As much as breast milk is the advised and preferred form of food for babies for at least the first six months of their life, for whatever reasons, one might have to opt for formula. More experienced parents may know a thing or two about it, but for first-timers, it can be understandably tricky. Naturally, it is incredibly important to navigate your way through the many different options out there in the market. After all, this is your baby’s health and well-being in question and providing them with the necessary tools for growth. You also probably have your hands full so spending hours at a time trying to desperately make a decision on what you should go for is not going to help. Which is why, it would be quite useful to browse through this list. Share it with other new mothers who could use a hand!

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA

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This toddler formula by Baby’s Only has been specifically designed for babies who have allergic reactions to gluten or corn. The fact that it is organic should give you some reassurance in its safety. There are no ingredients that have been genetically modified whatsoever. Bear in mind that this organic certification is also applicable to the milk itself. Though it is obtained from dairy cows, any use of antibiotics, steroids or any artificial stimulants for the production of this milk is nil. Which means that if you as a parent are on the lookout for a nutritious, safe replacement for breast milk this is a pretty good one. Furthermore, it is also USDA and Kosher certified. Made in the USA, it is of extremely high quality and used by a large percentage of people already. As far as affordability goes, it depends on the quantity you want but for the most part, it is lower than other formulas out there.

Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ Powdered Milk Beverage

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Nestle needs no introduction. As a global giant in the industry, over the years they have churned a range of various products for adults and children alike. This one is for the latter, more specifically those above the age of one. The NIDO Kinder 1+ is packed with nutrition and all the right supplements to help support your baby’s unhindered growth. For clarity, iron and zinc along with Vitamins A, C and B6 can be found in just one glass of this milk which are all essential for the maintenance of a functioning immune system. Furthermore, it consists of a unique combination of fibers known as Prebio 1 which contribute towards a healthy digestive system. At such young ages, it is crucial that the body is able to flush out waste effectively so it can focus on development. Plus, if you find it hard to feed your bub the infusion of honey will be a welcome taste.

Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

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If you have reached the end of your six months breastfeeding period, you are probably experiencing less milk production. Your baby still needs to receive all the right nutrients but it can be hard to supply it when you have no milk. Which is why the formula has been a welcome introduction. Although you should be careful about how much and how often you feed your child formula, if used appropriately it does get the job done. The Enfamil baby formula option is a tad more expensive than others out there, however, consists of some great properties. Firstly, it is specifically formulated for babies between the ages of 0-12 months. It is also infused with iron, DHA, and choline which is good for the brain in particular. These features make it a Neuro CompleteTM formula. Additionally, it also consists of a prebiotics blend which is meant to help build up the baby’s defense system. What is more, this one happens to be the formula that is closest to breast milk.

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron

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Perhaps the most convenient aspect of this formula is the fact that is comes packaged in ready-to-feed bottles. You can only imagine how good that sounds to new mothers who are so sleep-deprived they are quite happy to forego their meals for formula instead. It contains something known as OptiGRO which a combination of the commonly known ingredient in the formula, DHA, Lutein as well as Vitamin E. All of these happen to be particularly significant nutrients found in breast milk. Their reproduction in this formula is a very good thing seeing as how your baby would still continue to receive them. The Similac Advance formula has been developed to specially provide support for not only the immune system but also for strong bones. Ample nutrition and proper growth are critical during these delicate years. Any setbacks and your baby will feel the repercussions as an adult. If you are ready to make the switch, this is a great choice.

Gerber Good Start Infant Formula

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The Gerber Good Start infant formula comes in easy-to-make cartons that are ready for use whenever you want. If you opt for the 24 pack one, you can comfortably make up to 50 bottles of formula with 4floz of content in each. Which is quite a lot of milk! The formula has been closely modeled to resemble breastmilk. By incorporating its gentle ingredients, the targeted 0-12-month-old babies will be able to easily digest. It is GMO-free which means that if you are worried about the presence of any artificial additions, you should not be. Enriched with both DHA and prebiotics, it has everything your baby needs to grow into a happy, bouncy little person. There is no mixing and measuring involved which in turn means no mess. Feeding time just got a whole lot easier.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron

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Yet another organic formula from Earth’s Best for those parents who prefer an option that is as natural as possible. Infused with the goodness of iron, this formula is particularly suited for your baby’s first 12 months. This is also the brand’s closest possible formula to breast milk. It is devoid of any corn syrup additions as well. It particularly included DHA and ARA which are found naturally in breast milk so your baby is not losing out in any way.

Not only that, it is also USDA certified and Kosher approved as well. As far as artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives are concerned, there are none. There are also no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals so you can use it without any worry. Additionally, it is packed with prebiotics that helps keep your child’s immune system in great shape. Overall, your little one is getting an all-around nutrition which is incredibly important.

PurAmino Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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This formula by PurAmino is built for babies who are born with allergies and other intolerance which can happen due to genetics. In some cases, they can get quite bad. Since babies are far too small to fight any intrusive health issues, it is best to be on the safe side. Which is why this formula is recommended for such cases. Hypoallergenic and amino acid based, it is one of the best infant powders you can find in terms of both safety and nutrition. If your baby is showing signs of rejecting other formulas, then try this one.

Fortified with iron and it helps as a substitute for babies and toddlers who experience problems with cow’s milk in particular. It still consists of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals so your baby’s body can develop well. If your child is severely intolerant to dairy, this is a good option.

Similac Expert Care Neosure Baby Formula

If you are on the lookout for a great formula, then Similac is an option to consider. It is especially beneficial for children who have lactose issues, seeing as how it is made out of soy. It contains very few of the unhealthy ingredients in many baby formulas. What is more, it comes with a delicious taste so your little fussy eater will look forward to meal times. This formula does pack in a lot of nutrition. Interestingly, this is also suitable for children who are under 12 months. With so many needed vitamins and minerals, it is not only affordable but also extremely healthy.