Badminton is an enjoyable game for anyone no matter their age! For some, badminton is great as a recreational activity, but it can also be quite the competitive sport. If you aren’t the best at tennis, then badminton can be an excellent alternative for you to hone your racket skills. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll want to make sure you have good badminton equipment.

Badminton sets are essential for professional players, but are quite handy for frequent recreational players. These sets often include a racket and shuttlecock (which you’ll need to play of course) and may even come with a badminton net. Getting a badminton set will ensure that you are always prepared for a game and that you won’t have to go borrowing someone else’s racket.

So which badminton set should you get? As we mentioned, some badminton sets even come with the net, so for those looking for the complete package, that may be the set you want. Many badminton sets also include different-styled rackets, have extra accessories, and of course, come at different budgets. Luckily we’ve got your back! Check out our list of some of the best badminton sets you can get.

1. Park Sun Badminton Pro Set

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Why we like it: This premium badminton set is decked out in aluminum! Enjoy a full set of accessories including a carry on bag and anchors to hold down your (included) net.

We kick off (or should we say “hit off”) our list with this badminton set made by Park & Sun Sports. If you’re looking for a quality set with extra perks, then this set is definitely it. The Park & Sun Badminton Pro Set is the ultimate set for players looking to get in some serious play time. This badminton set nicely includes 4 aluminum badminton rackets and 3 A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips. The entire badminton set fits inside of a heavy-duty, polyester zippered equipment bag with carrying handles that comes complimentary with your purchase. This means, you’ll be able to take your badminton set with you on the go and get some play time in wherever you are!

This badminton set features a regulation size (21′ L x 30″ H) net made of a nylon blend that has 1″ top and bottom tapes with reinforced corners and side sleeves for an even net tension. Speaking of the net, it features an effortless installation with its telescopic, 3-piece aluminum poles (which measure 1-1/2″ in diameter) and push-button pole locking system that allows for quick and easy setup. The badminton set also comes with 3/16″ double guylines with tension rings which allow for quick adjustments to ensure the net remains taut, even during intense play. We’d like to note that this set is most intended for professional players (sorry beginners) and so it is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, if you’re a pro and you’re looking or a solid set, this could be for you! harsh scent. Customers have praised this detergent’s natural, citrus essence for being light and refreshing and not overpowering. What has also been praised is this detergent’s ability to get rid of odors from your laundry. The laundry detergent is also affordable. Just like the previous product, some customers said that this laundry detergent doesn’t work as good on really tough stains so the cleaning power could be a little stronger. Still, this product was heavily praised for its effectiveness and eco-friendly features, and we’re happy to recommend it!

2. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set

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Why we like it: A heavy duty badminton set that is super easy to setup and includes a durable, all-weather carrying case to put all of your equipment in.

We keep the list going with family-friendly badminton sets with this next product by Baden. The Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set is a champion in its own right with its quality features! The badminton set includes 1 regulation size badminton net plus hardware, 3 nylon shuttlecocks, and 4 tournament level quality badminton racquets. Don’t let the term “tournament level” scare you, though! For all you recreational players out there, this badminton set is perfect for those just wanting to engage in leisurely play. The set is suitable for a group of 2 to 4 people and is perfect for BBQ’s, family and corporate events, or any casual backyard contest.

The badminton set even comes with a nice, durable weather-resistant carrying case with straps for easy portability and storage. You can simply grab your badminton set and take it on-the-go! This nifty badminton set is also easy to put together, featuring heavy duty, adjustable, powder coated aluminum poles which makes the setup and breakdown of this set swift and hassle-free. The set also features highly visible net and boundary lines that are guaranteed to reel in some players at your outdoor event. It also makes it easy to judge close calls during the game. For its superb features and durability, we find the product worth it!

3. Lifetime 90421 Pickleball, Badminton

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Why we like it: This badminton set has the works! You can play 3 types of games all in this one set which are: Badminton, Pickleball, and Quickstart Tennis.

We keep the list going with the next product on our list by the brand Lifetime (no, not the TV channel).  Lifetime clearly understands that when it comes to recreation, there’s no limit on fun. The Lifetime Badminton Net Set supports more than just badminton play, it supports two other types of games as well! This badminton set is actually a 3 game set intended for the whole family to enjoy. You can freely choose between three games which are: Pickleball, Badminton or Quick Tennis. Each game is fully accommodated for as well! This badminton set includes 4 wooden paddles, 2 quick tennis balls, 2 pickleballs, and 2 shuttlecocks and even comes with 2 bags for carrying your poles and accessories.

The badminton set features a 20 ft. wide net that has 3 adjustable height settings (for 3 different games) which are: 36″, 48″ and 61″. Additionally, the net features a heavy duty design which is made for minimal snag, meaning you won’t see much wear and tear happen to this net. The badminton set comes equipped with steel poles containing an all-weather, powder-coated finish to provide the net with additional durability. A special note, if you want to make your net even sturdier in the ground upon setup, fill the base with sand or water to keep the net firmly in place. Although it has many great features, this badminton set is expensive. However, the set does come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, so if you can swallow the expense, this versatile, risk-free, and durable set may be just the set you want!

4. Yonex Badminton Combo Set

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Why we like it: A sturdy badminton combat set that includes rackets made of steel (yep you get two of them) and shuttlecocks, all in a sleek case.

So, let’s say you’re not a professional player, but you still want some solid rackets that will help you through your game. Luckily, Yonex has you covered! The Yonex Badminton Combo Set is the perfect set for adults who are simply into recreational play. The set comes with two rackets and two shuttlecocks (perfect for you and a partner to play, that is if you want them to use your fine racket!). The rackets and shuttlecocks are all held nicely in a sleek, carrying case with a handle which allows you to take your equipment with you on the go. Going over a friend’s house to play a quick game of badminton in the backyard? Not a problem! Just bring this portable, compact set along with you during your travel.

The equipment you’ll find in this badminton set is very sturdy and made with quality materials. Both the racket frame and racket shaft are made out of durable steel. Many customers have praised this set’s pre-strung rackets, saying that they were super tight and had a “nice feel” when hitting the birdie. What is also nice is how cost-effective the badminton set is. Do note though that because this set’s rackets are made with heavy-duty steel, it is just a tad heavy as a few customers have expressed. Additionally, customers have expressed concern with how lightweight the shuttlecocks are with some customers sighting how flimsy they are. Still, this is a great startup set for casual players and worth the recommendation!

5. RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

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Why we like it: A quality and professionally built badminton set with two solidly constructed rackets designed with a carbon shaft, giving you a sturdy grip.

The previous product may not have been well-suited for pros, but this product by the brand RiteTrak Sports certainly is. RiteTrak Sports steps up to the plate with this premium-grade badminton set that will be sure to impress its buyers. The RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Set is a force to be reckoned with for its high-quality features. The badminton set features a solid, one-piece design with a smooth connection between the shaft and the head of the racket. The set’s rackets will either feature a carbon fiber or graphite shaft which both provide sturdiness and flexibility and are excellent in durability.

The set comes with two, pre-strung rackets and 3 nylon skirt shuttlecocks in a visible, bright yellow color, that come in a tube so they are packaged neatly. The rackets and shuttlecocks are nicely held inside a zippered, lightweight fabric carrying bag so that you can easily take your equipment wherever it is needed. The lightweight rackets are strung tightly and feature a sturdy grip for an excellent performance. Note, these are not your casual, basic rackets and are geared to pros, so consider investing in these rackets if you are willing to upgrade and advance your gameplay. If you are looking for a professional-grade set for some serious gameplay, we recommend this set.

6. Speedminton Fun Badminton Set

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Why we like it: This “speedminton” set is the perfect set for badminton beginners and requires no net with its easy to use, lightweight rackets and birdies.

So some of you may be wondering if there is a great badminton set out there that provides versatility and fun for casual players at a great value. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is, thanks to the brand Speedminton. The Speedminton Fun Badminton Set is a set that is dedicated to providing you with, well, fun with its superb features! This badminton set acts as an  alternative to beach ball, spike ball, and (of course) badminton with its own twist on the game called “speedminton.” Speedminton is an innovative racket game (styled after badminton), but requires no net. Thus this set is perfect for using over short distances and even better for beginners!

This badminton set can be used by the whole family and can be played at many places such as the beach, the park, or in your backyard as an alternative outdoor game to badminton, spike ball or beach ball. In this set, you’ll get 2 original Speedminton rackets that are short and lightweight and made of high quality aluminum. You’ll also get 2 birdies that are perfect for short distances of 5-20m. This handy set also includes speedlights which allow you to play in twilight and darkness. Do note that the lights last for approximately 3 hours. The biggest complaint we saw was that some customers wished the racket handles were a bit longer, citing the racket itself is a bit short. Nevertheless, this is a quality, multifunctional set and we’re happy to recommend it!

7. Trained Premium Quality Racket Set

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Why we like it: Who wouldn’t like a badminton set that is not only suitable for any type of player, but also comes with LED shuttlecocks?

We arrive at the last badminton set to be featured on our list by the brand Trained. If you’re looking for quality rackets that are suitable for any type of player, then Trained has them! The Trained Premium Quality Racket Set comes with two top-notch rackets that are perfect for both practicing your badminton skills and training! The manufacturer of this badminton set prides this set on being excellent for professional players or players who have never seen a shuttlecock before in their life (we won’t judge). The badminton set is suitable for using in a doubles (or singles) tournament or just for some leisurely gameplay in the backyard or at the park.

This badminton set also makes an ideal gift for a spouse (since there’s two rackets), for a friend, or for a family member looking to hone their badminton skills or simply learn how to play. Its rackets are pre-strung by the manufacturer and are extremely lightweight, easy to use, and made of high-end quality materials that ensure durability, and longevity! Let’s just say, you’ll be sure to get a great amount of usage out of this badminton set. The best and worst thing about this product is its LED birdies. The birdies nicely feature LED lights, to allow for gameplay at night, but apparently blink on and off which is a downside for some customers. Still, with its full refund policy for dissatisfaction, this product is worth giving a try!

8. EastPoint Sports 2-Player Racket Set

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Why we like it: This reliable badminton set features two ergonomically designed and durable badminton rackets that are comfortable to hold and all-weather constructed.

We make our way back to a set that’s suitable for anyone no matter if you’re a professional or beginner player. The EastPoint Sports brand delivers a badminton set that has some pretty great features and an even greater value. The EastPoint Sports 2-Player Racket Set brings forth a solid product that is great for competitive or leisurely play. The badminton set comes with two nicely-sized, 26-inch badminton rackets that are ideal for 2 players. In this set, you’ll get 1 red racket, 1 blue racket, 2 shuttlecocks, and 1 carry bag with a handle so that you can take all of your badminton equipment with you on-the-go. The set’s shuttlecocks are very durable and easy to see during gameplay.

Moving along, this badminton set’s quality rackets feature an all-weather construction and have tempered steel shafts to ensure the highest durability during even the most intense games. The set’s rackets are also quite ergonomic, featuring soft handles to provide you with long-lasting, comfort during your game. This handy badminton set is ideal for camping trips, tailgating, barbecues, picnics, or just for some fun in the backyard! The only downside to this product is that although it specifies it is suitable for all players, some customers state that it is more geared for beginners and not good enough in quality for pros.

9. Senston – 2 Player Graphite Racket Set

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Why we like it: A sleek badminton set for the pros. This set’s badminton rackets have shafts made of carbon and feature a design meant to improve stability.

We make our way back to the sets for adults (sorry kiddies!). This product by the brand Senston, however, also makes its mark as a set geared toward professionals (sorry to you also, beginners!). The Senston 2 Player Graphite Racket Set is a professional-grade set that is here to impress with its superior features. The badminton set includes 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks, 2 overgrips (the color is randomized, meaning unfortunately you won’t get to choose), and 1 racket cover. The shaft of each badminton racket is made of graphite but each frame is made of aluminum.The rackets also weigh a total of 85 grams without counting the string (which adds an additional amount) yet the rackets are fairly light.

This professionally built badminton set features a one-piece design and a built-in T-joint per each racket, put in place to improve the stability and flexibility of each racket. The design also helps to reduce the vibration a racket makes when you hit the shuttlecock and helps increase the speed. The set’s rackets contain what is referred to as a large “sweet spot”(within its ISO frame design) which increases the batting area and helps you better enjoy the game.The set comes in different color options (which you can choose), but depending on the color option you choose, you’ll also get different features or may lose certain features. For this product’s great value and awesome features, we definitely recommend it!

10. Aoneky Badminton Racket Set for Kids

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Why we like it: The perfect badminton set for the kiddies! All the pieces in this set are wrapped in thick foam and ensure that no one (or nothing) gets hurt or damaged.

Make way adults! This one’s for the kids! The Aoneky brand clearly gets that kids need to have quality badminton sets too, so that they can truly get in the game! The Aoneky Badminton Racket Set is the perfect set for kids looking to have a great time without the threat of possible injury. Everything in this badminton set is wrapped in thick foam, so there’s no need to worry about the kids getting hurt or having anything get destroyed (yes parents, we’re talking to you). The set’s rackets make for great first-time rackets, as they are very light, trendy looking, and certainly grab children’s attention. Though toddlers can also use this set, it is targeted at children 3 years of age and older.

The rackets in this badminton set aren’t strictly for children though. Even adults can get in on the fun! The badminton set features a sturdy pair of rackets that are durable and comfortable enough for any person to hold. The badminton set makes the perfect toy, and really helps with one’s hand-eye coordination while helping children get the exercise they need while having fun. With this badminton set, you’ll also get a bag to put all of your equipment in. The foam birdies that are in the set come in different colors, but unfortunately, they are selected at random so you don’t get to choose the color. With its safe design and cool features, this is a set worth recommending!