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Activity cubes are the most famous classic toys that were introduced decades ago. These toys are the best interactive learning toys available because, they not only keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours, but also they help growing kids to develop their brain with motor skills, social skills, sharing, focusing abilities, logical thinking and so much more. Even with modern technology, these toys seems like the best option for your kid’s birthday. And when it comes to buying an Activity Cube, one has to consider so many factors, such as the price, size, number of activities involved and most importantly durability. With the involvement of technology, the conventional activity cubes have started using batteries and electricity as well. When buying an interactive activity cube, a parent is cautious for the safety of their kids as well. Following list was made after a comprehensive search and the list contains the Best Activity Cubes in the market in 2017.

1. Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Cube


Hape Country Critters Activity Cube is one of the best and most versatile activity cubes in the market for many good reasons. It is basically a box full of wonders for kids, this toy is ideal for kids from ages 12 months to 6 years. The attractive colors of the activity cube make it fun to play with and the cube’s all four sides can be used for playing. This activity cube features various animal shapes and blocks as well. It involves different activities and the kids can build their imaginations and stories around each and every single piece. The activity cube is made out of durable wood, so you don’t have to buy another one for a long time. And the wood used is nontoxic to ensure the kids’ safety and all the blocks and edges are child safe as well. The activity cube has 10 pieces including balls, squares, different shapes and much more.

2. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube


This versatile activity cube has five faces/sides that the kid can interact with and all the sides of the cube are filled with joy and excitement. It has 4 buttons that light up when pressed and the cube is capable of delivering animal sounds and shapes in order for kids to recognize the sounds. This learning equipment has 14 different features which are interactive. The activity cube is proven to help kids with the motor skills and it offers music that will help kids’ aesthetic side of the brain. The VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube has become one of the best activity cubes in the market because it involves the modern technology. It has motion sensors to detect the children’s movements and it makes relevant noises based on the movements to attract their attention. The cube is made out of Plastic that is BPA free and it is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

3. Alex Toys My Busy Town Activity Cube


Glowing and sharp colors catches the attention of the kids easily. And this activity cube will make sure it has the kids’ full attention while helping kids to learn things. It has cheerful and bright colored wooden blocks and the whole cube is equipped with five sides to play with. This learning toy is ideal and recommended for kids above the age of 12 months. What makes this Activity Cube one of the best toys in the market is that this toy is an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, Award Winner. All the wooden components are made out of non-toxic wood and the edges are curved to ensure the safety. The Cube is a 16 inch long 12-inch wide wooden block with a height of 12 inches. “MY Busy Town Activity Box” consists of racing rollers, Word tiles that can be turned, shapes of different animals, peek a boo doors and wire rides.

4. WolVol Musical Activity Cube


This interactive Activity Cube is designed to be durable and all the bonds and joints ensure that the cube is strong and sturdy. It contains a wide range of shapes, colors, and blocks to improve the learning capability of your kid. The different shapes and blocks serve different functions in the toy. The WolVol Musical Activity Cube offers 15 different functions and each of the function focuses on developing a different skill. This learning toy is guaranteed to improve children’s’ driving skills, singing, ability to handle and use tools etc. this has become very attractive due to its unique and high-end lighting system. The LEDs used are versatile and durable. And the whole design is carried out using materials that are not toxic. The Activity cube requires 3 AA batteries only for its electrical systems and it functions perfectly even without the batteries.

5. Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube


The Mini Play Cube from Anatex is a more advanced version of conventional activity cubes. It is ideally designed for the kids above 2 years of age. This cube is 12 inches wide and 12 inches long. The height of the cube is 24 inches and this is due to the extra attachments on the top side. The cube has five faces that kid can interact with and all of them are filled with joy and it is intriguing to start playing. This learning toy weighs only 13 pounds. This has become one of the best activity cubes in the market and it is the gold winner of the Parent’s Choice awards. All the blocks and the shapes are built using high quality, durable and non-toxic wood and you can clean the activity cube easily with warm water and some mild soap. The toy experience includes counting abacus, Pathfinder, mini rollercoaster and fun gears as well.

6. EverEarth Garden EE33285 Activity Cube


This interactive Activity cube is recommended for kids above the age of 18 months. It is designed to be very stimulating and the creativity of the cube will increase your kids’ learning capability as well as their aesthetic side of the brain. This learning toy is equipped with not only blocks but also creative cubes to help their storytelling, mazes to improve their logical thinking, abacus to develop the mathematical aspects, cogs, and beads to sharpen their focusing skills and shape sorting games. The EverEarth Garden Activity Cube has made its way up to the Best Activity Cubes in 2017 list because its unique design is made using water-based paints, recycled packaging, and sustainable resources to help protect the earth as well. This interactive toy is guaranteed to improve kids’ socializing skills as well as their motor skills in earlier ages.

7. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Cube


A different kind of activity cube to improve your kids’ thinking skills, Manhattan Toy Tree Activity Cube is designed to catch the full attention of your kid in order to improve the focusing ability. The design of the toy cube differs from a conventional interactive cube because this one is built to look like a tree. The design and the exciting colors will increase kids’ curiosity as well. It is built using solid and nontoxic wood to ensure the safety of the kid. The tree theme adds a new flavor to the activity cube and it gives a sturdy construction and a perfect balance. The top branches are the “cube” and it is equipped with mini rollercoasters, peek a boo doors and much more. The gliders and the bead run on the activity center improve the gripping skills of children. The total height of the toy tree is 22.5 inches and it has a width of 18 inches.

8. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube


A colorful and attractive toddler toy for your kid to have hours of endless joy, this Activity cube offers your kids the ultimate experience for interactive playing. The toy is ideal for the kids between the age of 1 to 3 years and it measures 18 inches in height, 14 inches in width and 14 inches in length. The activity cube has enhanced heirloom quality together with its attractive and unique color scheme. It is die cast with the leading craftsmanship in the industry to ensure quality and it is very convenient and easy to clean as well. This Activity cube has five surfaces that the kid can play on and each face is equipped with a unique game. It includes hidden animal friends, a complete alphabet and animal pictures that can spin around an axis, zigzag race tracks, a mechanism that creates animal combinations and a bead rollercoaster.

9. Kids Destiny Learning Bead Maze Activity Cube


Just like many other interactive activity cubes in the market, this is also made using wood but is painted using specially formulated paint that is proven to be child safe. The wood used for the design is rigid and durable. The Kids Destiny Learning Activity Cube has five faces and each side includes a fun and different game for your kid. It improves the social and sharing skills as well as the motor skills of kids. The five sides are painted with colorful and bright artwork that catches the full attention of kids. The activity cube has fun activities as well as educational activities. It is equipped with a number game and a counting abacus. The combination of the different activities makes it perfect for kids in various age groups, so they can play together as well. On the top of the activity cube, a bead maze is fixed. This maze can be easily removable and can be reversed to have different activities.

10. VidaToy 15 Hole Wooden Activity Cube


Among a handful of activity cubes that involves modern technology, VidaToy Wooden Activity Cube holds a special place in the best activity cube list because of its uniquely simple design. This interactive learning toy has a length and a width of 5.3 inches. The height of the cube is 5 inches. Activity cube has five playing faces and each surface has three different holes. All the 15 holes are different in shapes and colors for more tricky yet interesting play time. The simple and colorful wooden shapes increase the imaginative skills of the child and the complex shapes improve the logical thinking of the kids. The wood used for the design is hard and durable and most importantly it is non-toxic. The edges of the cube are blunted for the safety. The cheerful and bright colors used for the shapes are water based and totally harmless for the kids.

11. KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube


This Activity Cube is introduced by KidKraft and it is an ideal toddlers’ interactive toy. It has five interactive faces and each face has a different set of games. All the surfaces, panels and components are covered and painted using bright and colorful nontoxic paint and the artwork is unique for the product. The learning toy is built using child safe material and the safety is ensured with the blunt and protected edges. It is equipped with 21 beads that serve different purposes. Also, it has winding tracks, attractive shapes and turning gears as well. This activity cube helps your kids to develop the abilities and skills like color recognition, shape recognition, and eyes-hands coordination. The KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube is also equipped with a counting abacus to improve the logical thinking and mathematical knowledge of the kids, and it has the complete abacus on spinning wooden pieces which make this product ideal for learning the ABCs.

12. WishLand Baby Toys Activity Cube


Another “out of the box” interactive learning cube from Wishland, the advanced Activity cube is a perfect learning toy that offers various activities that specifically improve different learning skills. One side of the activity cube enhances the motor skills of kids using an attractive clock. And the cube is equipped with different types of shape sorter games and components. It has strong beads that help in improving the gripping skills and the activity cube includes plastic cards that contain different numbers and letters for kids to understand and recognize. The box presents itself as an interesting puzzle. This whole interactive activity cube is built using high-quality ABS plastics and it does not contain any BPA. All the component are toxic-free and tested to be child safe too. The learning toy can be used by kids who have growing interactive skills and the cube is recommended for the kids of age 1 year and above.

13. IQ Toys Top Bright Activity Cube


This Activity cube has seven different faces and each face is loaded with different activities to enhance the thinking skills, motor skills and hand-eye coordination of kids. The components and the blocks included in the interactive cube can be twist, slide, and roll in order to match and play. All the 7 surfaces are colored in bright and cheerful colors and the cube is equipped with colorful beads as well. The colors are chosen in a unique way to capture attention from the kids. This interactive learning toy is made out of high-grade materials which are proven to be safe for kids and this cube will make an ideal gift for toddlers. Activity cube includes dogs and gear wheels, a counting abacus, a mini clock that helps kids to learn how to read time, two interactive beads, various shapes, alphabet and so much more to keep your kids occupied for hours.

14. Imagination Generation Wooden Deluxe Activity Cube


An interactive activity cube from Imagination Generation, the Wooden Wonders Deluxe is a learning toy that consists of five playing surfaces. All the five faces of the activity cube present a different game. All the games are designed to improve the social and sharing skills as well as motor skills of the kids. The wooden cube has a traffic theme. The interactive learning toy includes automobiles that can be moved, spinning gears to improve logical thinking, a whimsical rewritable white board, flipping cards that contain ABCs and so much more. On the top face of the cube, a bead maze is fixed and it can be easily turned down for another fun activity. This 5 in 1 deluxe learning toy is tested to enhance toddlers’ learning process and the cheerful colors, together with the unique artwork encourage kids to participate in competitive and logical games to develop their brain capacity.

15. First Learning 5 in 1 Activity Cube


Another simple yet effective learning toy for kids introduced by First Learning. This 5 in 1 activity cube features five different learning activities on 5 sides of the cube. The cube is made out of non-toxic hardwood to increase the safety as well as the durability. The paintwork of the interactive cube is uniquely chosen to keep kids focused on the games and this will keep them occupied for hours. The activity cube includes a mini clock to help kids learn how to read time, cogs and wheels, different and colorful shapes and blocks, a coaster bead runner and also, a bright and safe bead maze on the top of the cube. The beads and the colors will enhance the gripping and aesthetic skills of kids respectively and the abacus, gears, and shapes will improve the motor skills and logical thinking of toddlers.

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