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No one would like to put their hand up for when it is time to clean or unclog the toilet. But alas, there will eventually come a time when you had might as well get it over with instead of allowing it to get worse than it is. If you feel that you are up to it, you are going to need a good toilet plunger to help you.

It goes without saying that anything to do with plumbing will not be a tolerable occupation for very long. It is just one of those things we have to do even if we do not want to. And having a device that gets it done cleanly and quickly is going to be your ticket out of any extra misery.

And to that end, we have a compiled a list of what we think are the best toilet plungers that are commercially available today. They have been handpicked based on their usability, durability, and suitability for different toilet settings. We reckon any of these bad boys will have your little plumbing issue over and done with before you break too much of a sweat. So plug your noses and dive into our list of the best toilet plungers you can buy.

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy...
  • Unique 4-step heavy duty graduated suction cup fits securely in all different types and sizes of toilet drain openings
  • Light weight, rustproof, and mold resistant aluminum handle with peg hole for convenient hanging
  • Super pliable and durable rubber cup creates an ultra tight seal around the drain from all angles for commercial or...
Why we like it: Designed to unclog even the most difficult pipes while staying lightweight and easy to handle.

Editor’s rating:

As long you want to use it at home, you cannot do much better than this plunger. It has a cup made of industrial-strength rubber that is very pliable. And the tiered ridges on it help to create an extremely tight seal. The handle is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which further aids the force exerted on the plunger to suck out even the most stubborn clogs. The design is intended to work from any angle to clear up abstract and difficult obstructions in the pipes.

The device as a whole is lightweight and rustproof with a mold resistant aluminum handle and also comes with a peg hole so it can be easily hung. Staying free of rust is an important feature to have in a toilet plunger for sake of personal hygiene. The edge is smooth and the bottom has been designed without ridges, so any residing toilet water is promptly expelled. The four-step graduated heavy-duty suction cup is unique and can be fitted on perfectly to various types and dimensions of the toilet drain ends.

New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder

NEW OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder, Gray
  • Simply lift the Plunger and the canister automatically springs open
  • The Plunger head is designed to work on all toilets, including low-flush
  • After use, simply replace the Plunger in the canister for neat and sanitary storage

Why we like it: The New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder features a sleek and stylish design that allows it to blend into any bathroom space. Not only does it look great, but it offers everything you would want in a practical toilet plunger.

Editor’s rating:

The OXO Brand has several of the best toilet plungers on the market and the New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder is one of them. The New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger features an ergonomic toilet plunger with an equally stylish toilet plunger holder. The head of the New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger can be used on a wide variety of toilets both industrial and low flushing toilets. When you are done using the plunger, you can easily store it back in its sanitary holder. The overall design of the New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger is one that is stylish yet discreet. It can blend into any bathroom decor without disturbing the look of the space. If you are not satisfied with your New OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunge, then you can take advantage of the quality customer service they provide. Whether it be a repair or replacement, the brand OXO  is one of the leading companies that makes sure that customer concerns are heard and addressed.

Korky 99-4A Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

Korky 99-4A 99-1AM Beehive Max Universal Fits All Old and New Powerful...
  • POWERFUL PLUNGE: This toilet plunger is the first plunger designed to fit old & new HET toilet bowls & the beehive shape...
  • UNCLOG TOILETS: Heavy duty bathroom plunger perfectly fits in toilet bowl outlets to create the perfect plunge for all...
  • THE UNVERSAL PLUNGER is made of durable rubber that doesn't mark up your toilet bowl. Unlike old standard toilet...
Why we like it: The Beehive Max plunger is designed to be effective on old as well as new efficiency toilets, a first for toilet plungers anywhere. Ever since the shape of toilet bowl drain outlets has changed from round to oblong, it has been more or less difficult for traditional plungers to get a tight enough seal so they can plunge well. But the Beehive takes care of that with a design that is good enough for the world’s leading toilet manufacturers such as Kohler, American Standard, and TOTO.

Editor’s rating:

The Beehive toilet plunger’s design enables it to form an incredibly tight seal and plunge effectively in just about any toilet that you use it on. The T-handle makes it easier on the hands too, allowing you to hold it with an optimal grip generating great suction for your efforts. The rubber is non-marking so that even after a vigorous session of plunging, you will leave no evidence of it behind and spoil the aesthetic of the toilet. You may not mind too much anyway but that is still a good feature to have.


Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy Stainless Steel, Black
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY - We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like...
  • DRIP-FREE DESIGN - A unique magnetic collar secures the cover to the plunger’s stainless-steel rod so you can pick...
  • EASY TO ATTACH - The cover’s large opening makes the plunger easy to detach. It also hides the plunger discreetly out...
Why we like it: Uses a magnetic collar to hold the plunger in place, which eliminates any dripping that might occur when moving it.

Editor’s rating:

One really irritating thing to deal with when it comes to sloppy toilet plungers is a tendency to leak after they are used, and that just makes the cleaning process even more tedious and messy. Fortunately, the Simplehuman plunger utilizes a magnetic collar to fasten the plunger to its cover. Now you can carry them both together and not leave a nasty trail behind where you have been walking. The cover, which is shaped like a dome, also does a good job of concealing the plunger.

The cover also contains a sizeable opening at the back for easy access to the plunger. The design of the plunger itself is intended for the modern toilet design and features a narrow flange for more efficient handling. And it has toughness on its side thanks to a stainless steel rod. The material is also ideal for an instrument that is bound get wet every time it is used and is therefore exposed to the ever-present threat of rusting.

Get Bats Out Rubber Toilet Plunger

Get Bats Out Toilet Plunger for Bathroom Use on Heavy Duty Clogs in...
  • SAVE SPACE - At 21" in height it fits easily in most cabinets or under most sinks.
  • BETTER PERFORMANCE - Large Extended Cup for Best Pressure, Fit, and Suction
  • BETTER SANITATION - Plastic Handle is Easier to Clean than Wooden Handles
Why we like it: You get some solid suction capabilities and an e-book to help you poop better. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

Editor’s rating:

The Get Bats Out (yes, that is its name) is a medium-sized toilet plunger fit for some heavy duty. Standing 21 inches off the ground, it is a handy size for cleaning a toilet with. But it is also an easy fit under most sinks and cabinets. The handle is made from industrial-grade plastic, which is easy to clean and use. It is also a step up from the aluminum that is used by most of the competing manufacturers.

Usually, purchasing a toilet plunger is not what you would call exciting. But this manufacturer will deliver your toilet plunger along with a “How to Poop Like a Pro” e-Book to show that they have a sense of humor. On a more serious note, the rubber cup on this plunger is adept at building big pressure in a short time, so it is quite effective on sinks and toilets alike. And you can get it with a full money-back guarantee.


Plumb Craft MAXClean Toilet Plunger and Brush

Plumbcraft 7506250 Plunger, White
  • No mess plunging - the innovative design of the maxclean toilet and drain plunger provides maximum cleaning power...
  • Minimal plunging effort, works on all toilets - the flange-style plunger clears clogged toilets of even the more...
  • Mess-free, sanitary plunger - the innovative design keeps the plunger flange in place plus prevents toilet water from...
Why we like it: Tremendously powerful and practical with pretty much any bathroom, this one’s a keeper.

Editor’s rating:

The Plumb Craft MAXClean toilet plunger is one of the most powerful plungers you can get and is a suitable appliance for just about any kind of toilet. It uses a unique design of plunger flange to allow for a mess-free plunging and not let any water get collected within the cup. The cup itself is made from tough rubber and has a tiered flange to provide a super strong seal on any toilet bowl that you try it on. It is also effective from any angle you approach from.

The handle on this plunger is of a durable construction, tremendously aids the pressure created when plunging, and is not prone to bending or snapping. This toilet plunger is accompanied by a round toilet brush since no toilet is without a few hard to reach areas. You also get a holder caddy where you can store away the plunger and brush without having to deal with any leakage after cleaning. It is specifically designed to suit any bathroom or kitchen it will be placed in, and to quicken the evaporation of water as much as possible.

Samshow Toilet Plunger

Samshow Toilet Plunger, Toilet Dredge Designed for Siphon-Type, Power...
  • Natural Material: At Samshow, it's important for us to use materials that are safe to be around the whole family. For...
  • Easy To Use: Water impact toilet, direct push and pull out the toilet plunger
  • Effectively Dredge and Clean: Double role, Dredge the toilet while cleaning the toilet wall, spiral design, both clean...
Why we like it: Uses natural materials and an innovative design to be a convenient and safe appliance for cleaning the crapper.

Editor’s rating:

Samshow is a brand that recognizes the importance of using materials that are generally safe to have around especially in a bathroom. Their toilet plunger is made from ABS TPR and stainless steel, both natural. The stainless steel, in particular, is highly resistant to corrosion so you do not risk getting any nasty injuries while plunging. In addition to that, the materials are also quite durable and tough, and the plunger has been designed to be user-friendly as well.

More on the design, it is an innovative feature with this toilet plunger. It allows you to use the plunger repeatedly. The stainless steel handle is relatively long, which offers better leverage and grip when it is used and can be easily suspended above the ground when in storage. The dredge and cleaning functions of this plunger are notably effective. The quality of materials being used ensures that you do not damage the surface of the toilet at any point during the cleaning process.

Windaze Toilet Plunger

Why we like it: It can take out clogs that few other plunges can’t and its building materials are safe and easy to use.

Editor’s rating:

This particular toilet plunger can go where others cannot since it is quite bendable. As a result, it is very effective at cleaning out tricky clogs like closetool with a lot more ease. The materials used to produce it are stainless steel, ABS, and TPR. It is easy to use as a typical toilet plunger. And it stores away neatly thanks to a hole at the top of the handle from which it can be suspended. And we have not gotten to the design yet.

The design used for the Windaze toilet plunger is by far the main talking point with it. We already know that is adept at cleaning functions that other toilet plungers simply cannot do with the same grace. Not only does it help the plunger to be more bendable and flexible, it also gives it more power and versatility when in use, and makes an otherwise complicated and tedious cleaning process a lot simpler and less time-consuming. That makes it a good one for the office as well as the home.

InterDesign Una – Toilet Plunger

iDesign Una Plastic Plunger with Cover Set for Master, Guest, Kids',...
  • SLIM PLUNGER: Toilet plunger with cover set is constructed of durable bronze plastic and is perfect for cleaning and...
  • DISCREET: Compact cover neatly conceals unsightly, cluttered necessities when not in use to keep set looking clean and...
  • DURABLE: Set is made with durable plastic for years of quality use
Why we like it: Impeccable design credentials for the modern bathroom but retains high usability and ease of storage.

Editor’s rating:

The InterDesign Una toilet plunger is a slick upgrade over the traditional plunger with an altogether sleek profile that is more consistent with modern design trends. It comes with a compact cover that conceals it discreetly and blends in with the rest of the bathroom. It goes particularly well with the classic ceramic white toilets thanks to its matching durable white glossy finish. The actual plunger is a useful 5.75 inches in diameter and 21.75 inches long. Those are ideal dimensions to suit modern toilet bowls.

For all intents and purposes, this plunger is a well designed, well built, discrete, and affordable appliance to clean your toilet with. It has been ideally scaled to suit the modern bathroom as well its modern user. Apart from being effective at cleaning your toilet bowl, it also has additional functions such as radiating elegance and complimenting the rest of its surroundings; something that can only come from a manufacturer that has had many decades of experience working in this industry.


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