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It’s a Monday morning and you’re stuck in traffic. You think to yourself how the day couldn’t possibly get any worse until suddenly, you see thick, gray clouds. Just like that, heavy rain starts to pour from the sky and you turn on your windshield wipers. You remember, however, that your current wiper blades aren’t in the best shape and wipe off rain inadequately. You trudge through the traffic in the downpour, unable to see clearly through your car’s rain-filled windshield.

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is-bs-fs-table__imageANCO 31-Series DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe.VIEW ON AMAZON

No matter the season or time of day, windshield wipers are a necessity to have for your car. You’ll want to ensure you get the best, quality windshield wipers for your car so that you can easily wipe away obstructions to your view. Windshield wipers help sweep away rain, snow, and other types of precipitation. Not only are wiper blades good for troublesome weather conditions, they are also useful in clearing off streaks and pesky bugs that hit your windshield. Windshield wipers are necessary tools to have on your car to optimize your visibility and decrease risks due to various types of hazards.

We all know that windshield wipers are important to have but which kind should you get? There are various types of windshield wipers that have different features. Many wiper blades are designed differently and suit each car differently. Fortunately, you won’t have trouble finding wiper blades after you look at our guide. Here’s a list of some of the best windshield wipers you can get for your vehicle!

Best Windshield Wipers

Quick Overview: Best Windshield Wipers

is-bs2-table__imageOUR #1 CHOICEANCO 31-Series
  • Provides a consistent streak-free wipe
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Affordable
is-bs2-table__imageBosch 26A Icon
  • Long-lasting wiper blade
  • Offers variety of sizes and features
  • Easy to install
is-bs2-table__imageBosch Aerotwin Wiper Blade
  • Natural rubber wiping edge
  • All-steel frame
  • Long-lasting lifespan
is-bs2-table__imageRain-X Latitude
  • Durable
  • Made of quality material
  • Easy to install
is-bs2-table__imageAero Premium
  • Reduces drag, noise and wind lift
  • Prevents snow and ice buildup
  • Frameless
is-bs2-table__imageMichelin Stealth Hybrid Wiper
  • Long-lasting windshield wiper
  • With SmartFlex technology
  • Keeps blade from clogging with debris, ice and snow
is-bs2-table__imageRain-X Weatherbeater
  • Strong and durable wiper blade
  • Provides a smooth and clean streak-free wipe
  • Affordable
is-bs2-table__imageTRICO Exact Fit 14-B
  • No additional adapters required
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
is-bs2-table__imageSilBlade FLX
  • Smooth and sleek blades
  • Frameless wiper blades
  • Easy to install
is-bs2-table__imageValeo All-Season OE
  • Long-lasting wiper blade
  • All season wiper blade
  • Durable

ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blade

ANCO 31-17 Wiper Blade
  • Affordable conventional blade replacement
  • DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe
  • Vented bridge and high performance polymer ensure OE fit and function

Why we like it: A high-performing wiper blade that provides a streak-free clean at an affordable price!

The ANCO brand takes quality and affordability seriously with their product. The ANCO windshield wipers make for a great, conventional blade replacement for your old wipers. The wiper blades feature a vented bridge and high performance polymer that ensures OE fit and function. The windshield wipers also come equipped with a KwikConnect Installation System that provides for a quick and easy wiper blade replacement. You won’t have to deal with the hassle nor difficulty of replacing your old wipers with these ANCO windshield wipers. You can also enjoy seeing clearly through the rain or snow as these wiper blades provide a consistent, clear wipe in any driving environment.

Now let’s talk about the price of this product. Though these windshield wipers must be purchased separately, they are available at the great price of just around $5! The ANCO brand lets it be known that you can have quality at a cost-effective price. Even the material of this product is made with care. The wiper blades feature a DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound that provides a consistent streak-free wipe. These wiper blades are available in many other sizes, but for this review we chose the 17 inch size. Do keep in mind that some customers have stressed to read the instructions thoroughly first so that your blades are put on correctly. Otherwise, the installation process can take a lot longer than need be. Besides that, this product is efficient, reliable, and affordable making it a great addition to our list.

Bosch 26A Icon

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade, Up to 40% Longer Life - 26" (Pack of 1)
  • Exclusive fx dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration and proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium...
  • Easy installation with original equipment-quality hook adapter (Hook arm 9x3 & 9x4)
  • Patented beam design with shielded connector optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions

Why we like it: A long-lasting wiper blade with a variety of sizes and features!

Let’s kick off our list the right way with a brand well-known in the wiper blade industry. Bosch’s 26A Icon wiper blades show us that they take quality, in addition to windshield wiping, seriously. The wiper blades come equipped with exclusive fx dual rubber which resists heat and ozone deterioration. The blade’s high quality material allows it to last up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades. Want suitable wiper blades that can fit the shape of your windshield? The Bosch wiper blades feature tension spring arcing technology which creates a fit that is custom-contoured to the curvature of each side of your car’s windshield.

The wiper blades are also available in multiple size options, but for this review, we selected the 26 inch size. These blades truly work to enhance your view of the road with its patented beam design and a shielded connector, which optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions. The 4.2 star rated blades even feature a flexible, asymmetric spoiler that distributes uniform downward force along the entire blade to hold it firmly to the windshield during higher speeds. However, some concerns that we’ll note about this product include its higher price, compared to other wiper blade brands and the fact that these blades do not fit every car. Nevertheless, this product is protected with a warranty and with its dazzling features, it could be the product for you!

Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blade

Bosch Aerotwin 3397118979 Original Equipment Replacement Wiper Blade -...
  • Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades are precision engineered to provide excellent wiper performance in all weather conditions,...
  • Blended dual rubber compound with graphite coating ensures smooth, quiet operation and a clean, consistent wipe
  • Dual precision-tensioned steel springs, coupled with an asymmetrical wind spoiler, deliver uniform pressure distribution...

Why we like it: A powerful windshield wiper made to take care of all kinds of precipitation and is available in a set of two.

Bosch makes its way back onto our list with these wiper blades. The Aerotwin wiper blades are one of Bosch’s most superior products with its supreme windshield wiping abilities. These wiper blades remove even the smallest droplets to provide a clear view and to enhance safety. The wiper blades are designed out of durable material. The blades feature a precision-cut, natural rubber wiping edge. Its other superior design features include an aerodynamic all-steel frame and an exclusive, fully-enclosed metal tension spring. These innovative windshield wipers come equipped with unique, special adapters that are typically hard to find in the market for one’s vehicle.

These quality wiper blades come in a set of two and are available for purchase at a quite affordable price of $22. One size of the blade is 24 inches while the other is 19 inches. The blades are made from a specially coated dual rubber compound to ensure a smooth, quiet operation and a clean, consistent wipe. The installation process is even noted to be trouble-free with it featuring a vehicle-specific pre-mounted adaptor that is an exact match to your original equipment. These 4.4 star rated wiper blades are even noted to have a long-lasting lifespan. Some customers however, have expressed that the blades do not fit as well as expected for some vehicles. Aside from that point, these wiper blades are packed with a durable, sleek design and superior features, making it suited for our list.

Rain-X Latitude

Why we like it: A durable windshield wiper that’s made of quality material and is easy to install.

Another notable, top brand in the windshield wiper industry is Rain-X. Rain-X proves quality and durability is important with their Latitude windshield wipers. These sturdy windshield wipers help prevent ice and snow build-up with its absence of exposed metal components. The material of these wiper blades is made from superior quality. The specially blended, graphite coated rubber blade creates a smooth, chatter-free wipe as a result. Worried that your wiper blades will begin to deteriorate from all the bad weather? The wiper blades come equipped with a synthetic rubber squeegee that is weather-resistant and can even withstand extreme weather conditions.

Looking for versatile blades that are easy to put on your car? The Rain-X wiper blades are easy to install and even come with a pre-installed, small j-hook adapter. The product also contains a multi-adapter for side pin, a large j-hook, a bayonet, a I&L and PTB wiper blade arms. The Rain-X wipers are also available in many different size options, but for this review we selected the 24 inch size. Nevertheless, these blades feature a contoured frame to promote a better hold to most windshields. It is important to note however, that these wiper blades don’t have a prolonged life span and some customers have noted its wiping ability isn’t all that powerful. For its durable material and versatility, we still recommend the product as it could be a good fit for you!

Aero Premium

AERO Voyager 26" + 16" Premium All-Season OEM Quality Windshield Wiper...
  • AERO wiper blades are direct OEM replacement, quality and fitment are guaranteed.
  • 1 Year warranty from aerowiper - The best in the industry
  • Extra rubber refills offer 2 times the performance life

Why we like it: These all-season windshield wipers are compatible for newer car models with its frameless feature and is packed with other great features!

The Aero brand puts the emphasis on premium with their product, aside from its title. The Aero Premium windshield wipers are made of a durable material that provides a long performance life over other conventional wiper blades. The wiper blades even feature a frameless design that is suitable for many car models, making it a suitable product for many car owners. The wiper blades are made from a specially blended rubber that delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, and chatter-free wipe. Aero shows it put effort into making a superior product with its aerodynamic design that significantly reduces drag, noise, and wind lift.

The great thing about the windshield wipers is that it comes in a set of two. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing each blade separately. Being available in a pack of 2 blades (one 24 inch blade and one 22 inch blade), they are extremely affordable and will only cost you under $18! These 4.2 star rated wiper blades are great for preventing snow and ice buildup. They also make for a great and direct OEM replacement, with quality and fitment guaranteed. Though these quality wiper blades are a good fit for many cars, do note that they are only suitable for newer car models. The blades also unfortunately, have a shorter lifespan when used in heavier ice conditions. Besides those flaws, this product is made with quality material and is worth its value, making it great for our list!

Michelin Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade

Michelin 8024 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex...
  • Smart Flex technology adapts to windshield curve for best, long-lasting wiper performance in harsh weather
  • Sleek aerodynamic cover keeps blade from clogging with debris, ice and snow
  • Independent suspension adjusts to windshield shape for strong contact from end to end of wiper blade

Why we like it: A long-lasting windshield wiper built to last against various weather conditions.

Michelin is a top brand, known to provide quality products in the car industry. This product is no different. The Michelin Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wipers are designed with SmartFlex technology which adapts to your windshield curve to provide the best, long-lasting wiper performance in harsh weather conditions. These superior windshield wipers even feature a sleek, aerodynamic cover that keeps the blade from clogging with debris, ice, and snow. You’ll never have to worry about pesky, fallen leaves getting stuck in your windshield wipers again! Looking for form-fitting blades that sit well with your windshield? These wiper blades come with an independent suspension that adjusts to your windshield’s shape for strong contact from end to end of the wiper blades.

There’s more to love about this resilient product. The Michelin wiper blades even come with an EZ Lok connector system that makes for quick and easy replacement of your old wipers. Don’t want to solely rely on our word that this is a great product? There are many independent tests that show after 300,000 wipe cycles, Michelin Stealth wipers outperform all industry competitors. These positively rated windshield wipers truly are built to last. The wipers also come in a plethora of other size options (for this review we selected the 24 inch size). Although you’ll have to buy each blade separately, each blade comes at a reasonable price of around $11. Do note however, that some customers have stated that the installation process of the blades actually isn’t as swift or easy. Besides that point, these wiper blades have many good features and could very well be the product for you!


Rain-X Weatherbeater

Rain-X RX30224 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 24-Inches - (Pack of 1)
  • Long lasting durability defined by a galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion
  • All natural squeegee rubber resists cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid and...
  • High quality traditional blade that meets or exceeds all original equipment manufacturers' standards

Why we like it: A strong, durable wiper blade that is weather-ready and is available to purchase at an affordable price!

Rain-X finds its way onto our list again with these quality windshield wipers! These traditional Rain-X Weatherbeater wiper blades have been known and trusted for its quality, durability and value for over 15 years. These superior-made wiper blades come equipped with a galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion, all while providing strength and resilience. Worried about your wiper blades possibly cracking under pressure? The wiper blades also feature a natural rubber squeegee which resists cracking, splitting, and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid, and salt. These Rain-X blades are built to last under the harshest weather conditions!

The Rain-X windshield wipers are available in a multitude of sizes, but for this review, we selected the 24 inch size. One of the many great things about these wiper blades is that it provides a smooth, clean, streak-free wipe due to its multiple press points that effortlessly conform to your windshield. Another great thing about these windshield wipers is that it is available to you at an affordable cost. These windshield wipers cost just under $12! We will note a few concerns about the product such as it not having a curved design (to conform to the shape of your shield) and its metal frame is exposed. If you can look past those minor flaws, then this product may just be the right one for you!


TRICO Exact Fit 14-B Rear Integral Wiper Blade

TRICO Exact Fit 14-B Rear Integral Wiper Blade - 14 Inch
  • Original factory quality for the same fit and function as when the vehicle was new
  • Provides critical rear visibility
  • Durable, quality materials

Why we like it: A wiper blade that is pre-made and designed to fit original equipment assembly, making for an easy installation

The TRICO band knows you don’t want to spend all day working on installing your windshield wipers. Luckily, they’ve got you covered with their windshield wiper product that is already pre-assembled for you! TRICO’s pre-assembled wipers are designed to precisely match a vehicle’s specific arm type. These “Exact fit” rear wiper blades will also fit the Roc Loc 3 arm. Not to mention, these versatile windshield wipers contain the exact O.E. appearance for both domestic and import vehicles. The wiper blades truly provide you with a one step installation, able to be installed in just a matter of seconds!

Think you need to go out and buy extra equipment to install your windshield wiper? Not with this product! The TRICO Integral wiper requires no additional adapters, meaning the wiper is all you need to purchase. Do be mindful that this wiper blade is for your rear car windshield and not the front (as the other products we reviewed have been for). The price of this product is very inexpensive, only costing you about $8 per blade. This 4.6 star rated product is available in various lengths (from 8 inches to 29 inches), but for this review we selected its 14 inch size. There has been some concern expressed by customers about the product’s life span not being as long as intended. Fortunately, this product is protected under a manufacturer warranty and could very well be the product for you!


SilBlade FLX

SilBlade FLX 2418 Premium Beam Wiper Blade Set - 24"/18" | Fits...
  • Glides smoothly across the windshield, leaving crystal clear view
  • Unique curved frameless wiper blade; It conforms to a sleeker, more curved windshields on today's vehicles
  • Easy installation, it has patented preinstalled adaptor that fits the vast majority of vehicles

Why we like it: These smooth and sleek wiper blades wipe away precipitation cleanly and come in a set of two.

SilBlade makes it known that pristine vision is a necessity with these wiper blades. The SilBlade FLX wiper blades glide smoothly across the windshield and leave you with a crystal clear view, free of obstructions and weather hazards. These wiper blades also feature a unique curved frameless design. This design allows for the wiper blades to effortlessly conform to sleeker, more curved windshields on many of today’s vehicles. You won’t have to worry about a tedious installation process as these wiper blades are easy to install and come equipped with a patented pre-installed adaptor that fits the vast majority of vehicles.

These smooth windshield wipers even come in a pack of two with a variety of sizes meant to fit the year, make, and model of your car. For this product review, we selected the 24/18 inch wiper blades. This product even ensures that its packaging is hassle-free with its frustration free package that utilizes recycled cardboard with no plastic waste. Among its quality, these premium wiper blades ensure not only an efficient installation process, but also an efficient and eco-friendly packaging! Do keep in mind that these wiper blades do not fit all car models and have been noted to not be weather-resistant for all types of weather. Nevertheless, for its value and sleek features, this could be the product for you.

Valeo All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blade

Why we like it: These wiper blades are meant to endure the weather for all seasons and features a sleek, quality design.

Valeo lets us know it’s all about high-performance and durability with their product. The Valeo All-Season Wiper Blades feature an integrated spoiler equipped with the best-in-class aerodynamics to provide a high-speed performance. The wiper blades also feature a frameless design and a nonmetal superstructure to efficiently collect ice and snow. Want your wipers to clean up the mess without all the noise? These superior windshield wipers feature New Tec3 advanced rubber technology to ensure a quiet wipe and a longer life-span for your wiper blades. These wiper blades will also provide you with an easy installation process and require no additional adapters or other equipment to purchase.

Just when you thought a product couldn’t get better, Valeo stands to prove us wrong. The wiper blades provide an even blade-to-windshield pressure that can be attributed to its integrated flexors (which contain 1,500+ pressure points). This allows for a quiet experience and a reduction of vibration from the blades. The wiper blades work to ensure optimum visibility and a long lasting, durable performance. Do note that the these wiper blades are sold separately and are available in more than just one size. For this review, we selected the 18 inch size. The wiper blades, though sold separately, are reasonably priced at around $13 each. The 4.1 star rated blades are said to fit most cars. Our only concern is that if you select a blade of a larger size, customers have noted that the blade will emit noise if used while you’re driving at higher speeds. Besides that minor issue, these blades have many positive points and provide immense quality, which is why we recommend it.

Best Windshield Wipers – Buyer’s Guide

Despite being such an easily overlooked safety feature, buying the right type of windshield wiper for your car is something that every car buyer needs to do with some regularity. It’s quite easy to simply go to your local auto parts store, pick out any model of windshield wiper that fits with your car, and walk away not thinking much of it. However, windshield wiper technology has vastly improved the quality and life of most wipers on the market, with some wipers possessing unique and proprietary traits that could very easily change the way you think about your next wiper blade purchase. Many buyer’s guides will talk you through a lot of technical details that you don’t need to know or may not even understand. Here, we’ll break down the basic functions and operations of the blade to help you make you purchase.

Most Important Fact: Does it Fit?

Never, ever buy a wiper blade without first checking to ensure that the brand you want to purchase makes a wiper blade size that fits your car’s windshield. Most wiper blades available on Amazon or other online locations provide you with searchable database to find your car’s make and model and whether or not the blade will fit your car. The worst situation you can find yourself in is having purchased a wiper blade that is either too small or too large to effectively cover your vehicles windshield.

Wiper Blades 101

Your wiper blades are made of a lot of different components and individual parts. Not every part is going to be something of deep concern to you, the average buyer. However, some of these parts are ones you will need to pay extra attention to when you make your purchase.


If you can’t properly connect your blades to your car’s wiper blade fitting, you’re in trouble. Most modern wiper blades come with everything you need to connect your blade to your car, and many come with several different attachments for fittings that are uncommon or unusual. For older car models, there are three types of connectors for your wiper blades:
Side Pin: small pin on the wiper arm that connects the wiper arm to the blade
Bayonet: flat and square piece of metal that slides into the wiper blade attachment
Hook: curved shaped hook that goes around the blade

These are the connectors for traditional wiper blade devices. Traditional blade devices have a rubber blade at the long end of a somewhat complex, pressure sensitive and flexible metal frame. Newer cars may utilize a new type of blade technology. These are called beam blades. They are composed of an almost entirely plastic and triangular-shaped frame. The frame and blade are thinner, more aerodynamic, and apply more pressure across the windshield. If your car is designed for this type of blade, the following connectors apply:
Pin and Hook: composed of a small pin that fits into the wiper arm, and a hook that holds the pin in place.
Balanced Bayonet: a clamp on the arm that fits into place on the blade.
Pinch Tab: the blade moves into position is released through pressure applied to both sides of the arm.

Wiper Blade

The wiper blade is the primary piece of your windshield wiper. The wiper blade is almost always made of a rubber material, and is what comes into direct contact with your windshield. If you are looking for a wiper blade that will last, look for one that utilized different types of rubber or rubber compounds. Rubber infused with different materials or coated with different materials will offer more strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that your car’s wiper blades are constantly exposed to the elements. Heat, cold and the outside air can cause your blades to deteriorate. Over time, the blade will begin to crack and tear; this is unavoidable. However, buying a good blade with excellent rubber material can extend the life of your blade.

Blade Types
There are three blade types you should consider: conventional, beam and hybrid.

Conventional blades have a cross-section metal frame and a thin rubber strip. They are always straight in design, and are fairly effective at pushing material off the windshield. However, many new cars come with windshields that have a curvature to them. There are several reasons for this, including limiting wind drag. However, this necessitates using a windshield wiper that can better conform to the shape. Traditional windshield wipers are typically very rigid and not good at conforming to the curved shapes. They will more often get stuck to the windshield during snow and ice events as well.

Beam blades have a distinct curve in the middle. This design helps them better conform to different windshield shapes, and helps to prevent sticking during snow and ice. You will find that the beam design also lasts longer. However, beam designs are often louder than conventional wipers if no attention is taken to prevent his. Beam blades also do away with the criss-crossing metal frame that conventional blades use for support. Instead, they utilize a flexible steel beam internally.

Hybrid wiper designs combine features of both. They are often mostly straight with a slight curve, and use a modified frame. You will find that they are often quieter than beam blades, but more effective than conventional blades.

Pressure points

All blades work by applying pressure across the windshield. If you have a newer car, your windshield is likely curved, maybe even to a significant degree. Wiper blades that are contoured or curved in their frame can provide you with more coverage and therefore better pressure applied more evenly across your windshield. Full coverage avoids streaks lowers the chances of rips and tears from foreign objects on the glass.

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