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Do you need something more than a toolbox but less than a tool cabinet? A tool chest may be the solution for you. It’s larger than a toolbox, though depending on the size it could still be portable.

They come in different styles and sizes. What they all have in common is drawers so that you can organize your tools.

Like anything else in this world, there are a lot of choices to pick from. How do you choose the best tool chest for you?

A tool chest is quite an investment. They can get expensive fast, so it’s important to know what you want and what to look for.

How We Chose Our Ratings

There are a lot of tool chests out there. It would take way too much time to look through all of them. So, we decided to see what others think.

We looked at hardware, DIY, and tool lovers’ blogs to see what they like. It helps narrow down the options.

From there, we go to consumer sites like Amazon to see what other people think. We try to find products with a lot of reviews that way we get a range of opinions.

We go through the reviews and see if there are any consistent highs and lows. People do not mince words when it comes to whether or not they like something, especially when they spent a lot of money on it.

Then, from the info we gather, we create our own ratings.

Doing this process makes us feel confident in suggesting the best tool chest for you.

Top 12 Best Tool Chest

We tried to keep in mind everyone’s budget when complying this list.

There’s a range of prices, though overall, tool chests will cost more than your average toolbox.

We also tried not to repeat brands too much, though it’s difficult when a particular company makes quality products.

Hopefully one of these chests seems like the right fit for you.

This chest is made of heavy duty stainless steel doors with a key lock security. The body of the chest is covered in powdered coated steel. It has a hardwood work surface at the top.

It has four wheels, two that can lock. The drawers are cushioned lined, and it has a chrome handle push bar. It has a loading capacity of three hundred pounds, and the weight of itself is one hundred and five pounds.

The dimensions are twenty-eight by twenty-four by thirty-four and a half inches.

People like this chest because it’s well made and the instructions are easy to understand.

People have complained about how long it takes to put the unit together, the lock seems to be a bit weak, and some people had quality control issues.

This is great if you have to go to different job sites. It has a comfortable top handle for easy carrying. The drawers lock automatically when you close the lid.

The drawers open and close easily. There is also a padlock for extra security.

The dimensions are twenty-three by fourteen by eleven inches.

Perks of this storage space is that it’s big enough as storage but small enough for carrying, and the drawers open and close easily.

Takeaways are that the drawers aren’t very deep and some people got damaged goods.

There are two small drawers, two medium, and a large one. It can be moved around if you use the two recessed handles. It’s made of welded steel and rust resistant properties.

Each of the drawers features ball bearing slides to make using them more manageable. It does have an internal locking system, and you get two keys.

The dimensions are around sixteen by twenty-one by twenty-six inches. It can hold up to five hundred pounds, and on its own, it weighs seventy pounds.

Pros of this chest are that it’s well made, the drawers roll smoothly, and there is plenty of room with each drawer.

There are a few minor complaints, but nothing consistent.

This is an excellent choice if you spend a lot of time in your garage. This is not just a tool chest, but an entire workbench that will move around with you. For durability, it is made of twenty gauge steel. It’s also covered in powder that will help it resist corrosion, weather, and stains.

It has two shelves, a tray, and eleven drawers. Four drawers are small, there are five medium ones, and two that are large. Each drawer has ball bearing slides to make using them smooth and makes it so that each drawer can handle up to a hundred pounds of items.

It’s designed with a three-barrel key locking system so that you can put your most expensive tools in it safely. It also has a push handle so that you can move it around with ease. Other features include lined drawers and a pegboard.

The dimensions are around thirty-eight by sixty-one by twenty-four inches.

Perks of this mobile workbench are the amount of storage; you get a lot for the price, and how well made it is.

There weren’t many complaints about this product. It appeared to be that some people had some shipping issues that are rare.

While this is called a toolbox, it’s more than a simple box. It can be considered a medium between a toolbox and a tool chest.

It features a central locking mechanism for security, a tool divider so you can organize tools and an extendable handle for moving it around. It can hold up to sixty-six pounds.

The plastic is made of polypropylene risen which is resistant to chemical damage and fading. It has seven-inch wheels that can handle all kinds of terrain.

The dimensions of this product are around fifteen by twenty-five by sixteen inches.

People like this product because it allows for a lot of organization, it’s easy to move around, and it’s useful for a variety of projects.

People have complained about the extendable handle can be sticky, sometimes the lid doesn’t shut all the way, and that there is no lifting handle.

This chest does the job of two products. It’s a storage device and a seat for you while you work.

The seat is thick and covered in vinyl. This helps with comfort and protection. The chest has three drawers for tool storage. It also has sixteen extra onboard storage slots.

It has ball bearing swivel casters for smooth movement in all directions. The two foldable and magnetic storage trays will catch all the small metal parts that can get lost.

It can hold up to three hundred and fifty pounds. The dimensions are sixteen and a half by twenty-seven by sixteen inches.

Perks of this seat and chest are that it’s incredibly convenient, the seat is comfortable to sit on, and the whole thing is sturdy.

The takeaways are that people wish the magnets in the tray were stronger, the instructions aren’t clear, and the casters can lock up sometimes.

This chest has two drawers that have smooth ball bearing slides that can handle a fifty-pound load. They have aluminum pulls and non-slip drawers liners.

The powder that the chest is covered in can stand up against dings, scratches, and chemicals.

There is an internal locking bar and tubular cam lock system to keep everything secure. Two steel pull handles with comfortable grips let you take the chest with you. There is even a lid compartment for extra storage space.

You can pick from seven different colors for this chest.

The dimensions of this chest are around twelve by eighteen by twelve inches.

Pros of this chest are the colors that it comes in, the storage amount with the size, and how smooth the drawers are.

The biggest con appears to be a shipping problem. Some of the chests came with dents or scratches. Many of the reviewers blame Amazon and not the company.

This is another combo of a tool chest and rolling cabinet. It’s easy to move around thanks to the three-inch by one-inch casters. It’s protected by a locking system to keep your tools safe.

Each drawer has ball bearing slides and can handle thirty pounds of tools. Big power tools can be put in the open storage space that’s revealed by a panel you can lift up.  

There’s hinged cover support that holds the chest lid open for you, so you don’t have to close and open it constantly. There’s also a non-slip open weave top mat that protects the surface of this product.

It can handle three hundred pounds of stuff. The dimensions are around forty-four by twenty-six by fourteen inches.

Perks of this chest are the price, it’s easy to move, and the organization of the whole thing.

Takeaways are that it can get dented easily and the metal appears thin.

While this doesn’t have tool chest in its name, it’s very similar to others on this list. It’s made of welded steel, and the double sidewall construction makes it sturdy.

The drawers are two feet deep and have ball bearing slides. The drawers are lined with cushion liners. The top two drawers are small, the next two are medium, and the last drawer is the largest.

There are four wheels with casters that make moving it around easier. The front casters lock which holds the unit in place.

It does feature a lock for extra security, thick rubber bumpers to protect the cabinet from damage, and three different colors to choose from.

The dimensions are twenty-five by thirty-four and a half by twenty-eight inches.

People like this product because it’s well built, there’s plenty of space, and easy to put together.

People have complained about shipping problems. It appears that many people received damaged goods and would have to return it and try again. This seems more of a Home Depot problem than the product itself.

This product is made of all welded steel and has a rust-resistant black powder coat finish. The top till has a power strip built in and two USB ports. It also has wheels with casters, and an ergonomic push handle that allows you to move it around with ease.

Each drawer’s ball bearing slide can handle up to one hundred pounds of items. Each drawer has a liner. The bottom drawers are supported by a double set of slides. This makes them sturdier. You can put your bigger and heavier tools in there.

The dimensions are around twenty-four by sixty-four by thirty-six inches.

Pros of this chest are the number of shelves and room for tools, the power strips, and its durability.

The biggest and most common con is that the drawers can be sticky when you first buy it. It usually needs some lubrication in the beginning.

This tool storage is made of durable steel and four Omni-directional casters for natural movement. It comes in two pieces so you can use it as you need.

This chest is full of drawers. There is a top box drawer, three small ones, two trays, three large drawers, and one big bottom cabinet.

They are all lined with a foam material mat.

The dimensions are twenty-three and a half by thirteen by forty-two and a half inches.

Perks of this product are that there is a lot of space for the price, it’s easy to move around, and it’s easy to put together.

Takeaways are the metal is thin, and there appears to be a severe delivery problem. A lot of reviewers said that their chest came damaged. Things like dents and dings are very common.

Whether this is a product problem or an Amazon problem is not known.

This chest has a large pullout handle with a soft grip so you can take it anywhere. It also features heavy-duty wheels.

There is a work surface on the lid, and it has two by four inch saw grooves. It will stay shut with its large, nickel plated metal latches.

The dimensions are around nineteen by twenty and a half by thirty-four inches.

People like this chest because it’s heavy duty, it can carry a lot of weight, and there is plenty of space.

People have complained about the lock, not having a handle on both sides, and the handle doesn’t appear to lock in place.

Buyer's Guide

You need to know what to look for when looking for the best tool chest, especially if any of the above products don’t interest you. There are some key features you should keep an eye out for.


This is the first thing you should think about. What size do you need? Are you someone that is mobile often? Is it going to stay in your garage? How many tools do you have?

These are questions to ask yourself before you start looking. You don’t want to run out of space or have too much space.

Also, consider how long your tools are. Drawers come in all different sizes, make sure your longest tool can fit comfortably.


Tools are heavy. If you aren’t careful, they could destroy your chest. See if you can find the loading weight of whatever chest interests you.

Does It Roll?

This is a personal preference that has to do with what you are going to use the chest for. Do you need wheels and do they move smoothly?

Will you just be placing it in the corner with no plans of moving it?

Wheeled chests do offer a better option since they get heavy fast.

Plus, you can move it with you, so you don’t have to make constant trips to it.

Make sure you check the casters and that they can take a lot of weight. The casters are connected to the wheels.

​Are You Ready to Get to Work?

It’s nice to give your tools a home that’s clean and organized. It’s even better to know where your tools are all the time.

Keeping in mind your budget, what features you need, and if you are more mobile than stable, it will be easy to pick out the best tool chest for you.

If you didn’t like any of the chests that we listed, make sure you look at the reviews. As you can see from the reviews above, sometimes the chest could not be as sturdy as mentioned. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and then not like it.

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