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A good quality bathrobe can keep you warm and dry soon after stepping out of the shower. Most women want their bathrobes to be comfortable to wear, roomy, and preferably with side pockets. A fluffy bathrobe is much more practical to wear after a shower and in bed for a reading session, especially in winter months. Most bathrobes are made from terry cloth for this purpose, but there are other material like cotton that served similar purposes. Some women prefer heavy and long bathrobes, and some want lightweight and short ones. Some even may prefer heavy but short bathrobes. In the list below you will find the best options for bathrobes for all tastes:

Arus Women’s Classic Hooded Bathrobe


Arus Women's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full...
  • CLASSIC COTTON TERRYCLOTH HOODED ROBE – This Turkish Terry Cotton Hooded Robe is the ideal bathrobe to wear after a...
  • BREATHABLE - Premium Cotton Terry construction with single ply loops on the inside and also on the outside make it...
  • MODEL- Wide cut design for comfort. It will absorb moisture with terry loops inside the robe. Patch pockets on both...

This is a 100 percent Turkish terry cloth cotton bathrobe. It’s basically the typical bathrobe material, but this one feels quite soft and comfortable against the skin. This bathrobe stands out for coming with a hood. It’s perfect for winter nights and after showers to keep towel dried hair even more dry. This bathrobe is available in five colors: navy blue, white, burgundy, plum and pink. The material in the bathrobe has extra long cotton for additional absorbency and warmth. The fabric is imported from Aegean region. It’s important to note that the design overall is not exactly classic. The sleeves are made wide and heavy for extra comfort. However, the added weight on hand can make doing things while wearing the robe cumbersome. So this is best used as a “bed” bathrobe. The style is unisex so men can wear it too. You can machine wash the robe, but avoid bleaching non-white colors.

TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe


TowelSelections Women's Robe Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe...
  • TERRY KIMONO ROBE - Magnolia Collection terry cloth robe for women. This terry kimono robe is absorbent, durable and...
  • PERFECT GIFT - Kimono style women's bathrobe is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Feel the comfort of drying up in...
  • GREAT FOR BATH AND SPA - With soft Turkish cotton, the robe will make you warm and comfortable after bath or pool. From...

This is a lightweight terry cloth bathrobe inspired by the kimono style. It’s marked for women, but the overall design is really unisex. It’s available in five different sizes from extra small to double extra large. The average medium-large size robe is 47.5 inches in length, 22 inches over the should and is 51 inches across the chest. It’s made from 100 percent Turkish cotton. The material makes the robe particularly absorbent and soft. Though it may feel delicate, this robe is machine washable. Be careful to wash in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. This bathrobe is quite durable as well, so you can wear it frequently for years. Keep in mind that certain skin care products can stain the bathroom. When washing, do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or bleach, which can make the cotton fiber in the cloth to degrade. The robe feels quite heavy when worn, so it’s best suited for cold seasons and climates.

Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe


Alexander Del Rossa Women's Plush Fleece Robe, Warm Shaggy Bathrobe,...
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE - We know that one of the biggest drawbacks to buying clothes online is the fact that you can't try...
  • WARM AND PLUSH - This warm robe for women is made from plush 270 GSM velveteen fleece to keep you warm no matter how low...
  • LARGE POCKETS - This plush robe features two large pockets that are big enough for your phone and warm enough for your...

This bathrobe is made from 100 percent long-haired micro fleece, which feels very cozy and warm against skin. This material is highly durable and suitable for heavy-duty everyday use. The material is very water absorbent as well. There are double belt loops incorporated into the design so this robe is far easier to secure around the waist. There are also two large front pockets. The shawl collar will keep you warm during the winter months. The microfiber in this bathrobe has an insulating effect on the skin, but won’t disappoint when you step out of the shower either. No chemicals were used in production according to the manufacturer, so the material is less likely to set off allergies. It’s easy to machine wash in cool water with other similar colors. But dry on low heat settings. The bathrobe is snuggly and plush, or it makes it quite heavy.

Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe

Hotouch Womens Bathrobe Soft Kimono Cotton Knit Robe Sleepwear Black S
  • 【Soft Material】 :Elegant Short robe for cool day. Warm and soft fabric. Let you enjoy the relaxed and cozy time at...
  • 【Unique Design】:This comfortable and sexy bath robe features 3/4 sleeves wrap design robe,Waist front tie,Side...
  • 【Best Choice for Beautiful Women】:Our robes are lightweight and ideal for vacation, spa, hospital deliver and...

In today’s world, having absolute comfort does not have to come at a costly price. The popular Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe is a prime example of this. The Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe is one of the most affordable yet comfortable cotton robes that every woman should have in their closet. The level of comfort and warmth it provides is simply unmatched. The soft material allows you to relax and enjoy your downtime as you should. Its soft construction allows you to have just the right amount of ventilation without feeling too warm. The Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe features wide ¾ sleeve wraps and if you need more comfort, you can slide your finger into the practical side pockets that were designed to keep your fingers nice and warm. The versatility of the Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe is unmatched as it was designed to give you a boost of confidence with its sexy fit. However, if you are a nursing mom, you are sure to love the Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe because you can easily transition into a nursing mode. 

You can find the perfect Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe as they come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Additionally, you will find that the Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe comes in a wide ranges of sizes as well. You can find the perfect fit thanks to the S and XXL size ranges. 

Overall, customers love the comfort and coziness that the Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe provides. Additionally, the Hotouch Women Kimono Cotton Robe makes for the perfect gift if you are looking for a great valentines day gift or mother’s day gift. Last but not least, this robe is the perfect option to go with if you are looking for a great hospital gown, spa robe, or vacation ensemble.


Microfiber Fleece Bathrobe


VEAMI Women's Warm Microfiber Fleece Bathrobe-Imperial Purple-Small,...
  • Ultra-plush microfiber fleece for warmth (water absorbent); 100% Polyester
  • Length of the robes: Small and Medium= 48"; Large and X-Large= 49" (Model on the photo is 5'7")
  • Two front pockets for extra warmth

This is the ideal bathrobe to get that feel of wearing a big, plushy blanket that absorbs all the water after stepping out of the shower. It fits very comfortably like a large tee shirt. The 100 percent polyester material is super plush and is designed to retain body heat. This is best suited for wearing on cold days. The length of the bathrobe can vary depending on your preference. Small and medium length is 48 inches, which will reach below knees on average, and extra large length is 49 inches. There are two large front pockets to keep hands warm or items in. This bathrobe is machine washable, but if you don’t get the settings right, the material will being to shed. Wash with lukewarm water and if you can’t sun dry, tumble dry on very low heat settings. Avoid bleaching or using dryer sheets to prevent possible shedding.


Drowsy Cloud Soft Women’s Bathrobe


Drowsy Cloud Bathrobe Soft Women Robes Plush Kimono Collar Bathrobe...
  • 100% polyester soft and comfortable women robes
  • Terry cloth robe for women and men
  • Lightweight Unisex terry kimono bathrobe

This is a cozy hotel-style bathrobe made for home use. The design is unisex rather than female-oriented, but is not particularly uncomfortable to wear. The smallest size is 47 and 3/4 in length, and the largest size is 48 and a half inches in length. It’s designed like a Japanese kimono to make movements easier. Five different styles are available in either white or blue. It’s similar to the classic Turkish bathrobe, but the material feels softer in comparison. It’s not particularly bulky, so you can use it during warmer months as well. This bathrobe is snuggly enough to sleep in. It’s durable and the material will survive numerous washing cycles. However, do keep in mind to machine wash gently and to avoid tumble drying on any heat settings higher than the lowest. Avoid using harsh chemicals like fabric softener, dryer sheets and bleach. Wash in regular detergent and water to keep the material soft and absorbent.


Herringbone Textured Plush Robe


Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Herringbone Textured Plush Robe,...
  • Knee-length robe in herringbone texture featuring large front pocket and self-belt
  • Length: 41"

This is a short, knee length bathrobe for those who prefer this style. Length is 41 inches only. This bathrobe is made from super plush ultra fine brushed microfiber. The design uses a one of a kind “herringbone rippled” texture, which makes this robe stylish in a unique way. It looks as good as it feels comfortable. This bathrobe is quite thick, so you will keep warm in winter without a problem. However, the material is also highly breathable, so you can wear this bathrobe very comfortably in warmer months as well. The overall feel is like wearing an extra fluffy towel. This robe is also available in a variety of eye-catching colors, like hot pink. The material can be machine washed without worries about shrinkage. Keep in mind to sun dry or tumble dry on low, as high heat can denature the fiber. This robe is only available in a single size. It may feel a bit too large for smaller frames and a bit too tight for larger frames.


Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe


Richie House Women's Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe RH1591-G-L Blue
  • 100%polyester
  • Soft, warm, cozy women's robes
  • A self-belt cinches the waist of this cozy shawl-collar robe by Casual Moments

This is a 100 percent polyester robe that feels very comfortable and plush against skin just like fiber-type bathrobes. The fabric is sturdy and durable. This bathrobe stands out for its truly top-notch stitching that will not come off even after several cycles of machine washing. This material is very soft to touch and wear. It secures at the waist with a self-belt, and the shawl collar makes wearing this bathrobe warm in cold climates. The sleeves, cuffs and the collar on this robe are slightly larger and roomier than on the average bathrobe. It’s a short robe, and the length only comes to mid-calf length (for women who are averagely tall). It’s best used as a winter robe. It’s the perfect “live-in” bathrobe that won’t become uncomfortable with prolonged wear. You can machine wash the bathrobe, but mind the heat settings when tumble drying.

PajamaMania Women’s Fleece Robes


PajamaMania Women's Fleece Robe Grey w/White Snowflake Fairisle...
  • Long sleeve robe features shawl collar, front pockets, inner tie, and a detachable outer belt
  • 48” long fleece robes are made of plush thick fleece that will keep you warm all winter long
  • Sizing: XS (0-2), S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), XL (16-18), 2XL (20-22)

This is a 100 percent polyester robe. The synthetic material is perfect for keeping water off the body, and warmth in. It feels very cozy and soft against the skin, so if you are looking for a bathrobe to spend lots of time in, this is a good fit. The sleeves are long and there is a shawl collar, two front pockets and an inner tie. The outer belt is detachable and is sufficiently to secure the robe around the waist as you like. Keep in mind that the material of this bathrobe is plush and thick, so it might feel a bit hot on warm days. This bathrobe is roomy, but also snuggly without being too bothersome to do anything else. This is a good bathrobe for pregnant women who might need some extra fluffiness and room. The material is machine washable, but expect some fuss. Take care not to turn on the heat settings too high on the dryer.

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