knee injuries while you train or play. Though it is meant to be used for sports, it can still be worn during the rest of the day to promote good blood flow for your legs, boosting the recovery time. But one of the best reasons to get this product is that it comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can just return it for a refund if you aren’t happy with the product.

6. Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace

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This special knee pad is a fully functional hinged brace that doubles in function to completely protect your knees during sporting activities and more. Designed to aid in the proper flexion of the knee, this padded brace by Shock Doctor prevents injury to the area and aids in healing existing conditions by keeping your joint stabilized as you move around. This knee brace is comprised of antimicrobial materials to stave off smells as well as wick away moisture. Thanks to a snug fit, this pad promotes heat retention around your knee to further assist in relieving existing tension. This hinged knee brace stretches to accommodate a full range of motion, keeping your movements entirely unimpeded as you play.

7. AceList Basketball Protective Compression Wear

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The Acelist knee pad comes in two different colors that you can choose from, either black or white. Both colors have two different variants too, as you can pick between the long or short type, depending on your preference. This is an option that you won’t find with most other knee pads out there. The only real drawback of this product is the lack of colors to choose from. The knee pads are quite cheap to purchase. You will get a pair of the knee pads rather than a single piece, so it is quite worth the expense. You can choose from three different sizes, starting from the medium size. So, if you have a smaller physique, you might find that the medium size knee pads may not fit you too well. One of the notable features of the knee pads is that they are made of an anti-bacterial material so it will reduce odor that you will get after prolonged usage of the knee pads. There is a honeycomb patch on the knee pads for added protection to your knees.

8. REACHS Leg Knee Sleeve Protective Pad

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These are a slightly cheaper option for basketball knee pads but is still one of the best out there. There aren’t as many color options to choose from compared to the McDavid Knee Pads, but there is still six different colors that you can choose from. There are sizes that you can choose from as well, so you can pick the one that will fit you the best. The build quality of the knee pads is quite strong as it is made of a strong polyester and fabric material. What really provides the protection is the EVA hexagonal shaped honeycomb strip which is made of silicone material. This strip is quite hard and has an anti-slip coating to prevent your knees from slipping when you take a fall. Apart from just providing protection against falls, it also provides ample muscle support and prevents injuries to your knees. However, it is important that you pick out the size of the knee pads per your measurements for best results.

9. VIPER® Compression Sleeve Knee Pads

This is a pair of premium quality knee pads which are suitable for use in a wide variety of sports apart from just basketball. There are several sizes that you can choose from, however, you don’t get the option of choosing your color. The knee pads come in black by default, which arguably will be the most preferred color as it will be less prone to visible dirt. The knee pads use a HyperFlex Technology which ensures that they give you a great degree of protection whilst offering great flexibility and movement at the same time. There is a Dual-Layer TrueCore Wicking system which keeps your legs dry and prevents them from sweating up. It uses some of the most advanced materials in its build so it is highly resistant to tearing or fading over time. Another important feature with Knee pads is that they should stay in place, so it has a Non-Slip Silicone strip which prevents it from slipping while you are playing. Viper gives you a lifetime warranty with the product, so in case it does get damaged or you aren’t happy with it, you can return it.

10. Ecourban Compression Sleeve Sports Knee Support

Ecourban Sports Knee Support Knee Pads come in three different colors that you can choose from. There are several different sizes to choose from as well, which is a necessity when it comes to protective sports gear. The only drawback we found is that you can only choose between Black, Blue and Red colors which are quite limited in color options. The knee pads do provide great freedom of movement, which is essential when taking part in fast-paced sports like basketball. Apart from just protecting your knees from cuts and bruises, it can also protect your knees from strain and other muscle related injuries. This works due to the contoured pad that is around the knee pad, which serves the purpose of easing the pressure exerted by the joints on your knees. It offers great antibacterial protection as well and protection from moisture as well. There are instructions to find the right size to purchase as well.

11. COOLOMG Basketball Knee Long Sleeve Protector

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This is another great product which is quite affordable compared to the others out there. One great feature of this knee pad brand is the immense variety in colors that you can choose from. Apart from different colors, some of the colors come in different designs whereas others have a plain color look. There are 21 different variants of the knee pad that you can choose from in total. You can select the size of the knee pads as well so you can pick one that fits you best. What you need to note about the product is that when you purchase the knee pad you will get a single piece only rather than a pair. This may be an advantage to some, especially if you only need a knee pad for your dominant leg. The knee pad is made of a polyester fabric material which feels soft and won’t feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time.

12. GRANDCOW Impact Resistance Knee Pad

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The GRANDCOW Adjustable Thick Sponge Pain Relief Impact Resistance Knee pad offers great protection to your knees, even from the harshest of falls. You get a pair when you purchase the knee pads and they are typically inexpensive. The knee pads are made of a high-quality foam material which offers great shock resistance. Apart from offering great external protection, the knee pads can increase the blood circulation through your legs, allowing for better performance during your workouts. It has an ergonomic design which offers great freedom of movement and has an extremely light weight. This is important as it will not hinder your flexibility and agility in the sport that you are playing. Since you get a pair of knee pads, it is one of the affordable out there as well. The drawback is that you don’t get the option to pick your color or the size as it comes in a standard size and black color by default.

13. Meidus Leg & Knee Guard Sleeve

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This is another pair of knee pads which have a sturdy build quality and is affordable. It is one of the cheapest products out there. There are several different sizes that you can choose from, so you can find the one that fits you best. Apart from just picking the size, the color is also important, so you get a wide variety of colors to choose from. The colors are all contrasting to each other so you might be able to find the one which suits your sports outfit the best. One thing to note about this is that when you are purchasing the knee pads, you have the option of choosing a single piece as well rather than getting a pair of them. This may come in important if you feel only your dominant knee will be most prone to injury.

14. Kuangmi Compression Sleeve Support Brace Pad

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The Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve Sports Support Brace Pad are a set of high-quality Knee Pads that you can use for all kinds of sports, including running. There are only two colors that you can choose from, the Grayish Blue and Shiny Green colors. However, these colors do come in different versions. There is the normal version, Advanced Version, and Upgrade Versions. Each of these versions has their own perks, so you should pick the one that suits you best. The normal version is suitable for sports that aren’t very intense. The Advanced version has several anti-slip strips which are suitable for intense sports activities such as basketball. The upgrade version has a silicone pad which comes in useful if you are experiencing a lot of joint pains when you usually play. Apart from this, you do get to pick the size that suits you the best. It is made of a Nylon, Spandex and Non-Slip Silicone material to provide great protection and flexibility at the same time.

15. McDavid Padded Knee/ Shin/ Elbow Sleeve

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This is a slightly cheaper version of the McDavid knee pads, much cheaper than the version which we listed on the number one spot of our list. There are plenty of colors to choose from, seventeen different colors to be exact. All the colors come in a very plain design, so there are no fancy designs or the logo printed on it. This allows you to pick a color that matches your uniform or outfit. There is one color, the McGrid, which looks quite different to the other colors of the knee pads. The knee pads offer a great level of protection for your knees. It has a honeycomb pattern on the knee area, which can protect your knees from getting bruised, in case you take a fall on your knees. The knee pads are made using premium quality materials to deliver maximum effectiveness. There are several different sizes to choose from, apart from the standard sizes as well.

16. EAZYMATE Compression Sleeve Support

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The EAZYMATE Knee Brace is another top-quality knee pad that you can purchase to help protect your knees and improve your performance in the sports activity that you are taking part in. The knee pads come in a pair, so you do not get the option to purchase a single piece. There are no colors to choose from, which might be a drawback to some, as it comes in black by default. You do get the option of choosing the size, however, with five different sizes to choose from. The materials used in the construction of the knee pads is Nylon and Lycra, with a high percentage being Nylon. This gives the knee pads a very light weight and makes it comfortable to wear. It will not hinder your movement and agility in any way, and might even boost your agility. One of the best reasons to purchase this product is because it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you are free to return it for a full refund.

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