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Badminton is one of the most popular sports all around the world. It is not only played as a professional sport but is also a great past time activity for family and friends. What makes badminton so popular is that it is quite easy to learn the concepts of the game. Mastering it will, of course, take practice and effort, but if you like to just play for fun, then it is one of the best sports out there. By getting a badminton set, you will have all the necessary equipment to enjoy a game of badminton with your friends or family. A set would typically include at least one racket and shuttlecock. Some sets tend to also include a badminton net which you can set up to enjoy a more professional-like game. Here are some of the best badminton sets that we found.

1. Park & Sun Badminton Pro Set


The Park & Sun Badminton Pro Set is the most expensive badminton to be featured on our list so far as it costs close to $100. The set includes four rackets, which are made of high-quality Aluminum. This not only ensures that the rackets will be light in weight but also gives it a very sturdy build quality. There is also a badminton net that comes included in the package, which spans twenty-one feet. There are also two telescopic poles that are included which can help you set up the net. There are also three high-quality shuttlecocks that come included with the kit. The shuttlecocks are made of nylon and not the cheap plastic shuttlecocks that are out there. You also get a yellow market which you can use to mark the boundary when playing. The kit also comes in a very durable badminton bag which you can use to carry around the equipment. Park and Sun also gives a two-year warranty with the kit.

2. Yonex Badminton Combo Set


Yonex is one of the most popular brands when it comes to professional Badminton gear so it is no surprise that this makes its way onto our list. The set is quite expensive considering that it does not come with as many items as some of the other kits on our list. The rackets are constructed of high-quality steel which ensures very good durability. The shaft is also constructed of steel so it is very likely that the racket will snap. Apart from just being durable, it is also quite light in weight, as required for a good badminton racket. There are also two shuttlecocks that come with the kit. The kit comes in a very attractive see through bag which is quite convenient for carrying the gear around. This is definitely a top pick if you want a more professional like experience, but may not be the best option if you simply want to enjoy playing badminton for your leisure.

3. Lifetime 90421 Pickleball, Badminton


This set by Lifetime, is intended only as a means of a leisure activity. There are three different games that you can play with this set, which includes Pickle ball, Badminton or Tennis. Since you can use it to play badminton as well, it qualifies as yet another top pick for badminton sets. The drawback is that it in no way simulates the actual game as it is more of a miniaturized form of the game. The set includes a twenty-foot-wide net which you can mount onto the steel poles that also comes with the package. The poles should be easy to set up by simply putting sand or water around it to hold it in place. There are four wooden paddles that come with the set which you can use to play all three types of games. There are also two tennis balls, two pickle balls and two shuttlecocks. The shuttlecocks used are not the actual shuttlecocks that are used to play badminton but quite similar in appearance.

4. Baden Champions Series Badminton Set


Although most badminton sets tend to come with only two players in mind, sometimes getting a kit that allows for four player games can be a lot more useful if you tend to play 2v2 games. The Baden Champions Series Badminton Set has the equipment necessary to play four player badminton games. The kit is quite expensive as it costs around $80, however it does ensure good quality with its gear. There are four badminton rackets four shuttlecocks, which are made of plastic and also a badminton net which you can set up. All these comes with a badminton bag as well which you can use to carry the equipment. The rackets are made of very high quality, powder coated steel which offers durability and also light weight. The net is also of the official size that are used in professional games. This makes this kit even viable for professional play as well, apart from just leisure.

5. Speedminton Fun Badminton Set


The Speedminton Fun Badminton Set is also another customized badminton kit which does not entirely resemble the actual badminton gear. The set includes two rackets which are quite different is size and shape compared to a typical badminton racket. There are also two shuttlecocks which are called Heli Speeders, also included in the kit. The best part of this kit is its unique gameplay experience as there are two-speed lights which can glow in the dark for a much different experience compared to an actual game. There is also a convenient bag that comes with the kit that lets you carry all your gear around. This badminton set is suitable for all ages and is ideal for using as a leisure activity. It is not intended for professional play as the equipment do not meet the standards of the gear used in professional badminton.

6. Aoneky Badminton Racket Set for Kids


Since all of the badminton sets we have mentioned so far are made for children and adults, we decided to feature something a little more exclusive for kids. The Aoneky Badminton Racket Set is designed exclusively with kids in mind. The two rackets that are included in the set are thoroughly wrapped with foam. This way you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt or your household items getting destroyed. The racket weighs quite light and has a very colorful appearance which can definitely appeal to kids. There are two customized shuttlecocks that are also included with the kit, however you can use an ordinary shuttlecock with it as well. The kit is recommended for children of ages three and above. Though it is made exclusively for kids, there is no limitations of it being used by adults as well since it does replicate the actual game of badminton.

7. Senston – 2 Player Graphite Racket Set


The Senston Badminton kit is one of the best that we were able to find. What we really liked about this kit is that it comes at a very affordable price, considering what the set includes. The set includes two badminton rackets, two shuttlecocks, two racket grips and also a bag which you can pack everything into. There are also quite a few color options that you can choose from, which has varying shuttlecock colors and grip colors. When getting a badminton set, the racket is probably the most important piece of the equipment and the Senston badminton set doesn’t fail to deliver in this. The badminton racket is made of graphite, which offers a lightweight and also quality finish for a very swift performance. Though the racket is of high quality, it is probably not ideal for professional purposes, since there are better, more expensive options out there. However, if you are looking for a kit that you can use to play with your friends, then this is definitely the best out there.

8. EastPoint Sports 2-Player Racket Set


The EastPoint Sports Badminton Racket Set is intended for two players as it includes two rackets, both of which are of different colors, two shuttlecocks and also a durable bag with which you can carry the equipment. The badminton rackets are red and blue respectively for easy identification if you have a preference. The shuttlecocks are made of high-quality material and is easy to spot while playing, just like a good shuttlecock should be. The build quality of the rackets is quite good as they are made of tempered steel which offers very good durability. There are soft grips on the handle of the racket which lets you hold the racket comfortably even in long games. The kit costs quite cheap and is definitely recommended if you need a kit that you can use to play at home. It may not be recommended for professional play, however, as there are better options out there.

9. MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set


This badminton set by MD Sports is one of the cheapest that we have found, considering the equipment that comes with the kit. The set includes four rackets, all of which are made of high quality steel. The rackets also have a comfortable grip attached to it so that you can grip it in your hands comfortably while playing. There are also two Grade A shuttlecocks that come included with the package. Seeing as it costs just about $30, we would be more than content even if the kit only includes these two, but there is more. There is a twenty-inch net which comes with the package and also two PVC poles which will come extremely handy when trying to set up your badminton set at home. The poles measure sixty-one inches in length, which should provide the adequate height, similar to what is used in professional games.

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