Best Auxiliary Cables

Auxiliary cables or Aux cables as they are referred to in short, are primarily used for getting audio output to an external audio device. One such instance where an aux cable would be used is if you are connecting your iPod to your car speakers. For this you must connect one end of the aux cable to your iPod and the other end to your car speakers. The same principle applies to all other devices that auxiliary cables are used for. When selecting an auxiliary cable, it is important that you get one that does a good job of transferring audio from your music player or any other device that you are getting the audio output from. This is important if you wish to maintain the audio quality from the device so that there is no loss in quality. Here are some of the best Aux cables that you can get in 2017.

1. iVanky Nylon Braided Auxiliary Audio Cable


The iVanky AUX Cable is one of the best popular aux cables that you can get on Amazon as it has great user feedback by the customers who have tried the product. There are 4 different options for purchasing the Aux cable as it comes in two different lengths and two colors. The color choices for the cable are either Red or Black and the length options are either 1.2 meters or 2.4 meters. The cable is compatible with any device which supports a 3.5mm jack, such as your car stereo, speaker, or tablet. There is a copper shell on the cable which ensures that the cable maintains good quality without any signal losses or noise. The jacket on the cable is braided with a Nylon jacket which prevents the cable from getting bent or damaged when it is being pulled or stretched. Apart from this, iVanky gives you a lifetime warranty with the product as they guarantee that it will not get bent no matter how many times you try to bend it.

2. Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable


The Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable is one of the best-selling auxiliary cables on Amazon and has sold thousands already. The product has a very high average customer rating so you can have assurance about the quality of the cable. The reason why it is one of the best Auxiliary cables is because it is not only reasonably priced but has great durability as well. The cable shouldn’t cost you more than $15 and you might be able to get it for even cheaper if it is on sale. The cable has universal compatibility with all devices that support 3.5mm as its output or input. This makes it a great option to use with your headphones to connect it to your iPod or laptop. The quality is well maintained with the cable as it has a 24-karat gold plating on the contacts which allows for a sound experience like no other. The cable is quite durable as well as it can withstand over 10k times of bending the cable without getting damaged. There are two options for purchasing the cable, the black, and the red colored cables.

3. Cone Nylon Auxiliary Audio Cable


The Cone 3.3 Ft Nylon Audio Cable ,3.5mm Aux Cord is another one Amazon bestseller within the Auxiliary cable department. The cable has a length of 3.3 feet and is certainly one of the best auxiliary cables in the market. Though 3.3 feet is the minimum length option of the cable, there is a 6.6-foot option as well if you need double the length of the cable. Apart from this, you get the option of purchasing a pack of 2 as well, for slightly better savings. There are four different options of purchasing the cable, with three of them being nylon and the other PVC. The PVC model is slightly inferior in terms of quality so we highly recommend you go for the Nylon cable. There are three different colors to choose the cable from, gold, silver and black. The cable has a 24-karat gold plated contact that can ensure that there is barely any sound loss from the cable and no noise whatsoever. The cable works on any device that supports a 3.5mm jack so it has full compatibility with most of the popular audio devices out there.

4. VOJO Auxiliary Audio Cable


This aux cable is special for sizes that you can choose from for the cable. The maximum length of the cable that you can choose from is the 10-foot cable and the smallest being the 3-foot cable. The VOJO (10ft Coiled) 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable is one of the best auxiliary cables as it is one probably the slimmest connector that you will find on an aux cable. The cord has a 0.3mm thick stainless steel shell which can provide a reasonable amount of durability while also maintaining its slim form factor. It supports most of the popular headphones such as Beats studio and Skullcandy Mesh, so it will more than likely be compatible with whatever device you connect it to. The contacts on the cable are plated with 24k gold, just like the other premium quality aux cables that we featured on our list so far. Apart from this, Vojo gives you a warranty with the product with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 24-month replacement warranty. So, you really don’t have to think twice if you are considering getting this aux cable.

5. AmazonBasics Stereo Auxiliary Audio Cable


The AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio is one of the cheapest aux cables that are out there. AmazonBasics tend to make some of the best value for money products hence why they tend to be one of the most popular brand names. There are two length options that you can choose from for the cable. You could either purchase the 2 feet cable or the 4 feet cable, both of which are cheap. The cable will connect easily with any smartphone or audio player which has a 3.5mm audio port. It will also work with a device which supports an aux-in port, so it will have compatibility with most devices out there. The plugs of the cable are gold-plated so you will get static-free audio reception when using the cable. Furthermore, AmazonBasics gives you are one year warranty with the product, which makes it hard not to purchase this if you are looking for an aux cable. It is by far the cheapest that we have found so we highly recommend the product.

6. iXCC Free Male to Male Auxiliary Cable


This is one of the best Auxiliary cables that you will be able to get and is also one of the bestselling cables in the market. There are three different sizes that you can choose from for the cable, all of which are priced quite cheap. The 3-foot cable costs only less than $10, but you might be able to get for even less if it is on sale. The cable has a very sturdy build quality which ensures that it will not get damaged easily eve if it is bent. It supports all smart devices like Apple devices and smartphones or even your portable MP3 players. The device must have a 3.5mm jack to be compatible with the cable, but considering that this is the most popular jack size, it should be compatible with almost all the latest devices. The connectors are made of a corrosion-resistant metal which is gold plated to further increase the resistance that it has towards corrosion. This makes it extremely durable and can event withstand heavy usage of the cable.

7. Travellor Auxiliary Audio Cable


This may not be as popular as some of the other brands for aux cables, but it is certainly one of the cheapest out there. There are two different purchasing options for the cable. You can either purchase a single black cable which is 3 feet in length or go for the pack of 2, which has a 3-foot cable and a 5-foot cable. You do not get an option of purchasing only the 5-foot cable, which would have been a useful option to have when purchasing it. Regardless, the 3-foot cable costs only less than $5, which is cheaper than most that you will find out there. The cable can be used with almost all the smartphone cases out there regardless of the size of the case, provided it supports the 3.5mm jack. It has universal compatibility with all devices which have a 3.5mm audio jack. The connectors are plated with 24 karat gold so it is rust proof and ensures that the signal quality is well maintained. Furthermore, you get a lifetime replacement warranty with the cable.

8. UGREEN Auxiliary Audio Jack to Jack Cable


The UGreen UGREEN 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Jack to Jack is quite different in design, compared to the others that we have listed. The key difference is that one end of the cable is shaped at a 90-degree right angle which resembles the jack you would typically find with headphones. The cable is compatible with most of the popular devices out there that support a 3.5mm input. You get four different sizes that you can choose from, with the shortest being the 1.5-foot cable and the longest being 10 feet. The design of the cable tends to be more favorable if you are trying ti connect it through a tight spot which are otherwise hard to reach with straight connectors. The cable is designed so that it does not get tangled as easily as some of the other cables would. It has a slim form factor that allows it to be removed and inserted with ease without the need to take apart your phone case to do so. The 24k gold plated contacts allows for a corrosion free surface and maintains the signal quality of the audio you are listening to.

9. IBRA Nylon Auxiliary Audio Cable


The reason we picked the Ibra Nylon Audio Cable as one of the best auxiliary cables is because it is one of the only that we have found which lets gives you so many options with the length of the cable that you want. There is a total of seven different lengths that you can choose from for the cable, with the shortest being 3 feet and the longest the 30-foot cable. Apart from this, you can choose the color of the cable that you want too, with six different colors to choose from. This is something that you will not find with many cables out there. However, the downside is that the cables are a little bit on the expensive side, with the 5-foot cable costing almost $25. But, if you are purchasing it off amazon you might be able to get it for significantly cheaper as it was only around $3 at the time we reviewed the item. The aux cable has a very good build quality, using the 24k gold-plated surface for the contacts to preserve the lifespan of the cable. The sheath of the cable is made of a PVC material and is dual shielded to ensure protection.

10. StarTech MU3MMS Stereo Audio Cable


If you want a much cheaper option for an auxiliary cable and don’t mind a very basic design, then the MU3MMS is a great option. The cable comes in several different sizes that you can choose from, with the lowest being only 1 foot in length. This does have its advantages especially if you are looking for a short cable as not many cables out there have a size option this small. Apart from choosing the size, you also get to choose the color of the cable along with the design. The design options are either the angled connectors or the slim connector. For the angled connector cables, you can choose if you want only one end angled or both the ends angled. This makes it one of the only cables that allows you to choose the design of the cable as many of the other cables we reviewed tend to come in fixed designs. The price of the cable is quite reasonable as well, especially if you get the cable when it is on sale.

11. Havit 3.5mm Audio Aux Cable


If choosing the length or color of the cable isn’t as important to you, then the HAVIT 3.5mm Audio Cable Cord should be a more than a decent choice for an auxiliary cable. The cable costs a little under $15 and comes in a 2-meter length. This makes it quite expensive compared to some of the others that we featured, but not by much. One of the special features of this cable is that it has a steel spring relief which can prevent the cable from breaking when using it. Apart from this, it has an angled connector shape which has advantages in situations where the cable must be connected within a tighter space. The connector of the cable is plated with 24k gold which is far superior to aluminum or copper connected cables. This also ensures that the audio signal is preserved and transmitted without any noise or interference. The cable is compatible with almost all devices which support a 3.5mm jack input or output.

12. SecurOMax Auxiliary Audio Cable


This is yet another aux cable which comes in a fixed size and color, as there are no options of choosing the length or color of the cable that you wish to purchase. The cable measures 3.3 feet in length, which arguably is going to be the most purchased length for an aux cable as it is not too small or too long in length. The price isn’t too bad either as it only costs a little under $15 to purchase. The cable will work with most smartphone cases out there so you don’t have to worry about removing the case to plug in the cable. However, it may not be compatible with certain models of life-proof cases so in such a case you must remove the case to plug in the cable. The sound quality is one of the strong points of this cable as it has a dual shielding sheath around the wire which is nitrogen injected to further reduce the signal to noise ratio, thereby eliminating static and noise.

13. Zeskit Nylon Stereo Audio Cable


This is one of the more expensive aux cables that we found, but it does justify the price as it has a great build quality. The cable will cost almost $20 to purchase unless you are purchasing it when it is on sale. There are no sizes or colors that you can choose from the cable so it comes in black and measures 4 feet in length. This should be sufficient for most practical applications so unless you are looking for an exceptionally short or long cable, this is still a great option. The craftsmanship of the cable is what really stands out as the cable is sheathed with nylon which gives it both durability and flexibility as well. The contacts of the cable are made of 24 karat gold which is corrosion resistant and will be able to deliver great audio quality. Zeskit gives a one year warranty with the product as well, giving you, even more, assurance of its quality. You don’t have to worry about compatibility as the cable is compatible with most of the latest devices.

14. IBRA 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Jack Cable


This is another cable by Ibra which gives you several options in sizes and colors when purchasing the cable. The minimum length that the cable comes in is the 3-foot size, which should be sufficient for most of the practical uses of the cable. The longest length is the 30-foot size, which could be necessary for certain scenarios. Not many aux cables come in such lengths so this is a great option if you are looking for a particularly long aux cable. Apart from just the size, you get six different colors to choose from so you can pick a color which suits your preferences the best. The price is quite reasonable, considering the quality of the cable, but it may be on the expensive side when it is not on sale. The material used to protect the cable is a premium quality PVC material which ensures protection even when bent. The connectors are made of 24karat gold plating, which like most of the other cables we have featured, delivers great audio quality.

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