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Owning a swimming pool can be quite rewarding but would require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. It is essential that you maintain a clean swimming pool if you want to ensure good hygiene for you and your family. An unmaintained pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria and various insects which could result in diseases. For this reason, you will need to get yourself the necessary pool maintenance tools and perform regular cleaning for your swimming pool. Due to technological advances, this task can be entirely automated so you don’t have to do it yourself. Getting an automated pool cleaner can not only save you a lot of time in cleaning your pool but may also perform an even more thorough job of cleaning your pool. Here are some of the best automated pool cleaners that are out there.

XtremepowerUS Vacuum-generic Kreepy Krauly


If you really don’t plan on spending all that much on your pool cleaner, then you can go for the XtremepowerUS Automatic Vacuum-generic Kreepy Krauly. The main advantage of this pool cleaner is its extremely cheap price. The pool cleaner costs only about $80, which is significantly cheaper than the other two we have listed. However, you should be aware that it does not have the features that the more expensive pool cleaners may have. It has no limitations on the type or size of the pool that you use it in, making it suitable for both indoor or outdoor pools. However, it will require a specific rating on the swimming pool pump for it to function smoothly. There are no tools required in assembling the product as it comes pre-assembled when you order it. There is also no electricity requirement to use the pool cleaner as it simply attaches to your existing filtration system.

Hayward PHS41CST Aquanaut 400


The Hayward PHS41CST Aquanaut 400 is one of the more expensive pool cleaners on our list as it costs almost $450 for the four-wheel version. There is also a two-wheel model, which costs a few dollars more due to its compact size and portability. Apart from this, you also get to choose if you want just the cleaner only or if you want the cleaner and leaf canister model. We highly recommend the latter especially if you have an outdoor pool that is located close to your garden. The pool cleaner does a very good job of cleaning any debris from the pool, including leaves. It features the V-Flex Technology which enables it to do this with greater efficiency. There are multiple steering sequences on the pool cleaner which allows it to completely cover the entire pool. It is recommended that you use the pool cleaner if you have variable speed pumps.


Pentair GW7900 Automatic Pool Cleaner


If you own an in-ground swimming pool, then the Pentair GW7900 Automatic Pool Cleaner is one of the better options out there for a pool cleaner. It is priced reasonably cheap as it costs around $300, but you may be able to get it at a cheaper price if you purchase it off a deal. The pool cleaner is fully automatic in operation and has an exclusive steering system which allows it to maneuver around corners of the pool. It also does a reasonably good job of avoiding obstacles on its own which can ensure that your pool is cleaned as efficiently as possible. It does a lot better job of cleaning than the pool cleaners which uses a random motion and minimizes the chances of missing a spot. The port door of the pool cleaner has a cover which can be opened by a tool to improve the safety. The pool cleaner is relatively small so it can be stored away easily if required and offers a fair bit of portability.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner


The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner comes in three different models that you can choose from. There is the 280 model which is the cheapest, the 360 model which is slightly more expensive and the 380 model which is the most expensive. The price ranges from around $450-650 depending on the model of the pool cleaner that you purchase. The only limitation of this pool cleaner is that it is used for cleaning the pool sides. It uses powerful jets which can maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process. It is not limited by the size of the pool, so you can use it on pools of all sizes and shapes. There is no booster pump required to power the machine as it can operate simply off the pool circulation pump. There is a hose on the robot which measures a length of 31 feet. There is a chamber on the device which can be used to store the debris that has been gathered from the pool.


Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side


The Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side is a much less sophisticated pool cleaner than the Dolphin Nautilus that we reviewed earlier. There are three different versions of the pool cleaner that you can choose from. You can either go for the model without the Scrub Disc, with the Scrub Disk or with an additional Finned Disc. These three models vary only slightly in price so you might consider getting the model with the scrub disc. The cleaner is quite cheap as all the models cost only around $260-$280. The pool cleaner does an incredible job of cleaning the pool floors and the walls. It can remove all kinds of dirt and debris that have accumulated in the pool and it even removes larger objects such as pebbles and leaves. The machine comes already assembled when you purchase it so you do not have to spend time assembling it. Further, maintaining the pool cleaner itself is easy as you need only to replace the scrub disc, once it gets dirty.

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner


This pool cleaner is quite different to some of the others that we have listed so far. The design of this pool cleaner is also a lot different as it is stationary in operation and does not offer mobility. The pool cleaner does have a good reputation however so you can expect it to do a good job of cleaning your pool thoroughly. The pool cleaner features an automatic adjusting feature which lets it adjust based on the water level of the pool. The pool cleaner can connect to most standard return valves of the pool so it does not require any additional work to set it up. It also significantly eases the load on the filtration system of the pool. Apart from this, another good reason to purchase this pool cleaner is its cheap price as it costs just over $100. The only real drawbacks that we found was that it is not capable of cleaning the pool surface and walls, unlike the others that we have listed.

Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus


The Dolphin 99996323 is the best pool cleaner that we could find, due to how effective it is and its cheap price. The pool cleaner costs around $625, however, there is also an improved version, the Nautilus Plus, which costs around $800. The machine can clean pool floors, walls, and the cover. The cleaner is designed only for use in residential pools, however, you may even be able to use it in some of the larger pools as well. One of the best features of the pool cleaner is that it is quite light in weight. This makes it easy to carry it around when you need to use it or if you want to put it away for storage. Apart from this, it also offers relatively easy usage since there are no complex buttons and programming. For this price, there probably is no better automated pool cleaner that you will be able to find.

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013


The Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 offers a lot more customization options than the others on our list, as you can choose the color and size of it. The pool cleaner is reasonably priced as it costs just around the mid $300 price range for the smallest size. You can choose between the white and dark gray models, based on your preference. Apart from this, you also get the option of picking your size as you can go for the 2x or 4x model. The Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 operates on two wheels and can clean small to medium sized pools. The built-in turbine is controlled automatically by the robot and it can clear away any debris that is in its path. There is also a roller skirt which can optimize the suction power even on surfaces that are not leveled. The pool cleaner can effectively steer itself to ensure the full coverage of the pool.

Zodiac MX6 Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner


This pool cleaner by zodiac is priced somewhere in the mid-range, costing close to $300. It does come packed with features and has a sophisticated design to go with it. The pool cleaner is in the form of a rover, as it moves using four wheels which are connected by a track. This gives it great mobility as it can easily climb over obstacles. The machine can be used in conjunction with most pool pumps, whether two speed or variable speed pumps. The cleaner has a vacuum suction tube which is quite powerful in operation. There is also a turbine blade which allows it to climb walls with ease. The pool cleaner does not come pre-assembled so you must assemble it yourself. However, an assembly is quite simple as there are not many parts that are involved in the assembly process. There is also a hose pipe attached to the robot which spans a length of 36 feet.


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