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Some of us bake out of necessity, for some, it is an art, for some it is passion and some do it as a means to de-stress. Whatever your reason for baking, whatever your talent, a good oven is an absolute must have in the kitchen. Kitchen, however, has become smaller in space, the island kitchen has picked up popularity these days and so has to have a well-equipped, state of art kitchen which sleek and classy all at once. Ovens can become a huge hindrance and an eye sore if placed right in the middle of everything, to combat this, wall ovens have become a huge success amongst people who live a fast paced life and like their condos looking sleek and professional.

Cosmo Stainless Steel Electric Wall Oven


Product Info
  • 9 cooking functions. Hidden bake element to maximize space and reduce cleanup time
  • Convection fan
  • Digital display

The wall oven by Cosmo also features a stainless steel build. Stainless steel is extremely preferable in the cooking fraternity for the main reason that gives a clean look and is heat resistant, so you know your oven is not going to slowly start falling apart from excessive use. Which is the case with a lot of ovens which are made of steel but has a coating on it, after a while, you will notice the coating starting to peel off and leaving behind a not so pretty sight. So this one by Cosmo comes with 9 in-built functions and a convection fan. The fan is what decides how fast and how the oven heats up. This is why we are always told to keep an eye on the dish when it is nearing completion, all ovens are not the same. It also features a digital display and comes with a rotating roasting rod, now that perfectly grilled full roast is hazing your sight. It measures 2.8 cubic feet which would be perfect for a nuclear family.

Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven


Product Info
  • Product Dimensions: 23.43" W x 20.67" D x 23.43" H; Cutout Dimensions: 22.8" W x 22.4" D x 23.2" H; Interior Dimension:...
  • Empava’s EMPV-24WOC02 24-inch single wall electric oven is ideal for family meals and more serious cooking, featuring...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – With 10 different functions available, including Rotisserie, preheat, bake, roast, convection...

If you are going to invest in a good wall oven, then you want to make sure that it is as functional as it is beautiful. The Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven is one of the best wall ovens that combines power and beauty. With the Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven, users can look forward to convection cooking that allows you to prep and cook some of the best tasting meals possible. There are 10 different functions available for you to choose from. Some of these functions include a broil option, a convection roast, a bake option, a rotisserie option, and a true convection broil. With all these different options you have the versatility of cooking different meals in different ways without the limitations that traditional ovens sometimes come with.

Some of the standard specs you can look forward to include an interior oven light and a forced cooling exhaust system. You will also find a rack that can be adjusted in five different positions for varied baking. The two layered tempered glass offers users a level of protection as well as it will help you avoid burning yourself. 

Cleaning out your Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven is also a breeze thanks to flat inner enamel tank. While the Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven was certainly not meant to replace your oven, the Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven is certainly one of the best options on the market that allows you to take your cooking to the next level. With its modern stainless steel construction, the Empava 24 inch Electric Single Wall Oven blends well into any kitchen that already has stainless steel appliances. Additionally, it can work well in any workplace dining area or kitchen that is limited on space. 

Frigidaire FGEW3065PF


Product Info
  • General Specifications - ARRAY(0x8f51ed9c0)
  • Capacities - ARRAY(0x8f51ed048)
  • Installation - ARRAY(0x8f51ed0f0)

This wall oven from Frigidaire is touted to be smart, it has to be, it cleans itself by just a push of a button. The oven is made of stainless steel which would fit into any décor, and stainless steel also ensures it is durable. The silver finish on the oven looks classy and professional. The oven features a one touch display and operational feature. You get to keep the oven warm, heat instant nuggets and pizza, steam cleans the oven after use, all by just a push of a button. The oven also features an auto shutdown feature which automatically shuts the oven after the timer is up. It measures 4.6 cubic feet which are not very big neither very small, it makes it ideal for a domestic kitchen. If you want to step out for a bit and want to come back to a cooked plate of a meal, but it is too early for you to keep it in the oven just yet, you can time the oven to start a little late. Keep your plate in the oven set the cook time and set the time lapse on the oven, it will start cooking after the set period of time and you will be home just in time for lunch. I would consider that really smart.

Frigidaire FGEW2765PF

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This is a convection oven with a capacity of 3.8 cubic feet. The features include steam cleaning which is an environmentally safe cleaning option and this take place just by the push of a button which again is an added feature. The self- cleaning convection oven from Frigidaire has the options for a quick heat and delayed start. The delayed start features enable you to pre-program cook time for added versatility during party preparations and hosting gatherings. The oven also features an auto shut-off switch which makes it safe and also power saving.


Frigidaire FGET3065PB


Product Info
  • 4.6 cu. ft. True Convection Ovens
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Quick Preheat

Frigidaire seems to be getting their oven game bang on. They feature again on our list and this time with a double wall oven. All the standard features, only twice as much. Both the oven are 4.6 cubic feet and have a steam clean feature. They both can be programmed to delay the start of the cook time. They both feature an auto shut down for safety. The display is digital with one touch push for operations and programming. The oven comes in an abyss black color which is so striking and a total class apart from the usual convection ovens. This double wall oven is ideal for professional kitchens and restaurants. You could have it in your domestic kitchen as well If you are one that loves to throw parties and feed people because then, one oven just ain’t enough.

Frigidaire FGEW2765PW


Product Info
  • 3.8 cu. ft. True Convection Oven
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Quick Preheat

From abyss black to snowy white, this oven from Frigidaire is a single wall oven. The oven is made of stainless steel and coated white which would fit into any décor and also brighten up the place, this stark white oven is a statement piece in any kitchen. The capacity of this convection oven is 3.8 cubic feet which are a standard among domestic convection ovens. The oven from Frigidaire enables you to program your cook time. This means you can program your oven to start cooking the dish at a particular time. If you are going to have guests over for dinner and need the lasagna ready at 8pm you can program the oven to start the cooking at 7:30pm so the dish will automatically cook and be ready in time for the sit-down and you will not have to leave your guests in order to come start the oven. The another feature of this oven is its auto shut off switch. When the oven is the idol or the cook is over, the oven shuts off ensuring safety and also conserving precious electricity.


GE PT9050SFSS electric single wall oven


Product Info
  • GE Profile Series 30"" Built-in Single Convection Wall Oven
  • PT9050SFSS

True European convection is what is promised with the GE PT9050SFSS. It features a 10 pass bake element and a 10 pass dual broil element. This oven is self-cleaning as well, this feature alone is a total win-win, we know how hard it is to clean our ovens, there have been how-to videos made by this very fact. The oven is a heavy duty one, so if you are a professional or love baking, then this one is a good choice. The broiler is an added feature because our dishes just need that little extra bit of darkening on the top to make a perfect crust without actually burning the whole dish. The broiler is often used to burn sugar on top of crème Brulee, you know if you don’t have the chef’s torch and feel very chef-fy to go ahead with actually making a crème Brulee at home.


Bosch stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven


Product Info
  • European Convection Oven
  • EcoClean Self-Clean
  • 12 Cooking Modes

The HBL8451UC 800 from Bosch is a convection oven again; it means it is a fan powered heating system. Bosch is the pioneer in kitchen appliances. This particular offering from them comes with a 12 cook mode, pre-programmed for ease. This oven as well, obviously, is self-cleaning with an ecoClean cleaning system. It features a stainless steel body and a digital display. The oven features an auto shut down feature and a delayed start feature as well. The delayed start feature allows you to preset a cook time in case you want the dish to be ready at a particular time and you might not be around to put it in to be able to get it done at that time. You can program your oven to cook the dish at a given time while you enjoy a fret free baking experience.

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