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As any new parent will tell you, preparing for a baby is a lot of work. A lot. Aside from the many months of mental preparation and physical for mothers, you need to have all the gear to equip yourself. From cribs to baby monitors, milk bottles to breast pumps, the list seems to just go on. Among these, changing tables are also important. Whilst you can make do with a bed, once you realize how fiddly it can be to change a baby you will want one easy station to do the job in. Plus, it is better for your posture and back in particular. Hunching over a bed several times a day is not helpful. If you are already confused about what you need, relax. We have collated a bunch of the best changing tables for you.

Cosco Kids Furniture Applegate Changing Table


Cosco’s changing table is the most colorful of the lot in this list. It features a light, wood grain finish and comes with light blue and lime green drawers. In addition to this, there are also 2 open shelves which offer more storage for your convenience. The drawers have enough space for you to stash extra diapers and even clothes or towels in there. Though the main structure of the changing table is square, the top of it is rounded which has been done bearing your child’s safety in mind. It has a back panel as well which not only improves stability but also provides more support. Though this will cost you just over a $100, it is worth every dollar. Plus, it makes for a bright and colorful addition to your home, particularly in the nursery! You can use it for both girls and boys, but the light pastel pink shade might make it more suited to the former.


DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser


No, it has nothing to do with a painting or sculpture, although this is most definitely a work of art. Beautifully carved and polished incorporating a brilliant white color, it fits perfectly with any background. Featuring a wood construction, it is strong and durable so you can use it for quite a while. It has undergone a multi-step painting process giving it the full, bright white it has. Free from lead, phthalate and other toxins, it really is completely safe for use. Additionally, it has a wooden rail around the top of the changing area and the safety strap further, strengthens its security. It also comes with four separate, large drawers so you can store all the items in there. You can also look at free replacement parts if you ever need them, though you should contact the manufacturer for more details on that. It is rather expensive, though, clocking in at around $270.

Primo EuroSpa Bath and Changing Center


This changing table by Primo features a very ergonomic design and comes in a gentle honey and cream color. The interesting thing about this table is that it serves many different purposes. Not only is it useful for changing diapers, it also has a baby bath tub. This is in addition to the changing pad and bath stand as well. Since it has wheels, it can be rolled around anywhere you need. It is most suited to babies between 0-8 months. The baby bath can be adjusted to 2 different positions that allow you to customize it based on your baby’s age. The bath also has a contoured shape for the comfort of your baby. There is a safety strap for added security too. You can easily clean the changing pad as well since it is made of vinyl fabric. They have also included a side storage tray and two open trays at the bottom for you to keep both baths and changing supplies.

Delta Children Infant Changing Table


Baby changing tables come in all shapes and colors. This one by Delta Children is a white, wood construction. It also comes with a changing pad that is water resistant which makes it easier for you along with a safety strap. Plus, it features two open, fixed shelves which you can use for storing all the necessary items. The top of the table also has rails right around so your baby will not fall off. This changing table is free of toxic substances, and has been tested by relevant government regulatory bodies; so you have complete peace of mind. The structure is built out of both wood and wood veneers making it both sturdy and durable. Though you do need to assemble it, it is not all that complicated. If white is not really your color, they also have dark chocolate and black for variety. It is pricier than other changing tables, however, is a worthwhile buy.

ECR4Kids Horizontal Commercial Baby Changing Station


This is more a changing station than a table but still gets the job done. It is perfect if you have limited room in your home yet still need a dedicated changing spot for your bub. Including 500 disposable liners, it comes in a beautiful white granite color as well. Best of all, it is portable so you can take it around with you when you go out. Easy to use in public restrooms too which should come as a relief. The actual changing spot on the station is curved in for baby’s comfort and has a child safety strap made out of nylon which includes a side release. The two built-in paper liner dispensers only add to the convenience. There is a bag hook which you can use to hang your things, and it can support up to 25 pounds. It is also very hygienic as it is bacteria resistant and since it is built out of high-density polyethylene, is a breeze to clean.


Graco Lauren Changing Table


This is a great option for parents who want baby furniture in style. Graco Lauren presents an elegant and sleek changing table espresso in color and a solid pine wood construction with composite. The non-toxic finish makes it a very safe option as well. The open design offers plenty of space and storage, whilst the changing area is securely covered with rails right around. The waterproof changing pad which is vinyl also comes with a safety strap. If you are wondering how to move it around, it comes with four wheels; one at the end of each leg. So all you need to do is roll it around to wherever you want. Assembly is easy and what is more, it has a full year’s limited manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, it is not that expensive either at under $70 which makes it an affordable choice. Definitely worth looking into if you are on the hunt for changing tables.

Dream on Me Emily Changing Table


This is another suitable option for the stylish mother. This too comes in a rich, dark espresso color which helps it blend in seamlessly with any décor. Complete with a 1-inch changing pad, a 5 ½ inch safety rail and 2 open shelves for easy storage, it really is the whole package. It can also comfortably fit into a corner so it does not take up much room. If possible, keep it in the baby room so it is even more convenient for you. It is quite sturdy and comes with a manual to help you set it up. No need to panic, it is quite simple. However, do bear in mind that it is a little on the short side so if height is an issue for you, you should probably look for something else. Tall people may find it cumbersome to bend over the table every time they need to change their baby.

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table


The brand really represents their products since these changing tables feature baskets. To be precise, it includes 3 baskets and 1 large hamper. The table itself is built out of wood so it is quite solid. The baskets are quite large and roomy so you have enough space to store the diapers and any other necessities. You can use the hamper to dispose of dirty items if you need. All you need to do is remove the hamper, and take it for washing. The baskets can be pulled out and are removable so if you need to clean, there is no problem. Furthermore, both a changing pad and safety belt are included. The changing area is well-secured with rails so babily is completely safe. It does not contain any toxic chemicals either. In fact, it would be perfect for the nursery since you can store additional items in the table. It should cost you around $100.


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