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When it comes to fitness today, you cannot deny that we are surrounded with a multitude of options. From personal trainers to gyms, individual classes and home gym machines, we have it covered. The question is what do you opt for? Well, some like to go for one of these or a combination of these depending on their needs. However, home gym equipment seems to be one of the more common choices and with food reason too. After all, working out in the comfort and sanctuary of your home really does not quite compare with anything else. Here, we will be looking at air walkers which are a type of gym equipment as well and is suited for use at home. If you are not entirely sure how they can help you, well that is where we come in. These are some options.

1. Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines


If you are ready to invest around $160 on an air walker, then you could look into this one by Gazelle. Air walkers are excellent are helping you tighten and tone all the core muscles in your body. In fact, though they do primarily sculpt and carve your legs, they offer an all-over full-body workout. You can use this one according to any intensity that is comfortable to you. Switch from walking to running with ease and without hindrance from the machine. What is more, you can keep your workout diverse and interesting with 10 different exercises that it facilitates as well. Enjoy a complete calorie burning workout. It features a dual-action split suspension that is not only patented, but also offers a wide range of motion with enhanced flexibility where movement is concerned. It is especially suited for those who prefer a low-intensity workout and those who have injuries since it places less strain on the body. Convenient storage.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walk Trainer


If you are looking for an air walker on a budget, or any sort of workout equipment at an affordable cost, then this will do nicely at $60. This air walker by Sunny Air is simple and easy to use and offers all the benefits that typically come with this machine. Set it up indoors or outdoors wherever you prefer to workout with ease. It is not too heavy so you can move it about from one spot to another. Enjoy a no-impact cardio workout; though it is comfortable, it delivers a pretty effective session every time you use it. Best of all, it includes a comfortable Ab support pad which is great for beginners in particular who are still building strength and stamina. Since it is completely quiet, it can be used at any time of the day. You can also keep track of the calories you have burnt, time worked out and total distance. Keep these numbers in a log book so you can keep an eye on your progress.

3. Akonza Elliptical Glider Machine Exercise Trainer


Though this one costs just over $100, it is sleek, sophisticated and would neatly fit into your home without great disruption. Not only that, it is also quite modern and advanced as it comes complete with a pedometer fitted to it. Plus, since it is easily foldable you can store it away conveniently. It helps you shed those extra calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system which is an important part of any workout. Only through improving your cardio health will you be able to build on your muscles and sculpt your body. It is also able to support a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. Most impressively, it features a 5-function computer which effectively monitors your workout. From distance to total time, speed and more, you can keep an eye on your daily workouts. You can also use this information to help challenge yourself and keep improving your stamina. Definitely a worthwhile choice.

4. Stamina 9161 Thigh Trainer


Yet another 21st-century machine that would easily fit into your home, the Stamina air walker is a little steep in price at $200. However, it offers superior comfort such as padded grip handles which make your workout a pleasure. It helps reduce the strain on your body. There is also a monitor included which displays key information about your workout for your knowledge. From calories burnt to total time spent working out you can adjust your workout accordingly to achieve consistent results. It has also been built in a way that is easy to keep it stored without getting in your way. The effective lower-body workout it provides keeps your core stable and strong which is essential for balance. It also helps keep your pelvis in good health; if it deteriorates, you can experience issues with walking and mobility in general. Keep your heart and lungs working throughout as you sculpt and workout your thighs, legs, and other core muscle groups.

5. ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker


This is a dual-action air walker by ProGear and will set you back around $140. Silver in color, it is a good option if you are on the lookout for a workout machine that offers a challenging, yet comfortable experience. It comes with a 36-inch full motion range which is added to the stride. This enhances a number of calories burnt which in turns means more weight loss. Do remember, though, that you need to make changes to your lifestyles such as habits and food choices if you want to see genuine change. It specifically has an 180-degree range of motion which has been included for leg exercises. You also get a complete workout as it works out your upper body effectively too, thanks to the dual-action arms. It can support up to 225lbs and those who are up to 6 feet tall. It easily folds up for convenient storage as well.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Standard Elliptical Trainer


At $200, this is one of the most expensive options but is completely worth it if you are able to afford it. Grey in color, this is a magnetic air walker also known as an elliptical trainer and includes large foot pads that are anti-slip offering a better grip. It comes with an 8-level control system that helps adjust the magnetic tension. You, therefore, have more flexibility as well. What is impressive about this machine over others, is that it consists of hand-pulse sensors which work to calculate your heart readings accurately. This gives you a better insight into your workout so you have a more focused purpose. Additionally, making things even more convenient, it comes with wheels so it is easily portable. You can choose to workout wherever you want! The maximum weight it can support is 220lbs so make sure you stick to this specification even if someone else wants to try it out or borrow it.

7. Superbuy Indoor Air Walker Glider Workout Trainer Gym


This one clocks in at a cheaper price, costing you just under $80. It is perfect for use indoors. Its structure is built out of a sturdy, solid steel frame making it incredibly durable. So no matter how frequently you use it, you will be able to reap its benefits over a long time. There is also an LCD display which is convenient for helping you keep track of the time you worked out, as well as the calories you burnt and total distance was done. The handles, pedals, and base are coated with ABS so there is added comfort. It includes an instruction manual so if you are a first time user, you need not worry. It can handle up to 264lbs of weight so it has a wide berth there. Silver in color, it fits into any home with ease although it may not be suited to studio apartments, though. Wipe down with a cloth after you are done.

8. Body Max Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer


The Body Rider air walker looks a bit different to all of the options we have seen so far, however positively so. Its elliptical motion has been patented as well. It runs on a fan wheel that is facilitated by chains thus contributing to a silent workout. The dual action handlebars included help towards achieving a challenging upper and lower body workout. This means that you can enjoy a full-body sweat session, working your core and all the necessary muscles. Aside from burning calories, you can tone your muscles for definition as well. It costs around $100 which is much cheaper than a gym membership. There is also a workout video included which you can turn to for inspiration, especially if you have no experience with working out. It also serves as a useful guide so you know how to use the machine correctly. This not only helps prevents injuries but also allows for longer, hassle-free use of the air walker.

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