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Finding a twin baby carrier is tough, but finding a good one is next to impossible. We’ve done the research, let us guide your purchasing decision.

Having a new baby is tough, but having twins can be insane. Even carrying them around can be a serious logistical challenge, which is why it’s critical that you get a high-quality carrier. The best twin baby carrier will allow you to comfortably go about your day, without pain and pulling on your shoulders, back, and chest.

The vast majority of carriers are for only a single child. Plus, even those that are for twins tend to be lower-quality and produced by individuals or small companies. Truthfully, it’s hard to find more than a handful of options to consider, let alone the same number that are worth buying.

Many are hard to wear, if not impossible to figure out, dangerous for your children and uncomfortable throughout the day. As the parent of twins, your hands are going to be full, and therefore you don’t need any extra stress from a poor carrier which makes your life more difficult, rather than easing the pressure.

There are also a variety of different styles of carriers, as well as multiple materials to choose from. The most obvious difference is the front or the two-sided carry. You can either have both of your children on the front of your body, or one of the front and another on the back. Depending on your stature, you might prefer one to another.

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Best Twin Baby Carrier: Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Rankings

With a product like a twin carrier, where there are only a handful of options to choose from, our research process is a little different. We don’t have the traditional problem of narrowing a list down, which allows us to focus more on reviewing, rating and comparing the different products.

To begin, we use a considerable list of factors which we think parents will find important:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Simplicity
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic

By using these different categories, we can score each product in these areas and more easily compare the items. By doing so, ranking them becomes a breeze.

To figure out the scores for each section we consume as many reviews as possible. We also look through any relevant literature or advice columns to find out why parents need in a carrier, as well as what they hate the most. Through our research, we’ve identified what we believe is the best twin baby carrier for parents.

Our Top Picks for the Best Twin Baby Carriers

mother with twingo baby carrier

TwinGo baby carrier via Amazon

TwinGo is the premier company in the niche, being one of the few brands in the world which specialize in producing carrier for twins. Due to this specialization, they have truly thought of everything when it comes to the specifics of this product, how it feels for the parent and the comfort and safety of the infant.

If we were to recommend a single brand, rather than a specific product, TwinGo would be our recommendation. When it comes to an individual model, the TwinGo Air Carrier is, in our opinion, by far the best choice. It offers premium quality fabrics that protect your children while making walking comfortable. It’s easy to wear and splits into two single carriers.

The fabric itself is a breathable mesh, similar to what you might find on a high-quality hiking backpack. Considering you’re going to have two bodies held against yours, heat is going to accumulate quickly. When you’re walking around, having a breathable mesh like this is crucial to prevent yourself from overheating and sweating through your shirt.

This fabric is perfect for all seasons. It will stay relatively warm during the winter but will breathe and allow air through during the summer to prevent sweating.

The design of the entire carrier is also innovative and allows for comfort even during long walks and play sessions. It works by having a backpack style design for the child on the back, with an identical inverse on the front, connected with plenty of support and a waistband. The critical element is the padded shoulders and the tight waistband which provides support.

The result is that all of the strain isn’t on your neck and shoulders. Much of the weight is on your waist and core, which is going to be much more comfortable and allow you to go for longer without needing to rest. Likewise, it allows for more padding and fabric, which will keep your children safe by preventing the material from splitting or ripping.

twin babies

 Image by freepic_diller via Freepik

Every child is different, and as they grow, you’ll need to move them around slightly to ensure that both your and your children are comfortable. For this reason, reviewers loved the eight separate adjustable zones on this carrier. As a result, you can tighten a variety of straps to maximize comfort and safety, no matter how big they are.

Unlike a double-front carrier which can prevent you from easily moving your arms in front of you, this carrier gives you complete mobility. As a result, you can pick things up and go about your day normally, without having to adjust all of your movements. Most parents found this to be more natural and convenient during their day.

It also comes with removable sleep hoods. When wrapped up these provide a comfortable pillow for your children to rest their heads on, giving extra support, especially when they are young and don’t have strong neck muscles. It can be unwrapped and used as a hood to protect them from the sun, or when they are sleeping to block the light from their eyes.

According to the reviews that we read, parents found that the carrier felt safe and sturdy. In our opinion, this is a critical factor because you don’t want to be paranoid that it could snap and break at any moments, leaving your babies injured. For this reason, we think it’s by far the best twin baby carrier that money can buy, regardless of your budget.

Perhaps the biggest reason for this, and one that applies to most if not all TwinGo products is that the carrier splits into two separate individual versions. If you’re with your partner or friend, being able to take one child each instead of being forced to carry both due to an inferior product is an enormous benefit. It’s practical, logical and will make your life better.

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier (Grey, Green & Yellow) - Fully Adjustable...
  • Base Carrier: This carrier has a blue or green interior and a permanent set of shoulder straps. When in tandem-mode,...
  • Attachment Carrier: This carrier has an orange or yellow interior and a set of removable shoulder straps, included with...
  • Sleep hood: Supports sleeping baby's in upright ergonomic position while providing shade from the sun and privacy during...

At first glance, you might find it hard to tell the difference between the Air and the Original models, but there are some small changes. The Original is the older model, with the simple design that they started with, yet despite its age, it’s still an amazing product that most parents would love to utilize.

The problem that we face is that it’s the same price as the Air, and in our opinion isn’t quite as good. Due to heavier fabrics and no sweat-wicking mesh, you might find that the Original model makes you quite hot during the summer when you’re walking around. For this reason, it’s worth considering the Air as well to see which fits your family the best.

Possibly the only considerable benefit of the Original over the Air is that it comes with an enormous pouch on the back of the carriers. As a parent, you know how important it is to be able to bring the supplies with you that you’ll need throughout the day. What happens if your baby needs a diaper change, or a cloth to wipe their mouth or a drink of milk?

Having this large pouch is invaluable and isn't on the Air, which prioritizes being lightweight, portable and breathable. On the flip side, the Original is all about reliability and convenience, even if it’s at the sake of being smaller and less bulky. Depending on your preference and physical size, you might find that one is better than the other.

Particularly, if you’re going on long hikes or walks, having the extra pouch is a lifesaver. Whereas if you’re always near to your car or have a partner with their bag, it might be less of a benefit. In which case, the slimmer and more breathable Air is probably a better option for you and your families needs.

The great thing about the TwinGo Original is that because it can be adjusted, it can be worn by people from 4’11” through to over 6’5”, making it ideal for couples. When compared to alternatives which use fabrics, this is a huge benefit, because these competitors often have very few adjustable straps or options.

Given how strong the TwinGo is, it can support up to 70lbs of weight when using both carriers as a dual version. But when split into two, each can carry up to 40lbs. Therefore, this product will last you as your children grow, saving you an enormous amount of money in the long run compared to competitors which your children will quickly grow out of.

TwinGo Carrier - Lite Model - Classic Black - Works as a Tandem or...
  • The TwinGo Carrier - Lite Model - is lighter weight and sports a minimalistic, pocketless design. Tandem with twins or...
  • Includes: 1 Base Carrier with blue interior, 1 Attachment Carrier with orange interior (extra shoulder straps not...
  • High Quality: 100% super-soft fabric color-coded for intuitive use, sturdy waistband with 6 configurations to...

We’ve ranked TwinGo as the top three choices because they sell the best products, it’s that simple. When compared to the competition, there is an enormous gulf. The Lite version is, as you might have guessed, the smallest product that they offer and is also about 10% cheaper than the other TwinGo carriers.

The most significant difference between the Lite and other models is that it doesn’t come with all of the funky accessories already attached. You can always buy them after and quickly connect them onto the carrier in a few seconds. By doing this, you can save yourself money if you’re not interested in certain components or would prefer to wait and see if you need it.

It’s worth looking at the weight recommendation, which is the same as for the Original and Air models. Therefore, it’s clear that they are all made using the same high-quality materials with thick and robust stitching to ensure a large weight limit. For this reason, it’s safe to assume that the Lite will offer the same performance as the alternative TwinGo models.

We read a considerable number of reviews to find out more about the Lite and how it compares to alternatives and the customer seemed very happy. Perhaps the only negative that we read was confusion over whether the Lite model can become two separate carriers like the Original and Air can be.

It seems from our research that you can turn it into one single carrier, but it doesn’t come with two sets of straps to make it two individual single carriers. Therefore, we can’t recommend it as much as the Air, which we believe is by far the best option due to this versatility, breathability, and comfort that it offers you and your children.

Reviewers seem to enjoy the product, particularly how easy it is to use and very comfortable. When you’re walking around for extended periods, having support around your shoulders and waist can be critical. These customers also talk about how quick it was to put on and get the kids into, without any extra fuss or hassle necessary.

This carrier by Malishastik is entirely different from those by TwinGo, both in design and construction. While TwinGo utilizes a child on the front and your back, Malishastik has them both on the front, facing you. The problem with this is that it put your arms in a weird position, which can be incredibly uncomfortable for long periods.

Likewise, you can’t easily move your arm in front of your body, which can make doing anything very challenging. Given that a carrier is supposed to free you up to go about your day with your children, it fails this significant test. However, there are benefits to have your children in front of you, including to make going through doorways easier and paying close attention.

Regardless, we feel that this design isn’t good. It makes everything more challenging and isn’t as easy to put on as the TwinGo. One reviewer even tried putting this on for an hour before giving up because they couldn’t figure out how it came together and was supposed to be. Given this, we’re not impressed with the simplicity and ease of use of this product.

It’s also important to look at the shipping data. These items ship from Ukraine, meaning that they will take up to a month to arrive at your home. If your twins are already here, you can’t be sitting on your thumbs for this period. You need speed, which is what Amazon is famous for, hence why waiting for a month is insultingly bad customer service.

On the flip side, the thickness and quality of the cotton which is in the straps are quite impressive. It’s very sturdy and should make you confident that it will hold. Because it’s so thick, it’s going to cause heat to accumulate, which can lead to irritation and itching on your shoulders.

Plus, without a strong waistband for support, your neck and shoulders are going to carry all of the weight. In general, the design is too simplistic and doesn’t factor in enough situations to compete with the TwinGo Air. While the Air is a slim and efficient product, this is overly bulky and hasn’t utilized modern fabrics or design techniques.

Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Carrier, Twingaroo, Black
  • Can be used as a double or single carrier
  • Designed to hold two children weighing 10- 35 pounds each

At first glance, you might think that this was another product by TwinGo, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it uses a very similar design, there is a multitude of design and production flaws that make this product not worth considering. Notably, reviewers have complained about breakages, poor customization, and pain.

The biggest problem was that it’s nearly impossible to put on unless you’re a specific build. You need to ideally be average height, average weight and any deterrence from this is going to make it tough to put on and uncomfortable to wear. With little customization and few straps to tighten, it’s not going to work for a huge percentage of parents.

Likewise, multiple reviewers found that it was incredibly tough to get their child into the rear carrying unit. TwinGo, on the other hand, has comfortable leg holes with hip support. But this carrier doesn’t, meaning you need to be very flexible to get them in.

Plus, we read a few reviews of serious breakages of the equipment, which thankfully didn’t lead to injury, but could easily have. For this reason, we don’t feel comfortable recommending this carrier to any parents. We would suggest that you consider the TwinGo Air or Original because these are the best for a considerable percentage of parents.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Twin Baby Carrier

twingo baby carrier

Image via Amazon

When you’re looking at the different available carriers, you need to keep in mind your budget, the size of your children and your comfort preferences. Notably, the difference in price between one item and another can be enormous, with some being over three times the cost of a competitor's similar mode.

It’s also vital for you to pay attention to the size limitations of each carrying device. Many have an upper and lower limit. The lower is to prevent the children from slipping out, which could be extremely dangerous when you’re walking. While the top is to ensure that the stitching doesn’t rip, causing your kids to fall and possibly become injured.

These limits can vary drastically, mainly depending on the quality of the fabric and stitching that is used by the producer. For larger children or those who are older, you’ll need to get a very quality carrier which can protect them and allow you to hold them without massive discomfort.

Featured Image by freepic_diller via Freepik

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