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If you are planning to go on a vacation, you will most likely require a good travelling bag to put all your items in. There are a number of factors that you will have to consider when picking out a travelling bag. The first will be the weight of the bag itself. Most airlines will have a restriction on the weight that you can carry, so getting a bag that is light would mean you can pack in more items. The next would be durability. This is important so that your bag doesn’t succumb to the load that it is carrying. The common weak points of the bag tend to be the handle or strap that you put around your shoulder. Lastly, the appearance of the bag can also be important although not a priority. Here are some of the best travelling bags you can buy.

 Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 50″ Rolling Garment Bag


Product Info
  • Crash-guard wheel housings, skid guard and molded corner guards ensure this suitcase rolls through terminals smoothly...
  • PowerScope Extension Handle minimizes luggage wobble during transport
  • Features high-quality ballistic nylon with a DuraGuard coating for stain and scratch resistance and damage-resistant...

Why we like it:

If you are a frequent traveler, you are sure to love the convenience that the Travelpro Luggage Crew Rolling Garment Bag can provide you with. This rolling suitcase features one of the most durable exterior constructions possible. It is made out of a high quality ballistic nylon that keeps it squeaky clean. Additionally, the exterior of your Travelpro Luggage Crew Rolling Garment Bag also features a Dura Guard coating. This allows your suitcase to be stain and scratch resistant. And with the Supra zipperheads, you can easily zip up your belongings and unzip them without worrying about the zipper getting stuck. You will find crash guard wheel housings and skid guards along with molded corner guards that allow your suitcase to withstand every aspect of your journey in the airport. Even if your luggage gets sent to be stowed at the bottom of the plane, you can rest assured knowing that your Travelpro Luggage Crew Rolling Garment Bag will not damage any of your items inside because of its durability. The Travelpro Luggage Crew Rolling Garment Bag follows standard regulation size suitcase dimension as it comes out to 23in by 24.75 in by 11 in. If you ever run into any issues with your Travelpro Luggage Crew Rolling Garment Bag, then you can take advantage of the lifetime limited worry free warranty. This warranty covers the cost of any repairs of the damage that your suitcase might sustain because of the airline or other airport related experiences. 

Dot&Dot Foldable Travel Duffle Bag


Product Info
  • A Convenient Fold Up Duffel Bag for Men and Women – Made from high quiality materials with heavy duty zipper, this...
  • Plenty of Storage - This 27.5x12x11 collapsible duffle set is just 11x12 inches when folded. It includes expandable side...
  • Packing Made Easy – Its medium size is best for traveling for business or pleasure and you don’t want to lug around...

Why we like it: The Dot&Dot Foldable Travel is a stylish, yet spacious travel bag that you can use for your travel needs. You will find ample storage within the 27.5x12x11” dimensions of the bag with plenty of pockets and compartments for storing a wide variety of items. The bag is quite versatilie when it comes to its usage, as it can be used to carry your gym equipment, laundry, travel necessities, books for college, etc. Furthermore, the bag can be folded easily when not being used, so you can easily store it away under your bed or in your cupboard without it taking much space. The size of the bag is convenient to pack in all your necessities without the bag being too large to make it difficult to carry around. There are shoulder straps that come with the bag which you can use to carry the bag cross body or around your shoulder. Quality is ensured when it comes to the build quality of the bag as it is made of high quality fabric and tight stitches.

Everest Luggage Sporty Gear Bag


Product Info
  • Spacious duffel bag with zippered clamshell opening, contrast piping, and dual zippered side compartments with mesh...
  • Joining hook-and-loop top handles and removable/adjustable cross-body strap with padded shoulder

Why we like it: Apart from just taking them on your travels, travelling bags can also be useful if you need a large bag to take to college or even the gym. The Everest Luggage Bag is a great versatile solution. The bag is made of good quality polyester and you will be able to choose from a very wide variety of colours. The size of the bag is around 12.2×12.2” in height and width so this is quite sufficient for putting all your necessities. The bag is very spacious inside and comes with strong zippers that you can attach a lock onto if needed. The side compartments come dual zippered specifically for this purpose and there are also mesh pockets if you need to keep things like your water bottle or map. The strap that is attached to the bag is detachable if needed and you can wear it cross bodied or over the shoulder depending on your personal preference.

Sea to Summit Travelling Sack Set


Product Info
  • Set of 3 small stuff sacks perfect for separating personal accessories & gadgets in your luggage, backpack or bag
  • Made of strong, water resistant Ultra-Sil fabric
  • Drawstring top closure with cordlock keeper& webbing loop for easy attaching

Why we like it: Although we usually think of large bags with multiple storage compartments when we think of travel bags, the Sea Summit Travelling bags are quite different. These come in the form of sacks, of different sizes which you can use to store a reasonable amount of items. It is ideal to store lightweight items like clothes as it has ample space. The travelling sack can also be used to store gadgets that doesn’t have too many sharp edges. The material used in making the Seas to Summit travelling sacks is a high quality, water-resistant fabric called the Ultra-Sil. The top of the sack comes with a loop that can be quite handy to attach to your luggage bags or even if you want to carry it from around your body. These sacks are sold at a very low price and are definitely a great addition if you require extra storage space.


Bago Travel Shoes Bag


Why we like it: Carrying shoes in your main travel bag can be a bit problematic considering that the soles of the shoes tend to get dirty and also due to their large size. With the Bago Travel bag is designed specifically for storing your footwear as it comes with the necessary compartments to make full use of the bag’s storage space to keep your shoes in. Further, there is a dedicated compartment for the shoes within the bag so you don’t have to worry about it dirtying your entire bag. This will ensure proper hygiene for your bag as you can carry the rest of your items like your clothing on a separate bag. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance with Bago, as they offer world class customer support and also provide a satisfaction guarantee with the product.

Iwill Create Pro Travelling bag


Product Info
  • Durable 600D Oxford fabric, Sturdy Handles for transport and carry easier, label Pocket for easily to find your items;...
  • Dimension: 70 (L) * 42 (L) * 35(H)cm,(27.5*16.5 *13.8"), storage capacity almost 100L, very suit for bulky items, such...
  • Soft Collapsible design, the special three side open zip, it is easier to put in or take out the big items.

Why we like it: The iwill travelling bag is a versatile storage solution for all kinds of travelling needs. The bag comes with a very simplistic design and you can choose between the blue or the brown colour depending on your taste. The build quality of the bag is quite strong as it is made of 600D Oxford fabric. There are also two strong handles that come with the bag which you can use for carrying it. The dimensions of the bag are 27.5×16.5×13.8” which should provide you with ample storage space. It is ideal for carrying large bulky items such as books and electronics. Its uses can vary from using it to carry items for short trips or even for taking it to college due to its simple design. One of the best features of the bag is the ease of putting items or removing them, as it comes with 3 zippers around the sides of the bag.


ZUOLUNDUO Vintage Travel Luggage Bag


Product Info
  • Main material: 16 Ann high density cotton canvas, cotton lining, durable metal buckle.
  • Approx Dimensions: 20.9" L x 10.6" W x 11.8"H
  • Structure: A total of 5 pockets. 1 main zipper Pocket, 2 sides large capacity pockets, 1 big front zipper pocket, 1...

Why we like it: The Zuolunduo Travel Bag is made of high quality cotton canvas material that ensures quality and durability for your bag. There are a total of 5 compartments in the bag, including double zippers for the main larger compartments. There is a main compartment, two side compartments, another smaller compartment on the front and one on the inside of the main compartment. The bag ensures ease of use as it can be opened from any side with its two way sliding zippers. The straps are designed in such a way as to minimises the stress applied on your shoulder with the wide size that it comes with. There is additional padding on the area that will rest on your shoulder. The dimensions of the bag are 20.9×10.6×11.8”, which makes it quite sufficient for most of your storage requirements. The bag is priced quite reasonable for being an imported, high quality product.


Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel


Product Info
  • 420 Denier nylon, 6,400 cubic inches capacity
  • extremely lightweight and each duffel only weights only 1 pound when empty
  • Works great for travel or storage and its uses are endless. No rfid protection

Why we like it: You cannot have a listing of bags without the most popular bag manufacturer, Samsonite. The Samsonite Tote-A-Ton is a duffel bag that comes in a wide variety of colour choices, which have a varying price tag depending on the colour. The bag is made of Nylon material so you can expect it to be quite durable, just like with any Samsonite product. The dimensions of the bag are 11.5×17” in height and width respectively. This provides ample storage space for all your travel necessities while keeping it small enough to be carried around. The bag can be washed if needed, without damaging the material, however it will require washing by hand rather than a machine. The bag also comes with small pockets within the main storage compartment where you can store additional items. You can easily fold the bag when it is emptied of its contents, thereby making it easy to store away when not in use.

Polare Large Travelling Bag


Product Info
  • ✔ IMPORTANCE: a batch of our bag's leather trim has problem on March-2016,some customer found the leather trim...
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. The body of this bag is made with high density washed canvas and has a top quality crazy...
  • ✔ GREAT SIZE FOR TRAVELING. This bag is large size, with product dimensions of 22.8"(58cm) x Width 11"(28cm) x Height...

Why we like it: The Polare Travelling Bag is made of high quality material. The body of the bag is made of a strong canvas that will able to support no matter what you put in. There is also a leather trim around the sides of the bag that gives the bag a very attractive look. The bag is quite large, so it will be sufficient for your travel needs with the 22.8x11x14.1” dimensions. This can be used to carry several items like books, laptops and ample space to store all your clothes that you will need to take with you on your travel. The bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that you can wear cross body or over your shoulder based on your preference. Though this comes in a large size, it is suitable to take with you in the bus or any other public transport.

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