Although Televisions aren’t as popular as they once used to be, there is still various technological advancements that has led to many added features that make them still a viable choice when it comes to viewing pleasure. Resolution is one of the key specifications when it comes to Televisions as it determines the clarity of the picture which is a lot more prominent as compared to computer monitors due to the large size of the TV. One of the best viewing resolutions as of today is the 4k resolution, which produces almost life like visuals that will definitely captivate the viewer. Here are some reviews of some of the best 4k TVs that you can buy which are over 50 inches in size.



Why we like it: This smart TV by Sony comes with a variety of features for a very affordable price. Just like all devices by Sony, you will be ensured to get a quality and durable product which you can use for many years to come. When you purchase the TV you will be provided with all of the necessary cords and also a table top which makes setting up the TV a breeze. The TV also comes equipped with batteries, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a plug point if you want to enjoy some UHD visuals that the TV promises. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz which is still great considering the affordable price point that it comes in.




Why we like it: The OLED55B6P is a great choice when it comes to getting a powerful and feature packed entertainment system for your entire family. It has a crisp 4K resolution 55 inch display that promises to deliver some of the best visuals for your viewing pleasure. You can also hook up multiple gaming consoles onto the TV as there are four HDMI cable ports located on the TV, so you don’t even have to disconnect them after using. You will also find 3 USB ports which allows you to connect multiple storage devices to the TV and it’s easy to use user interface lets you access these devices with ease. There is also an HDR feature which can bring out the best of your TV visuals.



Why we like it: This TV which is also from Samsung, boasts crisp video playback and picture quality. The TV is a smart TV so you can stream all your favourite apps from your couch. It also has a HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability which can boost the colours and quality of the visuals even further. There is built in Wi-Fi in the TV so you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network which will allow you to watch all your favourite TV shows and media that is stored on other devices as well. You are bound to have a great time with your friends for watching any sports in crystal clear picture and clarity. The features in the TV all promise to be very user friendly and you shouldn’t have a hard time getting used to the many features it provides.

Sharp LC-50N7000U


Why we like it: Sharp is also one of the top contenders when it comes to 4k TVs so you can be assured to get a quality product. This smart TV from Sharp comes at a 50-inch screen size and a crystal clear 4k display resolution. It has a Dual Band wireless feature which is up to 3 times faster than regular Wi-Fi so you will be able to stream any videos, even 4k videos, without having to experience any lag. One of the standout features about the TV is its ultra slim form factor which makes it ideal to be wall mounted or keep it on a TV stand without it having to occupy much space. There are also 4 HDMI ports available on the TV and 3 USB ports so you can connect multiple devices to the TV at the same time.



Why we like it: When it comes to mobile phones, Samsung dominates the market currently, with Apple being a close competitor. Samsung is famous for their stylish designs and crystal clear camera picture quality and also for the screen resolutions that they offer. This holds true for TVs as well, as the Samsung UN55KU6600 4k TV. The TV comes with smart capabilities which gives you the ability to stream any of your phone apps with ease. There are also 3 HDMI ports available which allows you to switch between multiple device outputs if needed. There are also two USB ports which allow you to plug in any portable storage devices. The curved design of the TV minimises the amount of glare that is produced without compromising its viewing angles. The display has a motion rate of 120 MR which makes it great for watching sports.



Why we like it: Sony has always been one of the dominant brands when it comes to making high quality, durably TVs. The XBR55X810C, sized at 55 inches in diameter and 4K resolution, is definitely a top contender in the market for TVs. There is a direct lit backlight feature incorporated into the TV that provides great viewing quality even for low light images. The TV is great to connect your gaming console, steaming videos or even enjoying TV shows. You can also watch most of the popular movies using the built-in apps that come with the TV. The TV comes with smart capabilities so you can use features like Google Cast and also issue commands using the TV’s voice recognition facilities.

TCL 55US5800


Why we like it: When it comes to 4K TVs ease of navigation is also one of the more important things to look at since the TVs come loaded with a variety of facilities. This is what the TCL 55US5800 promises to deliver apart from its vibrant 4K resolution. The TV comes with 4 HDMI ports to connect multiple devices and also has a USB drive for connecting mass storage devices. You can take full advantage of the large 55 inch display for gaming and also for enjoying your favourite TV shows and sports programmes. The TV also has access to “Roku” which is a cloud storage platform that has a variety of TV shows and movies which you can access on demand.




Why we like it: Smart TVs are the definite go-to when it comes to getting a TV in the current decade. The LG 55UH6150 is one of the top of the line model TVs produced by LG. This TV is a great choice if you own a gaming console that supports HD resolution as it has a 4k resolution ultra-high definition display. Apart from gaming this TV is also great for just about watching anything from sports to movies in crystal clear quality. The TV can be mounted on the wall as well as it has the necessary design elements to support this. There is also the LG WebOS 3.0 which is definitely a great interface when it comes to accessing your smart TV capabilities.


VIZIO D40u-D1 (2016 Model)


Why we like it: We all know that most of the top 4k TVs come at a very hefty price tag. If you are looking for something a lot more affordable, without any compromises to the quality and features, then this 4k TV from Vizio is one of the best you can find. The TV comes at a 40-inch size and offers stunning HD resolution display with its 4k display resolution. The TV comes with a quad core GPU and dual core CPU so you can experience the best in gaming performance or if you are watching fast paced movies or sports. Vizio also provides its own internet service app where you can get some of the latest movies and TV shows on demand. It also has a top of the line Wi-Fi adapter which allows seamless streaming of your favourite movies and videos straight off your portable devices. This makes it one of the more affordable yet powerful 4k TVs you can purchase.

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