Biking is an adventurous and fun activity. Although most people go biking as a hobby, there are those who pursue this to maintain their health. Some people use bikes as their daily mode of transport too. Regardless of the reason why you are using a bike, it is important for you to make sure that you are wearing the necessary protective gear to keep you safe. In this case, you must not disregard the importance of bike helmets. Since head injuries can prove to be fatal, it is important for you to wear a helmet anytime you are riding a bike.

This way, you can make sure that even if you fall, your head will not be injured. If you do not have a bike helmet, you need to purchase one immediately. The following are some popular products that you can take into consideration.

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

This helmet is highly suitable for a bike rider for a number of reasons. Firstly, it comes with an intelligent design. Despite the high-quality design, the helmet is surprisingly lightweight. It is big enough to keep your head safe, but it is also slim enough to look stylish. This oval-shaped design is both unique and comfortable. Secondly, the helmet is equipped with highly advanced safety features. The helmet is capable of protecting your head from powerful shocks. So, even if you get into an accident, your head will not get injured at all.

Thirdly, the product comes with an impressive adjustment system. You can easily adjust this helmet both vertically and horizontally for your own comfort. Since each head is uniquely shaped, this system enables you to adjust the helmet according to your own fit. Fourthly, the helmet offers excellent ventilation. The number and size of air vents are impressive and therefore they allow air to pass through without causing any inconvenience. The 22 frontal air vents will make sure that you can ride your bike comfortable even when the sun is blazing hot.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet
  • Large: 58 - 63 cm / 22.75" - 24.75"
  • ABS Hard Plastic Shell
  • Segmented EPS Liner

One of the best features of this helmet is that it is suitable any kind of sport. So, you can definitely wear it when you go biking. Although the exterior style of the helmet is quite conventional, it has been upgraded with modern technology to function in a comfortable and fitting manner.

The interior foam segments of the helmet are connected through a reinforcing skeleton. This enables the helmet to fit your head perfectly. Thanks to the FormFit Technology, the helmet will fit you without causing any discomfort. This way, you can ensure that the helmet will not fall off when you are riding. Furthermore, do note that this helmet is highly suitable to be a skiing helmet as well.

Smith Optics Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Holt Snow Helmet
  • Features built for performance and style for everyday life.

This sports helmet is suitable for both men and women. It is specifically designed to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. The temperature and moisture management of this helmet are pretty impressive. The helmet also maximizes airflow and removes fog-causing air from the helmet. This way, you will be able to keep your head dry and goggles clear. The helmet has a high durability against dents and dings. This means that your helmet will not get damaged easily.

These features also enhance head protection in case of an accident. It is also possible for you to separately purchase the Skullcandy audio system which enables you to listen to your playlist while you are riding the bike. Since this audio system can be integrated into the helmet, it will make things more comfortable. Furthermore, the product comes with a self-adjusting fit system which will enable you to adjust the helmet according to your level of convenience.

Gonex Cycling Road Mountain Adult Helmet

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This product is specially equipped with various gadgets to offer bikers high level of safety and comfort. The helmet has 3-modes durable LED lights. So, if you are riding in the night, you need not worry. It is also equipped with a rotary internal regulator. There is also a comfortable cushion lining that prevents shock in case of an accident. The helmet has 24 integrated flow vents to keep your cool during warm seasons. With this helmet, you need not worry about comfortable since it is all taken care of. Moreover, since it is available in a wide range of shades, you can find a helmet that suits your bike.

Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Blue,Adult)
  • Fully featured adult bike helmet designed for safety and comfort
  • Dial Fit adjustment system for an easy, custom fit
  • Easy-to-adjust webbing strap for a comfortable fit under the chin

The helmet features a Dial Fit adjustment system. Therefore, the helmet will fit you perfectly and comfortably. The product comes with a webbing strap under the chin, which you can adjust in order to fit the helmet to your size. The product features 10 vents to enhance airflow within the helmet. There are also sufficient heat-sealed pads to control perspiration. This adult bike is specifically designed to provide you additional comfort and safety.

So, you can ride your bike without any worry. Also, the helmet features a visor which you can snap on and off for sun protection. This way, you will not get tanned because of the biking. Moreover, the design and color combination of the helmet will make you look more stylish.

Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet - Heritage Collection - Thousand Navy,...
  • A HELMET YOU’LL WANT TO WEAR: Our founder created the first ever stylish bike helmet to keep people who bike and skate...
  • LOCK YOUR HELMET WITH YOUR BIKE: Our patent-pending PopLock is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle helmet...
  • GET THE PERFECT FIT: Refer to the fit guide in the images to find the correct size. Tighten or loosen your bicycle...

Ride in style with the new Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet. This durable and dependable bike helmet takes your riding experience to a whole new level. For starters, this is one of the coolest looking helmets on the market right because the construction is sleek, modern, and silently stylish. The helmet comes in a wide range of color options so that you can find just the right one to meet your style needs. And unlike traditional biking helmets, the  Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet is not bulky or oversized.

One of the unique features of this bike helmet is the fact that the brand emphasizes that this is one of the best anti-theft helmets on the market. This is thanks to that unique construction that allows you to simply pop out the logo and string through your lock system. The brand is so dedicated to the anti-theft technology that if you are bike helmet does get stolen, you are guaranteed a replacement helmet free of cost.

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Other areas that are particularly impressive is the magnetic buckle. This magnetic buckle allows you to quickly and easily buckle up your helmet without needing two hands to do so. And if you’re worried about the integrity of this neat buckle don’t be. The magnetic buckle is safety certified and if you do get into an accident, the helmet will remain on your head. 

Lastly, the brand is dedicated to environmental integrity and this can be seen in the unique vegan leather straps. These vegan leather straps not only look stylish, but they were created with the intention of preserving animal integrity and the environment. In addition to that, these vegan leather straps comfortably fit you so that you have a sweat free experience when you are  riding with this helmet on.  

Other great features about the Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet included the CPSC and CE safety certifications that allow the Thousand brand helmet to be the ideal option for both bicycle use and skateboard use. 

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet, Dial Fit Adjustment, Lightweight...
  • The Schwinn Thrasher helmet with rear light is designed for adults. Suggested age range: 14 years old and up. Suggested...
  • Full Schwinn 360° Comfort featuring an adjustable dial fit knob and full-range padding for the perfect custom fit.
  • Two microshell layers and full-coverage EPS foam construction provides lightweight durability

There are a number of reasons as to why you should purchase this helmet. Firstly, the tapeless technology of this helmet offers a unique style to the product. So, it will definitely look good on you when you ride around the city on your bike. Secondly, the helmet includes 20 vents to facilitate air flow. These air vents will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer season.

There is also a snap on visor which you can use for protection from the sun. Thirdly, there are heat-sealed pads that are included to offer you additional security and comfort. If the helmet doesn’t fit you, it is possible for you to adjust the straps to get the proper fit. Moreover, the helmet also features a LED safety light in the rear. So, when you are riding the bike in the dark, you can ride safely.

Traverse Convertible Bike & Skate Helmet

Retrospec Traverse H2 2-in-1 Convertible Helmet with 10 Vents
  • 2-in-1 ultimate lightweight sports helmet, shred the slopes and ride the roads with two sets of inner pads and removable...
  • Easily personalize the fit to your head with the adjustable dial on the back of the helmet for a safer fit, Safety...
  • Equipped with fleece snow cap and earmuffs to keep you warm, dry and protected and 14 vents to regulate your body...

This is a two-in-one helmet that you can use for both skiing and biking. This lightweight sports helmet is something every biker should possess. The product comes with two sets of inner pads and removable ear flaps. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your comfort at all. It is possible to easily personalize this helmet to fit the size of your head. Simply use the adjustable dial on the back of the helmet for this purpose. If you are planning to use this helmet for skiing as well, do know that the helmet is equipped with fleece snow cap and ear muffs to keep you warm.

The helmet also has 14 vents to regulate the temperature of your body. This might come in handy when you ride your bike during the cold and rainy seasons. Moreover, this helmet is also available in a wide range of colors and designs. So, you can choose something that suits your dressing style.

Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet

Bell Women's Thalia Bike Helmet
  • Features Tapeless technology
  • Visor protects from sun glare and other elements
  • Pinch Guard ensures no-pinch buckling every time

Specifically made for women, this particular bike helmet has a number of impressive features. The helmet is suitable for head sizes from 54-58cms. Of course, there is a one-step adjustment feature to adjust the helmet according to your level of convenience. Since the helmet features Tru-Fit technology, you can be assured that it will stay in its position regardless of how fast and bumpy the ride is.

The helmet uses Tapeless technology and includes a built-in visor. This means that you will no longer get sunburns when you ride your bike. The helmet is available in a variety of color combinations and designs. So, you can pick one that suits the style of your bike. Furthermore, the product includes 16 vents to facilitate proper air flow when you ride your bike during warm days. These vents will make sure that you will sweat too much while riding your bike.

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