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If you are a woman living in the twenty-first century, yoga pants simply need to be a staple in your wardrobe – even if you don’t work out. Sure, these pants are meant to make it easier for you to be flexible while striking a yoga pose or hitting the gym. However, the reach of yoga pants goes far beyond this and it is undoubtedly one of the most common items that women wear.

There is a lot of speculation as to why yoga pants are so popular among women. The simple answer, however, is that they are comfortable to wear and also help you look incredible. When you consider these reasons, it is easy to see why these pants continue to enjoy a lot of success.

All this means that it is probably time to start your very own collection of yoga pants. Now, you don’t just want to bust your money on manufacturers claiming they are selling yoga pants, when that isn’t the case. So, to save you from being duped, here are the options you should check out:

90 Degrees by Reflex Yoga Capris

90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Capris - Yoga Capris for Women - Hidden...
  • Made for yoga and fitness enthusiasts, the 22" Power Flex Yoga Capris by 90 Degree by Reflex are the ideal workout...
  • These 22 inch capris are designed with 90 Degree by Reflex’s signature ReBound Basic material. This four-way stretch...
  • 90 Degree by Reflex is a lifestyle brand that combines style, comfort, fit, and performance. The high quality activewear...
Why We Like It: The 90 Degrees by Reflex yoga capris are designed to make it easy to twist and contort your body in any position while still being supported.

Editor’s rating:

Often, it can feel like the only way to make sure your pants don’t slip down while you are working out is by investing in high waisted pants. Well, if you don’t really feel comfortable suffocating your belly button but still want peace of mind, then these yoga capris are for you. No matter how you move, you can be quite certain that the band of these pants remain firmly around your waist at all times. You have the freedom to try out any activity you please in them.

The pants themselves are quite comfortable to wear for long periods of time, making them the ideal athleisure wear, for anyone who likes to fit in workouts with their errands. The interlocking seams, in particular, ensure there is no chaffing. The flatness of the seams prevent irritation occurring. There is a pocket on the inside of the band that allows you to discreetly store important items you want to keep with you. There are also many style options available with these pants.


Oalka Power Flex Yoga Pants

Why We Like It: The Oalka Power Flex yoga pants provide you with excellent coverage, are incredibly comfortable to wear and will stay put no matter what.

Editor’s rating:

There is nothing worse than trying to bend down or do a squat only to have your pants dip down, revealing your underwear. This is an issue most women face, regardless of size. If you are feeling frustrated, you will be glad to hear that you won’t face such a problem with these yoga pants. They will stay around your waist, no matter what position you get into. This allows you to be completely at ease while working out.

Speaking of which, these pants are made from good quality material with absolutely no transparency at all. So, whether you are dipping down or stretching out, these pants will provide you with all the coverage you need. The material is also quite comfortable, boasts flat seams, and will also make sure you are cozy, regardless of the weather. The pants also offer a considerable amount of support, working to keep your curves in check and your silhouette smooth.


Fisher’s Finery Yoga Pants

Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant (Navy, XS...
  • ETHICAL FASHION:Exercise or lounge around in absolute comfort with this bootleg yoga pant made from our EcoFabric...
  • MOISTURE WICKING PROPERTIES: Our EcoFabric keeps you cool and comfortable year round. Our fabric blend has...
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: The Everyday Yoga Pant. Our yoga pant is mid-rise and fitted at the hip and thigh with a...
Why We Like It: The Fisher’s Finery yoga pants are perfect for people of all sizes and heights and are also incredibly versatile and comfortable to wear.

Editor’s rating:

If you are concerned about the environment, you can rest easy knowing that these pants are made from eco-friendly materials. Despite this, the fabric is incredibly efficient at ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable. It has moisture wicking properties, so that even as you sweat, the fabric helps you dry off quickly and to not get bogged down by uncomfortable pants. Best of all, to make sure there is absolutely no irritation, these pants don’t come with any tags!

It can be so difficult to find pants to fit you properly, not just in size but also in length. Women who are quite short or rather tall in particular can find it problematic to find pants that end where they should. Well, these yoga pants not only come in a variety of sizes, they are available with different inseams as well. Due to this, they really are suitable for anyone. The pants also fit just right – they are tighter around the butt and thighs and looser everywhere else.

Baleaf Yoga Pants

BALEAF Women's Yoga Capri Pants Workout Running Cropped Legging with...
  • Non see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage
  • Hidden waistband pocket for convenience
  • Elastic waistband for a snug, comfortable fit
Why We Like It: The Baleaf yoga pants have a simple yet versatile design which offers all the support you need and keeps you comfortable.

Editor’s rating:

Sometimes, when you are running or working out, you don’t want to be bogged down by tons of material. If this is something you are looking to avoid too, give these yoga pants a try. They are lightweight and breathable, making you feel as though you are barely wearing any pants at all. While this may make you feel like you are exposed, the fabric is strong and durable and you can be quite certain that you are well covered up.

These yoga pants offer a great fit, sitting snugly around your waist and not slipping down as you move around. The stretch material ensures that you still have plenty of movement, however, and do not feel constricted as you exercise. Since the pants are cropped, they do allow for a greater range of motion. Inside the waist band, you will find a small pocket that can hold your keys and other important items.


Spalding Women’s Yoga Pants

Spalding Women's Bootleg Yoga Pant, Ultra Navy, Large
  • Flared yoga pant featuring wide waistband and small logo at hip
  • Compression through seat and thighs
Why We Like It: These yoga pants are a great option for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in more revealing attire but still wants support.

Editor’s rating:

Now, one of the best things about yoga pants is that they cling to your shape, putting all your assets on display. While this may work for some women, others can feel quite self-conscious in such revealing pants. If you are such an individual, then these are the pants for you. This is because they have a looser, bootleg cut to them, which means that they don’t cling to your body as much. So, you can still workout but have some leeway with fit.

This doesn’t mean they don’t provide you with support, though. They still offer compression in the seat of your pants as well as your thighs. This way, you are still provided with flexibility where you need it. The best part about these pants is probably that they are not restrictive around your stomach. While they hug your hips, you won’t feel as though your stomach is being compressed. These really are a comfortable pair of pants.

FEIVO Yoga Pants

FEIVO Yoga Pants, Women's Power Flex Yoga Pants Tummy Control Workout...
  • Non see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage
  • Stretch & Non See-through Fabric. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. FEIVO Power...
  • Women’s workout pants are designed with high-rise, tummy control wide waistband contours your curves and streamlines...
Why We Like It: The FEIVO yoga pants have been designed to be comfortable, versatile and the perfect accessory for your workout.

Editor’s rating:

These really are the ultimate pair of yoga pants because they pretty much cater to all your needs. While the material is thin enough to be breathable, it is not see-through at all. So, you don’t have to worry about unwittingly flashing people around you, particularly while you are working out. Speaking of breathable, the pants are actually made from moisture wicking material. This causes sweat to move to the outer surface of the fabric and evaporate faster, keeping you cool during exercises.

In case you thought these pants couldn’t get any more comfortable, think again. Even the seams on the pants have been designed to be incredibly soft against your skin. They use an interlocking weave so that they lie flat and will not irritate your skin, even when there is a lot of friction against the two surfaces. Last but not least, the pants have a hidden pocket inside your waist band to store items that you simply cannot do without while exercising.

PrAna Momento Capri

prAna - Womens Momento Capri, Black, XSmall
  • Recycled nylon blend lightweight stretch jersey with moss face finish
  • Moisture wicking
  • UPF 50+

Why We Like It: The PrAna Momento Capri Yoga Pants provide an ample amount of comfort, flexibility, and dependability for all types of activities.

Editor’s rating:

The great look and comfortable feel of the PrAna Momento Capri yoga pants have allowed this pair of workout pants to rank as one of the best if you are looking for quality and comfort when it comes to this season’s latest workout gear. With all that the PrAna Momento Capri Pants have to offer, it is no surprise why. The construction of the PrAna Momento Capri yoga pants are ones that are super soft and super comfortable. Each pair has made out of 76% recycled nylon, and 24% lycra elastane. The lycra elastane allows you to move every which way that you want thanks to its ability to stretch without worry. Additionally, whichever way you stretch, the material is thick enough that you do not have to worry about your undergarments being exposed due to a thin fabric. 

The waistband of the yoga pants is somewhat of a high waistband and the band is wide enough that you will get a comfortable fit no matter which size you are. Additionally, the waistband of each pair of pants comes equipped with a hidden key pocket so that you can always store small belongings with you when you are out on the go. Speaking of sizes, you will find these pants come in a range of options of fit varying from extra small to extra large. Because they are yoga pants, however, it is recommended to shop your size or one size above so that you get the best fit. This is something that consumers have noticed with this brand specifically. Lastly, there are currently four different color options you can choose from. There is a black, blue, purple, and a grey option. Whichever style you choose, you are sure to fall in love with the comfort and softness of the yoga pants. 

East Hong Yoga Pants

Why We Like It: The East Hong yoga pants make it a lot easier for you to stay cool and dry while you are working out.

Editor’s rating:

There is nothing more annoying when you are in the middle of an intense workout session and are sweating buckets. While moisture wicking material can help control this, it doesn’t stop you from sweating in the first place. If you want to stop feeling like you have just stepped through a shower each time you work out, check out these yoga pants. They have mesh panels on each side, which allow for better air circulation. This helps you stay cool and minimizes the amount of sweating.

These mesh panels aren’t just useful, they also look incredibly cool. They offer a nice variation on the typical black yoga pants and make your entire outfit more interesting. If this wasn’t a cool enough feature, these pants also have a large exterior pocket that can actually fit your phone. The pocket is made of tight fitting material, though, that holds even bigger items in place as you exercise. As you can see, these yoga pants have everything a girl on the go needs.

HDE Flared Yoga Pants

HDE Foldover Athletic Yoga Pants Gym Workout Leggings (Light Gray,...
  • Comfortable, stylish, and functional
  • Lightweight; Stretch knit fabric enhances mobility
  • Comfortable enough to wear as loungewear
Why We Like It: The HDE flared yoga pants are one of the most comfortable designs you will come across, making them perfect as loungewear as well.

Editor’s rating:

Are you all about comfort? If so, you are going to absolutely love how these pants feel against your skin. The material is incredibly lightweight and soft and feels as though you are wearing the most luxurious fabric in the world. One of the reasons these pants are so comfortable is because they are also quite loose and hang around your thighs and legs, although they do accentuate your rear. So, while your shape is being maintained, it isn’t a tight or close fit.

While they may not look like your typical yoga pants, they still allow a great deal of movement. They are made of stretch knit fabric that allows you to twist and bend your body in any way you please. Now, different women like different waist placements. Some prefer a high waist, while others want their pants to sit low. These yoga pants have a folded over waist which can accommodate any placement you like.

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