Monday mornings are the hardest to deal with, isn’t it? We all understand the consistent struggle of waking up early and alarms that wake you up are quite annoying. To be honest, most of us hate the sound of an alarm. But some alarms can act as a companion in waking you up with a good and a pleasant mood. Modern technology has made conventional alarm clocks more friendly and versatile. However, with all the choices in the market, buying the perfect alarm clock for your needs could be tricky. The price, functions and most importantly the user friendliness defines the quality of an alarm. One would easily give up selecting a good Alarm clock after seeing thousands of choices. The following comprehensive list is made after analyzing all the above factors and here is the perfect guide for you to choose the Best Alarm Clock in 2018 from the market to suit all your needs.

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

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Electrohome presents you the Electrohome EAAC601 that can project the time onto a display that is away from the clock such as a wall. It also consists of the ability to display and the temperature together with the time, the project using the swivel projection of 180 degrees. This alarm is equipped with a crystal clear 3.6 inches blue LCD display with adjustable brightness.

This alarm is fully customizable and you can choose the FM radio, Buzzer alarm or the Time projection to be your alarm as you wake up. The alarm comes with a built-in lithium battery and this ensures that the alarm is functioning even when the power is cut. The alarm clock has a 3.5mm AUX cable input, thus enabling you to listen to your favorite music using your MP3 device, Android or iOS devices. The accuracy of the time and date is enhanced by its SelfSet technology and with this alarm, you will never be late to work again.

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio CKS1708 (Renewed)

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Start your day off on the right foot with the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio. This handy alarm clock offers everything you need to get your day started without missing a beat. The 1.4 inch blue LED display allows you to get a great visual of the time so that you do not have to strain your eyes when you first get up. In addition to that, the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio allows you to program in the correct day, month, and year every time you set it up. Another great feature is that you have the portability of ditching the electric cord thanks to the button cell battery. The button cell battery allows your clock to maintain the time and your alarm settings without fail. 

When it comes to the actual alarm, we love how loud and alarming it is (pun intended). You do not have to worry about sleeping through your alarm because it is sure to wake you up every single time. In addition to the alarm function, you also do have an FM radio that allows you to channel your favorite radio station. This is a great way to wind down before you go to bed or to start your morning off with.

HomeTime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

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The HomeTime Multi-Function Alarm Clock is ideal for outdoor use. The design is compact and ensures the mobility of the device. The 3.2 inch LCD display offers you a perfect large front time display and the brightness can be adjusted between 4 different levels and this ensures the visibility of the display throughout the day. This alarm clock can be recharged with a USB connection and the device has a built-in front panel that allows safe and fast charging.

It uses a total current of 3.1A for charging and it has a surge protection built-in for safety. The accuracy of the time is ensured by the optional AAA batteries and they will make sure the time is correct even in a power failure. This alarm offers a buzzer that gradually wakes you up without throwing you out of the bed. Also, it has the snooze feature and you can have few extra minutes of sleep after the alarm with this feature. This multi-function alarm has an indoor thermostat and it accurately measures and displays temperature inside the room.

La Crosse Technology Dual Alarm Clock

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La Crosse Technology introduces this uniquely designed Alarm clock to suit your all your day to day needs that involves reminders and timers. The LaCrosse C87207 is equipped with a bright and a versatile LCD display that has different dynamic colors. The display is designed with the latest technology, ensuring the viewing experience in independent of the viewing angle. It has two different and independent Crescendo alarms with 2-minute duration each.

Apart from displaying the time, it provides you the ability to read and know the indoor temperature in both Fahrenheit and in Celsius and humidity as an RH percentage as well. The backlight of the alarm has three preset brightness settings. You can change the brightness depending on the time of the day. The Alarm is powered by a backup power source and this is also equipped with 1A USB charging port for recharging the batteries.

Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

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Marathon’s Night Owl is a simple but very effective companion to take with you in your all outdoor events such as camping, hiking or mountaineering. It is simply designed to be very compact so it is convenient to take it with you virtually anywhere you go. The Night Owl is equipped with an automatic backlight that uses a built-in light sensor. It detects the light of its surroundings, thus understand when it is placed in a dark environment and automatically turns ON. The backlight can be operated manually by a button as well. Also, this alarm has multiple languages including English, Spanish, German and French. It also consists of multiple time zones including Atlantic and Newfoundland to suit the traveler in you.

Mesqool Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock has perfected the versatility in alarm clocks and it is equipped with heaps of cutting edge techniques. The clock has the swivel projection of 180 degrees that will project the time onto your ceiling or to one of your walls. The projection is ultra-clear and you can view it conveniently from any angle. The clock has an FM radio feature that supports both AM and FM frequencies. You can switch between the frequencies easily and it gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of talk shows, music or podcast. The display of the alarm clock is 1.8 inches wide and it is made using high power red LEDs so that you can adjust the brightness and the intensity as you prefer. The alarm has two independent alarms and it can be used as a high-speed USB charger to charge your smartphone, tablet or mp3 players. The display can be dimmed between two extremes and it has three presets as well.

Peakeep Little Digital Alarm Clock

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This is an alarm clock that is equipped with the dual alarm feature. You can set two alarms and they will function independently. You can set the alarm to be the buzzer or the radio. The buzzer has a constant yet an average volume and the radio can be adjusted between 16 different volume levels, so you can wake up to your favorite talk show, podcast or music.

It has 10 different radio presets and it supports the 87.5 – 109 MHz frequency range. The alarm clock display is made out of soothing red colored LEDs. The time is displayed in 12-hour mode and the red lighting is crystal clear at any time of the day. All the buttons on the clock are independent of each other and they are clearly marked for convenience. This alarm is powered by AC supply and you can use two AAA batteries with each having 1.5V voltage as backup power.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

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Not only the latest technical features defines the Best alarm clock but also the simplicity has a dominant effect on the ratings of the alarm clocks in the market. RCA introduces the simple yet versatile digital alarm clock with a bright and clear red LED display with a 1.4-inch width. This display has a convenient brightness control that varies between two extremes; the high brightness is ideal for the daytime and the low brightness is suitable for the nighttime.

The clock has a rugged but sleek looking snooze button. Snooze feature ensures that your waking up procedure is gradual and smooth. The alarm clock displays the time on the display and it also indicates the alarm times for your convenience. You can use a 9V battery as the backup power to ensure the alarm clocks functions when the power fails.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

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Sonic Alert SBB500SS is an alarm made just for people that have trouble waking up early mornings and this handy device is ideal for college students. It has a large explosive red LCD display for enhanced time display and the alarm is equipped with 5-level dimmer and test function to ensure the clock is up and running properly. This alarm clock has built-in red flashing lights, battery backup, and pulsating alert lights.

What makes Sonic Alert one of the best alarms is that it has an 113db extra loud alarm with volume control and adjustable tones. The device is equipped with a powerful bed shaker that will shake you awake. The Bed shaker is a unique and an innovative feature in the alarm clock market and it is powered by a different 12V source to ensure its optimum functionality. This has a powerful battery backup feature and also, it can work with the domestic 220V power adapters as well.

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock

One of the best Alarm clocks in the market is presented by Sony, the ICFC1 Alarm Clock. This is designed ideally for offering an elegant look. It is a cube of 4-inch width, length, and height and it weighs approximately 13 ounces. The alarm has a speaker output of 100mW and this level is emitted at a harmonic distortion of 10%. You can choose the alarm to be a buzzer sound or the FM radio. The Radio has an analog tuner to tune between AM and FM frequencies and it supports 530 kHz – 1710 kHz and 87.5 kHz – 108 kHz respectively. The alarm has a 3V Lithium battery for supplying DC. The brightness of the alarm clock can be adjusted depending on the time of the day and it has 3 presets of brightness. One of the important features of this clock is that it has the automatic time adjustment and daylight saving feature. The display can be set for 12 hours or 24 hour time mode and the alarm has the snooze function that also can be adjusted to 10-60 minutes.

TSTAR Wireless Bluetooth Alarm clock

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A multi-purpose High-quality Alarm clock, the TSTAR Wireless Alarm clock, supports Bluetooth 4.0 to give you the ultimate wireless control. This is compatible with all the Bluetooth devices and offers a more stable connection between your smart devices. This has become one of the best alarm clocks in 2018 because of the multi functions that it offers to the users. It has a total of 48 different color LED lightings that change according to the music or to the alarm. These LEDs have a maximum intensity of 20 lumens and you can adjust it to a high, medium or a low level as you prefer. This handy and portable Alarm clock is powered by a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged for a longer usage and also, it can be connected to the domestic power with the power adapter. The enhanced double channel speaker ensures the alarm sound is distributed equally in all directions.

Tech Tools Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

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Not all the Alarm clocks respect the privacy. The Shake-N-Wake silent vibrating Alarm Clock is designed to be your personal alarm clock and it will wake you up without notifying others. You can choose the alarm to be audible or non-audible. The non-audible alarm is the silent and personal alarm and it ensures that no one else is disturbed. This is the ideal alarm clock for the people with hearing problems. The clock is equipped with a soothing backlight for increased visibility at night time.

The clock time is displayed in 12 hours and time settings are conveniently adjustable. The clock is light weight and very compact comes with a fabric band. You can wear it on your wrist as a companion in reminding you the time and it can be detached from the fabric band easily to keep it virtually anywhere you want. You also have the freedom to choose the alarm clock in 4 different colors.

Timex T128B6 Dual Alarm Clock

The Timex T128B6 is not only an alarm clock but also a versatile power bank for your mobile devices. The alarm, of course, has two independent alarms that can be used to wake up at two different times and the alarm can be set to auto shut off or to auto-repeat as well. The extendable snooze feature assures an extra few minutes of sleep and this is fully customizable to suit your preference. The snooze time range from 1 minute to 29 minutes. The display offers a night light with a set of bright and durable LEDs and they have four different light levels. This handy device can be used to charge your phones or the MP3 player using a USB cable. The alarm powered up by 100V – 200V AC adapter and it can be easily connected to your domestic power lines.

Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock

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Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock is not only an alarm but also a night light that offers a bright and soothing white light. The device is ideal for backpackers and readers because of the night lamp feature and it can be turned ON by a simple tap of a button. The Alarm can be adjusted between two volume levels and it also has a snooze feature that can be customized up to 9 minutes. The display of the alarm clock is equipped with durable LEDs with high light intensity. The brightness can be reduced easily with the dimmer control as you prefer and the lowest t=brightness setting is 5%of the total brightness. This alarm is powered by the domestic power supply and also it is equipped with a backup power source that will come to action when there is a power failure. In an even of power failure, the display turns OFF but the alarm is kept safe and accurate with the backup power.

ZHPUAT Smart Alarm Clock

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ZHPUAT Smart alarm gives you an experience of using a smart device that looks a little old fashioned yet classy. It is designed to be a compact alarm clock, equipped with a clear and wide easy-to-read display. This makes the alarm very user-friendly. The alarm has a soothing and bright backlight and the brightness and the light intensity can be easily adjusted as you prefer. The display offers you extra data and information about the surroundings, such as Month, Date and indoor temperature. One of the interesting features of this alarm is that this alarm will start off smoothly and if you keep ignoring it, it will get aggressively louder until you wake up. The ZHPUAT Smart Alarm is powered by 3 AAA batteries only and has no USB ports.