Trying to wash your hands and having to touch a crusty looking sink… gross! You know what it’s like using a public bathroom and then having to wash your hands in a sink that looks more germy than your hands probably are. Germs can be found in your own home too! Just think about that soap bar or pump hand soap everyone in your home uses BEFORE washing their hands…

Automatic Soap Dispenser

There’s a solution: automatic soap dispensers. Automatic soap dispensers are the heroes of hygiene which allow everyone to get some soap, without actually having to touch the soap bar or pump. With automatic soap dispensers, all you do is slide your hand underneath, receive some soap and then wash your hands (we know this doesn’t solve still touching a possibly germy sink, but hey, one solution at a time).

With that said, there are many automatic soap designers available out there for you to purchase. Of course, now you may be wondering, what soap dispenser should i get? Automatic soap dispensers come in different styles, can have different features, and of course come for different budgets. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here’s our list of some of the best soap dispensers available!

Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump

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\Why we like it: This nifty automatic soap dispenser features a no-drip valve, is able to dispense soap in a quick manner (in just .2 seconds), and is energy-efficient.

First on our list is this quality soap dispenser by simplehuman. Clearly, simplehuman understands that besides a product having superior features, it also needs to have a superior build. The simplehuman Sensor Pump is a product of elegance and efficiency, with its superb features.

The soap dispenser comes in a unique gear design with a high-efficiency pump that is engineered to dispense soap consistently and quickly in just 0.2 seconds. Along with its impeccable speed, this soap dispenser comes with a no-drip valve made of silicone which in turn, acts as a seal to prevent messy drips. This handy soap dispenser also features a wide opening in its design to allow for easy refills.

The soap dispenser comes with easy-access control buttons which allow for instant volume adjustment. More than that, this soap dispenser is energy efficient, being able to last up to 1 year with 4 alkaline AA batteries (which are not included, unfortunately).

Never worry about making direct contact with germs on a hand soap pump again in which this soap dispenser is touch-free. You can get this soap dispenser in options which are: Black Plastic, Brushed Nickel, and White. Fhe product has a durable design, making it worth looking into.

Lantoo Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Why we like it: This long-lasting, stainless steel automatic soap dispenser has a durable build, is anti-leakage and waterproof, and has 4 levels of soap liquid volume.

We’ll start off by saying that the next product on our list definitely takes the win for most unique design. The Lantoo brand has designed a dispenser that is original, durable and so easy to use that you’ll be rushing to come home just to use it (okay, not literally, but you’ll be happy using it).

The Lantoon Automatic Soap Dispenser is a true product of quality with its great features. The soap dispenser uses a Japanese, intelligent motion infrared sensor, which improves the dispenser’s longevity and working hours, compared to other dispensers. The soap dispenser features a no-touch and easy-to-use operation that will only be activated when needed, resulting in less mess. The soap dispenser can work up to 15,000 times.

This soap dispenser also features AAA-level anti-leakage and waterproof technology to prevent soap or water from corroding the circuit board. Additionally, it features four different soap levels which you can activate by pressing the +or – button once to select a level. Its sensor is able to detect your hand within one pass. Simply, put your hand under the sensor to activate it.

The dispenser lets you see the soap from the side so you know when to refill it again (plus it’s cool to see the colorful liquid in it… if your liquid is colored, that is).

The only complaint about this product is that it dispenses too much soap, even on its lowest setting, according to a few customers. Still, with its great features, 90-day refund guarantee, and 1-year warranty, this is a solid product.

4. AicLuze Automatic Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

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Why we like it: A modern-designed automatic soap dispenser that is touchless and fingerprint resistant and can be filled with your choice of soap or sanitizer.

The next soap dispenser on our list comes from a brand known as AicLuze. The AicLuze brand has certainly found a way to “defy” the spread of germs with this nifty soap dispenser. The AicLuze Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is a product that, according to the manufacturer, your kids will love, but we can bet you’ll love it too!

The soap dispenser automatically dispenses soap (or sanitizer if you wish) when your hand is placed in front of its responsive infrared sensor. This, in turn, makes this product touch-free and reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses. This handy dispenser also features a premium, brushed stainless steel design which brings class and elegance to any bathroom or kitchen. The dispenser is also fingerprint resistant, which will allow it to look beautiful and clean for weeks!

This automatic soap dispenser is very convenient, coming with three different settings to adjust the amount of soap you want dispensed. The dispenser can hold nearly 9.5 ounces of soap at a time. You can easily cycle through all three liquid settings with just the push of a button. The dispenser is very compatible with any kind of liquid hand soap or dish soap brand, and also works great with hand or body lotion.

You can save money and time by filling this dispenser with products you already have! What’s great is that this dispenser is affordable. The biggest downside however is the product’s sensitivity with a few customers saying the product is a little over-sensitive (causing unnecessary dispensing at times). Still, with its 1-year warranty and versatility, we are happy to recommend it.

ITEASIER Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Why we like it: A contemporary, automatic soap dispenser that is made out of stainless steel and premium Abs plastic for a strong build and long-lasting lifespan.

We keep the list going with another, well-made soap dispenser, this time by the brand ITEASIER. More than just having an interesting name, ITEASIER’s product has some pretty interesting features as well. The ITEASIER Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser is a premium product that has a lot of features that we know you’ll love. How do we know that? Well for starters, this product shares many similarities with some of the other, quality dispensers we have already reviewed on this list.

This soap dispenser, like many of the others, comes with four levels of soap liquid volume, which you can activate by pressing the “+” or “-” button once to choose a level. That features allows you to change how much of the soap comes out and if you want turn your dispenser off or on, simply press its ON/OFF switch.

The dispenser is very easy to use and is guaranteed to work for a while with its recent upgrades to increase the capacity of how waterproof, moisture-proof and leak-proof it is. This dispenser is proclaimed to be able to work for almost over 1 year. The dispenser is made out of stainless steel and premium PC + ABS plastic material, which makes it suitable for any bathroom or kitchen countertop.

This touch-free dispenser also features a Japanese-made, smart motion infrared sensor and comes with a waterproof cover, meaning the motion sensor will not get damp or take in water. With its solid features, 90-day money-back guarantee, and 1-year warranty, we find this product worth the expense.

OLpure Touchless Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

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Why we like it: This sleek and touch-free automatic soap dispenser comes with adjustable liquid volume and you’ll get a complimentary oil sprayer for your kitchen needs.

We come to the last soap dispenser on our list by the brand OLpure. OLpure delivers to us a quality soap dispenser, but comes with a little extra (who doesn’t love bonus perks?)! The OLpure Touchless Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is a product to remember for its top-notch features, and modern-design.

The soap dispenser is completely touchless, featuring a fully automatic-operated, infrared sensor that is activated by simply placing a hand under it. This dispenser is also very easy to set up and easy to refill. Just like the previous product, this dispenser’s manufacturer proclaims that kids will absolutely love using this product, making it the perfect tool for maintaining a child’s hygiene (as well as an adult’s!).

The soap dispenser is waterproof and anti-leakage with its new base structure that helps prevent water penetration, especially in wet locations such as the bathroom or kitchen sink. This new structure helps protect the dispenser’s batteries from corrosion.

The soap dispenser also features adjustable volume settings. With just a simple click, you can toggle through the dispenser liquid volume settings and dispense three different amounts of soap. The dispenser is also features a stainless steel, brush polish finish, making it fingerprint resistant, and nicely comes with an oil spray bottle to use in your kitchen.

The biggest downside is not being able to tell how much soap is left in the dispenser, according to some customers. Still, with its 1-year warranty and solid design, this product is worth recommending.

Secura Touchless Battery Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Why we like it: A sleek, premium touchless automatic soap dispenser that features an adjustable soap volume control dial and has infrared sensor detection.

So you’re looking for an automatic soap dispenser, but you also want it to be attractive in design. Luckily, the Secura brand’s got you covered! The Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is not only impressive in its features, but is impressive in design.

This soap dispenser comes in an attractive and stylish, high quality, chrome and black finish clear soap container that can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a countertop. You’ll love using this sleek, modern-designed soap dispenser every day and will love even more that this soap dispenser is water-resistant! The soap dispenser is battery operated and contains a 17 oz. capacity container that can be generously filled.

This soap dispenser features a smart, infrared sensor that can detect your hand from as far away as 2.75 inches. The soap dispenser also comes with an On/Off switch and features an adjustable soap dispenser volume control switch, from 0.03 to 0.19 oz. per activation. The dispenser’s touchless operation provides for an easy, hygienic dispensing of soap.

This soap dispenser is built to last, with its silicone seal in the battery compartment protecting the 4 “AA” batteries (which aren’t included).

The only complaint we found was how “finicky” the sensor can be at times according to some customers, with one customer saying it doesn’t register objects very well, and you might have to place a finger under the dispenser for soap to come out. Still, with its 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and great features, this is a solid product.

OYSRONG Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Why we like it: This versatile and durable automatic soap dispenser can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and can be filled with sanitizer, shampoo, dish soap, and more.

OYSRONG is another brand with quite an interesting name, but just like the CHUNNUO brand, OYSRONG’s soap dispenser is just as interesting with its amazing features. The OYSRONG Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is impressive for two main things: its versatility, and durability.

The soap dispenser comes with trhee different volume settings to adjust the amount of soap to your liking. You can toggle through its settings by utilizing the “switch” button (its volume control) located at the top of the dispenser. This soap dispenser also ensures no dropping or trailing of liquid, thus not wasting any soap, and can be filled to a reasonable amount of 230ml at one time.

This easy to use dispenser features touchless technology, with its smart motion infrared sensor that detects your hand instantly without you having to wave your hand under it multiple times. The durable dispenser is made with brushed nickel stainless steel and uses AAA-level anti-leakage technology to prevent soap or water from corroding its e-components. The dispenser’s waterproof base design is made to prevent its battery compartment from getting soaked in water, which would cause the dispenser to not work.

This versatile dispenser can be filled with practically any soap (just without microbeads), sanitizer, or lotion through its top cover. The only minor qualm with this product was the instruction on how to put in its batteries, with one customer stating it is easier than the instructions describe. With all of these perks, we are happy to recommend this product!

Automatic Soap Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

Automatic soap dispensers are great. They improve hygiene, efficiency, and simply put are just more pleasurable to use and maintain than grimy bars of soap and constantly emptying manual soap pumps.

However, not all automatic soap dispensers are created equal. There are things to know and avoid. Luckily for you, we have done all the research for you and put together a guide with our top tips and advice for prospective buyers looking to get the most out of their dispensers.

How to avoid a malfunctioning sensor

The best way to avoid a malfunctioning sensor is to make sure you buy a proper one. Double check reviews and make sure your dispenser has a good record. That being said, if your automatic soap dispenser is ever being a little too automatic and dispensing soap when no one is in the room or whenever someone simply walks by it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. 

Try cleaning the sensor, changing the batteries, removing objects placed in front of it (especially ones that move!), and lastly, if all else fails don’t forget about using your warranty, most dispensers come with a long-time warranty that will replace your unit for free.

Know your soap

Not all soap dispensers handle soap the same. Some only work with foam soaps. Some only work with their expensive special name-brand soap. Others are will work with anything including shampoo, conditioner, car washing soap, and just about any other liquid.

However, if you are ever hesitant about what your dispenser can handle and want to be on the safe side or restore a jammed dispenser we recommend switching to a thin soap that flows easily through any dispenser.

A clean and dry dispenser is a long-lasting dispenser

While we made sure the automatic soap dispensers listed here are all high quality, some are more-so than others and even the most formidable dispensers should be cared for properly if you want to get the most out of them. Not only should you always check to make sure your dispenser is never leaking (internally or externally, the last thing you want is a battery compartment full of soap!)

Make sure you set up your dispenser in as dry of an environment as possible. If your dispenser is always sitting in a puddle of water, you are asking for battery trouble and malfunctions.

Take advantage of every feature

Last but definitely not least, make sure you know every feature of whatever dispenser you choose and use it to its fullest potential. Many dispensers here are feature-rich and include things like an on/off button, adjustable soap amount dispensed and more. These features will help reduce waste and make both cleaning and maintaining a long-lasting dispenser significantly easier!