Best Piggy Banks for Kids


Piggy banks for kids can help teach essential money management skills—and we have the best all in our ready buyer's guide!

By teaching kids how to save money while they're still young, they'll gain a skill that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. Not only can they start to get the sense of the value of money, but you can also teach them math skills and help them strive to save up for something they want. While setting up a bank account is helpful for older people, but kids benefit from hands-on experience.

When thinking about how to teach these skills, piggy banks quickly come to mind. By having a bank at home, kids have a physical space to store their money and keep it safe, can get their cash when they want it, and can get excited about putting things away in savings. 

Something as simple as having a cash jar for your child to use can do the trick, but there is a multitude of piggy banks for kids that can help make the experience all the more fun. Between classic piggy banks for kids designs to fun characters that your children will love, we've compiled all the top picks into one easily accessible list for you to browse.

Best Piggy Banks for Kids: Comparison Table

How We Choose Our Top Picks

Even the simplest of piggy banks for kids can serve their purpose, but we want to give you enough of a variety so you can find the perfect one to make your child excited about saving money. For everything on our list, we considered:

little boy smiling as he holds a piggy bank

Image by asier_relampagoestudio via Freepik

  • Design. Plenty of kids' piggy banks have various designs that show off favorite characters, cute animals, and more. Since the right look can make your kid want to use it, we've picked out a variety of options.
  • Durability. Depending on your child's activity level, there might be a lot of running around happening. Thus, a piggy bank that can stand some bumps and maybe even a fall is an excellent thing to have around. Not only will it keep the bank in one piece, but it'll also prevent everyone from getting hurt.
  • Sizes. If a piggy bank is too small, it won't be able to fit enough money for your child to save up for larger purchases; too large, and they might find themselves frustrated about not being able to fill it to the top. To make your job of selecting easier, we've included various sizes to facilitate savers of all ages.

Best Piggy Banks for Kids

Now that you know what we look for in an excellent kid's piggy bank, it's time to break down our guide to the top picks around!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glowing Moon Money Bank for Kids - Large Coin Slot...
  • DETAILED DESIGN – Built with textured craters, this 4” bank has a lunar surface that’s super realistic!
  • GLOWS IN THE DARK – The surface of the moon glows in the dark, and the bank easily opens via the stopper in the bottom...
  • REAL SPACE ROCK – Includes a real meteorite from outer space! Add this fascinating specimen to your collection

If you have a kid that loves learning about space, this moon bank is probably the pick to bring home. The simple rounded design looks like a moon, and it'll look right at home in a space-themed room. At four inches tall you can fit a decent amount of coins inside, and the textured surface even replicates craters to complete the look.

The glow in the surface is likely to make your kids feel excited about having the bank around, be it during the day or night. The fact that National Geographic is the company responsible for it has some excellent benefits: for your kids, it comes with a piece of real meteorite to add to a collection; for parents, you can know you have a bank that meets the brand's high standards as an educational kids' company.

Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank Green Bow...
  • Hand-painted ceramic piggy bank.
  • Adorable bow on head.
  • Includes dry erase pen for DIY personalization

We love this bank because it provides a classic look with a twist: you have the classic pig design with pink and green dots. Even better, each bank has a hand-painted design, so no one is the same as another. With a little green bow on the top, this bank is downright adorable while still having a straightforward look.

Burton & Burton has also provided a dry erase pen that you can use on the bank to further personalize it—a perfect way to further distinguish whose bank is whose or to let your child stretch their creative muscles. The marker will wipe off, so it's up to your kid if they want a permanent design or not. Because this bank uses a ceramic material, though, it is on the fragile side, so keep that in mind.

Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank
  • A cute, happy piggy bank.
  • Pink vinyl pig with slot in his back.
  • Includes blue gingham scarf.

If you don't want to waste your time worrying about if your child is going to break the bank (literally, in this case), Schylling's piggy bank will help put your mind at ease. This bank's materials are entirely rubber so that it won't break, even if your child knocks it over. While its design looks like a pig, it takes after more of the real animal than the classic, rounded design.

The pig's smile makes it fun to keep around, and the slot in the back is perfect for slipping in coins of all sizes. The design even comes with a blue scarf around the pig's neck, which makes for a fun accessory. With its 5.6 x 8.4 x 10.6 inches design, you can count on it to have plenty of space for your child's growing savings.

For another twist on the classic piggy bank style, we present this wooden offering, which gives another slight variation on a favorite design. There aren't any outlandish designs on this bank, just smooth plain, wood that has enough little accents to make the nose, ears, and legs. Because of its wooden structure, you won't have to worry about this bank-breaking easily.

We think that this bank looks cute on its own, but the minimalistic design also makes an excellent base for a fun craft project. Some glue and extra accessories can allow for a customizable experience, while markers and even paints provide more options, no matter your age. The size is also suitable for young ones learning to save without taking too long to fill.

No products found.

If you want some fun variety in designs but know your kids don't have the patience to decorate it themselves, consider the Child to Cherish piggy bank. There are seventeen variations of designs to choose from, and they all come in the form of hand-painted watercolor raised graphics. The different options make it easy to match your child's preferences and the design of their room.

Each of these banks comes with a white space that allows you to customize it with the child's name. You also won't have to worry about the design wearing down from normal handling, as it has a glaze over the paint to preserve it; the long-lasting ceramic makes for a sturdy build. The other significant benefit is that this bank is bigger than it looks at first glance, allowing for plentiful savings.

Green Frog money Piggy Bank froggy savings kids
  • measures aproximately 6"w X 6"h x 5"d
  • Made from very sturdy, green colored plastic

The term "piggy bank" may come from the basic design, but pigs aren't the only animal that gets to help your kids get excited about saving money! This design comes as a cute frog with big cartoony eyes, making it perfect for kids of plenty of ages. The deposit slot is on the back, so your froggy bank looks like a cute decoration at any other time.

Even though we usually think of frogs as being green, that's not the only available design with this bank. Aside from the most expected color choice, you can pick from others, allowing the bank to appeal to your child even more. We recommend this product for any child that wants a fun alternative to the classic pig design and like collecting animal figures.

Pokemon Pokeball Kids Coin Bank Red and White
  • Pokémon "poke ball" ceramic bank in color box
  • Product is of great value and easy to use

Pokémon is a fun franchise for people of all ages, and kids are no exception, considering they're the target audience. Between the video games, trading cards, anime, and even Pokémon GO, it's hard to avoid this global phenomenon. This pokéball styled coin bank opens up a whole new quest to catch ‘em all, where the goal is to gather as much money as possible.  

Okay, that might be a stretch of the idea, but it might be a fun way to encourage your kid to save money by making it pokémon catching challenge. Even if you don't go that route, the Pokémon lover in your life won't say no to this bank. It's also easy to find banks shaped like specific creatures from the franchise, so consider some of those as well!

Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank, Silver
  • Carter's keepsake piggy bank in silver is ideal for baby's room; Silver finish and won't ever tarnish
  • Item is elegantly packaged for easy gift giving
  • Ceramic bank with non tarnish silver finish can be cherished for years

Sometimes the challenge in saving money is that having easy access to cash makes it hard to resist the urge to spend it when you get the opportunity—and this can be a challenge, no matter your age. This piggy bank goes the classic route in that there's only a slot to go in, and you need to break it to get inside. This design can help teach patience while saving, which is a highly beneficial skill to have.

Since you'll likely have this bank around for a while, the cute, classic pig design is adorable to have around. Instead of pink, though, this bank has a shiny silver finish, which makes it fit into whatever décor you have around. Since you will have to break it to get to the savings inside, the ceramic material makes it not the best choice for younger kids.

Ambesonne Minimalist Cola Can Shape Piggy Bank, Abstract Circles with...
  • PIGGY BANK - Cola can shaped fun design. %100 White Glossy Ceramic. Size: 4.5" height & 2.5" width
  • FEATURES - Wrap-around printed art on premium quality gloss ceramic. Great gift idea. Highly unique.
  • DESIGNER ARTWORK - This coin bank will encourage and motivate any kid and adult to save money!

For something a little less needing of a long term commitment, consider these mini coin banks. The overall design is a simple wooden ball, with ear and nose decorations on the top and small wooden pegs for legs. There's no coin slot; instead, you twist the pig open at the middle, which lets you get to the compartment inside.

Because of this twistable design, kids will be able to put in and take out coins as they like. Because it's so simplistic, these banks will look great no matter where you put them. They're on the smaller side, but that makes them an excellent choice for a first piggy bank where young children are mostly collecting coins. Once they gain good habits, you can upgrade them to an option with more room.

It's not difficult in the slightest to find a child that's a Frozen fan. If that description brings someone to mind (along with the memories of "Let It Go" on repeat), this bank may be a winner. The design takes after the lead Queen Elsa, and her likeness is ready to bring the magic of money-saving into any Frozen lover's life.

Because this bank is a familiar character, kids will enjoy using it and having it around to entertain them, even when they don't have money to put inside. With a rubber stopper at the bottom to take money out from, Elsa can help with multiple saving goals. Instead of letting their money go, though, kids will learn the value of saving up!

Peradix Money Bank Stealing Coin Cat Box Kitty Piggy Bank, Automatic...
  • ➤Cute Package: The exclusive package design for Peradix designer. The precondition of a gift is that it is a beautiful...
  • ➤Adorable Design: Fishbone shape design of push button looks cute and adorable. Adorable mechanical kitten comes out...
  • ➤Good for Habit Forming: Perfect for saving money with automatically stealing coin function, good for little kids to...

Mechanical piggy banks can make for another way to get your child excited about saving money because those designs almost make it a game to put coins away. In this model from Peradix, a cat will reach out of the box and snatch the money back inside when your child places money on the set spot. It's also easy to get coins out, so this bank can also serve as an entertaining toy.

Peradix uses non-toxic ABS materials to ensure their bank is safe for kids to use regularly, plus the build is also durable and can last for quite a while. If your intended recipient happens to prefer an animal aside from cats, there are two other designs to consider, and the cat one does come in two distinct patterns. While fun, the sound effects of when the animal grabs the coin can be a bit loud to use.

Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can
  • 【More Fun Than "Regular" Piggies Bank 】- The kids could set his own code and enjoys that it "eats" the paper money....
  • 【Note: Magical Switch Inner】- There is a switch inside the safe door which controls voice and beep sound. If you...
  • 【Hold Coins and Dollar Bills, Electronic ATM Style Password Bank】 - You insert coins into the top of the money bank...

Older kids may want to ensure that their money is secure in a place where only they can access it, and this electronic bank allows them to do just that. The design will only open whenever your kid inputs the code of their choice and will otherwise stay shut tight. Keeping passcodes safe can be another part of responsibility building, which will serve them well when handling future secure accounts.

This bank can handle both coins and paper money, and it even electronically pulls in the bills. Jhua has designed a variety of looks, including a cure panda below the money slot. While it does have a speaker for voice and other sound effects, a switch allows you to turn these features off. We recommend this product for older kids who can handle memorizing codes and have more bills than coins to save.

Teacher's Choice Digital Coin Bank, Savings Jar, and Piggy Bank |...
  • 💰 The Teachers Choice Coin Bank is a great all-in-one coin counter and storage device which accepts all US coins...
  • 💰 Sturdy and Light: Made of strong ABS plastic which is better than glass or ceramic piggy banks which are heavy and...
  • 💰 Great for All Ages! Our coin counting money jar is perfect for kids! It teaches them the value of each coin, basic...

If you're saving up coins, it can be a challenge to remember how much is inside and a hassle to count. While it's an excellent skill for kids to learn to add up their change, this electronic jar can help. The look isn't anything revolutionary, but the lid has a slot that can recognize all manner of coins, including dollar, half-dollar, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, then add the value to a counter.

The top of the jar will always show how much money is inside, giving a visual representation of how close your child is to their chosen sales goals. If they want to remove coins, the lid screws off, and the minus sign button will allow you to adjust the number manually. Dollar bills will also fit through the slot, but the sensor won't read them, so the keys also allow you to add to the savings total.

Piggy Bank for Kids - Colorful Transparent Money Saving Box - Boys...
  • PVC piggy bank, quality PS material .
  • Cartoon piggy banks for kids , Perfect novelty coin bank for home and office desks .
  • Cute pig Toy Bank ,Money Saving Box for kids Gift .

Glass piggy banks for kids can help you quickly see how much money is inside, but they're also susceptible to being broken. However, this transparent piggy is much safer, as it has a wooden "frame" and a plastic window to show off the inside loot. This build means breaking is much less of an issue, plus your kids can enjoy seeing the bank become full as they put in their change.

This bank is another one that is very simplistic and plain, which leaves room for customization. We also like that this brand offers banks that aren't just pigs—they also have fun variants like elephants and whales. If you love the design but want a smaller size to encourage younger savers, many of the same models come in "minimalist" versions as well.

Making the Most of Your Piggy Bank

child putting dollar in piggy bank

Image via Freepik

While purchasing piggy banks for kids is an essential step in teaching appropriate money management skills, the bank can't do it all on its own. You can help facilitate saving by talking with your child about what things they would like to buy, setting savings goals, and helping them plan reasonable time tables to get the most out of their money.

It can also help to lead by example and have your savings. Even if you don't get a piggy bank, having a change jar can help you model positive money habits for your children (of course, if you want a piggy bank on this list to match, then go for it!). By working together with your kids, you can imbue those essential life habits that will your bank be useful—and not a decoration that will gather dust. 

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